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  2. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    14:50 Hamilton - Invincible Tiger ''small interest stake'' 18:40 Warwick - Stepney Causeway
  3. Bangers

    Food Glorious Food

    Give the lad some space Now that's a DAM lasagne
  4. Bangers

    Amazing Tools

  5. Bangers

    Invasion Illegal Immigrants

    A real joke this Country is now One big Theme park in the eyes of these economic chancers
  6. Bangers

    The FMX Triple Flip Returns

  7. Bangers

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    People that live near you that sit in the garden but can't string a single sentence together without swearing Fookin Clowns
  8. Bangers

    Only in Glasgow

  9. Doingfinenow

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Experimental 4 fold… some games give unbelievable odds for a goal within 10 mins. Should have been doing this In Premier league games when it was a heavy favourite!
  10. ryans_slots

    Zeus vs hades!!!!

    Fucking volatile game hence $0.10 bet but >
  11. Bangers

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Should really invest in one just in case the Jug of doom spills over
  12. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Just slide that in there
  13. crazyrightmeow

    So today……….

    This is how fake money streamers would look like, if they would be in fitness industry instead.
  14. VillaLad

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    The most pointless things invented what’s the point blowing leaves from 1 place to another
  15. Bangers

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    How did this world get by without leaf blowers ? Always seems to be 2 or 3 fudgers walking around this area with leaf blowers
  16. Bangers

    So today……….

  17. Bangers


    I pretty much dream most nights and what can be a bit freaky is just how real they can be, had a dream last night I was in a hospital but the staff wouldn't give me any treatment what so ever, this male Doctor kept saying I had my chance, I was lying in a bed surrounded by various other people who were all getting the help they needed, I kept drifting away while asking this one main Doctor for help, I felt him tie a label around my big toe then I managed 2 sit up swing my legs around and stand up, I leaned over and pulled off the toe tag and told him I was leaving, I walked out the hospital feeling really groggy but made it back home. My street was all weird and as I got in the street I could see a card stuck in the letter box, it said I had a parcel at the rear door so I walked around and could see two parcels on the rear step but they were not for me, they were addressed to the family a few doors down, a family I've had a few runs in with, as I took the parcels and the card and headed to the address they drove in the street past me, I walked up to the van window gesturing I had parcels for them at the same time showing them the card, they wouldn't open the door as they gestured back to me 2 get away, they both started going mental that I was 2get away from the van etc and refused 2 put the window down, I put the parcels on the path and walked away, all the other houses in the area were all void with one or two of them all vandalised. Ended up coming around from the dream with the standard alarm bark from mostly next doors dog, she in-turn triggers off what sounds like 90% of BATTERSEA feckin Dogs home.
  18. crazyrightmeow

    So today……….

    Try some weights instead, you dont even need to go heavy.
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  20. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    14:10 Brighton - Vandad Danger - I'm Mable ------------------------------------- 20:10 Lingfield - Nogo's Dream Danger - Raven's Up
  21. Bangers

    So today……….

    Smack - Crack & Pop
  22. VillaLad

    So today……….

    Could be worse it could be indoor bowls with all the coffin dodgers
  23. Bangers

    So today……….

    Id maybe keep that info 2 yurself hardman
  24. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I used to play crown green bowls years ago might take that up again
  25. Bangers

    Darren Till

  26. Bangers

    So today……….

    Just about every visit into a bookies I hear some FOBT punter play that game Or some identical game
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