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  1. ryans_slots

    I need to stop....

    you'd of thought after last months folsom prison DEMO hit (75,000x) that I would stop playing demo? well I like to test out games now and again it happened again..... Retro tapes 10,000x max win - FFS lol
  2. ryans_slots

    Walk Of Shame Review

    s h i t e
  3. ryans_slots

    Do gambling companies really care?

    I think the title should be renamed to do game providers care, because the amount of super mega high variance games out there now it's sometimes soul destroying on ur balances lol
  4. ryans_slots

    Do gambling companies really care?

    It's just bs responsible gambling tactics by the casinos to sort of protect themselves from any future fines perhaps. Like UKGC could fine for irresponsible gambling but if they've sent users questionaires they can just use it as evidence and be like '' No we've asked players to fill in forms on their gambling behaviors and we monitor their responses and take action etc ''. Lastly some companies will care, some won't give 2 fucks and end of the day ur and my losses = thier earnings, it's a business I guess.
  5. ryans_slots

    Betfred Scam!

    Gambling on gamstop is incredibly dumb, because if you win you won't get paid, and if you lose and cry after, it's highly unlikely you'll get a refund. Moving address won't stop the gamstop block you have in place. If they've said you ain't getting refunds, either try charge back with ur bank explain to all them or settle it as a loss.
  6. ryans_slots


    11,000x + on mental https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/nunedesiyoba?device=desktop&language=en
  7. ryans_slots

    Razor shark

    First hit of the new year..
  8. ryans_slots


    6 Scatter DHV - proper rare never actually seen it! Bonus paid just under 300x.
  9. Again please don't like this thread as it isn't my win, I am just highlighting from another channel as it deserves publicity for the ultra insane hit. Anyone else seen this?
  10. ryans_slots

    For the love of god.....

    I think it's just an illusion of demo games to pay more or seem to win more, it's the same but the difference is on demo but you have unlimited funds so you'll continue to keep hitting the wins, where as real money is just limited to ur budget. I know before some sites as my previous threads years ago on shitty sites like MrPlay would offer 94% RTP on demo and 91% on real play for the PlayNgo slots which is ultimate scummy behavior from the casino. Also it can also be in reverse because you could hit a max win on real money slot, but suck on playing demo versions.
  11. ryans_slots

    For the love of god.....

    So I've been battered on slots since September around -$6,000 I make a deposit today but taking forever to confirm etc, so I just play on demo for little mess about! Well again after the losses I couldn't make it up of a max win - 75,000x wtf like this is painful NOTE TO SELF DONT PLAY ON DEMO AGAIN
  12. ryans_slots


    Another 1000x + on this game, believe I've hit 12 / 1,000x hits on this!
  13. ryans_slots


    Either way you look at it; If people bonus buy and for example hit 50,000x max win on a game they'd be like omg yes bonus buys are the best whereas if they buy a bonus for 500x and hit 42x in return they'll just be like bonus buys are a scam. For me I like to do both mainly base game hits as bonus buys can mount up in $ and losses overtime (regular breaks inbetween losses) but I find sometimes bonus buys are just better (my opinion). If you play on a UK site there is no way in hell you are gonna get max win for example tombstone RIP, San Q, Money train 3 etc unless you are insanely lucky. Guys remember RTP is played over billions/trillions of spins, unless you're playing at low scummy shit like 86-88%, 94-96% is ok. If you don't like volatility, play less volatile games go back to basics/old school days. Lastly I do notice that providers who provide high variance games are slightly getting a little too greedy in terms of volatility.
  14. Well I come to Richie stream and he's snoring his head off, would be rude to not record little clip! Damn his Mrs must need earplugs! @RichieFC @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz