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  1. Brownman24


    Pinches of a different variety
  2. Brownman24


    Jack lisowski has to win something this year
  3. Brownman24


    He’s fucking awful
  4. Brownman24

    It's a London Ting.....

    I’d go somewhere like Upminster and get the c2c. District line starts there but you can be in fenchurch st in about 15/20’from there
  5. Brownman24

    Welcome Back Sgt Major Bangers

    Great to have you back mate, fuck that idiot
  6. Brownman24

    Fights like that...

    Joshua’s last 8 fights on average have been harder than Fury’s last 8 fights. FACT.
  7. Brownman24

    Fights like that...

    Well hopefully this is where DAZN are going to change the game
  8. Brownman24

    Bit of a weird one

    He was a very awesome man !
  9. Brownman24

    Bit of a weird one

    Served me right mate, little shit bag
  10. Brownman24

    Bit of a weird one

    When I was in year 3 I bullied some poor kid for no reason being... my dad got wind of this and took me round the kids house and pulled my pants down and slapped my arse in front of my victim. Obviously the kids dad knew about this lol... imagine that happening and not getting a heads up. Never dreamt of bullying again after that Not really relevant to your situation unfortunately mate but there’s been some good advice on here!
  11. Brownman24

    Gamstop for me after brutal Friday

    Lesson learnt mate, head up and move on.. what else can you do
  12. Brownman24

    Your favourite old tv ads

    Fucking hated that Frosties advert kid
  13. Brownman24

    Self excluded

    Glad to hear it David
  14. Brownman24

    Charity boxing and weight loss goal

    If you need an opponent mate I’m currently 86kg and 5”11
  15. Brownman24

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    I can’t people invest so much time in giving a fuck about all this