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  1. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    @VillaLad @1pstaker @Aarongeorge1989 @tmh91 @Blampy @therealwintersoldier @Mad Slasher McGurk @afclee1 @ScouseSi @philinvicta @Chrissy_M @groundiskey @Dave @stressfree WHOPPING 10 RACES THIS WEEK HOPEFULLY MAKE IT AN INTERESTING START TO FEBRUARY. GOOD LUCK ALL TAKING PART. SANDOWN13:20 - Virgin Bet Novices' Handicap Hurdle - 2m 4f 13:45 VirginBet Handicap Chase 1m 7 1/2f 14:20 Virgin Bet Scilly Isles Novices' Chase - Grade 1 2m 4f 14:55 Virgin Bet Heroes Handicap Hurdle 2m 7 1/2f 15:30 Virgin Bet Masters Handicap Chase 3m MUSSELBURGH 13:28 bet365 Auld Yin C/J Veterans Handicap Chase 3m 14:03 bet365 Edinburgh National 3m 7 1/2f 15:16 bet365 Scottish County Hurdle 1m 7 1/2f WETHERBY 14:40 William Hill Towton Novices' Chase 3m LEOPARDSTOWN 15:05 Paddy Power Irish Gold Cup - Grade 1 3m
  2. Jok3st3r


  3. Jok3st3r

    Book of charms

    @Blacko about bloody time....
  4. Jok3st3r

    Book Of Adventure Super Stake Edition

    On a run..... keeeeemon
  5. Jok3st3r

    Book of charms

    Excellent @crazyrightmeow so happy for you. Don't forget to treat yourself
  6. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @Dave and congrats to @stressfree Thanks as always @1pstaker
  7. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.20 Edwardstone 1.50 Your Darling 2.05 Martello Sky 2.25 Noble Yeats 2.40 Idalko Bihoue 3.00 Gelino Bello 3.25 Ga Law NB 3.35 Rock My Way NAP Good luck everyone
  8. Yes that's one way, another way is to put it in a youtube bio which in turn could make someone Google it and join the YouTube bios recommended forum! Did someone say moron?
  9. He's not going to advertise it if he doesn't recommend it is he smarty pants
  10. Jok3st3r

    I need to stop....

    I couldn't think of anything more boring than playing a slot on demo.
  11. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    @VillaLad @1pstaker @Aarongeorge1989 @tmh91 @Blampy @therealwintersoldier @Mad Slasher McGurk @afclee1 @ScouseSi @philinvicta @Chrissy_M @groundiskey @Dave @stressfree Is it still January!!!!!! Thie is the schedule for tomorrows ITV races, subject to change, so check back just in case! SATURDAY 28TH JANUARY 2023 - LIVE RACING - 1315 - 1600 CHELTENHAM 13:20 ALBERT BARTLETT CLARENCE HOUSE CHASE (Grade 1) (GBB Race) (Class 1) 2m1⁄2f 13:50 THE PADDY POWER CHELTENHAM COUNTDOWN PODCAST HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (PREMIER HANDICAP) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 2m 4 1/2f 14:25 THE PADDY POWER COTSWOLD STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 3m 1 1/2f 15:00 THE DAHLBURY STALLIONS AT CHAPEL STUD CLEEVE HURDLE RACE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 3m 15:35 THE BALLYMORE NOVICES' HURDLE RACE (CLASS 1) (Registered as the CLASSIC Novices' Hurdle Race) (Grade 2) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 2m 4 1/2f DONCASTER 14:05 THE SKY BET YORKSHIRE ROSE MARES' HURDLE RACE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 2m 1/2 f 14:40 THE ALBERT BARTLETT RIVER DON NOVICES' HURDLE RACE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 3m 1/2 f 15:15 THE SKY BET HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (PREMIER HANDICAP) (GBB RACE) (CL 1) 3m Good luck all taking part
  12. You said it in your intro post, I'm really not sorry to say!
  13. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Cant keep up with all the changes lol. Got to draw the line somewhere... what do you think @1pstaker your call.
  14. Jok3st3r

    BET 365 Free Bet

    They did with me too but all of a sudden I got them back so keep checking.
  15. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.37 Sweet Fantasy 2.12 High Velocity 2.47 Morgan Fairy NB 3.22 Lord Riddiford NAP Good luck all.