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  1. I’m glad I could make my condition work for you to make fun of in a reply well done you think I’m strong enough to handle this comment?? bit of advice what you may think is just a bit of fun it could actually cause someone to do something extremely stupid to themselves. but I’m glad I brought a bit of entertainment to you all these past few days and give you all something to read and laugh along to. but actually making a joke about someone’s illness is a all time low blow. @MrUKHackz can you permanently remove from here please. Close my account. thank you to @Rocknrollafor everything you’ve done for me in the past thank you to everything I’ve won in the past it really helped me out a few times and will forever be Remembered. I’m completely done much love
  2. Awwww look at denman taking a special moment out of his busy morning just to write a post to try put someone down and feel shit about themselves. Well thank you for your reply my channel will be run between me and 3 other gentleman I tell you what when it’s up and running I’ll send you the link . Be sure to like and subscribe and hit the notifications bell. I’d hate for you to miss a show . have a wonderful day denman and thank you for making time to try put me down. xx
  3. Can everyone just ignore me being a total prick on here . I hand on my heart Apologize for being such a bitch and a dickhead. I’ve personally said sorry to jokester but I feel like a complete dickhead for how I’ve acted over the last month. I’m off to find Becky as it seems she’s lost. im sorry if I pissed anyone off or even offended anyone I’m not about that and that’s why I’m just gonna slowly and quietly shut the door after me lol. and no I haven’t done my balls in on lucky 15s or 20p starburst spins I’m just in a bad place. once again I’m sorry. good luck all and much love
  4. @Bangers I’ve come to reply but this will be my last. Your comment I took to the heart thank you and I get it fully. Listen women can be sexist just as much as men don’t get it twisted but you won’t get that from me. In all honesty no I’m not in a good place I’m going through some shit right now that perhaps has made me a bit touchy or sensitive but am I fuck backing down when I don’t think something is right. And you may laugh but I’m trying to build a racing YouTube channel and some of the feedback/comments I get are 20 times worse than this and was extremely bad when the girls where playing as obviously I’m very passionate about sport and was cheering our girls on throughout the comp so when we actually won in true becky style I went mental lol then come on here where I kinda feel safe to post anything turns out I’m getting comments exactly like the ones on my channel. You may or not believe it but trying to make a go of something in the racing scene is extremely difficult as a girl as they just presume we’re only interested in hair or nails fuck me I couldn’t be more opposite. Sport is in my blood not gambling sport ofc I’ll have a flutter and enjoy just sitting watching racing or footy or anything really like right now commenwealth games. I dunno maybe I’ve just took this a little to heart but this is why I need to go I am in no frame of mind to ignore I’m biting and being a bitch. This is not me I realize this so I guess I apologize for my outbursts. thank you for taking time to try help and work things out . much love
  5. You know me very well I tolerate a lot and not alot gets my goat well if it does I can’t be assed to say anything usually but honestly these comments are far past the line and i take offense . From this moment on I will just forget about it all but I will say I’m astonished some not all comments wasn’t removed . The post was to show support not give people the freedom to spit venom against women but it looks like I’ve rocked the boat too much on here recently by not keeping in line or keeping my mouth shut so I guess my times up on here. take care sweetheart. And good luck with your gee gees xx
  6. Can’t go in the sun sweetheart I have a skin disease but thanks for your concern
  7. Oh it was a joke………. I will sneak off quietly. me not finding sexist jokes funny and actually find it offensive isn’t a joke. But then I should just “lighten up” maybe. good luck all in the comp . byeeeeee
  8. @Jok3st3r just out of curiosity who’s idea actually coming up with this pet? So there has been competitions on this site for absolute years and always done well, just wondering why someone crying , bitching hoping we loose kicks off and suddenly all e/w betters are “fannies” and the rules change.. I mean I’m just asking. And while your there if I cry enough about the vile sexist comments that was made on my lionesses post would that change also or because of who it was you just glanced over it .?? I mean I can “banter “ also see just in a more civilized and friendly way. I’m off to go put a e/w lucky 15 on brb
  9. Imagine being bossed about by villa lad
  10. Well done @Fudge lovely picking Cheers staker for scoring
  11. Ascot 13:35 - crazy luck 14:10 - hurricane ivor e/w 14:45 - rock eagle 15:20- state of bliss 15:55 - redarna NAP 16:30 - supergirl e/w 17:05 - conflict Haydock 14:25 - Dutch decoy nb 15:00 - passion and glory Newmarket 15:40 -alseyoob Curragh 16:15 - Persian force good luck all
  12. You itching for me to kick off all 3 of you are but I’m not letting you piss on my parade. Sexism should not be tolerated anywhere but I’m not the only female in here and it’s obviously accepted by all the other females on here so I’ll go back to my celebrating. have a great evening
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