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  1. Blacko

    Today’s selections

    Was given Tobefair 3.00 Cheltenham yesterday. Owners fancy their chances but that goes for nothing. They took price yesterday but it’s been drifting since.
  2. Blacko

    Where's Rolla?

    Last seen clearing out chimneys in the Bournemouth area, those Malta trips don’t pay for themselves you know. in all seriousness he’s a young guy with a family that’s in the process of moving house. I should imagine he’s up to his eyes in it atm. Internet is full of old women spreading rumours of bullshit.
  3. Blacko

    Snooker - Strange Things Happen

    Yeah he must still be on the run from those nasty Russian gangsters who allegedly scared poor John into accepting bribes. IMO Snookers integrity was never the same after that, especially when Stephen Lee got a lifetime ban shoved up his arse. Met a few folk who have met Higgins and none of them had a good word to say about him. Same with Billy Connolly who my Dad had the unfortunate experience to meet. They all forget their old arse, come from fuck all the same as the rest of us.
  4. Blacko

    Update of the tgc meet up

    Fuck Photoshop!, Couldn’t draw a picture of a gnome either.
  5. Blacko

    Update of the tgc meet up

    6ft 4" !!!! Fucking Hell mate LOL, Your gonna look like Gulliver when you arrive in India. They will probably think your the guy that's on the front of the sweetcorn tins.... Ho Ho Ho Green Adam
  6. Blacko

    Update of the tgc meet up

    That’s the last time I’m criticising the Bandit, looks a big handy fucker. Rollas looks tall as well. I reckon the rest of you are all these fucking gnomes on the forum p.s. Bampy looks like Ken Bruce.
  7. Blacko

    Today’s selections

    Enjoying watching mini documentaries on the Nichols/Henderson stables. I just see names printed in the Post, didn’t realise the labour of love that goes into the sport. It’s like one big family at these stables.
  8. Blacko

    Today’s selections

    Agreed, travelled strongly but travelling for that one ride said it all. I don’t know much about the racing scene apart from musing over the travellers check in the post LOL. Usually a horse that’s done fuck all in Ireland, sent to Musselburgh where it usually obliges.
  9. Blacko

    Best TV theme?

    Think England sent all their ugly women to Australia the same time as the criminals. How the fuck did they find so many ugly fuckers?, must have posted an add titled “Gargoyles required for TV show”
  10. Blacko

    If You Could....

    To be fair Adam thought it was his duvet cover.
  11. Blacko

    Top 20 Best Hurdlers from 2010 - 2018

    What a scoop mate, Istabraq oozed class. Poetry in motion Bangers lad.
  12. Blacko

    Top 20 Best Hurdlers from 2010 - 2018

    I know a lot of the chaps on here has their all time favourite choice of horse i.e Douvan, Denman etc.. Mines will always be Istabraq, loved that animal, had the print framed on the wall. Something never sat right with me regarding its last run. Was always sad about that.
  13. Blacko

    Best TV theme?

    One of the coolest themes ever. Patrick McGoohan would have made a great replacement for Bond after Connery.
  14. Blacko

    Best TV theme?

    How comes when I type C.U.N.T it is replaced by fudger? Rolla has the mods running a fucking nanny state forum here. Revolution pending