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  1. Avernite

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    That might be an argument on the Bandit, but Rolla has made it abundantly clear that he's streaming outside of the country. Whether people then proceed to use a VPN despite that is on them, and besides that it would also pay to read the casinos T&C's as to whether UK players are allowed in the first place. Will some UK players decide to chance it? Sure. But chances are they'd do it anyway without seeing Rolla do it.
  2. Avernite

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    That's an assumption on your part. What's to say that Rolla isn't drawing in a gradually bigger international audience? He's a lot more well known than you give him credit for.
  3. Avernite

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    It literally says no UK players, and he doesn't play from the UK. Playing with a VPN is a risk much like circumventing GamStop by other means. If you choose to play anyway you've got bigger problems that you need to actually take responsibility for rather than passing the buck elsewhere. Also not everyone is from the UK. Why can't he tap into the global market? It's not like he doesn't have links to normal casinos for his UK players. If you choose to leave over this it's sad to see you go, but it's pretty weak mate.
  4. Avernite

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Totally agree with you. I very rarely ever do bonus buys (non-UK) and just avoid slots geared towards bonus buys like that new razor shark game etc. If I can't spin it in, I won't play it. Game play is much better without bonus buys anyway, as the base still has surprises sometimes.
  5. Avernite

    Max win

    The sad thing is this actually happens.
  6. Avernite

    Haters will hate......

    Firstly, congratulations on the once and a lifetime win. Secondly, if what I'm seeing from other posts is true, stop gambling until you have your debts under control. Especially the stuff under your mum's name. It's a slippery slope and most of us know it.
  7. Avernite

    A business proposal

    It's because you don't have an obnoxious hat. Get one and he'll come around son.
  8. Avernite

    Is gamstop now pointless?

    I guess it's just a case of he has to fund his content somehow. There's only so much you can do to protect us degenerates. Took me years to get the beast mostly under control through trial and error. I'll never play crypto because of the fees and uncertainty around it, but for you UK folk with excessive SOW etc I get why some have chosen to bite the bullet. As for the morals behind it, if the place they're promoting is legit I don't see the issue. If anything it gives those already playing a bit of help if they wind up having difficulties by being able to reach out to the streamer to help escalate their case. Gamstop still works as intended for the local market.
  9. Avernite

    Is gamstop now pointless?

    Welcome back Andy. Honestly if it wasn't crypto, it'd be the "non Gamstop" casinos. Nothing's really changed except streamers make a few bucks. If people want to gamble they will. I personally find crypto that one step too far for me to bother playing there, but then again I don't have the option of Gamstop to begin with.
  10. Avernite

    Crypto Streaming Update

    Enjoying the content Rolla. It doesn't matter where you gamble at the end of the day, your message and content ultimately remains the same. When I used to be out of control with my gambling something that helped was watching people like you and the bandit. I could actually feel the stress and emotion and more often than not it was enough to stop me from depositing, even if you won big. Keep up the good work.
  11. Avernite

    Trialling Crypto Site

    He obviously wants to do it in order to gamble the way he'd like to. If he didn't want to use a crypto casino he wouldn't have even made the thread. Rolla is a decent fella which is why he's reaching out to the community for their thoughts, but quite frankly some people are being a bit precious about the whole thing.
  12. Avernite

    Trialling Crypto Site

    If you're on GamStop, and decide to gamble, it's not regulated anyway. There's plenty of people who have posted here who play at unregulated casinos that haven't been endorsed. Rolla playing at a crypto casino doesn't change that. I think the point you're missing is that most people are already playing at these casinos. The ones who aren't won't suddenly be tempted to play there because Rolla does. It's a silly argument and only serves to shift the blame and doesn't actually solve anything. I'm not only interested in how things impact me, I'm not in the UK, and I'm not the one trying to pressure Rolla into not doing something he wants to do.
  13. Avernite

    Trialling Crypto Site

    GamStop never stopped people playing at dodgy Curacao casinos before crypto exploded in popularity. If people want to gamble they will. Assuming that people suddenly did sign up to Bandits casino link out of trust and they did their tits in they could still self exclude from that site correct? If they had issues with non-payment they could also reach out to him for help. People with severe gambling issues probably shouldn't be watching streams anyway, so again it's unfair to put the burden on streamers. They make a few bucks providing entertainment to people like me who won't buy bonuses and go full degenerate on table games. I sure as hell can't afford to do it, and won't resent someone making a deal so they can play the way they want to.
  14. Avernite

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I don't think you're being particularly fair here. People who gamble online know about crypto already, if they're going to go down that route they will have already. If you have a gambling problem you'll find a way as many of us learned the hard way.
  15. Avernite

    328 free spins 😂

    Don't think I've ever had anything close to that before. GET IN!