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  1. crazyrightmeow

    Ronaldo or messi

    Is this even a question?
  2. crazyrightmeow

    Flame busters 450x 0.20€

    True that.
  3. crazyrightmeow

    Flame busters 450x 0.20€

    Nice hit, still money but I would be dissapointed if it wouldnt pay 1000x when reaching level 5 I am a greedy bastard.
  4. crazyrightmeow

    Good old pineapple head

    Rub his shiny head
  5. crazyrightmeow

    Book of ra ra ra magic

    Nice one! Im still waiting for this screen or maybe 5 of them I only had that dog face fucker fullscreen for 750x I think.
  6. crazyrightmeow

    I cannot believe my first ever 1000x was on this game...

    Wooow a wildine Congrats!
  7. crazyrightmeow


    Nice hit on monte!
  8. crazyrightmeow

    Millionaire BTG Big win

    Nice win mate, congrats
  9. crazyrightmeow

    Slotty Vegas Refusing To Complete KYC When Signing Up

    Do not deposit on this casino IMO. I did one deposit in december on this site and submitted all the documents. I got 20 free spins from them few days ago and ran that money from free spins up to 3k€ made all the wager and everything I even played more and wagered more than 10k€ in last few days. I tried to withdraw the money and everytime i pressed on withdraw tab it redirected me to their KYC verify page where it shows that i am already verified all the green checkmarks and green document pics. I contacted support to tell them what is happening and support told me that I have to be verified. I contacted them again and explain that i am already fucking verified and they still gave me the same response that I have to wait to be verifed. They are the shadiest casino I ever played on and I just blasted the whole balance since is worthless cuz i cant withdraw it anways and contacted the live support one last time to tell them to fuck themselves and thats the end of the story. It makes me puke they take money every fucking time with no problems but when you win some and want to withdraw they screw you like you are a fucking cockroach. Mother fucking scamming pigs. I will never open a new account of any casino site ever again.
  10. crazyrightmeow

    Gonzo's Quest - MEGA WIN!! (Back 2 Back Features)

    Nice one!
  11. crazyrightmeow


    Thanks Hackz mate
  12. crazyrightmeow


    @Nicola Thank you mate. Yea ive had many times 4 before this one also It surprised me when the last one hit on the last spin. Thanks Im sure you will enter the club sooner or later.
  13. crazyrightmeow

    From 20 free spins to a cashout

    Thanks Nicola, my final balance is 2k€ after that DoA hit and I played some other slots. I just hope they dont fuck me over now somehow.
  14. crazyrightmeow


    @david1111Fuck yes it was about time. I hope it doesnt stop anytime soon. In a few hours mate. I just hope they dont fuck me somehow and dont payout, I even went to live support to confirm if I am able to withdraw all the funds and he said yes but you know until you press withdraw its all fun and games.