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  1. So I lost about £200 for the day and literally was bored signed into casumo just to see if any valuables to my account I decided just to see if primal was still being stupid as I've had no bonus in over 1500 spins (meh) so I clicked practice mode..... £5 max bet............. FIRST SPIN - 4 BONUS TRIGGER................................ £18,900 wtf? 3,780 X STAKE I can't hit more than 100x on this garbage right now and it does this to me????????????? TILT MODE ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE TO SELF NEVER PLAY DEMO AGAIN
  2. ryans_slots

    my friends bonanza fail........

    @MrUKHackz ok so full story confirmed now, he took a screenshot when the bonus come up and the 3 x +5's the kings DID cascade but he took the screenshot when the bonus and extra spins came up. the overall bonus paid 190x something. Delete thread if you wish.
  3. ryans_slots

    my friends bonanza fail........

    I honestly don't know I just got sent it and I told him to upload to sites & he couldn't be bothered so I did
  4. ryans_slots

    my friends bonanza fail........

    this come up on casinogrounds and this is his screen I was sent imo I believe he screenshotted it before the bonus had started.
  5. I'd be pissed to fk my monitor would def go out the window ;/
  6. ryans_slots

    final countdown

    I pasted the link idk why it pasted as a link and not auto ^_^
  7. ryans_slots

    final countdown

    FINALLY 256X!!!!!
  8. ryans_slots

    lightning roulette rigged ?

    in each number section possibly a tiny hole that lets air out? or either the sides as the ball it auto roulette its some sort of air pressured spins. who knows, I don't understand why these tables or any tables/livecasino need to rig, its in their favour surely and the stakes and money through these tables you just wouldn't need to rig it.
  9. ryans_slots


    anyone know what this is about?
  10. ryans_slots

    Videoslots Reduced RTP

    It's not actually videoslots fault its the UKGC gaming tax 15-21% or something like that so business have to find a way to compensate this. I play on videoslots as my main casino and I don't play the providers listed much anyway so won't affect me much x but others who do play these providers on videoslots I suggest like hackz said play else where. or don't play them providers.
  11. ryans_slots

    videoslots wheel

    only slots contribute towards xp level no livecasino/ tables
  12. ryans_slots

    videoslots wheel

    WHG don't reward their players what so ever, it should be a wheel of ban or not to ban for bonus abuse the amount of complaints I see regarding WHG / Casinos offering shit loads of bonuses then voiding all winnings because a player won. don't get me wrong these casinos are good I'd only EVER play Cash funds. and even then waiting 48 hours reversal time I have lost thousands on these sites and it's why I continue to no longer play there. I've never had a issue with WHG my self or even a cashout either due to me reversing (my problem but) just what I read from review sites. I'll never take a bonus here or any of the WHG sites. I'm sure there are players who don't get banned with bonus money but its just too common. It's a shame because I support affiliates and streamers and I would of signed up via @Rocknrolla to support you and your streaming channel but not to these WHG sites.
  13. ryans_slots

    videoslots wheel

    about time videoslots got something like this, tbh I was little sketchy just another wheel of doom , but I levelled up to level 21 and was awarded this wheel spin. It had pretty much loads of jackpots on but 2/3 spaces of cash £200 being the minimum £400 and few other prize, but from a free level up reward won £400. cashed out £350 this is what rewards are all about
  14. ryans_slots

    1572x Genie Jackpot Megaways

    not bad for $0.20