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  1. Finbastard

    Fake content creator / streamer? UK. [RESOLVED]

    Iv got a same Fun Mode when im playing with real money and hover over and yes atleast for me there is no bonus buy option when playing with fun money in Elk games
  2. Finbastard

    First time for everything

    So i got 100% bonus offer for the weekend for 25€ deposit. So i made deposit and look the terms after and found this. Never seen enything like that in any casino, is this something newSo if i do only 0,40€ spin i lose all my winnings
  3. Finbastard

    Solarios 2022/23 Premiership Goals Comp

    Total Goals - 1215 Most Goals - Arsenal Most Conceded - Aston Villa
  4. Finbastard

    Money Train 2

    Nice litle almost 5000X hit with 7 collectors
  5. Finbastard

    Big win on the new moon princess 100!

    Im pretty sure it was fortyish, but im not sure
  6. Finbastard

    Big win on the new moon princess 100!

    Nice win, i got this on couple days ago Get the multi up to 73X, almost 2000X.
  7. Finbastard

    Happy Birthday Rolla

  8. Finbastard

    The Ukraine situation

  9. Finbastard

    The Ukraine situation

  10. Finbastard

    Do you prefer to play with deposit bonuses?

    I love playing with bonuses just lost 820€ to one , got this email yesterday
  11. Finbastard

    Gigantoonz Review

    My expectations were low but holyfuck that was absolute garbage. 500 spins of
  12. Finbastard

    Big Bad Wolf Megaways 1048X

    First time iv been ever hit over 1000X on quickspin slot
  13. Finbastard

    Helios Fury 1703X

    Nice litle hit
  14. Finbastard

    Fat Drac 1044X

    Nice litle hit on Fat Drac