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  1. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    "unlucky" is my middle name
  2. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    gonna need some spanish magic on this back9 to have any chance , played poorly so far and let pieters get away , not looking good
  3. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    all about one man today , the same guy i have spoken pretty highly of a few times here on the forum Adri Arnaus , he could make his breakthrough win today , he is one of the new kid's on the block from the Euro side , he's already had two runner-up places in his short Pro career and today we hope it's third time lucky , he was a very well backed player for this tournament , i see @Crunchienut managed to get 66/1 in his early bets , sadly for me all that had been hammered by the time i got on but he would net me £300 for my little single that would be pretty handy around now . my big block of eachway doubles look doomed unless i get a couple of miracle rounds , but incredibly i still have two chances out of the four eachway trebles i placed . Arnaus top10 - schauffle top 10 - harding top10 for £135 hovland top10 - arnaus top20 - ancer top20 for £154 so im sitting on 3 decent bets but could quite easily walk away with nothing , lets hope the latter does not happen . for anyone that wants to get on the Arnaus Express with me its not too late , you can still get 4/1 with skybet , go get it , i think he might just close this one out !!
  4. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    great round from the next spanish sensation , he will be off in the final group tomorrow and im feeling pretty confident , come on !!
  5. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    both been a little quiet of late , wont stay like that , they are both getting to be decent price now as well .
  6. Shades111

    Technical help required - Reward offered

    why cant you do a simple screenshot , i'm no computer geek either but i can manage that .
  7. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    all those runners last week and we had little fun , but we try try try again , sticking with the top10 system for now , added a few randoms , laid out £65 , lets go !! Top10 doubles and returns matsuyama - alexander 74 gibson - niemann 140 stegmair - woods 116 anderson - bradley 143 mcnealy - conners 130 fritelli - silverman 130 zhang - im 102 jaeger - morikawa 93 shelton - schauffle 76 svensson - im 128 murray - niemann 104 harding - bradley 99 zhang - ancer 89 connelly - champ 433 fritelli - bland 282 conners - gouveia 204 morikawa - kawamura 90 SJ Kim - im 120 dantorp - woods 115 canizares niemann 96 hordfield - gibson 80 levy - jaeger 72 forest - ancer 112 coutzee - murray 78 harding - arnaus - schauffle 135 matsuyama - forest - shelton 306 zhang - morikawa - coutzee 280 hovland top10 - arnaus top20 - ancer top20 154 £1.50 EW connelly 400/1 £1 EW bland 400/1 betfair win exchange schauffle 188 im 417 niemann 567 arnaus 301
  8. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    sunday hopes = very slim but do have a couple of outside chances but would rely on players really hitting a bit of form over the last 18 holes. best chance i have is a top10 double with Abe Ancer in the US that looks nailed on to place as long as he has no disasters doubled up with Linnea Strom in the ladies scottish , she is currently 2 shots off top10 but there is a lot of players around the same score , i think she will need to shoot 67 to have a chance which is not impossible but is a tough task . the double pays 251/1 for my £1 stake so a tidy win if i can nail it . another chance , but a lot slimmer than above is Conners/Lampert top10 double , both will need to shoot the lights out , pays 614/1 for my £1 . another chance , again will need monster rounds from both Stegmair/Champ both need top10 , pays 696/1 for my £1 last thin chance is in my standard 25p EW doubles Ancer and Conners onto Nordqvist and Kirk , Nordqvist capable of putting in a final round burst so staying hopeful a place double here may save the week . did stick £4 on Ancer yesterday morning at 25/1 for the win in US so if the ladies goes tits up i still have the chance of a 100 tonight .
  9. Shades111

    What's wrong with me?

    a lot of your behavior and patterns are all very standard for a gambler mate , dont think for one second you are the only one out there on your own . im sure dozens of us here on the forum can relate to your post , i know i do . welcome to the forum and good luck going forward .
  10. been watching every kind of sport since i was a kid and im now 51 so that's a lot of sport , and iv witnessed so many shocks and freak results over the years to the point where nothing surprises me anymore . maybe more so in boxing because of all the corruption involved in the sport but i wont go on a rant about that . however , yesterdays news that Anthony Joshua will rematch Ruiz in Saudi Arabia just makes me want to pack in watching the sport , Eddie Hearn likes to give out the impression that AJ makes the decisions , well anyone with half a brain knows that is absolute bullshit , to be elite in any sport you need zero distractions and you have trusted and payed people around you who make the decisions and get you the best deal possible to make the outcome a successful one , every top level sports star has either a manager , a promoter , a lawyer , an agent , some have all four , basically someone that will get you as much in your favor as humanly possible . how can giving away home advantage be in the best interests of AJ , this fight could have been held at Wembley or Cardiff in front of 90,000 loyal supporters screaming for only one man and would have made Ruiz's experience in the UK a very hostile one . giving away home advantage is absolute insanity . now obviously a ton of Saudi money has been offered to Matchroom Sports to promote boxing in the far east and Hearn has taken it , the importance of AJ winning back his World Championship has taken a significant backseat because this is looking more like a retirement plan if things were to go wrong for AJ again which would not surprise me in the slightest . Hearn has sold out to the highest bidder and gone for the money , it makes me think the people behind Joshua do not think he can beat Ruiz , i wish you luck AJ , i think you are going to need it , the people running your career clearly do not have your best interests in mind !! Saudi Arabia , fuck sake !!
  11. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    added one more bet 16 x 25p EW doubles zhang 40/1 lingmerth 200/1 wu 175/1 ghim 90/1 onto phatlum 100/1 larsen 175/1 pressel 50/1 suwannapura 125/1
  12. Shades111

    Proper Debate - More Harm Than Good?

    watching rolla's video's/stream's makes no difference , gamblers are going to gamble regardless !!
  13. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    laid out about £80 this week and i dont have one single sizable bet , just got a shit load of runners where any one bet should put me in profit , had to adjust all my bets that i had written down as the challenge tour started a day early which could end up being very annoying as a bunch of players i had picked have started really well and im not on !! #FML Top10 doubles and return nordqvist - Im 104 wolff - wu 104 anderson - ancer 180 fritelli - lingmerth 169 xiong - phatlum 234 larsen - list 483 mitchell - petterson 157 creamer - munoz 338 KH Lee - zhang 153 fraustro - maguire 306 schauffle - kirk 130 wise - gligic 108 DH Lee - spieth 169 grace - ashok 315 glover - Lin 130 niemann - A park 180 hadley - Liu 170 conners - lampert 615 strom - ancer 252 champ - stegmaier 697 bekker - kraft 697 maguire - lingmerth 117 guthrie - mclaren 273 morikawa - lee6 - zhang 90 anderson - im - pressel 330 blair - wolff - nordqvist 300 16 x 25p EW dbls conners 200/1 niemann 90/1 Im 80/1 ancer 175/1 onto nordqvist 35/1 A . park 70/1 maguire 100/1 kirk 150/1 £1.50 EW fraustro 500/1 £1.50 EW DH Lee 500/1 £3 EW niemann 90/1 £6 win Nordqvist 35/1 + £1 EW double £2 EW double Lee6 10/1 schauffle 28/1 £2 EW double Im 80/1 Zhang 40/1 £2 EW double Wu 150/1 Nordqvist 35/1
  14. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    will post up in the early hours of morning once my deposit limits refresh , got a bunch of top10 doubles scribbled down and a few other randoms . im feeling good for this week and thinking it might be a profitable one :-))
  15. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    just noticed the guy that finished 2nd in the south african tournament was 2500/1 pre tournament , gotta love golf betting