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  1. Jok3st3r

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Leeds 11-15 Wigan 11-15 St Helens 21-25 Wakefield 6-10 Hull FC 1-5 Hull shitpants 6-10 Good luck all
  2. Jok3st3r

    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021)

  3. Jok3st3r

    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021)

    See this morning she won bronze. I will watch it later for sure. 12 year old winning silver too.
  4. Jok3st3r

    Money cart 2 9920x

  5. Jok3st3r

    Money cart 2 9920x

    Isn't this a 992x win, 30p bet. Still a geat hit though
  6. Jok3st3r

    Tinkering on Mystery Museum

    Tinkering whilst watching the athletics 1000x Base Game Hit
  7. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done on top spot this week @1pstaker and thanks as always Congrats @therealwintersoldier (we need a button for you I feel lol) Very unlucky @Kinkerbells
  8. Jok3st3r

    Tinkering On Fruit Party 2

    That's bloody mental lol.
  9. Jok3st3r

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    He does it on purpose to make sure we're all paying attention
  10. Jok3st3r

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    GREAT SPEECH!!! Congrats @4houghts, on the board every day too. Hope you managed some nice real money winners And @Chrissy_M well done and you too scoring every day. Commiserations @philinvicta @Cleandries and @Fredthedog1 still amazing scores and would be winning any other time...... Thanks @1pstaker top scorer UNTIL NEXT TIME.
  11. Jok3st3r

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    Could I change my NR in the 4.45 to Zwayyan please @1pstaker I used my free fiver bet on the winner in the first. All downhill since then though
  12. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Bloody hell, I forgot again. NAP Summerghand and NB Makawee Thank you
  13. Jok3st3r

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.20 - Oo De Lally 1.55 - Zim Baby EW 2.10 - Symphony Perfect 2.30 - Rhythmic Intent 2.45 - Yesyes 3.05 - Makawee 3.40 - Summerghand Best of luck everyone
  14. Jok3st3r

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    Good luck to @philinvicta and @Chrissy_M a first for whoever wins and who knows, maybe a double. Good luck top of the table leaders @4houghts @Cleandries @Fredthedog1 and everyone else of course, lots of us only one big price behind you.