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  1. crazyrightmeow

    Chipmonkz Slots - All above board?

    Why would I give a fuck if he is paying taxes or not, I dont understand this thread.
  2. crazyrightmeow

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    Fuck the casino all our lives are rigged.
  3. crazyrightmeow

    Best video iv seen in a while..

    yea weak as fuck, made so many errors
  4. crazyrightmeow

    Best video iv seen in a while..

    Watched this some time ago, what a psychopath this guy, damn.
  5. crazyrightmeow

    Wild Desire!

    Are you still on a hot run? @Kev40 She likes to play slots just like any other member on this forum and why wouldnt she post her big wins here? What motive?
  6. crazyrightmeow

    final countdown

  7. crazyrightmeow

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    If he doesnt shows bank statements as a proof there is no real proof, casinos that offer fake money for streamers also fake transaction histories they are not dumb simple as that and thats why he needs a month for them to prepare all the fake shit.
  8. crazyrightmeow


    And making videos while breaking the law basically, It doesnt make any sense. He is crying about bank statements he can easy just cover some things he doesnt want to show and show gambling transactions for previous months but no, he doesnt want to show how much he gambles and he posts videos gambling with 6 figures hahahah I mean how can anyone believe this guy is out of my mind. And his acting skills are one of the worst from all the fake money streamers.
  9. crazyrightmeow

    WTF !!! Five scatters DOA2

    Still on my bucket list to hit 5 scatters. Nice one!
  10. crazyrightmeow

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    You have account just for affiliate system and you get the money paid there monthly and you cash out it. Its basicly a business so they have to declare to the tax office in most of the countries around the world I assume. Some of the streamers for sure get bonuses that normal people dont get if they bring them a lot of costumers. Yep man thats why you have so much fake money streamers, they fool the people and people register thru them they get a ton of money for basiclly just investing their time while the real money streamers have to reinvest that money to stream more. My man there are a ton of fakers around the internet. Its also funny and obvious when you see them play on the dodgy casinos playing big bets and when they play with real money after they make a ton of it from affiliate they start playing on legit casinos but a lot lower bets but some of them just keep smashing fake money like rohstein and probably a lot of other ones.
  11. crazyrightmeow

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Yep they should show bank transaction history to really prove anything, Im sure casinos are not that dumb to not fake the transactions if they operate that way.
  12. crazyrightmeow

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Big affiliates make tens of thousands € per month if not even more, It all depends how many players play thru their links. Its just like in every other affiliate niche where people can be millionares because of it.
  13. crazyrightmeow

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    I understand what you mean. Well for me Its more of the issue that fake money streamers lie and tell that they play with real money so they are basicly a fraud. If you look from the affiliation point of view its all the same.
  14. crazyrightmeow

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Well imo its not the same since you can cashout if you clear that huge wager amount. Few years ago many casinos gave regular players 25-100€ no deposits here and there and I dont see a problem for that, they gave you at least a shot of some free money. It would be different if they would stream with no deposit every day and lie about it like these play money streamers do. I get your point and I agree that for casino its all about getting more players in ofcourse but since they were opened about it its a no brainer to take and play with it I think.