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  1. Blacko

    Great win, lowest bet size though

    The New Zealanders seem refined compared to the Aussies we’ve had on here.. ain’t that right @Adam Mok
  2. Blacko

    Book of charms

    Cashed out, sitting back with a fine Brandy. Have a ton left so 30p spins on card.
  3. Blacko

    Book of charms

    3400 x on 10p Big Bamboo
  4. Blacko

    Book of charms

    Your way off the mark my follically challenged friend. Ive twisted my ankle and it’s fucking agony so I’m limping back from the shops in the pissing rain when I accidentally stumbled into the bookies. I stick a score note into the FOBt and head to the usual Pots of Gold, £4 left and it rolls in a torn fiver (4 Kings) bonus wheel spins round and it landed pots.. off it goes round and lands on silver pots netting ole Blacko £218, being a fan of round numbers I opted to play it down to £200, 2 spins later and it rolls in a £15 win.. off to the bonus wheel and the bastard only drops in the pots again, off the wee Irish guy goes dancing and the big gold fucker does the bizzo. Straight to the counter ole Blacko dances and has a hardon as the bookie has to empty every till to line my empty pockets. Pick the bones out of that troops, get it up ye Stop and Step.
  5. Blacko

    Great win, lowest bet size though

    Nice hit hardman, don’t worry about the stake size. You could probably get a ride at Jacinda Arden for 114 NZD
  6. Blacko

    Book of charms

    No bastard asking how auld Blacko won his dollar or is this the @crazyrightmeow show
  7. Blacko

    Book of charms

    Ole Blackos only won a handful of torn fivers… £720 to be precise
  8. Blacko

    Cringe TV Moments

    Im up for it! Order up a 17.5 inch collar with a wee Blacko name tag.
  9. Blacko

    Franks Farm Review

    This slot is aids. Just like everything these Maltese wankers ( hacksaw gaming ) produce.
  10. Blacko

    Book of charms

    That should cover his anabolic steroid bill for a Month or two.
  11. Blacko

    Book of charms

    Well done young man
  12. Blacko


    I’m alright hardman, still enjoy my BTTS coupon on a Saturday, tried one of those BTTS and win for a torn fiver last week and those bastards Edinburgh FC shat over it for 7 ton. Your not missing much on the slots front fella., all impossible to bonus, they could bankrupt the Aga Khan, just ask yer big Welsh pal. Anyway hope ur doing well lad.
  13. Blacko


    Fucking hell fannyhole you been living in a cave for two years?, you ain’t missed much.. just another two dozen crackpots claiming to have a winning roulette system.
  14. I’m from Glasgow hardman, I’ve had more death threats than Salman Rushdie.. it’s considered foreplay.