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  1. Points total 2260 Tries 270 Good luck everyone.
  2. Kev40

    I can't really choose a title

    There's been a few posts here implying what people in this situation wouldn't do. Saying they wouldn't go on a forum or they wouldn't tell anyone. There is no normal way in these situations. There is no text book to say what people usually do before they commit or attempt this horrible action. Everyone with these thoughts react different and that's why anyone mentioning suicide whether it be on a stream forum or any social media has to be taken seriously.
  3. I might actually have a chance in this one as i know nothing about rugby so I'm in.
  4. Kev40

    Frankie where were you

    Apparently fisherman frankie was away having liasons with mermaid mandy.
  5. Kev40

    I can't really choose a title

    As blacko says we heard many of these stories on biam and you can't not take them seriously. We pleaded with numerous people to seek help and gave plenty of advice. We always asked people to keep us updated but they never did. Even though 90% were after handouts we still treated every post of this nature the same. We felt we did all we could. You simply cannot ignore these kind of posts no matter whether the person is been serious or not but you can only do so much. I have no doubt hackz and rolla would act accordingly if there was a similar post on this forum.
  6. Kev40

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    Thanks guys i won't find out which ones till the weekend.there is roughly about 200 and some are definitely rare. Think i need to do some research and try and find the true value. I will pm you @adamuk if they are to be sold. Thanks @Lighty45 for some sound advice as well. Hope you make a tidy some from the ones you get today.
  7. Kev40

    Taking on The Royal Mint

    After reading this thread and checking our own collection i didn't realise my stepdaughter has some of the rarest pokemon cards first edition 1999 to 2000. Apparently some are worth a bit of money. They are in excellent condition. Do you have any advice please mate how i could go about getting them valued or if she wanted to sell them what would be the best way to do this. Thanks.
  8. Kev40


    I might just do what i did in the league games and put 2 1 to every home team. I'm bound to get one right lol.
  9. Kev40

    New to this forum

    I do and in 9 ball it is possible to pot the 1 ball in the side pocket but also to try and keep the white in the middle of the table. Yes balls fly all over and you do rely on a little luck but breaking off can be mastered to a decent level of consistency.
  10. Kev40


    I see you've selected some easy games next week @Crunchienut to guess from.
  11. Kev40

    Cricket The Ashes

    Sky sports cricket will definitely be worse without botham and gower. Funny how they are keeping on pundits who are older like Willis if they're saying they want younger pundits.
  12. Kev40


    Burnley did me in my match.
  13. Kev40

    Going Racing

    Welcome kev great name
  14. Kev40

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Looks a good bet on paper. If i was betting there's a few good bets today mate.
  15. Kev40

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Or keep backing against my local team scunny. Bottom of the league lose every week yet teams are bigger than 5/2 against them when we are at home.