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  1. ryans_slots

    Good bye UKGC lol

    what is their sister site / eu
  2. ryans_slots

    Tombstone - utter fail Ffs?

    I get you just triple wild is rare then you hit it on 1x wilds hey I'm not that tilted im + £400 for the day so far & stopping shortly It was more tilted at the graphics lol the potential it could of paid 350x still decent. I'd just say It was unlucky to get triple wilds on 1x 1x 1x when I already had a progressive multiplier building
  3. ryans_slots

    Tombstone - utter fail Ffs?

    So tilted at that but hey it's slots for you I mean look I had 7x then triple wilds but all was single wilds imagine having multipliers and actually connecting the shotgun on the end :L
  4. ryans_slots

    final count?

    256x inc not bad had this total 3 times now
  5. ryans_slots

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    Yawn Boring now OLD stakes VS new = NEW stakes is around April 2018 ur boring now regardless come to my area for full audit of bank accounts if need be ^_^
  6. ryans_slots

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    end of the day I know what I'm up and down... is all that matters. I get no special deposit bonus as Videoslots is main casino and they don't even give them out to streamers let alone myself. the £15k profit is from 5 years TOTAL including all live casino, old bet size In 2017 I had minimum 200 + gold pots on rainbow riches megaspins £300 per win I cashed out loads. I still have every signle cashout email to my skrill. before UKGC taxed deposit bonuses I did play them but rarely converted them to cash as it was sticky bonus and hard to win my old bet size was £1 - £5 below is an example of some cashouts and old bet sizes compared to new. New = 40-60p basically was from 2018 as I had won 5k on roulette and lost it and moving forward was the turning point to play sensible or not atall which is why I'm still in profit so stop giving me advice when you don't know my gaming sessions, limits, budget, wins and losses as really it has nothing to do with you however look below. in almost 4 years of gameplay at videoslots I'm £793 down.... still down I know nothing to be proud of however it isn't the worst case scenario. 2018 year = mins £2200 but it was from previous years profits. End of the day I don't need to justify to you or a forum what I'm up or down in reality nobody really cares? but your the 1 pointed out statistics so I have a few evidence to back up whether you believe or not I couldn't care less.
  7. ryans_slots


  8. ryans_slots

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    If I could login to the casinos that have left the UK market to show you, not that I need to prove it. However I can show you a few videos on my youtube if you must see... I've tilted in the past yes, but now I'm up from these sort of stakes, I haven't even uploaded 90% of content as I just am so lazy I'll only upload what I want at the time. + I hit £5,020 win from a 20p card on megaball this year (purchased 113 cards for £21.60 however the stake of the card is 20p and is 25,000x+) which I've included in my total profits I couldn't give a shit what u believe lol, by the sounds of it your 1 of those person who believes the earth is flat. what ever works for me so why do you need to tell me or advise me, you don't. Bonus money I'd play slightly higher for obvious reasons but cash funds avg is 40-60p. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFXreC2QiAuwXowGhJOvc6Q/videos
  9. ryans_slots

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    What I mean is my Average deposit for many years is £30, I have REGULAR cool off periods per casino, strict deposit limits, I record data on spreadsheets of deposits and withdrawals. I do consider myself luck on slots I'm aware of slots isn't a skill its RNG playing slots smartly is no such thing I meant in terms of responsible gambling knowing limits, when to stop, loss limits + other tools. And I think there is a dumb way of playing slots for e.g you deposit £500 and played 5 x £100 spins (silly not many people would do that but it's an example) Playing 40-60p for me would sometimes rip in seconds or last a few hours entertainment and even if I lost the money and most deposits I've had fun I've still played smartly according to my budget. some people here just want to catch you out for everything -.- lol - we're all entitled to our voices and opinions on an open forum I just like the way I play even if you or others don't like the word smartly. but I respect your opinion.
  10. ryans_slots

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    Scratchcards are my biggest problem I piss away my casino profits with them I have played them for atleast 12 years & I'm still a sucker today, I used to buy them daily I'd say I'm about £40,000 down lifetime. Slots on the otherhand I'd say im up £15,000 since 2015 because I played smart as I have limits online just when it comes to the scratchcards I'm in the shop and always buy minimum 2 x £5 cards. I know math and odds of winning a jackpot is ULTRA SLIM I still don't know why I buy them I honestly think scratchcards and lottery leads to issues if your gambling from 16 which it is gambling yet the UKGC are so hot on online underage gambling. It for sure needs to be 18+ to purcahse/sell lottery products.
  11. ryans_slots

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    nah 2 different guys same username
  12. ryans_slots

    Couple of Bonanza beauties

    Nice 1 this game hates me