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  1. adamuk

    Doing anything productive during the lockdown?

    This whole Covid thing has made me think very differently about life, I have come to the realisation that I spend far far to much time wasting time, be it on here or other places when in reality I could be using my time more efficiently which I have been doing. I have loved my time on TGC for the past year or so and made some really good friends over that time. I have decided to come away from here and a few places that drain my time, also as some will know I have been in a new relationship for approximately 3 months which is going really well, and in truth as well as doing more productive things I want to concentrate on that aswell. Thanks to all that made me feel welcome in my time here stay safe and keep happy. Thanks to @MrUKHackz @Rocknrollafor providing an excellent forum and all the members that make it a special place. Good bye. Adam x
  2. adamuk

    DoA2 1263x

    Get the flood gates ready this is going to be huge....... Good luck I am behind you
  3. adamuk

    DoA2 1263x

    One day the MAMMOTH win will ARRIVE. I have a feeling.
  4. adamuk

    DoA2 1263x

  5. adamuk

    TGC Rate my plate

    Your the Gnome !!!!
  6. adamuk

    Happy Easter to you all.

    Happy Love Egg Day to one and All.
  7. adamuk

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    Is 12 Strawberry Delight
  8. 1 £10000000 2 £1.00 3 £0.69 4 £60009
  9. adamuk


    No turned my notifications off ( you get an app you log onto too when your available ) as I have gone to see my elderly Mother who has a plethora of medical problems and is where she lives very isolated etc. I have picked up loads of plants that I will put out In front of Rachel's house free to people, that my mother had grown in her greenhouses, it might cheers a few people up for free.
  10. adamuk


    Might work hardly the Lancet though. Hope you feeling better if not the same today @Hacko 1
  11. adamuk

    Frosty's Irish Lotto Giveaway

    Great gesture 11,45,38
  12. I look bad now he has said that Well deserved @centipede
  13. Well done well deserved apart from @centipede who I think is dodgy.
  14. adamuk

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Cake Day
  15. adamuk


    Fingers firmly crossed for you @Hacko 1 Nothing to add but as everyone has said don't be worried about ringing 999 if it gets even slightly worst my friend.