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  1. Symbol

    What can I do?

    For the millionth, billionth time again I find myself in a horrible position because of gambling. I've been struggling with a low income for a while now and I just want a way out but gambling is the only easy money option available. This time I have lost my living expenses, bill money and I have done every penny of my £2000 overdraft which they won't increase upon and I have no one to turn to. I've tried gamstop and all the other stuff but I just keep circumventing the system with family/friend accounts. What's worse than the loss though is the absolute bs signs from the universe saying "fuck you!!" because over these last few sessions where I lost control I could have been in at worst break even if not for timing I'm thinking about it right now. A speculative bet just before the off with a big wager on a 5/2 shot where the race starts as I click place bet, the horse wins but it didn't take my bet in time. The 7x 7x 2 on spin and win wheel which I missed out on because switching tabs my movement on touchpad expanded the page and missed repeat bet by a fraction of a second. The 250x lightening number because I switched area. Cashing out my £500 bet on Man Utd 2-0 down for peanuts and spewing up after the game. Follow up by betting Chelsea and Arsenal and manically laughing after the games were finished and finally fucking primal Megaways missing a 864x 5 x£2 with tigers across but gave me kings instead on the mystery symbol. With nowhere to turn I think my time is up
  2. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    Yeah that Jockey is dodgy as fuck He was just on the favourite in the 5:10 saw that it got backed to 16/5 favouritism from at least 10/1 and the ride he gave for such a gamble was piss poor rode from stone last in a rail position, no chance all the way round
  3. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    4:10 Chester Aasheq 10/1 bet365 5:00 Nottingham Vardon Flyer 14/1 betfair 2 X singles 1 x double 4:10 Chester Aasheq to beat Finoah forecast 74.38/1 bet365 500 Nottingham Vardon Flyer to beat Queen of Burgundy forecast 171.48/1 bet365 2 x single 1 x double
  4. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    7:40 Ripon Encashment 16/1 best odds right now Switched from King to Appleby who has a decent record of late with horses first time out on the switch Drops in grade and up in distance worth an e/w punt
  5. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    Gonna pawn some shit and get back in the game LOL Golden Apollo to beat Summerghand forast 3:55 Pontefract tomorrow currently pays 7.93/1 on bet 365
  6. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    Stubborn with Duran Fentiman 150/1 4th by a neck after getting picked off before the line Officially busto now
  7. Symbol

    Dead or Alive 2 gutting

    It's been a crazy season for my selections but I didn't take enough advantage Next year I'm gonna go hard watch this space
  8. Symbol

    Huddersfield’s new shirt

    AYE and it's about to happen got Coventry right for league one too if only I had put my life savings on
  9. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

  10. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

    I can imagine and we've all done it multiple times WTF is wrong with us Remember that film Two for the money? Had Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey in it "We're all Lemons!!"
  11. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

    My worst was trying to find £1.50 to round off and ended up losing £198.50
  12. Symbol

    One £0.10 Freespin to....

    I need you on my shoulder at all times
  13. Symbol

    Slots4fun Guess The City

    Thank you slots4fun777
  14. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    yeah I had it yesterday and Knightslife is drifting again today so not sure how I feel about todays mount I woulda had a nice freeroll betting at 16/1 and laying at 17/2 if I'd been in time tho
  15. Symbol

    Today’s selections

    value has been eaten up mate