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  1. TheBingoKingx

    A Degen win

    The bounces on that soeed roulette table are horrible. Makes it feel fixed..
  2. TheBingoKingx

    Magic Mirror oooooosh

    Mandy getting rich here, gg and enjoy the money
  3. 1. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United 2. Brighton vs Blackpool 3. Aberdeen vs Motherwell 4. Manchester vs Liverpool 5. Livingston vs St Mirren 6. Bournemouth vs Crawley Town My picks will be: 1 - 2 2 - 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 2 - 0 3 - 0 Just a little mention, i havent even heard of 60% of these clubs so ive probably picked shite anyways. GLGL all and very generous of you @Rocknrolla :)
  4. TheBingoKingx

    A New Start

    Have a look at my streams, enough losers on there, lol. anyways i hope you get back up there @Fudge - if u wanna talk or something feel free to send me a dm, im here
  5. TheBingoKingx

    £200 Giveaway From Player1173!!!

    Me! And gl all x
  6. TheBingoKingx

    Landbased in Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

    Total haul in Luxemburg was a not too shabby €14,750. Tyvm
  7. TheBingoKingx

    Landbased in Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

  8. TheBingoKingx

    Landbased in Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

    Day two was just fine too
  9. TheBingoKingx

    Landbased in Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

    Thanks everyone im still amazed, i never win at these, lol. they havent had it back - yet lol. Gonna try with €1000 tonight and take at least €7000 profit home tomorrow x
  10. TheBingoKingx

    Landbased in Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

    After getting my handpay (which takes 20 to 30 !!!!!!!!!!!! minutes which is absolutely ridiculous) i went on to play Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures and had a €850.- bonus on a €8,80 bet and then i changed to this machine, and had 2 quick decent bonuses (one of 450 and one of 1180) and managed another handpay yay me lol, on to the automatic roulette.. had to go in ballsdeep but in the end a total up of €8000 whooo
  11. TheBingoKingx

    Landbased in Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

    Went for a punt in a big casino in Luxemburg. In the first 5 minutes upon entry, and therefore on my first slot Dancing Drums this happened: wheeeeeeyyyy!!! Never had something like that before ^^
  12. TheBingoKingx

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    £11,888 and 371x GL BUDDY
  13. TheBingoKingx

    crazy time

    I think there must have been some dust or anything that been on the sensor of that x7 or something like that. I do wonder how evolution will fix this up then?
  14. TheBingoKingx

    Epic Stream Last Night

    Imagine winning €93k like that! Thats like a small apartment in some countries! anyways once again congrats, couldnt ever have happened to a better man
  15. TheBingoKingx


    Thats soo cool! Very nice