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  1. MrUKHackz

    Floating Dragon Megaways Review

    I had a 150x base game hit with fish across all 6 reels
  2. MrUKHackz

    Book of charms

    I'm going to guess Monopoly live or one of the several slots you say are absolute dogshit!
  3. MrUKHackz

    Book Of Adventure Super Stake Edition

    I did say you were on one of those runs!
  4. MrUKHackz

    Floating Dragon Megaways Review

    Click here to read the Floating Dragon Megaways Review!
  5. MrUKHackz


    It looks like you're on one of those open any game and get a mega win streaks my crazy friend
  6. MrUKHackz

    Book of charms

  7. MrUKHackz

    Generous Jack Review

    There is no "best" slot machine, you have to find one you like. Also you never know what game is going to give you that big win. My personal favourite was always Space Wars by Netent.
  8. MrUKHackz

    Generous Jack Review

    Click here to read the Generous Jack Review!
  9. MrUKHackz

    I need to stop....

    Its only a 25x stake win as it costs 400x for Ryan to buy.
  10. MrUKHackz

    What is the best way to bet on horse racing ?

    I thought I was the one being a smart arse round here? BTW theres no thickos in the TGC platoon so lower your tone please
  11. I've watched the videos mate and it seems he just looks at what's coming out and makes an impulsive guess at what's coming next, not really a system I can test unfortunately.
  12. MrUKHackz

    Franks Farm Review

    Click here to read the Franks Farm Review!
  13. So you actually made £5 profit, my mistake.
  14. I take everything back, you made £1.50 in this video and it only took 12 minutes, that's insane! Total destruction!
  15. No, no I didn’t imply you were him at all. I can see your IP address, your location and what device you’re using and the backend would flag me if you were a sock account. It was me that pressed approve on your account after checking! It’s my job!