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  1. Kev40

    Anyone for a brandy ??

    No thanks. Peroni for me @Solario333 but enjoy and the ruby as well.
  2. Kev40

    Endorphina Support

    @Endorphina reminds me of a horse called orphina i backed once. Was about £800 down and had £5 e/w at 14's and it pissed it. Was one of them rare miracle days. In the end i walked out evens.
  3. Kev40


    Omg thanks so much @MrUKHackz and @Rocknrolla.
  4. Kev40


    Massive thanks @MrUKHackz and @Rocknrolla. I'm guessing this was for breeders cup.
  5. Kev40

    All in one : My story from the start!!

    @Antonin i think I'm very much going on a similar path to you. Nearly 2 years of been sensible then several lapses in the last 6 months. I know the gambling demon will always be there but this time I've even stopped the poker. Its weird this time though. Before i felt like even when i didn't gamble i could still talk about gambling all day but this time i don't seem to have any interest in gambling talk whatsoever. I haven't even watched a horse race in 5 weeks. The biggest help for me at the minute is playing golf at almost every opportunity. I suppose I'm rediscovering what i enjoyed as a kid and surprisingly I'm enjoying playing as much as i did then. I hope there are no lapses in the future but I'm realistic and I'd be shocked if there were none. I'm currently 35 days into this journey and even though it feels like here we go again. I'm hoping this time things will be different. Good luck mate.
  6. Kev40

    Good Luck TGC Sandown Troops

    Best of luck guys. Have a great day.
  7. Kev40

    The Masters 2022

    He has an awful record at the masters when fit or carrying injuries.
  8. Kev40

    Today’s selections

    A mate text me last night Ukraine are even money from 9/1 for eurovision. He thinks it's bet of the century.
  9. Kev40

    The Masters 2022

    When will he learn you just can't hammer drives 350 yards at a augusta .
  10. Kev40

    The Masters 2022

    After watching the players championship I'm not surprised to see Cameron Smith up the leaderboard. He looked very consistent that week and barring the first and last hole played flawless golf.
  11. Kev40


    I'm in
  12. Kev40

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done the ladies. Sorry missed yesterday @1pstaker. The missus is rough with covid so mind was obviously elsewhere.
  13. Kev40


    That's wonderful news @Kinkerbells
  14. Kev40

    Happy Birthday Rolla

    Happy birthday @Rocknrolla have a great day