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    Some brilliant answers to this question, I have often sat here before i do one of my quizzes and thought about the points raised. If you look at my "prizes" I offer it's normally a list, like Flowers delivered or meal out, Amazon card I even did Cornish pasties once, I also offer a cash equivalent, but I try to steer people away form that, and infact for all future Competions the only cash prize on offer will be a charity donation, hopefully the prizes will be as weird as the Competion, and our very own @Crunchie can testify it is a terrifying expericence wandering what I will send you if you choice the "mystery prize"
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    Hopefully helps someone

    Having battled many many addictions in my life, the only one I have never had to battle is Drink, for the reason many of my friends (that are still alive) got off the gear, and then turned to Alcohol, just replacing one addiction to another (which I did as well but not drink) Why? Well drink is a "similar" feeling to the gear, and of course you have the problem and its a big problem, that drink is sociably acceptable, we could go now to a Supermarket, grab a trolley each and fill up with bottles and bottles and crates of alcohol, and nobody would bat an eye lid, try walking down the street with a joint or such. The simple fact that you have posted your story on here, shows me that you have reached a cross roads, and many many people on here have experienced such things and will be there to lend an ear. Ultimately is up to you if you grab the olive branch, and of course it's down to you to stop, History doesn't have to repeat itself, and it's never to late to change. @Hacko is correct it is indeed sometimes far easy to talk about stuff to a "stranger" than it is a "real" person in front. There maybe issues in your past that have shaped the way you are today, and from experience those however long they were need addressing in my opinion. There is help lots of it out there and it's very easy to dismiss it, but a thing that works for one doesn't work for another so it's a matter of trying to see what works for you, have you heard of Naltrexone or Disulfiram? If not these are very good and once you have got the handle on your drinking there are various things that you can take, to help with withdrawals etc. Seeing as you have drunk for so long it probably is recommended not to stop straightway as this can have detrimental effects, on your body. Remember even the longest journey starts with one step. I'm always about if you need a shoulder to cry on, to shout at or just get another person's opinion. Good luck and you can do it I am living testament to that.
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    A thank you to someone on here....

    Yeah great post indeed, I think there could be peace one day in North Korea. @Blacko too man indeed.
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    Maybe it's someone's master plan, maybe it's Manmade. Who knows
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    Chiefs 6-10, 51-55, 5
  7. 1. Wigan 11-15 2. Wakefield 6-10 3. Saints 1- 5 4. Huddersfield 6-10 5. Castleford 11-15 6. Hull 6 -10
  8. I think @MrUKHackz link is better than @Jok3st3r It's sad but he had a wonderful life and his immediate family will never want for anything ever and there families. When things like this break I'm often called heartless which im not, but in the time it has taken me to write this out, hundreds of people have died needlessly, through lack of Food or Water or basic medication.
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    Interesting question that has been covered before, I think it depends on the individual.
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    @Blacko my friend I'm so sorry to read that and I agree with all the replies. My Spidersense went off the other night, hence messaging you. I'm like the others always about and you know that 24/7 You can do this. There are many people on here who are going through the same, and together as one it's easier to fight the fight.
  11. I agree (I don't want to) with Jokey we are all here if you need us, as you know.
  12. I have never watched a game of Rugby I know more about quantum physics than rugby. Good luck @RB91
  13. I will show that @RB91 how we at TGC do it we are in safe hands....
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    Slots4fun Giveaway

    212 x Good luck Robert