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  1. ryans_slots


    is every game just going to turn into megaways? @Rocknrolla 1 for you haha p.s just another bonanza copy from what I can see.
  2. ryans_slots

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    So what they mean by this is there is 54 segments, and 9 bonus rounds so 54 divide 9 = 6, so 'average is 1 in 6 bonus rounds is that they are saying not every 6 spins will def be bonus round otherwise it would be rigged lol & the wheel wouldn't be fair. same with monopoly they quote 4 rolls every 4 hours, use tracksino for live tables games tracking its actually quite interesting. https://tracksino.com/crazytime
  3. ryans_slots

    Videoslots UK BONUS BUYS?

  4. ryans_slots

    RTP Demo vs Real scummy?

    So I come across 'MrPlay casino and I knew their RTP was bad................. they offer a very cool '91% for book of dead and most play n goes however when you click 'demo mode the RTP changes to 94%? I actually find that very very sketchy as I haven't seen that anywhere else and its only luring people in if they was to play on demo as they may have never played that specific game, yet when they want to play for real money its shady as fuck. I'm pretty sure my bingo hall has slots of 92% RTP e.g montys millions on £2+ @Chair Slots
  5. ryans_slots

    Videoslots UK BONUS BUYS?

    Yeah they removed it
  6. ryans_slots

    Videoslots UK BONUS BUYS?

    are lol
  7. ryans_slots

    Videoslots UK BONUS BUYS?

    interesting I bought this as a test today and........... erm?
  8. ryans_slots

    How To Make KFC Fake Away With Hackz Ramsay 🍗🐔

    When you opening the chicken shop mate
  9. ryans_slots


    so card value £0.20p game round £22.60 total win £5,000+ 100X MULTIPLIER GET IN not sure what category for x wise stake you class it as?
  10. ryans_slots

    Megaball? - Help.

  11. ryans_slots

    Megaball? - Help.

    Also posted on other sites so you may see twice/else where. So with out being a wizz on Maths so I Played megaball for the first time the other day and I was checking the RTP and it stated that: The optimal theoretical RTP % is 95.40% based on 1 card. So would playing 200 cards increase the RTP slightly? Or would it still be 95.40% per 1card still? Now check below. Check the RTP below also states: The RTP 'Range' is 95.05% - 95.40% if 1 card is as they say 95.40% how do you get a lower RTP? I'm not being an absolute douche by asking this just generally if anyone knows? I also know that RTP is over billions of spins/game rounds. Lastly I want to know why evolution decided to put a cap of 999,999:1 odds (1million X bet) for this game if the max payout is £500,000.. even if I was placing a £1 bet and got extreme rigged luckily got 6 lines with 100x multiplier it would be £1million but I'd lose £500,000 with max game cap? Obviously I don't think we will ever see 6 lines with 100x multiplier however it was just a highlight. I think they should of had 2 of the 50x multipliers rather than the 100x? I actually quite like the game I've had some ok wins from 20p cards I'm not slating the game or crying about the RTP was just generally a question.
  12. ryans_slots

    Reported for social distancing

  13. ryans_slots

    Getting Paid by a Casino?

    As you say you never done it for the money well now is your time to do it for the money end of the day you have a family also degen gamblers ain't cheap... If I hadn't already had accounts at the casinos you promote I'd be happy to sign up through you/support the channel/website. Go for it! Your a huge channel all the other big channels have decent affiliation so why can't you? - now is your time.
  14. ryans_slots

    Monopoloy live...

    again not my video ^^
  15. ryans_slots

    Monopoloy live...

    not my video ^^