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  1. david1111

    Bet victor source of income

    It is becoming a nightmare. Ive had it now a couple of times and with one of them its far to intrusive so i dont use them anymore. It does seem ridiculous for that level to ask for SOW, but thats the way its going. Maybe just email them and ask for clarification. PS, sorry but C word or any variations of, not allowed
  2. david1111

    Hey everybody!

    How did I know you would reply to that. Anyway, wasn't it your wife that first researched reproduction without sex
  3. david1111

    Pink elephants 2

    That's sick by anyone's standards. It's pre determined, but no way programmers should allow bonuses to pay zero even once
  4. david1111

    Hey everybody!

    @Jonas99. Welcome. Only use trusted casinos and tread very carefully. As levskie says it's very easy to get sucked in
  5. david1111

    Happy Birthday Brownman24

    Happy birthday mate. Hope you have a good one
  6. david1111

    Jammin Jars

  7. david1111

    Best slot provider?

    Ah sorry, my bad
  8. david1111

    Best slot provider?

    Ive never had any luck with them and find they are very hard to bonus
  9. david1111

    Novibet self exclusion refund

    Not a chance
  10. david1111

    Novibet self exclusion refund

    It does seem strange that they would reinstate your account with no questions asked if you self excluded, however if you just asked for the account to be closed with no specific reason they would reinstate. The gamstop issue should be looked into. Good luck @MrUKHackz will know more about that and hopefully advise you
  11. david1111

    Create your own slots

    Yeah mate, I realise the slot providers are their own animal. It was a long time ago that Rolla mentioned he would like to have his own casino hence the comment
  12. david1111

    Home schooling

    And here's me thinking bossy words were get the kettle on love
  13. david1111

    Home schooling

    An essential verb?
  14. david1111

    Create your own slots

  15. david1111

    Create your own slots

    Obviously they are reserved anyway for when the Rolla Casino is launched