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  1. TheBingoKingx

    Update of the tgc meet up

    I nearly pissed myself thinking of billy as the new Noel Edmonds on a scottish version of DOND haha
  2. TheBingoKingx

    Greetings to the gnome community!

    I got one. Dont eat cows x
  3. TheBingoKingx

    Update of the tgc meet up

    The only (awful) memory i have is about low-hanging smelly kebabs... the rest is gone thanks to too many free double malibu-coke’s haha. Jk but really love this vid and thanks ev1 for being there - its bee a blast! xx
  4. TheBingoKingx

    Update of the tgc meet up

    Very very good game here @Sgt_bilk0 love ya x
  5. TheBingoKingx

    If You Could....

    Sounds like a dildo...
  6. TheBingoKingx

    Genie jackpot Megaways

    Couldnt happen to anyone better, congratz xx
  7. TheBingoKingx

    Bilko's "not very famous" object guess ...

    Just looks like a cumrag srry
  8. TheBingoKingx

    Nice hit!!!

    Congrats tho ^^
  9. TheBingoKingx

    Nice hit!!!

    500x not bad? i havent had one of those in ages and i play daily!!
  10. TheBingoKingx

    2 days of XMAS streams!

    Fuckoff lol x Would love to see you in Crunchie xx
  11. TheBingoKingx

    2 days of XMAS streams!

    Thanks for those tips
  12. TheBingoKingx

    2 days of XMAS streams!

    There is a reason that i wont do 2 days pure gambling eh. Besides that i donate each month to the dutch cancerfoundation and another local charity that helps sick kids to get a little getaway aswell.
  13. TheBingoKingx

    Baccarat - a coin flip game?

    Is there anyone actually still interested in this all? If you do i gladly explain, i have played gazillion hands of this game. Correct. But please, please dont play this variant. The house edge on bankers side significantly increases.
  14. TheBingoKingx

    2 days of XMAS streams!

    A bit of an announcement, but also a bit of a topic where i wanna ask for ideas and stuff. I know lots and lots of people are alone just like me during the xmas holidays and i want to cheer those people up this year by streaming 2 sessions (maybe the night of the 24th too as a 3rd sesh, thats a sort of festivity thing here, is it in the UK aswell or not?) on the 2 xmas days and also doing something for charity aswell. Now id love a bit of your help to fill in these streams for a bit. Have you got any fun things to do with us all together on stream? A couple of ideas i had in mind: -- We could all play on a website i know - partially non-casino but free related just to have some fun community multiplayer games together just for banter. -- We could buy bingotickets on a certain site together so we can have a online bingo sesh together -- I could set up a poker homegame on pokerstars to have a tourney and cashgame together -- If people would like we could join on a certain BlackJack table together so we are all seated at the same one to play some cards Of course you are not forced to participate in anything, but i would certainly love it - and my cool viewers too - if you would. If you guys got some more ideas that i, or we, could do on stream that would be greatly appreciated and please let them know below in this thread. Same goes for charity ideas. I wanna do something special for these streams but i honestly dont really know what and how yet, so if anyone knows then let me know. xxBingo
  15. TheBingoKingx


    I’ll bet on Income tax. Unfortunately thats never a winner for me though