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  1. Blacko


    The milk snatchers spirit lives on ( Thatcher to the younger folk ). The Tory party are a shower of wankers who have looked after the wealthy for decades. Every school kid in the UK should have a meal in their belly courtesy of the state. @philinvicta I know ur an auld fella.. do you remember the free milk and fluoride tablet when you were at school?, that’s if they had discovered milk back then
  2. Blacko

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    @1pstaker you lot must be shitting yourselves at the thought of the Kings 11 turning u lot over tomorrow night
  3. Blacko

    Giveaway Ideas

    You play hard and fast hardman, that style of play can be lethal so a break wouldn’t be a bad idea if you feel you are needing it.
  4. Blacko


    Bet you don’t say that to her face as you know she would kick yer dick in. Tell her we send our love
  5. Blacko


    The tories are all bellends as far as I’m concerned, in fact I think most political parties are fuck ups, let’s just have our own TGC poll… Poll. How many pints would you need to consume to consider shagging. A. Liz Truss B. Angela Rayner
  6. Blacko

    The Ukraine situation

    London, New York, Washington and Moscow would have been no more if Hitler had access to the Manhattan project, Hitler was offered the opportunity to use jet engines in the Luftwaffe and dismissed it ( it now makes sense why they decided not to assassinate him even though a British sniper was hiding in the grounds of the Wolves lair ).
  7. Blacko

    A day at the races

    Spectrum my baws hardman, you got one of these rusty fuckers for ur Christmas
  8. Blacko

    Good bonus..tropical..elk

    Your a petite wee thing so u probably suit them, I’m referring to the twenty stone mobile Easter eggs who’s arses stretch the things so tight that you can actually see their underwear through them
  9. Blacko

    The Ukraine situation

    The Americans recently have been developing a system where they crash spacecraft onto asteroids sending the object away from colliding with Earth, that to me is major progress on protecting Earth from catastrophic consequences. Putin on the other hand is a beady eyed coward who is itching to use those mini nuclear missiles and he will get away with it, how far does he push things after that?
  10. Blacko

    A day at the races

    I thought the jockey had a howler ride on Purple Jim… wait a minute there are no jockeys, typical ZX Spectrum programming
  11. Blacko

    Good bonus..tropical..elk

    Aye we’re spoiled for choice, that’s if ur into 20 stone women who wear leggings 7 days a week.
  12. Blacko

    Good bonus..tropical..elk

    You must thank God every morning that u were born a Spaniard hardman, the birds over there are unreal. I recently visited visited the South of Spain and had to keep my sunglasses on to stop my eyes popping out my skull. We’re short changed over here with the women we get, most of them can’t be arsed changing out their pyjamas to visit the supermarket, don’t get that with the Spanish broads. Oh nice win also
  13. Blacko

    Big Bigger Splash Bonanza Bonuses

    Now Now children @ISlot, @Chair Slots, any more pish from either of ya and wee @Jok3st3r will have ur hairy arses on the naughty step.
  14. Blacko


    Well you are right this time my friend , never mind every cloud has a silver lining.. Virgin airlines have announced that they have given male pilots permission to wear skirts to "reveal their new identity".. doesn't that news make us all feel fucking better tonight