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  1. Kings lynn

    Craigs Slots

    @ryans_slots I and a few others genuinely tried to offer you help. But it was the fact you just ended up having a go at people trying to offer it. And then went on to post multiple big win threads instead of distancing yourself from gambling and focusing on paying back your mum. I really do hope you get everything sorted and pay back your mum and get out of debt. for her sake and your own. genuinely wish you all the best with that.
  2. Kings lynn

    Craigs Slots

    For starters don’t think about offering to do an ounce of housework. Your knees are bad remember.. Also don’t mention the 10k you’ve got stashed away in crypto as that could be a deal breaker. but most of all say you’re going to pay them back when really you’re just going to do bonus buys on pragmatics. I reckon that could work for you Andy?
  3. Kings lynn

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Did you have any screenshots of this? Sounds very strange. Especially when you’re a player in ireland.
  4. Kings lynn

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Get the chip in up and running hardman! I’m up for it
  5. Kings lynn

    Crypto gambling, a normal punters view.

    Not every player is U.K. based. Rolla is currently playing in Ireland so not currently a U.K. player. I understand if you don’t like crypto not everyone does but I don’t think it’s fair to guilt Rolla into feeling bad just because you’ve seen your arse. he explained before he would be working with the casinos. No one is forced to join up. But at the end of the day it’s a gambling forum and it’s going to have gambling links. hope you reconsider and stay onboard the forum. I know many enjoyed the racing comps. Not everyone is here for the slots.
  6. Kings lynn

    Haters will hate......

    I think the fact is the others don’t heap their debt onto their mothers shoulders and let it weigh her down instead. While sitting on 10k in crypto & hitting a 7k cash out. You think you’re being a Good Samaritan giving her 3k. You should be paying everything you have to her until it’s cleared. You need to accept responsibility. Others in the forum genuinely tried to give you advice, I didn’t see the posts which led to the thread being taken down but I know the ones at the start including from myself were just trying to help.
  7. Kings lynn

    Haters will hate......

    Congrats on the win Ryan. But why not cash out and give the full balance to your mum to pay off the debt she has taken out for you? Not only will it help her out massively and go a long way to clearing your debt, but also will stop you from giving the money back to the casino.
  8. Kings lynn

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    Hope you’re keeping well blacko chap
  9. Kings lynn

    Crypto Streaming Update

    Hope you’re enjoying a nice holiday Rolla. Look forward to your return to the Emerald Isle.
  10. Kings lynn

    Max win what!!!!!

    What a corker! Congrats. Well deserved. Great to see the usual big win poster leaving some max wins for the rest of us
  11. Kings lynn

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I think he said in his vlog at the end of his last vid he’s getting a place out there. I think the hotel was just for a test run on the casino and seeing how the videos would be ect.
  12. Kings lynn

    That’s what I call a salad

    Lovely stuff
  13. Kings lynn

    Trialling Crypto Site

    Lovely seeing how many viewers and positive comments Paul’s YouTube vids are generating. Probably the boost he needed to realise he’s done the right thing. I for one can’t wait for the streams now.
  14. Kings lynn

    Trialling Crypto Site

    Not sure that’s fair? If you’re 12 pages into a thread called ‘trialling a crypto site’ you should expect to see things about using crypto casinos no?
  15. Kings lynn

    The crypto trend

    Good on @Rocknrolla hopefully the first video of many. enjoy the Guinness