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  1. McSplooger


    I'm retiring as the champion of champions. Nobody wanted to be the champ champ it seems stuck around for bugger all!
  2. McSplooger

    ANNOUNCEMENT Rocknrolla is TGC HMG champ 2019

    Crunchie second again. The poor guy is gonna be rocking in the corner of a dark room. Top man @Rocknrolla
  3. McSplooger


    Rangers 2-2 Celtic. Forgot that one.
  4. Nice gesture of you @Solario333. Let's hope Crunchie wins because he's had a wave of 2nd places and may lose his shit if he has another one haha
  5. McSplooger

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    Keep it up mate. Great dedication and it's awesome you're keeping it posted on here. All the best for the future!
  6. McSplooger

    Thank you TGC!

    Aw shucks. Thanks a lot people. I feel like I'm attending my own funeral on this thread I suppose I am dead in terms of my Internet presence though. RIP. Very nice of you all though. Much appreciated! I won't be doing a Miller by the way and making a comeback. Well maybe... if I do my balls in and come back with my tail between my legs. I most certainly ain't planning such an act though. Thanks people.
  7. McSplooger

    Thank you TGC!

    Yawn! Another leaving post unfortunately. I have been wanting to exit the community for some time and as it's been a year since I did my balls in and last gambled so now seems like a good time to do so. I know leaving a forum on the Internet doesn't require any posts such as this but before I 'left' I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone here who has been supportive of me. For me it's about drawing a line under gambling. It used to be who I was but no longer is. I still have the small matter of the football comp finishing tomorrow so will stick around for the end of that but I shall be done after that. All the best for the future everyone. Much love! PS - No need for replies by the way. I just didn't want to be a rude bastard and bugger off without at least saying thank you to many of you who have been very good to me. Also didn't want people thinking I've done my conkers in and I was off on a train to meet random Internet ladies for a place to stay.
  8. McSplooger

    Happy birthday to Crunchienut

    Happy birthday old man. One step closer to the grave. Party on.
  9. McSplooger


    1. Brighton 0 VS Man City 3 2. Burnley 1 VS Arsenal 2 3. Crystal Palace 2 VS Bournemouth 0 4. Fulham 1 VS Newcastle 1 5. Leicester 1 VS Chelsea 1 6. Liverpool 2 VS Wolves 0 7. Man Utd 3 VS Cardiff 0 8. Southampton 2 VS Huddersfield 0 9. Spurs 2 VS Everton 1 10. Watford 2 VS West Ham 1 21 minutes
  10. Awesome job @Markymark really pleased you won mate! Shout out to @Crunchienut and @Jok3st3r for sifting through pages of shite and illegal predictions to sort this out. You will get 'em next time Crunchie.
  11. McSplooger


    Well that explains it haha. Pretty sure @Garryboy001 is in the mix too
  12. McSplooger


    @Crunchienut what's this whole champion of champions stuff about? Is it next week?
  13. McSplooger

    Hi, I'm Reiwa

    Welcome friend. I hope your stay here is prosperous and very sexy.
  14. You're still up there though? You're the score keeper along with @Jok3st3r so just put whatever score you like for yourself because no one is counting their own score anyway and cheat to victory! Well no one except me that is, last time I counted I was on 1000 points. GG