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  1. Jok3st3r

    Birthday deposit bonuses

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow @ColourMeUpHave you looked at the TGC recommended ones.....
  2. Still got a couple of days yet and it looks like 2 matches are off, maybe more to follow! Of course I'll do a shout out to anyone obvious that is missing. How are you doing today?
  3. Not yet Kev, Phil seemed particularly adamant he didnt want to enter so I removed him and 1p hasn't even commented in this thread yet so he may not want to join in so slow your roll there detective
  4. So far....4houghts, Kinks, Kev, Denman, Solario, Blacko Blacko may contest his but he's in with the random picks at the moment.
  5. Jok3st3r

    Happy Birthday Brownman24

    Happy Birthday @Brownman24
  6. Jok3st3r

    Jammin Jars

    You baiting me mrhackz? Cause I'll show
  7. Jok3st3r

    Jammin Jars

    Keeeeeeemon Crazycat, he's on a run. Keep it going.... Agreed.....Mine too..... Not wanting to boast or anything because some cost alot but all profitable in the end. I've had 5 over 1000x in just over a week One at 60p stake, 2 at £1 stake and two at £2 stake. I aiming for a 5 figure X win now then I'll share.
  8. Jok3st3r

    Today’s selections

    1 million percent do this and do it now while you feel so bad.
  9. Jok3st3r

    Comeback session

    He's back....... Nice one though crazycat, its great to see.
  10. Jok3st3r

    Today’s selections

    I'm gonna say low limits are the way to go
  11. Jok3st3r

    Today’s selections

    @Miller26 sounds like your 'friend' is taking advantage of you. He should be screenshotting and sending the betslips as he puts them on and then the winning or losing slip after. Its inevitable he will miss some though when you go into MillerMode! but make him send you the betting history too. He should be more than happy to do this and throwing out there the whole "don't you trust me" screams guilty AF to me.
  12. Jok3st3r


    Finally @crazyrightmeow cat got the cream.
  13. Jok3st3r

    Couple Low Stake Hits

    Good idea @david1111 has emptied Bonanza anyway lol
  14. Jok3st3r

    Couple Low Stake Hits

    Very nice @Player1173 No BGT I see
  15. Jok3st3r

    Sir Gnomes Reactions

    Don't be silly Miller, why would anyone have it out for you? @MrUKHackz will clear it up. I see the gnome has been banned now.