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  1. MrUKHackz

    Today’s selections

    15:00 Aintree Going for the outsider after seeing the form of Harry/Dan in the 14:25 Longhouse Sale 33/1
  2. MrUKHackz

    Sitcom Quiz

    @Blacko Kirsty doesn't want to accept either and said give it to the Trussell food bank, is that okay?
  3. OFFER FINISHED NOW 12NOON Bet365 are refunding the EW part of a bet on the GN, you add your horses to the betslip, as many as you like, do them all EW and you instantly get the EW part of the bet refunded up to £125! For anyone half asleep, if you placed £50 worth of EW bets you would only have £25 taken from your balance!
  4. MrUKHackz

    Rick and morty mw

  5. MrUKHackz

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Curry and Chips it was called, just looked it up.
  6. MrUKHackz

    RIP Prince Phillip

    What was the blatantly racist show made to almost poke fun at those that laughed at racism. All I can remember is they made childrens joke toys and were all stood around wooden tables making things. It was super racist
  7. MrUKHackz

    RIP Prince Phillip

    I think if I'd asked him if he was racist he would of give me a slap for asking a stupid question, he was the first to tell me how the Gurkhas helped during the war and what wonderful people they were. Racist's tend to just hate everyone but there own in my experience.
  8. MrUKHackz

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Tbf my Grandad died 97 years of age and would of cracked some of the same jokes, it's not evil, it's just they are from a different century, RIP old boy.
  9. MrUKHackz

    Bonanza revisited

    Waaaaa, I'm not playing at Race anymore
  10. MrUKHackz

    official U.S Masters 2021

    This fella looks like he can whack a ball, look at ole Vjays reactions!
  11. MrUKHackz

    Today’s selections

    So the little drift helped and the 15 x £1 bets returned £291.99, 10% on it's way to @therealwintersoldier
  12. MrUKHackz

    Today’s selections

    Nice one matey, saw this comment this morning and done a wee bet on those 4
  13. MrUKHackz

    Betfred have to pay out Blackjack win

    I think the difference is they do what they want in Nevada!
  14. MrUKHackz

    Betfred have to pay out Blackjack win

    Mate the change machines even have that on in Newquay arcades!!
  15. MrUKHackz

    Betfred have to pay out Blackjack win

    There's cases of people winning millions in Vegas and not getting a buck as its a software glitch, a woman won 8.5mill in 2015 ish I think and never got paid.