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  1. Blacko

    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021)

    Why is it every member signed into the forum atm, have I missed something
  2. Blacko

    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021)

    What’s that fucking Tom Daly all about!! sitting there knitting like a right fannybaws, makes us all look like fucking wimmin over here.
  3. Blacko

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    Well done @Chrissy_M and @4houghts on ur success at a tricky festival.. gotta take my hat off to @4houghts in particular, it's a toss of the coin between him and @therealwintersoldier who has the sharpest eye with the ponies, always up there in the leaderboard with the racing comps.
  4. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

    Good point from our resident man of law. Your the first lawyer I'll think of if I'm up in front of the beak at Airdrie Sheriff court @Tricky0212.
  5. Blacko

    Worst names

    What about the name Gary, fucking terrible name. You should be given a number until ur old enough to pick your own name
  6. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

  7. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

    I’m surprised he’s formed a sentence without mentioning donuts.
  8. Blacko

    Tinkering on Mystery Museum

    Well done wee @Jok3st3r, I like reading about huge hits on micro stakes, nice one.
  9. Blacko

    Today’s selections

    Flower of Scotland 6.55 headquarters
  10. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

    Where is @AngrySlots???, now I know how he come up with the username.
  11. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

    @Bangers cars don't have an engine, he just cuts out the bottom and runs just like Fred Flintstone does in the cartoons, thats how they do things in Ayrshire.
  12. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

    Behave urself fannybaws.
  13. Blacko

    Verified Streamer .com

    Your loving the drama lassie, you can keep ur recording of Love Island till tomorrow you saucy mare.