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  1. Blacko

    3230x Razor Returns

    Tanning it already hardman.
  2. Blacko

    3230x Razor Returns

    Monopoly live ya crackpot. Here’s how it played out.
  3. Blacko

    3230x Razor Returns

    Take the money and run hardman, fuck Chaos Crew. Incidentally ole Blacko actually won something last night. Monopoly went for over 600x, had a pound on it.
  4. Blacko

    3230x Razor Returns

    Well done hardman, lovely lift, that’s a meaty ole stake mind you. I’ve had my fill of the bonus buy scene, I’ve got a £40 limit on all British and I stick my coupon through spreadex who are generous throwing back the odd torn fiver. One of the last bonuses I bought was on that sugar rush slot, fucker retriggers on the second spin and I’m sitting pretty. First 8 spins builds up a monster board of multipliers, I’m sitting with the travel agents number on speed dial expecting mega bucks when the next ten spins land shag all.. talk about gutted. Tilted the fuck out me to the point where I just wanted rid of the balance, spent the last 40 on dead or a wild bonus and the resulting screenshot was the result. Too high variance for me hardman, I’ll stick to my auld pal raging rhino.
  5. Blacko

    Tilt for you rolla?

    Yeah the old time slots were by far the most appealing. A screen full of explorers or Rhinos filled with multipliers was enough to make anyone’s day. Nowadays you have slots like mental where your struggling to understand what the fuck is happening. Hacksaw gaming imo are one of the laziest providers, they seem to reskin on a weekly basis .
  6. Blacko

    Tilt for you rolla?

    Most slots are completely boring now Dave, particularly games such as Chaos crew which is as dull as fuck.
  7. Blacko

    Tilt for you rolla?

    More destruction on its way. The level of greed by these slot providers is now off the charts, they want your money and they want it fast.
  8. Blacko

    3230x Razor Returns

    Ya jammy wee fucker
  9. Blacko

    The Ukraine situation

    They’ve been at it since Colt patented the handgun mate. Billions of Dollars have passed through slippery hands resulting in hedge fund managers such as Warren Buffet investing in the arms trade, even the Salvation Armies money was invested in it. Did you ever have any static with the Russians during your years in the services?. We’ve had many occasions North of the border where they’ve had to send the jets out from RAF Lossiemouth to warn them off, they’ve also been warned off from Faslane where HMS Yorkshire was ready to sink them.
  10. Had a bit of a wobble last night. Had a few beers at the Rangers game and thought “ fuck it “ and deposited a ton with stake. After a few black coffees I changed my mind and decided to take the money back as it had been a bad idea. Stake instantly seen me as some sort of money launderer and refused withdrawals till I explained myself, after eventually explaining what had happened they sent my crypto to binance ( minus £7 fees ). After this binance keep coming up that there is problems with my debit card so I remove the details and enter them again.. then the bastards hit me with “ you have recently removed this card, wait 48 hours before trying again “. Fucking brutal.
  11. Blacko

    The Ukraine situation

    It’s all propaganda Davie. The West seem to be arming Ukraine with dated weaponry which according to certain media outlets has been effective ( are tanks still effective ??? ). The Polish government are holding back on arming Ukraine due to a disagreement on the price of grain and the US has agreed to continue supplying arms albeit reluctantly. As Tetley ashtray warrior @andywilliams11872 says, the arms dealers are the only winners in this conflict.
  12. Not much to look at these days, was contemplating wether to watch @ISlot Dead or Alive video or get a look at @Chrissy_M legs on her new profile pic.. wee Chrissys pins wins hands down, pity she took the picture with her toaster.
  13. Blacko


    I’ve managed to break the crypto curse through sheer will power, tbh it’s one big fucking money pit. I keep small deposit limits on spreadex and all British these days, not going to get rich quick but at least I get more enjoyment from it.
  14. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    That’s brutal hardman, bet the cat got a kick up the arse yesterday. I’m going off betting football these days, this VAR piss is ruining my enjoyment of the sport. It’s getting to the point where football is becoming too clinical and boring.
  15. Blacko

    Just Bought IPTV

    Yeah they usually have the lot hardman, it’s like being in the bookies without all the moaning fuckers complaining around ya. I just have a private membership only iptv for football, I tend to feel they buffer a fair bit if it’s a popular match and the subscription services sell it too cheap, whereas an invite only channel delivers flawless streaming.