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  1. Just to add if I get paid it’s not big or clever- I gambled for the first time in a while for me yesterday and it’s knocked me quite a bit
  2. What do we reckon? I was pissed up last night and asked my brother if I can use his betting account and deposited using my bank card... Gone and won 3K but they’re asking for documents. He is going to send them so no worries there but the withdrawal and deposit is on my card... Probably fucked ain’t I?
  3. Brownman24

    Football Acca Bets Here

  4. Brownman24

    Pub blueprints

    Im the same, I’m a murder to play killer with
  5. Brownman24

    Pub blueprints

    Haha at least your business acumen cannot be questioned! Just be curious to see how it plays out. I also enjoy the gamble on worms/Genie Jackpots
  6. Brownman24

    Pub blueprints

    I don’t exclusively go to pubs that have them but if they’re in there I will play them 99% of the time... couple of my locals- non Wetherspoon have 4 in there. Wonder if they’ll still be on?
  7. Brownman24

    This sceptre Isle

    Imagine this guy on LSD
  8. Brownman24

    Tinkering on Rainbow `Jackpots ......

    Get in !
  9. Brownman24

    Regulars comp 6th July

    Fuck that, if brother @stone wants to put up a basil gin he’s more than welcome though
  10. Brownman24

    Regulars comp 6th July

    Been working away for 5 weeks and I’m back on the 5th so I’ll be going out with the chaps next day and I’ll be doing a comp for those with 100 rep points... £50 cash prize. Might do a couple of videos and I’ll give details closer to the time but need to think of the metrics for the comp first. Your on notice!
  11. Brownman24

    Bournemouth beach today

    Lol chill out, waiting until next Monday when I’m back in the ends for that shit
  12. Brownman24

    Bournemouth beach today

    Currently holed in up a ‘suite’ in the holiday inn. Middle of nowhere and the air con is broke....
  13. Brownman24

    Tinkering on DHV --40p stake 421X

    @Solario333 GOAT- greatest of all time
  14. Brownman24

    Tinkering on DHV --40p stake 421X

    The TGC GOAT- get in mate
  15. Brownman24

    Bilkos Fake, Fake, Fake, Real Comp

    I’m in