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  1. Blacko


    I try to avoid eating anything that has more teeth than me!. These Chinese can be fucking crazy at times. Correct me if I’m wrong but did they not wipe the Rhinos out as well claiming powdered Rhino horn was an aphrodisiac?
  2. Blacko


    Speak to the main man @adamuk, what he don’t know about metal detecting ain’t worth knowing. He is TGC Tony Robinson
  3. Blacko


    Not only did I raise limits, I also completed a check where I had to send payslips etc.. in between, so the predetermined theory is on the money. It’s the straw that broke the camels back m8, I knew this was coming as my wife pointed out that I was gambling 7 days a week. I honestly am starting to feel better that I got it off my chest. My mind is in a clearer space
  4. Blacko


    Your internet communication has been limited.
  5. Blacko


    Have to agree, just looking at tonight’s posts it’s centred round Kobe Bryant and the Chinese epidemic. Just start a subject and it gets people talking.
  6. Blacko


    Thank you girl The support I have received is incredible, some of the weight has already been took off my shoulders. Made my rounds round the bookies with my passport photo for self exclusions also.
  7. Blacko


    On top of all that Rangers get pumped off Hearts.
  8. Blacko


    I understand what ur saying lad and thought maybe I should piss off but nothing about this forum made me do what I have done. Nothing to do with Rolla, Bandit, Nick or anyone.. I did it myself. I could have cried for help at the time and be certain that the majority of TGC would have called me within the hour, @adamuk Was on the blower within an hour as he has my number after needing advice on metal detecting. I’ve been to GA in the past and it didn’t work because most of the members have different forms and levels of addiction. Most of TGC know where my mind is after reading OP as they have possibly been there before me. Alcoholics can still sit in a party without boozing so I ain’t going nowhere as I would end up lurking and sulking like a fannybaws.
  9. Blacko


    Been signed up with gamstop since the register was first opened to problem gamblers, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread as it stopped me signing up with any new casinos and it also prevented me rejoining the ones that I had already excluded from. I thought gamstop was the answer until one loudmouth riddled another forum with information of a casino which gamstop had no jurisdiction over. Instead of signing up to the casino and self excluding I decided to keep a limit of 100 pounds ( monthly ) in place to allow me to control the urges better if I had them. Well, I decided to up the deposit limit to 1k since I felt as I was so much in control of myself over the past year...... Well..... I decided to have a go at monopoly live at 4 pound a spin, in the cold light of day I know that it's a mugs game as the hurdles in front of the player give the house a huge edge over the player. What started off as a bit of fun ended up with me frantically depositing and spinning away at 30-40 a time. I ended up thinking I hit lucky when the 4x rolls in, it didn't even make it past free parking. Tilted out my head by this I deposited time and time again till I woke up next day to a financial meltdown. I thought I was past all this but I'm clearly not, mental state has been in a mess since. Needless to say I'm self excluded now. I'm only blaming myself for this fucking mess but I feel Gamstop are a bit toothless in enforcing their powers across the board. I contacted them 6 Month ago and they told me that this lot would be in the register by Christmas, lip service. Special thanks to Brother @adamuk who contacted me privately when he realised something ain't right, thanks to @Jok3st3r and @RichieFC also, sorry I didn't reply but i've needed a day or two to clear my head. Thanks Troops
  10. Think I’m the only person on here lucky enough to have never heard of this bloke. I’m sorry to read about you guys being scammed.
  11. I don’t want to hijack Antonio’s thread with this so I will post what happened in a new thread.
  12. Blacko

    Fifa 2020

    Last games I played were PAC-MAN and space invaders. You could play these games on ur kettle nowadays. Was gonna say happy days but pac-man was just as shit then as it is now.
  13. Blacko


    Get a room u pair of bufties!
  14. Blacko


    Wind yer neck in u daft fudger, nobody’s asked you for anything so fuck off. and it’s c.u. N. T not fudger