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  1. Kev40

    DOA2 61930X 0,45bet

    Wow just wow.
  2. Kev40

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Newmarket 1.50 Gear up 2.25 Happy romance 3.00 Minsaal 3.35 Power of darkness nap Haydock 2.05 Cardsharp 2.40 Militia Curragh 3.15 Monaasib
  3. Kev40

    Western Gold MAX MEGAWAYS Free Spins

    Nice hit there @slots4fun777
  4. Kev40


    How you doing @therealwintersoldier are you on the mend yet mate ?
  5. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    I'll be your friend
  6. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    We still know who's fault it is though
  7. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    So let me get this right. @Kinkerbells = kinks,becks,miss_dynamiteeee @philinvicta= resting pilgrim @adamuk= milkshakekiduk but add p on you tube @Dave= g_o_l_d And kev40 is kev4011 on twitch and kev40 on you tube
  8. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    Can't be any worse than my own slot suggestions
  9. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    Well feck me never knew that . I really wish these people would keep the same name . It was bad enough with that resting pilgrim bloke
  10. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    Was wondering if it was possible to let the other people who are normally in the chat but not on the forum that you'll be on you tube now mate. Was thinking g_o_l_d mainly.
  11. The only thing i saw similar to this was i was at Fakenham years ago and in the last race i backed a horse called maryland at 14/1. I had £50 on the nose. The horse went miles clear didn't stop and crossed the line way in front. I rushed up to the bookie and got a very hasty " no chance mate it's going to be void ". The horse and jockey had decided to go before the starter had given permission and got a 30 length lead. After about 10 minutes and my amazement an announcement came over the tanoid ' result stands '. Stupidly i did bet £110 on a void race at 1/2 but was still over the moon.
  12. Kev40

    Punter takes on Ladbrokes

    All the sums are minus his winnings plus he wants 8% interest . Ok ladbrokes should of stepped in but this guy is taking the piss and should take responsibility for his actions.
  13. Kev40

    Xbox series x and Ps5

    You sent a woman out 3 days in a row to buy a games console? How on earth can you get a woman to comply with such a request?
  14. Kev40

    Videoslots - scum?

    When it comes to rtp a 2% decrease is massive. It may seem small and I'm sure many players will just think ah well it's 2% that's nothing but if someone plays regularly you will lose so much more than previously. If you at the bandits latest videos over the past 6 months just notice how many times he's been rinsed on book of dead and reactoonz on videoslots. It's no coincidence that the reduction in play and go rtp % at video slots has been noticeable. If you're going to play slots online i don't understand why people don't give themselves the best odds by playing at sites with the best rtp.
  15. Kev40

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    212x probably on moon princess