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  1. green2711

    So where did it all begin?

    Must have been back in his skateboarding days...
  2. green2711

    Jokes !!

    What does a hooker and a bowling ball have in common? You pick them up, finger them and then bang them down an alley.
  3. green2711

    Drawing Game World Championships

    So I've been playing a few more games at home so I don't completely trash my already horrible low rating at Blitz5+3 and it's working out alright now I have no distractions. I'm slowly climbing to a very poor 900 rating ha I've just finished a very interesting game where I blundered my bishop on my 3rd move only to come out on top! I'm getting used to playing a bit faster now with the aim to eventually change to Blitz 3. After reviewing it though it seems my opponent blundered on move 39 going f7 instead of Bxc2 taking my rook. ? @centipede I'm sure if you was playing me and this happened the game would have been over! ?
  4. green2711

    Drawing Game World Championships

    You played well mate - You won the game when you took my Knight with your bishop forcing me to break my defensive line with my pawns to take back. I'll be up for a few more games when I get home if anyone is awake around 23:30
  5. green2711

    Drawing Game World Championships

    That is very true. If you set up a game I'll play you, still stuck in work but it's quiet enough!
  6. green2711

    Drawing Game World Championships

    Yeah it's usually not a good idea to bring your queen out early better to devolop other important pieces first. It was a good match though!
  7. green2711

    Drawing Game World Championships

    Looks like blacks in a bit of a pickle ?
  8. green2711

    Drawing Game World Championships

    Was playing a game earlier in work giving blitz+3 a try and managed to win... In between serving customers ha was close though he was very much like Denman and wouldn't quit ? went down to the last few seconds I'll play someone tonight after I've finished work if anyone is interested
  9. green2711

    Quitting Smoking

    I've tried numerous times. My last attempt I got a free vape from Andy over at BIAM within 2 weeks it suddenly stopped working... decided to splash out on a new vape after that paid £60 and the first time I changed the coil and tried to take a toke it started going off like a flamethrower... had to put it down and watch it burn its self out. I got fed up after that as I've had no luck with vapes and its not the first time it's happened... I've had over 5 vapes now and they've managed to devolop a fault each time and end up in the bin. They say vaping is cheaper than smoking but that hasn't been my experience. ?
  10. green2711

    Your sickest bad beat?

    Yeah I noticed and the higher the stakes the more people tend to get out of line was also my experience. Defintely gets the adreneline going though ??.
  11. green2711

    TGC Meet Up

    He gets his mate to drive so he can get a carling at every stop they make ?
  12. green2711

    Your sickest bad beat?

    I can imagine mate! The most I've had at a table is $500 which I worked up from $25 but just like a catapillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly with that much on the table I transformed into the worlds biggest nit.
  13. green2711

    Your sickest bad beat?

    That's a nice score but holy hell what stakes did you normally play at?
  14. green2711

    Your sickest bad beat?

    It always happens on Riverstars... Only site I've played on where I've witnessed quads happen 3 hands on the bounce.
  15. green2711

    Your sickest bad beat?

    Love it guys! Remind me to never let you deal if we ever play together Phil ??. When I was first starting out I made a call I doubt I could find nowadays but back then my ignorance was bliss. Im dealt KQs (clubs) and UTG bets out I call on the SB and the BB folds flop comes 9H KH QH he bets 80% pot and I call turn brings the JH he checks and I check and the river 2C and he jams and I snap him. He flips over KJs (diamonds) and I take a massive chip lead while he's left cursing me in spectator chat asking how I could possibly make that call... Got called a idiot, got called a fool, got called a donkey but needless to say I had the last laugh.