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  1. Finbastard

    first time

  2. Finbastard

    first time

    Yes thats kinda hars when u giv couple rounds for monopoly live and im pretty sure that i didnt even win anything. And after that u wager slots like 7hrs with 1€ bets and finally clear the wager and u are over the moon with your big cashout, and then u wait 5 days for that mail that u bet more than 5€ so u get your deposit back. Why the bells and flashing lights doesnt start when u make that first bet over the limit
  3. Finbastard

    first time

    Atleast i did get some compensation, i bought 80€ bonus with that returned money on Lagacy of Ra megaways and win 470€
  4. Finbastard

    first time

    Its always nice to get some nice mail from casino after making the 1700€ withdrawal and getting your deposit back. Now one has called me dear for long time And yes i remeber now that i made one 8€ and 10€ bet on that stupid monopoly live
  5. Finbastard

    RocknRolla.......SAVE ME !!!!

    Hes been busy pumping iron
  6. Finbastard

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    i giv up. I cant get back to game, was doing so good. I cant even open the the pokerstars client. GG guys
  7. Finbastard

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    I was doing allright, but after i hit the final table my pokerstar client starts to crash. Cant get back in the table Must be some hackers from BIAM
  8. Celtic vs Aberdeen (4-1) Manchester City vs Watford (2-1) Sheffield United vs Rotherham (3-0) Huddersfield vs Bournemouth (1-1) Southampton vs Tottenham (2-2) Wimbledon vs Doncaster (1-1)
  9. Finbastard

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    1. Gem Rocks 2. Afterlife: Inferno 3. Books and Bulls
  10. Finbastard

    Joint community home game!

    gg guys, out from bandits monster hand
  11. Finbastard

    Joint community home game!

    idiot from northern europe is ready to represent TGC
  12. Finbastard

    Joint community home game!

    My ID: Finbastard