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  1. TheBingoKingx

    The Dark Web

    Although this dude is funny, the contents of that dark web scares me a bit..
  2. TheBingoKingx

    My Story

    These posts is why i love the TGC so much. The friendlyness and sincere help here @Alfie - i honestly cant add a thing to whats already been said. It maybe could also help to talk with a professional about this all. I wish you the very best mate, and if any of us can be of a bit of help, let us know
  3. TheBingoKingx

    Feeling famous!!!

    ooh of course its that little green fuckers day enjoy ^^
  4. TheBingoKingx

    Feeling famous!!!

    Got it, they got it on the site i played yesterday at. Shall i load up an stream?
  5. TheBingoKingx

    Feeling famous!!!

    Let me check if i can fine the game on a casino i can play at right now and i can have a flutter on it on stream?
  6. TheBingoKingx

    Feeling famous!!!

    haha weirdly enough i kinda liked that game. still waiting for a bonus on it
  7. TheBingoKingx

    21Casino Relaunch! Must See!

    Looks neat. Still think they are way below par when it comes to bonusses and withdrawal speed so i wont play with them anymore, but it looks really good. way better than before!
  8. TheBingoKingx

    Feeling famous!!!

    Very last minute :D I got a night off, and tomorrow too - so its gambling time with mikey! Follow me on twitch for a 500 euro bonus hunt! Requests are welcome in chat <3
  9. TheBingoKingx


    Hi guys, sorry for such an extremely late response, ive been starting in a brand new fulltime (besides my fulltime study) job all of a sudden, a chance i couldn’t let go of. I’ll write a post about it later on, or maybe go live this weekend, but its all a bit too much for me now and im extremely tired of the stress and work and college all at the same time. Will talk to you all soon, and once again i’m extremely sorry xx
  10. TheBingoKingx

    Pokerstars Support

    cool. thanks for that tip
  11. TheBingoKingx

    Pokerstars Support

    cant access that. the problem is i self-excluded myself for 48h (so i couldnt gamble away the money i won on a low deposit whilst waiting for a 48h withdrawal period) and now i have to send emails to an emailadress they are not responding at...
  12. TheBingoKingx

    Pokerstars Support

    Maybe someone knows. Does pokerstars have a hotline or something that i can call? Im already waiting for 21h on an email to get helped and thats simply extremely long, got a feeling that they are simply ignoring me whilst this is an extremely easy matter..
  13. TheBingoKingx

    lightning roulette rigged ?

    or airpressure.
  14. TheBingoKingx

    lightning roulette rigged ?

    i think its predetermined by some kind of RNG or so.
  15. TheBingoKingx

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    I still think its 2-2 since we won the last one due to @Roger_aka_Roger