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  1. And the final results are.... Drum roll please No surprise really... 1st place goes to @Mad Slasher McGurk well done lovely, I hope you backed those winners, I believe you win 60 spondoolies and gold and silver, basically the world 2nd place, unlucky @Blacko great effort, still taking home £40 3rd place goes to the drongo down under @Adam Mok and £25 although I'm pretty sure it'll cost more to send that to you!!! A few mentions for the zero pointers.... @Aarongeorge1989 @Kings lynn @Andymitzy @chair slots (ffs) Hopefully everything is in order....here is the final table. Special thank you to @Solario333 for arranging. Please could you make sure i got the prizes correct. Thanks for playing everyone. Until next time, my job is done.
  2. Day three results thanks to blacko for not picking @Adam Mok horses today meant he top the day three results I was 2nd And keeping it very consistent @Mad Slasher McGurk was third. (He really didn't want to give up the gold lol) As usual, double check and I'll be back with the final results shortly.
  3. Ok all being well with the above, the leader board is looking like this.... @Mad Slasher McGurk taking the top stop with 325 points. The fluker @Blacko sitting in 2nd place with 285 And @Chrissy_M stitting pretty inbetween blacko and @david1111 A couple of nice priced winners could seal the win tomorrow.
  4. Picking three winners and topping day 2 is @Mad Slasher McGurk 2nd with 2 winner is @Chrissy_M And 3rd place on day 2 is @david1111 also with 3 winners. All being well I'll post the leader board in a few....
  5. Copper Knight Cruyff Turn Caernarfon Economics Kylian Proud to be Fox Palace Green Good luck all
  6. Well done @Blacko 2 winners with a lovely 22/1 shot cementing your first place for day 1 with 285 points @Mad Slasher McGurk 2nd place with a very decent 14/1 winner netting him 150 points And keeping the good run going blacko picks the next best winner so @Adam Mok is currently in 3rd. Looking at some of those big priced winners today let's hope for more tomorrow. As always, please double check my Carol skills....
  7. I'm sure no one would have a problem with anyone else joining if they so wished. As long as picks are in at least an hour before the first race. Just @Aarongeorge1989, @Adam Mok and @theonewhodoesntcomeup
  8. Chillingham Summerghand Art Power Mayfair Ziggy's Condor Against the Wind Asgard Captain Good luck everyone
  9. 1) Will there be a maximum break in the tournament? Yes 4 2) Will Luca Brecel win his quarter? (Make the semis) Yes 2 3) Will any match be won with a session to spare? Yes 5 4) Will there be at least 1 century break in every match? Yes 6 5) Will Ronnie O'Sullivan win the tournament? No 8 6) Will 4 or more qualifiers make it to round 2? Yes 3 7) Will there be 90 or more century breaks in the tournament? Yes 1 8 ) Will the runner-up win 13 frames or more? Yes 7 BONUS QUESTION: What will be the combined age of all 8 quarter-finalists? 300 Thanks @chair slots, @MrUKHackz why doesn't chair appear in the list when i @ ? Good luck everyone
  10. Well done Adam, great timing, I love that. Hope you're ok.
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