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  1. Kings lynn

    First L’ll Devil Heartstopper Bonus

    The pints are on Ole blacko after that monster hit.. I’ve never had more than 20x from this slot
  2. Kings lynn

    Giveaway Ideas

    Anyone heard from him? Casino grounds Kim Said he has got 6 months in the Slammer but didn’t say why
  3. Kings lynn

    Giveaway Ideas

    Ironically you seem quite stressed over this Free Giveaway
  4. Kings lynn

    For the love of god.....

    I played big bass splash on demo when it first came out to see what it was like got to the 10x. Stage 3 times in 5 bonuses. Would never happen if it was normal play. Hope your luck improves though.
  5. Kings lynn

    Giveaway Ideas

    @MrUKHackz is organising them I heard
  6. Kings lynn

    Giveaway Ideas

    The winner gets a Naked TGC charity calendar
  7. Kings lynn

    Today’s selections

    I was on Amarillo sky too the others were no match for it in the end
  8. Kings lynn

    Tinkering on 7's Deluxe Wild Base Hit £1

    Tinkering with the builders! Sure that’s one from @Blacko VHS collection he keeps under the bed
  9. Kings lynn

    Endorphina Support

    If anyone deserves a Endorphina t shirt it’s surely ole Blacko! Get it sorted Endorphina.
  10. Kings lynn

    Breeders Cup Competition

    3.50 slammed 100w 4.29 Highfield Princess 100w 5.10 Cody’s wishes 100w 5.50 in Italian 100w 6.30 Kimari 100w 7.10 Kinross 100w 7.55 Society 100w 8.40 War like goddess 100w 9.40 Hot rod Charlie 100w
  11. Kings lynn

    Breeders Cup Competition

    19:00: The platinum queen 100w 19:40: and tell me no lies 100w 20:20: Meditate 100w 21:00: Forte 100w 21:40: silver knott 100w
  12. Kings lynn

    Today’s selections

    it came in with sky bets extra place
  13. Kings lynn

    Big Bass Splash -- 20p

    Top tinkering
  14. Kings lynn

    Today’s selections

    Voodoo Doll 15.52 Chepstow at a big price. A decent 3rd at newton Abbot last time and I think can go one better today at around 14’s
  15. Kings lynn

    Today’s selections

    Houston Texas 15.40 Carlisle Progressive over fences so far and I think will get another win today at around 4/1