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  1. ryans_slots


    most likely the player didnt have record and the provider recorded for them the replay.
  2. Glad to see a UK winner hit something like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ryans_slots

    Skrill delayed payments

    still not gone in
  4. ryans_slots

    Skrill delayed payments

    ye same but £50 lol
  5. ryans_slots


  6. ryans_slots

    Richie and Laterz Tinkering on some Thor game

    rigged for streamers!
  7. ryans_slots

    Tinkering On Fruit Party 2

    I was king of fruit party 1... I'll be king again on fruit party 2, I'm calling it 5,000x max win for me inside 1month xD
  8. ryans_slots

    Rizk Casino

    fuck rizk, put me on £150 per month net loss limit, moved on to a different casino...
  9. ryans_slots

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by Stake.com

    Stake have ''3'' types of verfication the 3rd being proof of funds so I assume similar to SOW obviously it won't be a ballache like the UKGC gets the casinos to do but there are options for verification on these sites, you're encouraged to verify to get better bonuses and rewards etc.
  10. ryans_slots

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by Stake.com

    They clearly do care about laws and rules and regulations otherwise they wouldn't of applied for a UKGC licence the most over regulated market out there, well very strict like Germany and Sweden.
  11. ryans_slots

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by Stake.com

    Nope, but you can 'exclude as they say its the same as cool off' which is 1 day, 1 week, 1 month , 6 weeks, 6 months, perm and they do work I tried to deposit in my cool off as I forgot the length I set and it wouldn't let me.
  12. ryans_slots

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by Stake.com

    I've prob had about 30 x 1,000x hits + alone some bonus buys, some base hits etc. The UK slots feel strange in terms of spin speed, no autos, it's physically getting annoying lol I did a jammin jars 2 grind with no autospin and it was the most painful thing I ever did as it took almost 7 hours to do.......(UK CASINO). I'm not suggesting people play at Stake as I don't recommend it to players purely the fact it's promoted by scumbag streamers, however in my own experience I'm about $11,000 in profit should the crypto I hold in it go up it'll be more. I'm just sharing my experience for that site is which is good I don't play here everyday I treat it like my UK casinos e.g I deposit £250 - I lose so I take a 4-6 week cool off break. I've also drastically set around 20 casinos for self exclusion from periods of 2 - 5 years as I'm again going back to full time education come September & having to commute I'll hardly have anytime to gamble anywhere. It really isn't a bad place to play it just has bad practices in terms of giving streamers x y or z infinity $ to play to promote which is scummy, then again there are still UK casinos who do it... I know for a 100% fact. The reasons I play here is because of the UK casinos giving me a ballache with SOW it's getting worse and time consuming I don't have 23 days to chase this or prove this or await a teams verification for this - I'd rather in my free time just deposit $200 buy a few bonuses have my session and leave no dramas! I have 8 years of education ahead of me I really can't afford to waste time when I just would like a little gambling session to wind off the studies for a while - easy, stress free life! considering my lengthy educational route I may even stop gambling full stop! I'm aware of the risks, if it bites me its on me!
  13. ryans_slots

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by Stake.com

    I've actually posted sick hits of my wins from stake... I've cashed out... all been paid instant in crypto
  14. ryans_slots

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by Stake.com

    for everyone... stake casino is coming to the UK market.. it will be stake.co.uk - just like a regular UK casino no bonus buys, no quickspins.. all KYC, SOW... etc. I pointed this out a while ago to @MrUKHackz about it coming to UK.
  15. ryans_slots

    Actually something decent....?