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  1. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Bet the bloke that got red carded feels like a right wank ill fetch me me coat
  2. Blacko


    You will need to burn more hair onto his bonce! he's looking a bit like @MrUKHackz atm. Great job.
  3. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Think i've now seen the biggest degen on the internet. Looking at a later Night Owl in the form of Nicaraguan Youth football – a branch of betting that kept us on the edge of our seats during Lockdown…joking aside, it was all there was and we learnt a few bits from it!
  4. Blacko

    Football Acca Bets Here

    What’s goals galore mate
  5. Blacko


    Well It’s a week now till Halloween so what’s everyones plans?, I usually blank the little fuckers knocking on the door but at least the corona gives me an excuse to ignore them this year. Are u folk reluctant to let ur kids knock on doors giving the pandemic?, I don’t know if it’s even allowed this year. Anyone still getting into the spirit of things?.
  6. Blacko

    Coral Advice - Win or Lose?

    The nukes are pointing at Yorkshire as we speak you cheeky fucker
  7. Blacko

    Coral Advice - Win or Lose?

    Corals are part of the Ladbrokes group, I would be astounded if the UKs largest bookmakers systems failed on such basic due diligence.
  8. Blacko

    Ask Gamblers

    You sure it’s casumo my friend?, I know they ain’t the greatest but I’ve never known them to be as unprofessional as that. Give the lads on here more information, most of them know stuff. This sounds more like a Curacao based casino
  9. Blacko

    Coral Advice - Win or Lose?

    I agree, the most basic database should be able to pick up a duplicated name and address!, if I tried to rejoin my local library it would automatically flag that they already have a Kim Jong Un from North Lanarkshire in their system. Something isn’t adding up here.
  10. Blacko

    Coral Advice - Win or Lose?

    So what’s the scenario if the 11k was trebled and withdrawn till ultimately Corals forfeited the winnings? are we singing the blues?. Corals software should have automatically detected a duplicate account and ended things there?, I’m astounded the system accepted the same name and address without some sort of red flag being raised.
  11. Blacko

    Football, General chit chat

    Moneys in the bank hardman, Nice lift ?
  12. Blacko

    How much would it take? ... And what would you do?

    WANTED! 2 dozen tarts to deliver pizza to @Mad Slasher McGurk Vegas hotel room.
  13. Blacko

    How much would it take? ... And what would you do?

    I have a small appetite!, I'm not one of these greedy bastards that order pizzas the same circumference as a manhole cover.
  14. Blacko

    How much would it take? ... And what would you do?

    I'll have a cheese and onion 12 incher with a blowjob on the side.