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  1. Blacko

    I have given my Heart away...

    Adam, As someone who is involved in the antiques industry I would like to know your opinion on the BBCs popular afternoon programme Bargain Hunt!. I find it pointless for the following reasons. A. They are buying directly from dealers who will surely know what the value of their stock is down to the penny. B. The so called experts will stand back and watch the contestants overpay for some old shite that's worthless C. They scream and giggle when they are in profit alerting bidders in the room that they are overbidding. D. The auction rooms are always half full mostly with sleeping pensioners E. They never mention the auctioneers, profit would rarely be seen if they had to make the deductions. Think this programme is past its sell by date now, Paul Laidlaw has a sharp eye but the other experts are brutal. Just interested what you u think yourself.
  2. Blacko

    I have given my Heart away...

    Has ur Mum decided to get rid of those paintings in her library yet?, I'm sticking my name down to inherit them.
  3. Blacko

    I can't really choose a title

    I couldn’t imagine how many cry’s for help Rolla and the bandit receive in their email boxes each day. We are normal folk who have no training in dealing with someone with mental health issues or suicidal tendencies. Was this person looking for money from the streamer? Some of the stories over at BIAM were frightening, None of them ever sought advice, only cash. It is literally a minefield.
  4. Thanks very much mate, that means a lot to me. 21 casino donate the money through Rolla so no donations are required. No harm in chucking a fiver towards your local autistic charity though, the cash is well used in helping families lead a normal life. cheers pal
  5. Blacko

    I can't really choose a title

    I think the best thing to do in these type of situations is to direct the person towards contacting an organisation such as the Samaritans immediately. These people are trained on how to deal with extremely delicate situations. There is too many bad bastard’s in cyberspace who would take pleasure in encouraging someone to take their own life. It only happened last month when a young girl created an online poll asking if she should take her own life, the wankers voted yes and the girl followed through with it ending her own life.
  6. Blacko

    Ever had any good buys if eBay?

    Bought a leather jacket that was allegdly worn by Las Vegas mob capo Anthony Spilotro for 60 quid, purchased it from a seller in Vegas with a letter of authenticity. Sent images of the jacket to Spilotros underboss Frank Cullota who got back to inform me that he never seen the guy wearing anything like that and highly doubted Spilotro ever owned it. Relisted the item and unbelievably someone else in Vegas paid £160 for it.
  7. Blacko

    Currently Listening to...

    Dr Hooks “Sharing the night together”. Feeling a little romantic tonight
  8. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    I like a score on 4 teams BTTS usually returns on average 160, enough for a decent night out. Think these huge accs of 8-10 teams is a mugs bet to be honest. The returns look great but the bookies actively encourage you to take the long odds by enhancing the odds. Very seldom do they come in.
  9. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Respecting our forces again at Ibrox today. What a club!
  10. Blacko

    kims donations?

    Yeah that was a pisstake by myself mate, Okcalb = blacko in the mirror. I was just retaliating to a bloke that joined purely to have a pop at the community, even started to argue with the girls trying to belittle them. I made up a quick, fake account as a pisstake, I promise I won't do it again LOL. Incidentally I can bear to watch Kims streams, nothing personal it's just not for me. I will continue to watch the birds from ABBA though. OKCALB
  11. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    I was just about to post how many goals have been scored recently in the national league, its usually a goal fest, hope it continues.
  12. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Surely Fleetwood at 3/4 is a huge price against a Southend side who have been gubbed in their past 6 games. Crazy horse Barton should have his players fired up for this one.
  13. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Another short price bet people do up here is to back Rangers and Celtic as a double every week. May not be great odds but either team know that even a draw could affect their title challenge.
  14. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Just look over form at Soccerstats Kinkers, SS to the football punter is what the racing post is to the pony punter. We are now far enough into the season to see the strengths and weaknesses. At the moment i'm looking at a double of Bristol and Charlton, the basic form tells me that Stoke is utter gash regardless to where they play, Birmingham don't look as if they travel that well. I could be licking my wounds at 5 o'clock as football is extremely unpredictable but at least I did my homework. I got a fourfold up last night but on the last 5 occasions I have been waiting for 1 goal. Grimsby let be down last week, playing at home they have scored there all season, they miss a penalty in the first half and just couldnt equalise. There are other times where it's a total borefest of 0-0 right across the card.
  15. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    That’s my line from last night, not the greatest of prices as the bookies are onto the goals that this league delivers. I never touch the English or Scottish premiership, rarely touch the Championship either. I only back BTTS in the lower English leagues and the Scottish bottom divisions.