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  1. Kinkerbells

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @afclee1 nice picking x Cheers staker have a good one all x
  2. Kinkerbells

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWCASTLE 13.50 Ayr Harbour E/W 14.25 happy power E/W 14.55 tiger jet nb 15.30 sir chauvelin E/W NEWMARKET 14.05 believing 14.40 rebels romance 15.15 leneqash NAP CURRAH 15.45 boundless ocean E/W good luck all
  3. Kinkerbells

    Surely this won’t happen right ?

    Very interesting watching this this morning .
  4. Kinkerbells

    I can actually still win?

    @crazyrightmeow be there like
  5. Kinkerbells

    I am getting fat !!

    Think you know me well enough by now , I take nothing serious x
  6. Kinkerbells

    I am getting fat !!

    You are seriously cruising for a bruising don’t ever disrespect a womens age but not only that I’m not a write off yet sweetheart trust me
  7. Kinkerbells

    I am getting fat !!

    WRONG ! I Must be the 1% fight me
  8. Kinkerbells

    I am getting fat !!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with your weight and plus why would you even care?? You are very handsome and should be proud of the way you look and not disappointed. No I’m not flirting in any shape of form I’m saying it how it is. Many women don’t like the ripped bodies they like natural “dad bods “ . Your fine! Enjoy food, enjoy life x
  9. Kinkerbells

    Fathers Day

    Happy Father’s Day to all you tgc daddies
  10. Kinkerbells

    Today’s selections

    This is absolutely heartbreaking.
  11. Kinkerbells

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    Very well done to all the winners. Very well done it’s been a tough week so we’ll done picking winners. Xx thank you for using your time to score staker thank you to rolla for the chance much love x
  12. Kinkerbells

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    Massive good luck to @Solario333 and @Blacko and well played getting this far . I love you both so hoping it’s a tie Hahaahaha good luck to all at the top of the leader board .x I’ve had a absolute stinker and will take a break . good luck and as always staker your a ledge
  13. Kinkerbells

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    Back the fuck off !
  14. Kinkerbells

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    2.30 believing 10 Win 3.05 wings of war 20 Win 3.40 a jerk 10 Win 4.20 Spendarella 20 Win 5.00 zanbaq 20 Win 5.35 savvy victory 10 Win 6.10 tippy toes 10 Win good luck all and remember to whack that suncream on. I’ll be wearing my pants alllllllll dayyyyyyyyy
  15. Kinkerbells

    Royal Ascot annual competition

    Thanks for scoring staker x