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  1. david1111

    TGC, Can You Break the Code?

    1000s wouldn't, including me
  2. david1111

    TGC, Can You Break the Code?

    I'm also at work otherwise I would have cracked that quicker than an egg
  3. david1111

    Miller champ champ v phil

    It'll go onto seconds and thirds so actually probably still 0-0
  4. david1111

    Happy Birthday Miller

    @Miller26 Happy birthday mate. Have a good and profitable one
  5. david1111

    Jokes !!

    I'm waiting
  6. david1111

    Jokes !!

    Who's there
  7. david1111

    Jokes !!

    No. Cow says moooi
  8. david1111

    Jokes !!

    Cow says
  9. david1111

    Jokes !!

    Knock knock
  10. david1111

    Hedgehogging With Hackz!

    I'll start. Spike
  11. david1111

    Today’s selections

  12. david1111

    Self excluded

    The benefit is not having gambling completely taking over your life. Not being in a situation where it is a must win I don't miss any of that. Unfortunately, I don't see the financial benefit really, but that comes from 30+ years of gambling. My doing, but as everyone has said, don't look back .
  13. david1111

    Bit of fun comp

    I work in any currency
  14. david1111

    Bit of fun comp

  15. david1111

    Bit of fun comp

    Thought that was related to the above picture for a minute