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  1. crazyrightmeow


    They are all the same basically but most blueprints that were really fun to play but very little potential are quite nice now to play that can actually pay big but I agree there are too many and its getting really boring to play them over and over again with just different skins.
  2. crazyrightmeow

    Is this common practise with verification these days

    Yea it seems so, everytime when gambling commissions make a new rule about thing like that casinos always turn it in their favor. I get it why they put things like that in to place but I also understand how easy is for casinos to abuse it when hitting something big, thats why its important to really only gamble on well known big casinos that dont want bad publicity imo.
  3. crazyrightmeow

    Is this common practise with verification these days

    Its so funny to me how a few of you had so many SOW deep checks and all sorts of problems while I did transactions deep into 6 figures in span of around 12 years on a ton of casinos, poker sites etc. and never had any of that, maybe because I use skrill mostly or maybe because Im not from UK.
  4. crazyrightmeow

    Is this common practise with verification these days

    It depends what casino but 9 out of 10 they will take the winnings and maybe give back the deposit if lucky stating you broke TOS with that and close down the account. I wish you good luck with that.
  5. crazyrightmeow


  6. crazyrightmeow


    They respond to me in hours to a next day max depends on the hours I emailed them but I never tried to change a country.
  7. crazyrightmeow


    I had to verify my account on pokerstars 3 times, etoro account has to be verified every year etc. this is all normal for accounts where money is involved online because people were doing illegal transactions and launder money before things like this were put in place. Your money is safe they will never take your money if its not a shady casino and your money is made legally you dont have to worry about anything.
  8. crazyrightmeow


    You have to understand that they can request the documents they need to check and that is all stated in their TOS that you agreed on when you made an account and thats normal for all casinos it just depends on which point they will ask for them. If you dont feel comfortable to send those documents its probably the best that you dont play online because Its more or less standard thing these days.
  9. crazyrightmeow

    Is this common practise with verification these days

    That would solve everything I agree 100%. This should be the norm for every casino.
  10. crazyrightmeow

    Nice Tickle on The Sword and the Grail

    Nice one! Get in mate.
  11. crazyrightmeow

    Is this common practise with verification these days

    Ofcourse they will make more and deeper checks when there is a lot of money involved and for both reasons you stated. You are both right imo. @Gkell727@howfin
  12. crazyrightmeow

    Is this common practise with verification these days

    What technology can they use to see if its really you when only showing copy of ID? I think its just one more layer of protection but most of casinos dont use it. I personally had to do this on 2 online banks where there was already software in place that was recognizing photo on ID and your face so you had verification done quick. I just want to explain that this is a common practice online in other venues for many years.
  13. crazyrightmeow

    ITV Super Sunday Racing Comp

    Congrats to the winners!
  14. crazyrightmeow

    ITV Super Sunday Racing Comp

    16:30 Alignak is non runner so Pablo Escobarr instead.
  15. crazyrightmeow

    Tinkering on Rainbow `Jackpots ......

    Didnt even know that triple beer bonus exists, nice hit!