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  1. david1111

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Wigan 11-15 Warrington 1-5 St Helens 16-20 Huddersfield 1-5  Hull KR 11-15 Hull FC 11-15
  2. david1111

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Leeds 11-15 Castleford 21-25 Hull 1-5 Wigan 16-20 St Helens 16-20 Warrington 11-15
  3. david1111


    Actually shows up fine on the desktop site
  4. david1111


    That's what I've just bought with my doge profit. It's showing I've made the purchase, but when you click on shiba it shows zero
  5. david1111


    It's on mobile. I did it yesterday. Cheers mate, I'll see if it updates
  6. david1111


    Anyone know on binance why balance shows zero bottom left off app when I do hold an amount
  7. david1111


    Disappointed with Elon. He had a great opportunity to promote doge and instead had a Gerald Ratner moment calling doge a hustle
  8. david1111


    I sold for a couple of hundred profit. Was never really a long hold for me. May buy in again if it dips dramatically. Binance are very good. Money in my account within 5 minutes of requesting withdrawal
  9. david1111

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Played @tmh91 and thanks @1pstaker
  10. david1111


    It's daft putting too much money into it but it's interesting to be involved just to see what happens
  11. david1111


    If people can sniff making money he could sound like Donald duck and it wouldn't make any difference
  12. david1111


    Good luck and apologies for referring to you as a he previously. Clearly not
  13. david1111

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Lingfield 14:15 Loving Dream 14:50 Adayar 15:25 Double or Bubble NAP 16:00 Turn on the Charm Ascot 13:55 Dreamloper 14:30 Albaflora NB 15:40 Acquitted 16:15 Aced It Haydock 15:10 Camprond
  14. david1111

    Asked for ID in the bookies

    Obviously anal
  15. david1111

    Primal mega base hit tigers love this new casino

    Another nice win mate. Don't get lured in. Take your profit