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  1. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    Lol says me who loves carling but is currently drinking a bottle of corona as we speak.
  2. Kev40

    Your sickest bad beat?

    Ah that's right. I stand corrected. Oops sorry for reminding you of a horror story.
  3. Kev40

    Your sickest bad beat?

    I remember you posting about that cos it was about 11.30 or something and it was near the limit or something. Had you been drinking.
  4. Kev40

    Your sickest bad beat?

    Two hands stick in my mind. Had 9 8 flop 9 9 8 and lost to a straight flush on 888. Had 10 6 on a shitty spin and go. Flop 10 6 6 ended up all in playing against pocket 10's. On the other side a few weeks ago went all in with ace jack against AA last 4 cards all hearts. I had the jack of hearts. Neither player had the ace of hearts.
  5. Kev40

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Oh yes we're a very close community here. A few years ago i walked into the pub and three lasses were at the bar. They looked over at me. I looked over at them and thought shit bet their comparing notes. I'd been with all of them.
  6. Kev40

    Magnificent 7 Summer Sports Competition

    I'm only where i am cos of Wimbledon final going the distance. Pure fluke. I'm sure it will be all downhill from now.
  7. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    Think there the ones who say it's some gourmet food and there like £50 a box. A right rip off. In my trade it's the geordie boys as we call them who are dodgy as hell. Back of the van job targeting the elderly. They were on bbc rip off Britain. Proper cowboys.
  8. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    Been called a del boy many times. Someone in biam put the one pound fish song on a link lol.
  9. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    Yorkshire without a doubt mate. All they say is " How Much ". Liverpool is the best. They are the nicest people in the country. Not bad in Stoke either mate. Been to Blythe bridge trentham many times. I think there's a place called bursalem as well.
  10. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    You know you Yorkshire people can actually use your front door once in a while.
  11. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    Just anywhere mate. I'm door to door salesman so i pick an estate knock on the doors and try and use my charm. I've not been there for a while as we have 700 areas we deliver in England and North Wales. We deliver every 8 weeks in each area but each area has a customer base who are rang by our call centre prior to delivery. I just pick 5 places each week where we go. This week I've had Leicester milton Keynes Doncaster Leeds and today I'm off to Retford in Nottinghamshire
  12. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    I'm a fish man mate canvassing all over the country. Literally 5 days a week in a different town or village everyday. I spend half my life on motorways lol but i don't drive and go with my mate everyday.
  13. Kev40

    TGC Meet Up

    I'd definitely attend a meet up given the chance. I'm in Lincolnshire and with my work from here i go as far as north Wales and as far south as near Bournemouth i probably work near many members on here every week. Dereham is the only place near Norwich i go.
  14. Kev40

    Today’s selections

    Bus wanker
  15. Kev40

    How much will I lose Competion...

    3stone 8 is my guess. Glad to see were still in pounds and not kilos people