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  1. Hard luck hardman. They always have something dodgy lurking in the small print of deposit bonuses these days, Hope you get a big win to even the score soon.
  2. Royal Ascot In a few days does anyone have any best bets?
  3. If Scotland win the tournament I will give everyone a torn fiver each
  4. Has anyone heard from the main man recently? Hows he doing? would be good to see him back on the forum or streaming soon.
  5. Guess pigs really do fly!! That piggy bank currently has a first class ticket to Oz
  6. 14:15 - rubys profit 14:45 - barley 15:15 - bellarchi 15:45 - Tower of London 16:15 - dark tornado 16:45 - eligible 17:20 - midnight affair Lets be having you.
  7. 14:15 - Korker 14:45 - Al mubhir 15:15 - infinate cosmos 15:45 - ancient wisdom 16:15 - dark vintage 16:45 - proud to be fox 17:20 - whiskey Pete
  8. 14.15 Marhaba the champ 14.45 mr wagyu 15.15 swingalong 15.45 friendly soul 16.15 Elmonjed 16.45 zabeel road 17.20 Skye breeze let’s be having you!! Good luck to all with cash, gold and silver bars & piggy banks on the line it’s all to play for this week in TGC
  9. We all know how political Eurovision is I wonder if the powers that be will have Isreal win tonight. Seems they have already done well on the judges side of the show as the odds we’re 33/1 at the start of the week and now they are second favourites at 11/4
  10. Not sure if I’ve said already but I’m. Can’t let that prestigious Kim jong un piggy bank pass me by.
  11. Kings lynn

    ATM Dan

    Interesting read that mate. How much do you think you made from the glitch for them to essentially black list you from banking for life? I’m sure many have done this especially with the early technology of banking ect.
  12. The guy who got voted into power in Leeds hasn’t been in control a few days and he’s already put into process cutting local community funds and instead put forward sending the money over to Gaza and Palestinian forces.
  13. Never heard of either of these in the final
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