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  1. david1111

    Book of charms

    Talk about timing. Rtp on that fudger will be 1% for the foreseeable
  2. david1111

    Floating Dragon Megaways Review

    Never mind, you can't complain
  3. david1111

    Floating Dragon Megaways Review

    Might be worth a try right now
  4. david1111

    Book of charms

    Go on quickly before he posts another one
  5. david1111

    Funny Shit

  6. david1111

    Book Of Adventure Super Stake Edition

    Don't know what else to say Gtfit there though
  7. david1111


    Same. Not a good feeling
  8. david1111


    Best way mate. It's easy to feel invincible when everything is going your way
  9. david1111


    Nice roll @crazyrightmeow As soon as the run ends, stop for a while
  10. david1111

    To the moon

    Yep, slowly slowly catchy monkey
  11. david1111

    Book of charms

  12. david1111

    Cringe TV Moments

    Slightly off topic, but what's going on with my mind. I've just eaten a quality street golden barrell chocolate. Did I think of how tasty it was, No. I thought of that massive ape pegging a load of barells onto the screen when you got the bonus and turning into shitty 10s
  13. david1111

    Cringe TV Moments

    Ffs, never saw that. Think I stopped watching it before then. The celebrity one with Jade Goody was epic
  14. david1111

    Cringe TV Moments

    Am I allowed to laugh at that. I actually don't remember that
  15. david1111

    Cringe TV Moments

    Bit bored and for some reason this came into my mind. This has to be close to the top of the list