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  1. Kev40

    Me vs diet

    Go on then @Jessr Breakfast nothing as usual Lunch beef sandwich with a little salad cream and banana Tea sea bass and pasta Late night snack 2 jammy dodgers 2 mini dairy milk chocolate bars.
  2. Kev40

    Me vs diet

    It's brain food mate. Look what good it's done me over the years
  3. Kev40

    Me vs diet

    Does it come with a new set of teeth ?
  4. Wigan 1-5 Hull KR 1-5 St Helens 16-20 Catalans 6-10 Castleford 6-10 Leeds 1-5
  5. Kev40

    Me vs diet

    I can't go a day without it mate. I'm terrible especially at night. I'd be 20 stone in no time if i worked in an office.
  6. Kev40

    Me vs diet

    Don't want to state the obvious but lots of fruit veg and fish. Still have your treats but moderation is the key. Plenty of exercise is my way mate. I must walk 5 miles a day. Play sports be active. People analyse diets where there is no need. Just do the right things and the weight will come off.
  7. Kev40

    A thank you to someone on here....

    Great post mate. Some of us fight these demons everyday but we are stronger than we think.
  8. Kev40


    @Blacko mate sorry to hear what happened. When i lost in June last year I'll never forget that sick feeling i had for days. I knew there and then that was me done. I've have had that feeling so many times I've lost count. I was fed up of yet again feeling the same. The coming days were difficult. The weeks hard and months were less so. In time funnily enough you may see it as the best thing to happen. You won't see it that way now but in time you'll look back and think I'll never have that sick feeling in your stomach after a big loss. There's so much more to life than gambling. You can do it. I know you can. Things will get easier. Things will get better. Life will be good again. Good luck my friend we will be here to support help and if necessary advise.
  9. Kev40

    Slots4fun Giveaway

    I won no way.
  10. Kev40

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    Have you seen your wanted amount your the devil mate
  11. Kev40

    Football too Dependant on Gambling

    Miracles do happen mate. I'm witnessing one. Every day every weekend you don't gamble and I'll keep witnessing one in the weeks and months to come. That i have no doubt. 100% faith and confidence.
  12. Kev40

    Football too Dependant on Gambling

    Gees it's hard to imagine anyone worse than myself in my prime but yeah I'm sure there are plenty.
  13. Kev40

    Football too Dependant on Gambling

    It wasn't too late for me and you mate. Well David centipede and antonin as well. Thank goodness.
  14. Kev40


    You know Andy surprisingly believe it or not i don't actually dislike you. I've seen the good. Your clearly passionate about streamers and what they do and responsible gambling and there's two threads about sponsored gambling in football and one about fifa20 so put your points across.
  15. Kev40

    Slots4fun Giveaway

    368x good luck tonight mate.