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  1. Jok3st3r

    Cobra Meeting

    As you know, they made the schools and childcare close and they were only allowed to offer care for key worker children and vulnerable children. I doubt even half the vulnerable children attended anyway, but I'm sure you would know more about that than me. Crack open that bottle Cheryl
  2. Jok3st3r

    Cobra Meeting

    Can't see it being as extreme as before, although it did work. Don't reckon they'll touch education or childcare. Although its the likely cause of this 2nd spike along with the eating out scheme and the fact that people just can't follow the rules.
  3. Jok3st3r

    People's go to slots?

    They did change it right. I million percent played two different versions a few years ago. Hackz convinced there was only one and it was never changed, couldn't be changed, never, never, never and no changing his mind.
  4. Jok3st3r

    People's go to slots?

    Original Rhino for me, because I won a chunk once, back in 1986 I think it was. (Obviously is wasnt that long ago but I certainly feels like it) Never really paid since and I probably put 6 figures through in over the years. I cant seem to give it up though.
  5. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @Peter clark Congrats @therealwintersoldier Thanks @1pstaker
  6. Jok3st3r

    razor shark (not my win)

    Who would have I clicked and who would have let it count up?
  7. Jok3st3r

    Currently Listening to...

    @Cheryl T all done x
  8. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.20 - Dorking Boy 1.35 - Thomas Todd 1.55 - Flaminger 2.10 - Born in Borris 2.25 - Snow Falcon ew 2.45 - Copperhead 3.05 - Dear Sire 3.20 - Aye Right 3.40 - Mister Malarky (nap) Good luck everyone especially top of the table contenders...... I don't have favourites but @Kinkerbells do it for the girls.
  9. Jok3st3r

    TGCs World Famous Pumpkin Comp 🎃

    @Rocknrolla is yours a legit one? Its is really good. If it is, any way you could add TGC somewhere?
  10. Jok3st3r

    TGCs World Famous Pumpkin Comp 🎃

    Can I disqualify the boss? Pretty much only one rule to follow and you didn't. unless I'm going blind of course.
  11. Jok3st3r

    TGCs World Famous Pumpkin Comp 🎃

    Same here 🥺
  12. Weren't you around then Kev?