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  1. TheBingoKingx

    I took Spielbank Duisburg for a spanking!

    Ohmy, what a rollercoaster last night was. From -€4000, to +€7000 and back to -€6000 and i ended UP A MASSIVE €17.000 on the tables! Fuuuuckme Such a shame its close to impossible to go on a nice travel. Maybe a 5 day trip to germany or the czech republic though, that could be nice.
  2. TheBingoKingx

    Punter takes on Ladbrokes

    I do know gambling law in Spain is really strict (kinda shit tbf but ok) but furtheron i dont really know.
  3. TheBingoKingx

    Demolishing a rigged roulette

    Yep. They drilled very little holes thru the glass, and put a little stick in it so they can poke the ball out. Poke the ball above your segment/numbers of choice and pling - youre a winner!
  4. TheBingoKingx

    Demolishing a rigged roulette

    Exactly. Horrific
  5. TheBingoKingx

    Demolishing a rigged roulette

    Too funny, dude demolishes a non-random roulette in a arcade in the netherlands. Those roulettes look like random but they arent, you can clearly see the ball being pulled or pushed by magnets or something, so i could understand where the agression comes from if you play them and see the ball being pulled or pushed from your section again. These machines are set to pay out like 85% so yeah. Its not an excuse for demolishing stuff you dont own, never ever, but i do think its a bit weird having roulettemachines that basically are slots.
  6. TheBingoKingx

    Videoslots - scum?

    Oooh i didnt know that thanks
  7. TheBingoKingx

    Videoslots - scum?

    Unibet shows 98.05% for me so explain that?
  8. TheBingoKingx

    Old school

    Thanks blamps xx
  9. TheBingoKingx

    Videoslots - scum?

    On topic: i dont like videoslots for various reasons, and this being one of it. I must have deposited way over €150k there and i ended up an winner, but thats not because of their horrific offerings of RTP and their deposit bonus offerings (never got a single one)
  10. TheBingoKingx

    Taco very much danger

    Whohoo gg
  11. TheBingoKingx

    Videoslots - scum?

    Sorry here hackz, i appreciate you alot but this isnt a true claim. Highest RTP on Reel Rush (for example offered on Unibet) is 98.05% - 21casino offers a 96,96% version. proof:
  12. TheBingoKingx

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    Ohno no more twitch?
  13. TheBingoKingx

    Old school

    Oooh nice one. I forgot the name of this slot though, haha. Been a while since i played that one, gg!
  14. TheBingoKingx

    Gotta love a bit of bonanza

  15. TheBingoKingx

    Crazy time?

    Whohooo congrats!!! £800, save some for when i can come to blackpool! Or scotland, lol. X