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  1. Kinkerbells

    I can't really choose a title

    It probably was a troll but what if this time or the next it isn't??? To make me question things more the streamer has removed the whole stream I can't find it. So many questions but no answers. I hope he's ok that's all I'm saying. X
  2. Kinkerbells

    I can't really choose a title

    @VillaLad I'm so so sorry I hope this post hasn't offended you. Just goes to show how things like this cannot be ignored. If it has offended you I will remove it very quickly. I'm always here hun always xx❤
  3. Morning everyone, so I witnessed something at the weekend and I just don't know what to make of it if I'm honest so I'd like to ask @Rocknrolla and a mod @MrUKHackz of how they would respond in this situation. Truthfully. So say Paul was streaming and a guy/women came into chat explaining how they lost everything and after a hefty story then went on to say how he/she wanted to take their own life?? Now I understand fully that trolls come in or beggers come in from time to time asking for help money wise but I have never in 5 years of watching slot streamers seen someone come in chat and actually threaten suicide. Now this particular streamer madesome long speech on how to seek help immediately etc etc but then actually banned this particular person as it was "ruining the vibe" and then the mods actually banned anyone mentioning it from then on...... Now I really don't know what to makeof this and would love to know how Paul would react and the mods as I really don't think it was the right thing to do. Yes ok he was continually flooding the chat with suicide talk but I think he just needed help. Banning him just seemed a little harsh. Originally he got timed out but then he came back on to only get completely banned. This for me is a very very serious topic and needs to be addressed I only was in there as I was bored shitlessand no one else was on. I'm not subbed and im actually banned myself as I'm classed as "toxic" so I couldn't even comment in chat. Wether the guy was genuine or not banning him from talking about how he's feeling should have not been the answer. Suicide is not a joke and should be immediately addressed. I actually clicked on the guys name and reported him in the hope twitch would pick up what he was saying to try get him help. Thank you for reading I'll look forward to the reply. Xxx ❤❤
  4. Kinkerbells

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I'm out this one this week sorry boys. Xx
  5. Kinkerbells

    Football Acca Bets Here

    I've done mostly national league today I don't post my slip as it puts the absolute mockers on it. I done 1.5 goals in nearly every game last week and guess what the only non 1.5 game is the one one I had
  6. Kinkerbells

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Grimsby also let me down. No idea what happened to them last Saturday ffs.
  7. Kinkerbells

    Football Acca Bets Here

    A guy I know will literally just sit on in play bets screen on the Dutch league. He always tells me there's A lot of money to made there in betting apparently they love to score too but I personally don't know enough to bet on them. X
  8. Kinkerbells

    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    Yessssssssss get the fuck in there @david1111 I'm so fucking happy for you. Well done poppet very well done. Xxxx
  9. Kinkerbells


    Jess (1-2, 2-1, 0-3, 1-2, 1-3) Vs Spursman  Richie Vs CRMeeow Kinkerbells(0-2, 2-1, 2-2, 1-2, 1-3) Vs JustNathan Blampy Vs Curious Cow Jokester Vs Solario
  10. Kinkerbells


    Well done @Sgt_bilk0 even with my 2 wins you had a 5/1 winner so very well played. Thanks @1pstaker for scoring and good luck to the rest left. Xx
  11. Kinkerbells


    2.40 Enbihaar 40 win 5.30 mutamaasik 40 win 3.15 unforgettable 20 win
  12. Kinkerbells


    410 litigious 40 win 440 Elwazir 20 e/w 225 Modern British art 10 e/w
  13. Kinkerbells

    TGC Monthly tournament

  14. Kinkerbells


    Hahahahahahhaha I skimmed past them I'm sure I'll fuck up at some point
  15. Kinkerbells


    So she's been banned off twitch for accidentally showing her snatch while stroking her dog. I always miss the good stuff ffs. @Denman bet you was there though weren't ya