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  1. green2711

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    Awww sorry to hear that mate! There will be another one in 2 weeks so hopefully you've got it sorted by then. @philinvicta I've just accepted you mate, good luck!
  2. green2711

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    Happy Paddy's day! Just a reminder that the home game is taking place tonight so it's now the last chance to sign up you have till 21:00! Good job to everyone involved and see you at the tables!
  3. green2711

    Biam v tgc next round.

    I've just accepted you matey
  4. green2711

    Legacy of Egypt

    Cheers mate! I had this roll in after they win so I’ve withdrawn £1300 altogether and got a few bets on.
  5. green2711

    Legacy of Egypt

    Hey So I've asked Paul to play Legacy of Egypt on stream and he said no because he hasn't seen any big wins, is this enough? I was over on unibet and took a bonus so I got a few naff bonuses on lower stakes then increased the stake and had this hit, buzzing! I don't normally play on these stakes usually I stick to 60p but decided to go for it because of bonus terms!
  6. green2711

    Love Paul’s poker face

    So I’m bored at work and was watching a few poker videos came across this one skip to 6:34 and Paul pops up in it, don’t remember seeing this hand before although I did watch the heads up of this tournament. Anyways a customer comes in and I end up bursting out laughing at the intensity on Paul’s face and the way his eyes instantly dart to Julien . Just wondering Paul, what was your thinking behind the small bet at the end? Was that just to get a call or was you trying to induce him into a reraise?
  7. green2711

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    Haha love it looking forward to this one and having the banter flowing again. Best of luck on Sunday!
  8. green2711

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    Sorry not having it, the scoreboard shows 3 played and a cancelled tournament is exactly that! Nice try though! I know it may seem daunting playing the professionals over at BIAM but rest assured I feel you have a slight chance at victory if you outnumber us 3 to 1 again!
  9. green2711

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    1) Load up stars, click more and then home games 2) Click join club 3) Enter the details as shown in the third picture 4) Once I've accepted you into the club you'll be able to see the game listed in your schedule
  10. Hey guys, It's been a while...I've been quite busy recently and a lot of stuff happening in my life so I've had to take a step back from playing for a few weeks. Anyways it's time for round 4 - the score stands at BIAM 2 - TGC 1 Tournament structure has returned to the standard format as I feel that's the one that folks enjoyed the most. Details below! Tournament info: Date & Time : Sunday 17th March 21:00 Platform: Pokerstars Buy in: $11 Structure: Regular Starting stack: 10,000 Blinds: 5 minutes Info on how to sign up in the post below, Best of luck to both communities!
  11. green2711

    videoslots wheel

    I got it and the spun the wheel and it started to slow down and going towards a cash prize “I’ll take it!” I exclaimed..but it spun past that 200 free spins “yep ok that will do” I said a bit heart broken but it spun past that..100 free spins it looked like it was landing on “alright better than the 2x weekend booster” I said meekly just before it rolled onto the 2x weekend booster for 500 spins “get fucked!” I cried as I closed the browser. Gratz on the cash prize, hoping some good fortune comes my way soon too.
  12. green2711

    F@*k 300 Shields!

    That’s disgraceful. Makes you just wish it would have binned you after 5 spins rather than getting your hopes up but slots love to do this to draw you in or put you on tilt. I was playing Donuts on 20p stakes earlier this month and for some reason it actually decided to bonus. Well the first golden donut I got was x50 and I’m sat there buzzing before calming myself down and realising that it isn’t going to pay. Well I ended up with a 77x multi and proceeded to dead spin every single spin of the bonus although on the 2nd to last spin it gave me a few jacks across and that paid 100x which shows you potential it had if it had given me more than 1 winning spin then for the cherry on the cake it teased a retrigger on the last spin that never came. I should be happy with 100x right? But when you land a multiplayer of x77 you are expecting a bit more than that considering it barely ever happens. I’m not gonna lie I had to shut down the lap top for the night as I was left shaking with rage after that troll.
  13. 4th/13th I believe. He got a little unlucky he managed to run pocket 5’s into pocket 10’s with the player holding the 10’s being extremely short stacked and also lost a flip with JJ against AQo also lost a big hand against BIAM Haz who was short stacked and managed to hit the nut straight on the turn iirc and almost doubled up from it. He was cruising at the start before the blinds went up as I was keepIng a close eye on him.
  14. Congratulations to TGC, felt like we should let you win that one as Paul threatened to shut down the forum for 2 weeks if you lost. Sadly I didn’t get to see the conclusion as I had a message from a friend that she was being stalked by some fucking weirdo after going shopping so had to rush around to check up on her. The next home game is set to be a HU tournament in 2 weeks. I think TheBingoKing was supposed to set it up but I can do it if he doesn’t mind as it’s easier since we already have the club set up. If not I’ll leave it up to him...I’ll set it up for now and if he decides he wants to do it then I can always cancel the tournament.. just let me know.
  15. I know, still after revenge from the first one! >.< At least you got Paul playing on team TGC tonight ^^