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  1. Credit cards should never be allowed in the first place for online gambling. This is how people lose a ton of money they dont have. Its basicly the worst thing possible for a gambling addict. It should be banned on every casino on the planet.
  2. crazyrightmeow

    My biggest BoD win (Video)

    Again? Really?
  3. crazyrightmeow

    Dragons Fire - Mega Win (50 Spin Trigger)

    Nice hit! I had 50 spins and it payed me less than 50x and I put it on my little ban list.
  4. crazyrightmeow

    DoA Wildline

    Get the fuck in there Nicola! Is this the second wildine or third you ever got?
  5. crazyrightmeow

    Extra Chilli 1025x

  6. crazyrightmeow

    Dolphins Pearl 649x

    Nice one!
  7. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    I understand that but the database for registering an account or for transactions its not the same so the system cant recognize it as banned on gamestop.
  8. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    Well the law or regulations doesnt work like that so they cant confiscate the money. Its the hole in the system I guess.
  9. crazyrightmeow

    £20 Complete Bet On Number 8 Roulette

    Nice "strat" if it hits you are laughing if not you move on before you go your balls deep on roulette.
  10. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    If they ask for ID and Utillity bill and you can provide it they cannot know if its true or not. And in TOS I am 100% sure that is stated that they confiscate the money and close the account and not refund the money if you do that. Some casinos dont do check ups on registering and only when you want to withdraw so that is another issues but that is the problem in regulations and they have to start making changes about that. I am happy you understand you made a wrong decision and its your own fault. Gamestop cannot see transactions in casinos.
  11. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    Yea thats true, I meant if he registered account with that email. They for sure cant see the data you deposit with. I didnt explained it properly I guess.
  12. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    I understand and agree with you 100% on everything. I just wanted to say that maybe they could add the options to block even that but maybe they they cant do that because of laws since it would be a logical and easy add on if you think about it.
  13. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    We have to be a little bit harsh so you will hopefully start to think more and see that gambling that way only brings you bad things in life. If we look deeper in your situation is actually interesting point, maybe gamestop should use the database and block even the emails you do the gamestop with from making new accounts maybe they will add that eventually send them an email regarding that but Its not their fault you make accounts on other peoples names. If they catch you they confiscate your money and block the account so even If u win you wont see any of your money. The fact that you know you are addicted and still register on forums like this its not a good idea mate. You dont want to be around pictures of big wins and talking about gambling all the time since that will trigger you. I advise you to seek professional help if you cant stop gambling by yourself. Good luck with that.
  14. crazyrightmeow

    Gamstop and email verification fail!!!!

    I agree, idk what drugs is this guy taking but I want some, maybe.
  15. crazyrightmeow

    New £2 Roulette Played On Betfred FOBT

    Well the whole business of theirs is to take your money. Yea I dont even get it why would anyone want to play on this roulette or should we call it high volatility slot?