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  1. Blacko

    Happy Birthday Brownman24

    Happy birthday ya tadger x
  2. Blacko


    Just been vaccinated with the Astra Zeneca dose at my local hospital. All pretty straight forward, in and out in 20 minutes. Bill Gates can now monitor me talking shite on the forum.
  3. Blacko

    Novibet self exclusion refund

    Victorian circus strongman fancy dress costume available on Amazon for anyone wanting to achieve the @Adam Mok look.
  4. Blacko

    Novibet self exclusion refund

    It's a gambling community FFS, most of the players end up in the shit. A gambling community should both congratulate winners and help people who are struggling with addiction. There is no use trying to avoid gambling as it is mentioned in every media portal there is, at least here you can talk to someone who has been up to their neck in shite before you.
  5. Blacko

    Novibet self exclusion refund

    It's lockdown and the entire population of the UK are in hibernation, problem gamblers minds are in turmoil and they are acting irrationally as they cannot place a bet as they are both gamstopped and the bookies are also closed. Most of these scenarios involve the player swerving/lying around the basic checks that the gamstop register will compare with their sign up details. It invariably all ends in tears. Would he/she by complaining if they won big!!, the answer is NO as the casino is fully aware of what is occurring and would no way pay the winnings, it's a win/win for the casino.
  6. No problem @Chrissy_M, its your choice, anything to do with helping animals is fine by me.
  7. Miss Chrissy how could I forget your pussy , one more donation of £10 from the bank of Korea via Hackz, buy it something nice.
  8. Blacko

    Sick gambler

    At least it's not shitting over someones car windscreen if it's living with you. I've heard of people keeping budgies, canaries, parrots but a crow!.
  9. Blacko

    Sick gambler

    Hooded crows !!! What you slippery fuckers smoking
  10. Blacko

    Jay Dublin

    Jay you will be checking your bank two minutes after midnight, the money may be there and you will head straight to the wheel, the debts will be unpaid and you will be licking ur wounds in the morning. That's the way my mind worked and you sound a carbon copy of the old me.
  11. Blacko

    Jay Dublin

    Back in 2000 I returned back to Scotland having spent a few years in Dorset where I had been engaged to an English girl, it wasn't a bad breakup but I took it terribly and felt hopeless at that point. Through self pity I attempted to drink myself out of a problem, my next love appeared quickly in the form of FOBts and online gambling. Within 6 Months I managed to get my hands on every form of credit including credit cards, payday loans, high levels of debt with online retailers... every fucker who would give me credit. Within a year of breaking up with my fiancee I was broke, NOTHING! except 28k of debt, refused to turn my mobile on as the creditors were calling me at every hour chasing payments, I ended up having to declare myself insolvent resulting in a Scottish trust deed where I sat with fuck all for years on end. I met my wife during the dark years and never had enough money to take her out for a decent meal or a night on the town, It was miserable and I'm still feeling the pain many years later. If I could wind back the clock and change things I certainly would. I see big time similarities in what I went through and what you could end up going through!, you can't be trusted with cash at the moment mate, it could be years down the line till you are in a better place. You have to speak to someone!, you can't wait to get hold of that tax rebate to spend it. You come across as someone who is at their lowest at the moment, your fiancee leaving you has affected the way your thinking!, throw booze and gambling into the mix and you end up with a walking wreck. It's as if your driving towards a brick wall and are unable to take your foot off the accelerator, you have to act NOW, no more feeling sorry for yourself. Speak to someone, phone GA, chat with the members on here but for fuck sake shake yourself down and face your demons. Either that or you will be taking your next bird to Wetherspoons with a voucher cut out the local paper just as I had to a few years ago. I'm not being a prick my Irish friend but I think your needing a kick up the arse. Much Love.
  12. I’ll fucking double it not to see the nudes.
  13. Blacko


    @Cheryl T has the full package hardman, on top of that she has a few quid tucked away. I can see the two of you sitting down to a romantic meal talking about fucking Bitcoin all night.
  14. Blacko


    Fucking hell @Cheryl T 34f, award winning sassy lassie and your avatar is a picture of the back of ur head