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  1. Symbol

    Dead or Alive 2 gutting

    It's been a crazy season for my selections but I didn't take enough advantage Next year I'm gonna go hard watch this space
  2. Symbol

    Huddersfield’s new shirt

    AYE and it's about to happen got Coventry right for league one too if only I had put my life savings on
  3. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

    I can imagine and we've all done it multiple times WTF is wrong with us Remember that film Two for the money? Had Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey in it "We're all Lemons!!"
  4. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

    My worst was trying to find £1.50 to round off and ended up losing £198.50
  5. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

    I need you on my shoulder at all times
  6. Symbol

    Slots4fun Guess The City

    Thank you slots4fun777
  7. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    yeah I had it yesterday and Knightslife is drifting again today so not sure how I feel about todays mount I woulda had a nice freeroll betting at 16/1 and laying at 17/2 if I'd been in time tho
  8. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    value has been eaten up mate
  9. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    Obviously Duran Fentiman bagged the winner with his only ride today after he failed on all five Saturdaym luckily I had him at 4/1 odds Was gonna roll over to tomorrow's ride Knightcap in 18:00 Thirsk It opened 16/1 but is now 4/1 on bet365 and feel quite sick not getting to the exchange in time so gonna leave it now
  10. Symbol

    Slots4fun Guess The City

  11. Symbol

    Slots4fun Guess The City

  12. Symbol

    Fiona Fiona ... Ears!

    what a hit son
  13. Symbol

    Twitch Streamers

    I'm becoming a disillusioned with it all myself. There's no variety at all, same ten or so slots day after day, no table games or other action. No real interaction with the audience other than pushing links and wanting follows, subs etc. I know there's only so much you can do on stream but mix it up a little ffs. I have a few ideas to stream as a non affiliate but I can never keep a bankroll more than a few days. I only have love for a few streamers and wish them well but the rest can suck my nuggets.
  14. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    I have a soft spot for Duran Fentiman who has won me a few quid at long prices and I narrowly missed out other day on storm ahead@25/1 He has a few decent runners tomorrow and I feel like he could have a good day Gonna have a Canadian on his 5 mounts Small stakes of course because he isn't the most prolific of jockeys