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  1. ryans_slots

    Rick and morty mw

    Cheers Chair mate won £400 on grand national too!
  2. ryans_slots

    Rick and morty mw

  3. ryans_slots

    Rick and morty mw

    £950+ I think
  4. ryans_slots

    Rick and morty mw

    Not bad still a shiteeeeee game @lucy_tgc
  5. ryans_slots


    i did too, 1000x
  6. ryans_slots

    Lightning Roulette - 'rigged' video proof..

    Ask yourself this tho; If you played it and got your number to 500x won a cool $80,000 approx would it be rigged then? Would you post this? perhaps not.
  7. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

  8. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

  9. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

    I lost £300 back (can afford to) I taken some advice and cooled off the whole genesis brand - 90 days.
  10. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

    nah it's not that people can reply to my posts/ threads what ever they like I get wound up easily lately, covid beat me psychologically I'm bored at home yes I'm aware of bored gambling could lead to issues however most of my accounts are either on cool off, self exclude or low limits the run I've had this year the funds are still saved which is in my mothers bank account purely because I want to use that money after lockdowns fully end and enjoy it it's not that I don't trust myself to do my balls in it's just being sensible whilst at home etc. I've managed to be lucky enough to pay some extra bills thanks to gambling winnings (not that I expected to win) which is a positive otherwise would of defaulted on my credit file. my crypto portfolios are looking good I'm pretty much fine as it is. I appreciate people potentially '' worried how much I play or the amount of big wins I show here '' it just seems to me every post I reply / write seems to lead to an arguement or something I'm anxious enough let alone sitting replying to forum posts explaining this or that etc. If I have a problem I'll gamstop, however as mentioned things will be looking up for me soon.. let's hope.... as nightclubs will be open hopefully this year at some point and it's going to be absolutely mental in terms of volume of customers and trouble as everyone will be over excited. thanks to my casino winnings I've paid my credit cards off, loans, paid my mother some I owed her, invested in crypto more, paid for motorbike test, have savings (I've never had before) I'm not stupid enough to piss it all away for a few spins on the slots. finances = improved mindset = needs improving (I've bought boxing bag for my home gym hopefully can do some workouts just when it gets little warmer). gambling sessions = could be improved although I've timed out a lot of my casinos, 1-2 month break wouldn't hurt on ALL casinos however I'll do that when I take a little loss not on this run. September I'll be communting from Oxford to Leicester daily 07;00 am - 19;00 4 days a week which I'll need transport, money to survive and working Friday & Saturday nights to bring little income in, I'll have less time to gamble. lastly the state of the UKGC with their silly over regulated market who knows the future.
  11. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

    Im just gonna stop uploading to forums
  12. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

    I do have regular breaks.
  13. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

  14. ryans_slots

    Funny Fudgers

    I wasn't pre-covid Im just bored at home 1 year no work etc & 2021 is just an insane run still having said that hopefully I'll be too busy soon anyway in terms of I've applied full time college for September in Leicester which like 60 miles away, I've booked my bike test and gonna do my car also and I spend more time in crypto trades than I do slots anyway. what I deposit is just % partial profits from that.