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    Can't stop, but heres one to break up the madness...... @Bangers
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    Tech help please?

    Make sense.....Knew you'd know
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    Tech help please?

    @MrUKHackz you will know the answer to this I'm sure..... Im well out of the loop with this stuff nowadays but can't you change the file extension say from .mkv to .avi, I realise how ridiculous this sounds but I'm sure back in the day i use to do this with mpeg4 to .avi (could have been another file extension though, was years ago) and it worked in my DVD player. (Which played other formats but one of the above it wouldn't play but did play when the file extension was change) bit vague!!! Probably talking 2002ish @Blacko definitely worth getting one of those media players
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    Today’s selections

    Quiet in here today ....
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    14.30 Mythical Magic 10pts ew 15.05 well of wisdom 10pts 15.40 blue point 20pts 16.20 king of comedy 20pts 17.00 Time to study 10pts ew 17.35 Zorion 5pts ew Good luck everyone Apart from @Roger_aka_Roger Just kidding extra good luck to you.
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    U.S Open 2019

    Top tipping @Shades111 and top tipping and winner predicting @Crunchienut Shame I couldn't cover them all, money back for me, which I am happy with. Gives me another shot this week perhaps. Be seeing you over the other thread!
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    @Crunchienut fault but I will take a small about of blame, sorry!
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    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    How the hell am I third??? I'll start taking it seriously now
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    Welcome Back Sgt Major Bangers

    @Denman it does come across that you don't ever need to apologise for anything, I find it most strange.
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    Currently Watching

    Bad choices? Things didn't end well then? Oh well, you get to do it again. Was it good nonetheless?
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    Welcome Back Sgt Major Bangers

    Do accepted apologies mean nothing around here?
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    1 v 12, 2 v 15, 3 v 36, 4 v 10, 5 v 14, 6 v 30, 7 v 26, 8 v 25, 9 v 33, 11 v 22, 13 v 32, 16 v 20, 17 v 31, 18 v 21, 19 v 23, 24 v 35, 34 v 27, 28 v 29
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    interesting concept! So you could watch it more than once with different story? Like bogof
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    You may have to explain that a bit more!