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  1. Kinkerbells

    Am I the only one...

    Literally hate you
  2. Kinkerbells

    Self excluded

    Fair play Hun fair play. I'm always here but you know this. It will get tough but your doing the right thing. Stay strong sweet heart. Xx
  3. Kinkerbells

    Am I the only one...

    Finally a fucking post that I've actually enjoyed reading. Now this is a touchy subject but you know what fair play to all that's had the balls to put their genuine points and opinions across. I don't think the chats been out of order I think some questions were brought up that need genuine answers. I've been away but I'm actually happy to see a post that's usually brushed under the carpet on other forms. I will now crawl back under my rock.. Xx
  4. Kinkerbells

    The Final Countdown (4381x)

    Oh ffs
  5. Kinkerbells

    30 Days with no BTG or MegaWays!

    Wow Nicola. What a run. May it continue. Xxx
  6. Kinkerbells


    Great to finally meet you earlier. Till next time. Take care. X
  7. Kinkerbells

    My new project

    This is what it did look like. Can't wait to decorate it. I will glue a fake door on it. X
  8. Kinkerbells

    My new project

    Ok so i been secretly working on that stump. I sanded it down drilled holes and varnished it. Fairy home complete. I will decorate it now and either glue moss or fake leaves round it. So tgc welcome the fairy house. Xx
  9. Kinkerbells

    NEW Summer of Sports Competition

    Fuck me
  10. Kinkerbells

    Game of Thrones

    John snows page
  11. Kinkerbells

    My new project

    On hold till I can sort some shading over me as I'm not supposed to be on the sun and my consultant has told me off . Grounds level, turf needs laying but most of all them horrible old fence panels need replacing. I'll get there I promise. I won't let you guys down. Or my girls. Xxx
  12. Kinkerbells

    Game of Thrones

    Footballs over and now game of thrones. My life is officially over
  13. Kinkerbells

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @1pstaker excellent picking sir. Thanks for sorting scoring also. Have a great evening guys. Xx