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  1. ryans_slots

    What pisses you off when gambling

    grinding games for 4-5 hours+ to win a whole '' 4x betsize '' Speaking of grinding.. currently in jammin jars 2, I'm up but I've spent 5 hours and only at level 4..................
  2. ryans_slots

    Rigged? Spot the difference.*Resolved*

    (RESOLVED) refunded my £25, clearly an error on their end, they removed the game on the site temp. @MrUKHackz close/mark as resolved.
  3. ryans_slots

    Rigged? Spot the difference.*Resolved*

    no, the same and if it was 'slightly different' how does 40% in price justify small margin of RTP? it don't. however someone on cg replied;
  4. ryans_slots

    Weight loss challenge

    '' GP informs me I have type 2 diabetes. So again more medication and more tests been done, and more booked in to be done. So yeah I kind of took a step back from the gambling world and tried to focus on sorting my lifestyle out''. Ignore the title of ''weight loss'' however it's a thread starter that soon hopefully some of us will be sharing tips on lifestyle changes, diet and other stuff.
  5. ryans_slots

    Weight loss challenge

  6. ryans_slots

    A serious warning

  7. ryans_slots

    Rigged? Spot the difference.*Resolved*

    Same rainbow area = different stake! 40% in £!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ryans_slots

    Rigged? Spot the difference.*Resolved*

    pots always, occasionally free spins and the coins lol 700 + gold pots since end 2016!
  9. ryans_slots

    Rigged? Spot the difference.*Resolved*

    nah it's not £0.60 coin value both < >
  10. ryans_slots


    seen this? channel 4 last night https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/238470680950281
  11. ryans_slots

    Fastest payout?

    4 years at videoslots and 99.95% processed 2-5 min Unibet, betfair, skyvegas (any that has instant withdrawal card feature will be 'instant).. I think barclays and nationwide only unless more have been this feature now, I wouldn't know. End of the day I don't really care how long it takes to get paid aslong as I do get paid.. and not wait 5 days for ''withdrawal time period'' and then having 3 weeks to send documents in... then another week stalling...... Remember the faster you get the money the faster you will want to deposit again and the casinos know this so it's why they are starting to do more withdrawals quicker and not bullshit stalling. I used to get impatient with casinos but now I just don't really mind how long they take (within reason - instant - 72 hours max)
  12. ryans_slots


    lol video got posted few hours ago, normally '' troll shit like this wouldn't be considered real however their following.......... almost 11 million likesl... I wonder if Elon gonna Stfu now for a while atleast? @crazyrightmeow https://www.facebook.com/anonews.co/videos/325974332368924
  13. ryans_slots

    Weight loss challenge

    No cheating me... Summer body 2022;
  14. ryans_slots

    Weight loss challenge

    There is 1 thing that I changed in my diet which actually is really nicer than the other product, give it a go 75p - tesco