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  1. adamuk

    Happy Birthday Miller

    Happy Cake Day Miller buddy. x
  2. adamuk

    Self excluded

    Well done David that's amazing keep it up buddy, have you noticed you have more money from not betting, and are you going to treat yourself to something with the money you have not gambled? Again excellent news.
  3. adamuk

    Dubois v Gorman

    Don't know when it was months ago but I tipped Dubois for greatness. I still think he will do well, It was a very risky fight I thought, but he did expectionaly well indeed. Frank has managed him well love him or hate him he knows what he is doing. There have been rumblings about Dubois for a long time. As with any Boxing time will tell I guess.
  4. adamuk

    Drawing Game World Championships

    Animals Capital City's Famous Bands Logos I am not about thank god
  5. adamuk

    Drawing Game World Championships

    I cannot draw it seems
  6. adamuk

    Camera Experts?

    Thanks by the way.
  7. adamuk

    Camera Experts?

    That's what Blampy has messaged me scary...
  8. adamuk

    Camera Experts?

    ???? I need to consolate Blampy about the jargon used in that reply....
  9. adamuk

    Camera Experts?

  10. adamuk

    Camera Experts?

    I want something portable really I think the few pics I have put up on here in the Thug Life topic are quite good, and there with my phone so maybe I don't need to bother ?
  11. adamuk

    Camera Experts?

    I'm thinking of buying a camera for my travels or should I just use my phone, advantages etc? Mirrorless seem popular (whatever that means)
  12. adamuk

    Greyhounds, PICK MY WINNERS

    Come on Doggies
  13. adamuk

    Drawing Game World Championships

    I will have to play when back home on my laptop as my phone screen is too small.
  14. adamuk

    Drawing Game World Championships

    Where did you get them from send me a pm as I want to watch John Wick 3
  15. adamuk

    Drawing Game World Championships

    I got kicked out lol