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    Anyone crazy like me and buy xmas stuff early? I normally tend to buy around black friday as u can get some cheap good deals on certain products/places. Anyone put tree/outdoor decorations up? I've gone past like 4 houses this week with outdoor lights already.
  2. ryans_slots


    So I'm curious as to if anyone has any tips from stopping sugary drinks, I honestly drink 3-5 cans of full fat coca cola a day, it's becoming expensive, horrible to my dental health & normal health. I drink lots of water which is a good side but it doesn't compensate the amount of sugar I consume. Yes I know just to switch to '' sugar free '' but how do you fully cut out the sugary drinks any tips?
  3. With actually the amount of casinos left the UK market since like 2017 due to enhanced regs and bs SOW stuff does this mean more will go? Is this good or bad? 1% is quite steep for the bigger casinos, perhaps all? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67132720
  4. Posted this before but watch this 1 too.
  5. Anyone seen below @Rocknrolla I tag you because he pretty much says all the uk who promotes crypto sites are '' fake '' and evil etc, but you're just 1 of the most genuine person and we know you'll always play with real funds.
  6. So this is now out and boy it's volatile and brutal gambles even on lower stakes! Are you going for top of all gambles? @Rocknrolla 350x for 27 spins & 1x then you can gamble etc.
  7. https://news.sky.com/video/are-crypto-casinos-breaking-the-law-12964535
  8. Unlicensed casinos are not a new thing, they are just more popular now than before. The UK won't block '' Crypto '' either. Neither do exchanges have a choice where / who you send funds to because EVERYTHING they regulate is always a bypass. Exchange > Exodus wallet > Crypto site
  9. https://twitter.com/whale_alert/status/1700920065934213256
  10. Are you referring to gammomat
  11. Their hot wallets for ETH/ERC20 tokens not their cold storage wallets.
  12. Be Argos next, or Argos online only.
  13. Maybe choice of words may have helped; '' Instead of buying this, buy a lower supermarket brand item instead of branded stuff '' '' Work out income vs outgoings '' etc.. I uploaded big wins AFTER I first said it... yes and used that money to pay off debt. I only said it today yes about on other forums cause it's funny how this forum turned over the years from a great community to a toxic forum (my opinion). I turned down what life time opportunity? just because I turned down work? or don't wanna do that role or hours as I'm returning to education which starts next week. Yes a lot of people struggled through pandemic but I was self employed I had ZERO.
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