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  1. Bloke walks in a shop and say please can I have Two Wasps, puzzled the shopkeeper says, we don't sell Wasps sir, outraged the Man says you do there were two ln the window last night.
  2. Two Fish in a Tank one turns round and says, "How do you drive this thing"
  3. What is the difference in a Tractor and a Giraffe? One has highdrolics the other has high bollocks.
  4. adamuk

    What the George

    What a stream...... My highlight had to be the "What the George" comment. Blackjack was very very brutal, then on the Computer Blackjack it did the same. At least you had a nice cashout overall.
  5. adamuk


    Well it's gone mad so I don't feel left out I'm going for .... £324.50 If I win please give my winnings whatever they are too...... Nelson's journey
  6. adamuk

    Big announcement! :)

    Well I followed as well in for a penny and all that.
  7. adamuk

    Q&A with the Rolla

    I say fair play to them all, like I said I have never watched him but it's what I read. I know it's a very emotive subject and it has been covered hundreds of times, but sometimes I feel people are jealous and when the Green eyed monster is in you, it's hard to think straight. Anyway my question for Rolla would be has he got any connections in Lowestoft? Random I know.
  8. adamuk

    Q&A with the Rolla

    I have never watched Nick but didn't he sell half of CG for a crazy amount or million or more to Leovegas? If that is the case surely that explains the money? He obviously has a good deal with them as well regarding streaming.
  9. adamuk

    My morning

    I guess it can only get better?
  10. Hi cheers for the welcome everyone.
  11. adamuk

    Time off work with a budget 🤔

    Well I'm sure the members on here can think of a "Daily Challenge" for you to achieve, God knows that they will come up with though. For years a group of my mates had to give monthly challenges to a friend of ours, as he was on the way to killing himself with sniff. He was UNLUCKY has he had access to lots and lots of cash, so we would say to him. This week we want a picture of you next to the Eiffel Tower or a picture or proof he had done something, that became his new addiction and he eventually went skint lol Well done on the 3 weeks keep it up pal.
  12. adamuk

    Time off work with a budget 🤔

    Hi Have you got any things you would like to go and see or visit on your time off? Or maybe anyjobs that need sorting around house, or even maybe think to yourself are there any films that have you have been to watch but never had the time? I wish you luck with it but please don't go and stand Infront of a FOBT all day buddy.
  13. Cheers Poker I will have a look at the headphones as fate would have it, I never made to the Great City that is Norwich to get my headphones, as I mate rang who needed to vent, so we went for some food instead. I will have a Google now at the ones you recommend. Oh and i do 8 days not 8 hours and 2 of them are sleep ins.
  14. Yes I agree 100% with your words and your concerns my friend. I think in all honesty if I had come into money when I was in my 20 years it would be a completely different story in fact I'm sure of it. In a strange way getting divorced helped as I was on a mission to prove to my ex wife I would not "blow it all" Again as always thanks for good response, may I ask some of your background story Solario as you seem to be very wise on these topics so I am guessing you have lived a little?
  15. Interesting Yes I have complete control I would like to think I am a member of 5 online casinos and the new one I joined yesterday, the reason I joined that was for the 200% Bonus to be honest. On all the sites I am on I have limits set to a very very low monthly deposit limit, so I would like to think that is under contol as well. Re can I afford to lose £100 a day question, Yes probably for a few months, but would that ever happen never as like I say my limits are set etc and believe it or not the days of me spending loads have thankfully gone. The money as explained went back into my original account and the rest was split £400 into a non cash card savings book with no instant access, and today I'm off to get my headphones I mentioned. I understand the concern but there is honestly nothing to worry about, 10 years ago yes definitely it would have been a different picture. Let me explain a little, about 11 years ago I lost my Father and at the same time was going through a Divorce I was 33, once the Divorce was finalised I had access to several hundred thousand pounds ( mainly from inheritance ) I had to make a decision. Carry on with the life I had IE Vegas at least 4 times a year etc or try and do something. Luckily I gave up gambling as I was used to and set myself a monthly budget of £200, I was single on a good wage etc so it was well in my means, I then purchase two properties in Norwich one a new build that I and still do rent out (rent is now bringing in £700 pm) and another place that I'm still in. I went part time at work and I only do 8 days a month now, I could in theory do less but I love my work ( I look after special needs young adults ) but the whole getting out of bed gives me a routine which works for me. So i fully understand your concern and I appreciate it, but hopefully you can see by reading the above you can see these days my head is wired up correctly.