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  1. This a classic example of Irish Racing!
  2. MrUKHackz

    Videoslots - scum?

    As I said, Reel Rush says 96.96% in the Unibet help file as it should, but I am in the UK, Netent also show the game as 96.96% as shown in the screenshot below. Out of interest too, many years ago there was a guy called Casino Twitcher and he had encyclopaedic knowledge about every Netent game. I will never forget him telling me the highest RTP game that Netent do and one to grind for more playtime was the original Bloodsuckers as pictured below. Now that is 98% which is still lower than the apparent RTP you are seeing on Reel Rush which is the higher end of Medium variance at best, it just doesn't seem normal or make sense?!
  3. MrUKHackz

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    I think you'll see other ships sink long before the good ship TGC take on any leaks, it may seem quiet but we have a huge amount of guest traffic. We're not going anywhere matey!
  4. MrUKHackz

    Xbox series x and Ps5

    He forgot to mention he's on about the maid, she's very co-operative!
  5. MrUKHackz

    Taco very much danger

    They're kebabs but well done all the same!
  6. MrUKHackz

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    Yeah who cares, my kids can get down the food bank and me and you can cut about the job centre all week, good times!
  7. MrUKHackz

    Ask Gamblers

    They are definitely not quick nor efficient, they side with the casinos and they are also not true ADR status, I nearly lost 2k because of AG.
  8. MrUKHackz

    Videoslots - scum?

    Just checked with Netent and the top profile for Reel Rush is 96.96% like 21casino have. I've also just loaded up Reel Rush on Unibet and its 96.96% too
  9. MrUKHackz

    Videoslots - scum?

    Yeah they have upgraded a lot since then, withdrawals made before midnight are processed by 10am the following morning, they have Visa Direct now for instant transfers, Paypal is also supported which I tend to use. Also as a TGC player you would never have an unresolved issue, we wouldn't allow it. I don't know their terms and conditions on the battles as I don't play at the casino full stop anymore. They can't claim to be the biggest online casino on the planet and then use lower RTP's for silly reasons and think it washes with the players, they also changed the weekly cash back goalposts which caught me out on a live game of roulette. For now I don't play there at all, maybe again in the future if they sort it out.
  10. MrUKHackz

    Videoslots - scum?

    Afraid to say it will effect your gameplay however small mate, obviously 10 spins here or there have no chance of realising RTP but even an average session where you maybe give each game 30 mins or so will be drastically changed and not in your favour. I'll post an excerpt from an old thread here for you.. So basically an hour long session on play'n'go at Videoslots would now be around 18 mins shorter than expected, you only have to play for 3 hours to lose nearly a whole hour game time, it's quite a large difference. Thread here NB. This is why I push 21casino so much, they run the highest RTP profile for any game that comes with variable profiles and they stayed in the UK market so what are VS on about, stick with 21 is my motto.
  11. MrUKHackz

    Name The Landmark - UK Edition

    I was a rep in my early 20's and drove round the country I just remember certain landmarks especially buildings
  12. MrUKHackz

    Name The Landmark - UK Edition

    8. Sheffield Town Hall
  13. MrUKHackz

    Name The Landmark - UK Edition

    7. Big Ben London
  14. MrUKHackz

    Name The Landmark - UK Edition

    3. The McManus Art Gallery & Museum, Dundee, Scotland
  15. MrUKHackz

    Name The Landmark - UK Edition

    2. Leonardo Hotel Southampton