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  1. Thanks hardman. Yea true it usually goes the same for me. I even bought few random ones on mental and was lucky to hit the super bonus and still didnt even win that bonus buy cost. It is what it is I guess.
  2. I never heard or saw of a bonus like that as well. That sucks. Close the account and never play there again.
  3. I do buy few here and there if I get few big hits and build up the balance from natural bonuses, but I never deposit just to buy bonuses. I only bought 2 of those moons and was very lucky that both were profit.
  4. Always read the terms of the bonus in depth before you claim it and avoid shitty dodgy casinos is all I can say. They all have some weird shitty terms always. It sucks that you hit the big one right when you took the fucking bonus.
  5. I started working 60 hours a week out of the country and came back for 10 days. Before I went I put the deposit limits on all sites so this one was on stars with €27 limit. It was quite a session and in the end I cashed out €954. Few nice hits that made that happened. Some are bonus buys and some are natural bonuses. I am glad I put the deposit limits on because we all know that majority of this would be given back to the casinos. Replay of the biggest win of the session. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/JQic2vxhC8
  6. I heard rumours that Paul was gone for so long, because he was searching for this pokemon card all over the world.
  7. Look at her talking about christmas on 30th of january.
  8. Some of them get deals to get lets say 2k per stream or in a week or what ever the deal may be in which they have to stream certain amount of time per stream and can cash out everything. Some of them only get the deposit bonuses with 300% deposit bonus with 35x wagering or lower. Some of them play with fake money and only get paid a certain amount and the gambling doesnt really matter. Some get the deal in combination with mix of these factors. There are a lot of different deals out there for streamers. All earn a lot of the money through affiliation as well.
  9. The fact that the forum was offline for quite some time and some of us are already on it again without anyone giving the information about it, I think we are on a right track to have at least some of the regulars back. I think it is very hard to have a gambling related forum or any forum in general in 2024 without pushing it on streams or any social media. Most of the communities also went the discord route in the last few years no matter what is the niche and all the forums are on a downhill trend and a lot of them are dying out.
  10. Finally! Whats up guys!
  11. What is this crap. This is not worth more than two .
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