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  1. TheBingoKingx

    Big videoslots complaint

    Thanks alot but back at the time nobody at Casumo seemed to care a bit to explain all the stuff, which was an absolute shame. I’ll think about it. Thanks though.
  2. TheBingoKingx

    TGC Monthly tournament

    If @Rocknrolla would allow me, i’d love to create a new homegame on pokerstars for us all to enjoy weekly?
  3. TheBingoKingx


  4. TheBingoKingx


    The fact that i dont even understand which team you bet on shows how much i knop about soccer bets. Who’s gonna show me in blackpool how to bet the horses? xD
  5. TheBingoKingx

    What has been your most degen gambling moment

    Mine have to be my ridiculous high bets on baccarat, hah.
  6. TheBingoKingx

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    We have one so called roulette professional in holland thats even worse. He even designed his own new “dutch roulette table” which ofcourse, is shit. Lol
  7. TheBingoKingx

    Joint streams with Rolla wish list

    Some chit chat is fine (it has its limits tho), but annoying players on purpose is not.
  8. TheBingoKingx

    Joint streams with Rolla wish list

    Haha i had a dealer telling me what to do on blackjack..... AFTER THE HAND FINISHED! Like “if you would have taken another card, you would have 19 and the dealer only 17 hahahaha” - bloody prick xD
  9. TheBingoKingx

    Joint streams with Rolla wish list

    You mean monopoly live i guess? if theres a monopoly roulette (except that shitty flash game) i need to know where!!
  10. TheBingoKingx

    Joint streams with Rolla wish list

    Hypa and me is also still on the to-do list furtheron i’d love to see hypa and paul aswell yeah ^^
  11. TheBingoKingx

    Worst Bonus Buy Ever

    Wouldnt be my pick of game either to be fair.
  12. TheBingoKingx

    Casino slot machine

    1 more vid here. Goodluck.
  13. TheBingoKingx

    Casino slot machine

    Look at those vids, if you have any questions ongoing let me know.
  14. TheBingoKingx

    Worst Bonus Buy Ever

    Haha. Temple of treasures was worse to me. Bought 5 bonuses on videoslots, RTP on the game after those 5 bonuses is 2.5% hahahahaha