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  1. Kinkerbells

    Jammin Jars

    Anyone else replay the video just to dance to the track in their pants or just me
  2. Kinkerbells

    What you think David

    Take the money and win !
  3. Kinkerbells

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Solario great picking x thanks as always staker. have a good weekend all.
  4. Kinkerbells

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    ASCOT13:15 - Roksana 13:50 - Danny Kirwan E/W15:00 - windsor avenue E/W15:35 -politilogueTAUNTON14:10 - Yala Enki NAPHAYDOCK13:30 - Llandinabo Lad NB14:40 - Potters Legend 15:15 - Buveur D'Air good luck all x
  5. Kinkerbells


    12 weeks interval x
  6. Kinkerbells


    People keep saying it’s a good sign and my body is responding but I only just managed the kids tea and I can’t stop shaking
  7. Kinkerbells


    I feel like absolute shit. I was fine earlier now I feel like a bus has run over me. Everything hurts like when you have flu. I do not like it at all. I feel like absolute shit
  8. Kinkerbells


    I tried so hard to filter it
  9. Kinkerbells


    Give them a call hun as this is the only way it's being done at the moment. Explain he doesn't have a mobile phone. Xx
  10. Kinkerbells


    I received a text with a link to book a slot. A lot of places are very far behind I’m extremely lucky to get this as there is a short supply where I live. Xx
  11. Kinkerbells


    All done
  12. Kinkerbells


    I’ve got my jab at 9am and I dunno weather to laugh or cry if I’m honest. I’ve seen a lot of things that frankly have scared me for example what’s happening in Israel and it being hidden for some reason . I can’t imagine me getting much sleep as I’ve been waiting for this for so long now it’s finally here I just don’t know how to feel . xx
  13. Kinkerbells

    Magic Mirror oooooosh

    I like your shoes
  14. Kinkerbells

    Magic Mirror oooooosh

    Oh well done
  15. Kinkerbells

    Magic Mirror oooooosh

    Is that good?