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  1. Blacko

    I’m Finally a Millionaire! (In Luna)

    Fecking lawyers. license to print money
  2. Blacko

    Mental 66666x Time to give up!!

    I think he is full of shit.
  3. Blacko

    Tinkering on Dead or a wild 40p

    Totally agree mate. I have a wee Westie who wants walked constantly, I enjoy walking her and usually cover 3 miles daily, keeps the ole ticker in check.
  4. Blacko

    Endorphina Support

    Here is a simple analysis of slots for any providers to learn by. Wonky Wabbits. Sorely missed and constantly mentioned by players of it’s whereabouts, extremely simple slot. East Coast West Coast, Mental etc.. baffling slots that are difficult to keep up with, boring.
  5. Blacko

    Football, General chit chat

    Saturday certainty.. double ur money and try to get rich. Native Trail 1/2 (Curragh), Rangers 1/2.
  6. Blacko

    Mental 66666x Time to give up!!

    Completely agree, there has been certain complete bellends on here that moaned when the UKGC banned bonus buys.. believe me they done everyone in the UK a favour.
  7. Blacko

    Mental 66666x Time to give up!!

    These slots tilt the shit out of me, it’s either everything or fuck all with them. Das boot, man eater, etc.. they’re all pretty much the same, I’m in a heap of shit bonus buying them so beware folks.
  8. Blacko

    Anyone for a brandy ??

    I’ve seen your type before hardman, you’ll end up drinking methylated spirits when ur Brandy supply runs dry in a couple of days.
  9. Blacko

    Endorphina Support

    These slots remind me of walking around Aldis and admiring how they copy the shit out of everything without breaking trademark laws. It’s like being promised a fuck off Kendal Jenner and ending up waking up next to Caitlin Jenner.
  10. Blacko

    Endorphina Support

    Yep 3 bellends on the screen for a bonus
  11. Blacko

    Anyone for a brandy ??

    You’ve got a drinking problem fella
  12. Blacko

    Endorphina Support

    Your slots look as if they have been programmed on an egg timer, the type of slots you see on dodgy Curaçao casinos.
  13. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Well they could have destroyed another tank or two instead of fannying about.
  14. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Its fucking ridiculous mate, I get that it’s a show of solidarity for Ukraine but what’s the point in going through the full process of time and money for a result that was predetermined the minute the Ukraine qualified. The winning song was shite, in fact they all were.. an annual event to broadcast musicians from across Europe who are utter bollocks and usually as crazy as shithouse rats ( remember the bloke with the beard dressed as a woman!) There is some people in Scotland who think they should have abandoned the qualifiers and let Ukraine take there place, utter lunacy. Europe and their leaders should be shouting from the rooftops about the tyranny the Russians have imposed on the Ukraine not hugging each other at some shit singing contest. These singers and sportsmen should take a leaf out the Klitchco brothers book and pick up a rifle and shoot at the first fucker that steps forward intent of robbing them of their freedom.
  15. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    It's all total bollocks mate!, they hate the sight of the UK.