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  1. Will do a repeat for the last fixtures of the season! @Sgt_bilk0 I’ll sort your winnings out over PM in the morning for you and thanks again to @1pstaker who has a £10 free bet this weekend
  2. What was the cashout lad?
  3. Yeah I can’t get on with monopoly but I’m on a £25 a week allowance at the moment and to be fair crazy time does have that 1000x power at any time but long haul it’s a loser just like anything gambling wise!
  4. Thanks to @1pstaker for his hardwork and time on this by way of thanks I’d like to place a £10 footy bet of his choice for next weekend with all winnings to going to him goodluck to sarge and Solario tomorrow
  5. That fight reminded me of Kell Brook vs GGG... canelo goes up to light heavy and stops Kovalev, sadly his power is the real deal but so is everythingelse
  6. 200x pachinko, was gutted cos I have a minimum £3 on them normally but I’m on small stakes and a tight leash these days boys!
  7. Just won another £280 with a £255 profit da ladddssssss
  8. My bookies know how much a mug punter shit house I am I get the deluxe treatment I roll in everytime
  9. Good man Douvan *£40 comp*
  10. Thank you man much appreciated
  11. Anytime mate you know that
  12. I will kindly ask for a volunteer score keeper as I’m out for the weekend with my mates and the missus mates so I’ll be out my nut x if it goes to a draw Monday’s game and then if that’s equal you can both have an apple core each
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