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  1. Kev40

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    2.30 twilight gleming 20 3.05 kamari 10 3.40 Queen Power 10 4.20 love 20 5.00 astro King 10 5.35 dig two 10 6.10 dreamloper 20
  2. Kev40

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Didn't you have that defender who scored some cracking own goals. Sinclair or something
  3. Kev40

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Cas 11-15 St Helens 11-15 Huddersfield 11-15 Wigan 11-15 Hull f c 11-15 Catalans 11-15
  4. Kev40

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Just copy one selection off 6 people. They'll never know
  5. Kev40

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    2.30 bless him 5e/w 3.05 Berkshire shadow 10 win 3.40 liberty beach 10 win 4.20 highland ave 10 win 5.00 Untold story 20 win 5.30 Felix 20 win 6.10 saldier 20 win
  6. Kev40

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well played @ScouseSi cheers @1pstaker. I put pablo instead of roberto
  7. Kev40

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    York 2.00 Nicholas t 2.35 Admirality 3.05 Pablo Ecsobarr 3.40 Blind Beggar nap Sandown 2.15 Mishal Star 2.50 Buxted Too Chester 1.40 Havagomecca 3.20 Side Shot
  8. Kev40

    It's a sad day

    You will mate every home should have one. My missus was adamant she wasn't going through it again. 8 months later we came home with a 8 week old black lab who's now 4.
  9. Kev40

    Only in Glasgow

    They moving house mate ?
  10. Kev40


    Cheers guys. For me I'm happy to take the risk. Main reason if i didn't see the money again i know 100% I'd be refunded by whom I've been recommended by so i kinda see it as risk free.
  11. Kev40


    Can anyone advise i know very little about this subject but have been persuaded to part with $300 into something called cashfx. Apparently ( and these are good friends) have been getting a good return on their investment. Have i just thrown my money down the toilet never to be seen again or is there chance of making a few quid ?
  12. Kev40

    Carol Smillie & Nicky Campbell

    Nice hit there mate
  13. Kev40

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Hull 11-15 Wigan 11-15 Hull K R 16-20 St Helens 6-10 Warrington 26-30 Catalans 16-20
  14. Kev40

    Happy birthday rob 🎉🎂🎈🍻🍻

    Happy birthday mate
  15. Kev40

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Great pics @Cleandries and @Gkell727 cheers @1pstaker