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  1. crazyrightmeow


    Very nice hit!
  2. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

    Tinder is not just for sex from my experience. I actually found a serious relationship there. It all depends what are you looking for but like you said some are masters of manipulation. But lucky for me I am into psychology, behaviour etc. so I read people very well in real life and online and I could pull out the carrots that only wanted the carrot when I was ready for a serious relationship.
  3. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

    But that is what happens in real life as well not just online. I mostly have good experience from online dating, if you are at least somewhat smart you see thru catfish and people that only search for one night stands. I was smashing or dating after a day of texting on dating sites, mostly tinder.
  4. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

  5. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

    If that was true how come our country is in full lockdown where only food stores are opened and you can only go to work, cant go to other regions\cities we have a 4 months going for 5th long lockdown and numbers are not going down, we even had almost 2 months long before that as well? It doesnt add up.
  6. crazyrightmeow

    What you think David

    You mother Bonanza fuckers! Get in Blampy!
  7. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

    So true, the worst is yet to come even after all these lockdowns and all the shit will stop. All the people with mental problems, bankrupt businesses, people without jobs...very sad times are ahead of us all.
  8. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

    If I am correct how our corrupt country works they will let us go to summer holidays again for july\august and then closed us down again for the rest of the year just like It was last year, you cant make this shit up how obvious it is what are they doing and that something is fishy as fuck.
  9. crazyrightmeow

    Will things get back to normal...

    I hope it doesnt come to what happened in our country where politicians lie and we are closed now 4 months hardcore quarantine even tho we had one before that already. I have a girlfriend that lives in a different city and in the last 6 months we saw each other twice because they dont allow you to go to a different region even if its only 60km away just because we are not married or live together. Its basically a tyranny if you ask me, imagine you cant see your partner while politicians are going around everywhere enjoying their lives like nothing is happening
  10. Thats nice to hear then, get in @Miller26!!
  11. crazyrightmeow

    Jammin Jars

    Get in!
  12. @Miller26So we wont win jack shit again It seems. Unluckiest TGC members.
  13. crazyrightmeow

    The Dooo

    Did you saw this one similar thing but he is talented with voice acting Im sure you will enjoy some of his videos.
  14. crazyrightmeow

    The Dooo

    Very talented with instruments he is amazing, I saw a lot of videos but thats all it is I guess since all of his videos are the same with different people and reactions.
  15. crazyrightmeow

    Online streamers

    It became very boring watching ladder gambles for 30mins every video so is a nice change, I agree.