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  1. MrUKHackz

    AJ vs Usyk

    Watch that music video above, I had a mate that had awesome hair like that and he changed when it got cut to short back and sides he even dissed the gypsy king
  2. MrUKHackz

    AJ vs Usyk

    Just as another observation, what did you lot think about the Rocky music, it had me pumped then Rolla said I think Usyk will like this song, it was awesome anyway and made me want to join the gym again!
  3. MrUKHackz

    AJ vs Usyk

    Are you insinuating the lineal champ champ is picking easy opponents? He would murder the pair of them back to back imo
  4. MrUKHackz

    Rate My Takeaway

    I did but I unsubbed now he's took off, the guys been through a hell of a lot so I wanted to support him and help him grow, top fella.
  5. MrUKHackz

    Best UK internet Provider

    Bet the guy knocking is on a small fee for each router successfully collected, did he ask if you had any empty bottles while he was there?
  6. MrUKHackz

    Fuel Shortage

    @andywilliams1187 I've got under a 1/4 tank so I'd guess about a tenners worth! I think your only option if its that bad at 6:30am is to find a 24hr garage and go at 1 or 2am
  7. MrUKHackz

    Fuel Shortage

    I don't know about the rest of you but a full tank of fuel is a luxury reserved only for long road trips or special occasions like a new car. I think the last time I had a full tank was 3 years ago when I went to that London place.
  8. MrUKHackz

    Spam texts

    I'm constantly testing the mods to see if they notice something, 1p passed the test
  9. MrUKHackz

    Spam texts

    We just forgot to ask for phone numbers when you sign up or it would of been the best plan ever!
  10. MrUKHackz

    Insulate Britain Protests?

    Hear hear
  11. MrUKHackz

    Crypto casinos

    The quick answer is NO for now They are all Curacao licensed so as dodgy as they get.
  12. MrUKHackz

    Canelo vs Plant

    I'm not saying Canello's on performance enhancers or anything but he just always looks like 10 men compared to his opponents.
  13. MrUKHackz

    Insulate Britain Protests?

    That didn't take long, just heard a lady was trapped with her son for 6hrs on the M25 while having a stroke and the hospital have said she will be paralysed down the left hand side of her body for the rest of her life, if she'd got there earlier she would be fine
  14. MrUKHackz

    Insulate Britain Protests?

    I was just hypothesising about the knock on effect, there will be mail, perishable goods, ill people, allsorts trapped on the motorway
  15. MrUKHackz

    Insulate Britain Protests?

    Can anyone with a brain explain to me why some wally brains are glued to the road blocking the M25 telling me to insulate my home? Are they trying to sell me double glazing? I don't get it