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  1. Blacko

    Gambling problem

    Miller, look at guys on here like Brother Antonin, Kev, David etc.. They have all arrived at the point where they have realised the reality that they had to stop gambling before their lives were ruined. Take Antonin in particular, his daily posts on his rehab prove that it can be done. I maxed out credit cards, lied to get money to gamble, had to buy my wifes christmas presents from a catalogue amongst other things i am shameful for. The two grand i won recently was meant to get us a holiday, instead it cleared the overdraft that i had created. The low point is when your arguing with the missus as she is stressed out as all the loans are in her name as i cant get credit anywhere, she is fucked if anything had to happen to me. That is why I dont feel like a "C##T" to suggest that you stop gambling now before the inevitable car crash happens
  2. Blacko

    Gambling problem

    You have got to give gambling up lad, this is frustrating as we are all watching you flush your life down the toilet. Your backing horses blindfolded and then trying to dig yourself out of a hole with heavy bets. This is tough love kid but you really need to sort yourself out and that means stopping backing horses NOW. Hand your bank card to a loved one and be honest with them.
  3. Blacko

    Currently Listening to...

    One of the best song writers of all time, my favorite song being bridge over troubled water.
  4. Blacko

    Have you roulette players ever seen on of these?!

    I think it would need to be some "Al Capone" speakeasy that would use these magnets, Roulette is the cash cow for the casino, it simply can't lose. You have always got a chance of counting cards but the devils wheel will always eventually sink you. " You cannot beat a roulette wheel unless you steal from it" Albert Einstein
  5. Blacko

    A message for the bloke I met in Ladbrokes

    That's me up to two likes from the ladies, I want Hackz to create me a trophy as the TGC fannymagnet.
  6. Blacko

    A message for the bloke I met in Ladbrokes

    I can't help getting mixed up bangers, I find it easier tracking your location by reading the court roundup in the newspaper.
  7. Blacko

    Jury duty

    Fuckin hell Bangers isnt up on front of the beak again is he!
  8. Blacko

    A message for the bloke I met in Ladbrokes

    Im not so sure mate the women love the little fat fucker, im lucky if I get a like from Cheryl and Kinkerbells. Im holding out for a love heart from Jess
  9. Blacko

    @Rocknrolla Solid Proof Davo is a FRAUD!

    I know the guy JBs referring to, he was/is active in the industry and is very knowlegable in all gambling related matters. I think Rolla asked him for information but Eejit didnt want to commit
  10. Blacko

    A message for the bloke I met in Ladbrokes

    I remember calling u Miller when I first joined.
  11. Blacko

    A message for the bloke I met in Ladbrokes

    I dont know mate I lost interest when he mentioned Stop and Step.
  12. Blacko

    William hill shop closures

    I heard this argument from guys like John Mcririck when the government announced the FOBt £2 limit. Gamstop provides a one stop shop where you can remove yourself from online gambling completely within 24 hours. The self exclusion orders that the bookies had in place were laughable at best as excluded gamblers would freely continue to gamble in the shops that they had banned themselves from.
  13. The picture I use for my profile is not me, it is in fact an image of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. Surely you should recognise Kim as he has been in the news quite a bit recently. Was speaking to a fella in the bookies today who asked me if I watched Stop and Steps videos on youtube, I politely said that I didnt but did watch Rocknrolla and The Bandit. I emphasized the point by telling him that I was active on the forums and that I was Blacko. He stopped playing the FOBt and looked at me and said that I couldnt be Blacko as I didnt look anything like the picture on the forum. I thought the bloke was kidding with me but he appeared to be serious.
  14. Blacko

    William hill shop closures

    Bittersweet. Euphoric about the FOBts being transformed into flashing paperweights but also saddened that peoples jobs are being taken away from them. The £100 spins on the FOBts should never have been allowed from the start. It takes several suicides before the government admit that these fucking things were causing major problems in every city and village in Britain.
  15. Blacko

    Today’s selections

    The thing is pal is that smaller stakes never work for guys like us. You could back every winner across the card and the first thing u will think of is regretting not having more money on your selections. Before you know it ur straight back to betting high stakes. Ive been addicted to gambling for most of my adult life, i have fuck all in the bank to show for all the hard work I have put in over the years. Dont let it happen to you buddy.