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  1. Shades111

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    as i thought , handicap betting , i would stick to standard betting in future if you do not understand how handicap betting works , just my little bit of advice .
  2. Shades111

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    can you screenshot any of the bets so we can see , its rare they settle bets incorrectly and you are saying they have settled FOUR incorrectly , something has to be wrong here .
  3. Shades111

    Paddy Power Query *RESOLVED*

    what were your bets that you say are winners that they deemed losers ?
  4. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    was pretty hyped going into this week and after the 1st rounds (especially in korn ferry) it was all looking pretty good , but sadly it all went downhill from there . left in a very similar position to last week with one man left standing to save the week , he's not a name many will recognize , Brandon Crick in the KF event , hes only 3 shots off the lead which is not much , but that 3 shots is currently outside the top6 i would need to land the eachway , so hes going to need to play decent and hopefully i can still get something out of the week . £7.50 Eachway Brandon Crick 125/1 top6 i really want to have some interest in the main tour event tonight but i just do not see any value to be had in the market , i will probably end up dong something but it certainly wont be a bet i will be carrying a lot of confidence with .
  5. Shades111

    Bronte Law 9/2

    seriously embarrassed , did not perform at all , sorry guys !!
  6. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    good luck mate !!
  7. Shades111

    Bronte Law 9/2

    anyone having a dabble on my girl can keep up to date throughout the day right here , leaderboard was updating regularly last week and hopefully will be the same this week . she tee's off at 1.36
  8. Shades111

    Bronte Law 9/2

    no mate , its this thursday , maybe thats the final on the 27th july , there is only about 6 events and thiis is the second of them .
  9. Shades111

    Bronte Law 9/2

    thursday 18 hole event in the JR Series , skybet only by looks of it , class player and she only has an over rated charlie hull to beat , small field of starters and 95% cant win .
  10. Shades111

    Liam Treadwell

    very sad news , nice that his life had such a high moment a few years ago , he can go to heaven with a good story to tell .
  11. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    going into this week super positive , got some cross double action and a bunch of singles , also backing 2 girls in two different ladies events , one of these is just a small field 18 hole event in UK on thursday which looks an absolute 2 horse race on paper , im going for the outsider of the 2 , and trust me she is class !! as you know i am not shy of backing outsiders , and this week we have some real biggies , could be fun £40 win Bronte Law 9/2 (18 holes) £6 win Ji Hyun Oh 20/1 (korea) £6.50 EW Schwartzel 200/1 3.50 EW Hoag 300/1 £7.50 EW Jaeger 125/1 £7.50 EW Crick 125/1 £7 win Poston 66/1 £8 win Hovland 55/1 £4 EW Zhang 500/1 £8 EW Wolff 175/1 20 x 25p eachway doubles Nunez 80/1 Thornberry 100/1 Pendrith 90/1 Creel 100/1 onto KH Lee 500/1 schwartzel 200/1 Wise 300/1 Nesmith 150/1 Munoz 150/1 20 x 25p eachway doubles Hovland 55/1 Niemann 40/1 Poston 66/1 Wolff 150/1 onto Piller 200/1 Bai 125/1 Jaeger 125/1 Ghim 100/1 Crick 125/1 roll on thursday and lets go !!! good luck all !!
  12. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    could not stay awake last night to watch it till then , the weather delay ruined my viewing , but it was nice to wake up and see Niemann played decent and got me in the places . on to the next one !
  13. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    sunday hopes are thin due to a total blowout in the korn ferry event after a fairly decent first 36 holes . but i do have one live bet going into the final round of the Heritage just 2 shots off the lead . £7.50 eachway Joaquin Niemann 100/1 (top8) , played superbly yesterday to put himself in contention , same today would give him a hell of a chance of taking the win , i will be very disappointed if he does not make the top8 to secure my eachway . with 27 players all within 4 shots of the lead this tournament is still wide open .
  14. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    morning all , sadly no excitement on last weeks return to the fray , was tempted to reload sunday morning but didnt , i would not have done any good so saved a few quid in the end , could of done with Morikawa winning that playoff though as it would of put me one leg away from pulling off my season request a bet . so on to a new week we go , and the korn ferry tour starting later today and the main tour going tomorrow as usual . due to my deposit limits not refreshing till midnight tonight i had to have all my bets so far in local shop so iv unfortunately got under the odds on a few players , but missing a few points here and there is not a problem if they contend as golf prices are always good anyway . picks in no particular order £7 eachway Zinjun Zhang 66/1 £4 eachway stephan Jaeger 150/1 £4.50 eachway Mathew Wolff 175/1 £7.50 eachway Joaquin Niemann 100/1 16 x 25p eachway doubles thornberry 175/1 etulain 150/1 tarren 125/1 sigg 55/1 onto koepka 40/1 johnson 40/1 Im 33/1 Ancer 55/1 16 x 25p eachway doubles hatton 50/1 fowler 50/1 hovland 66/1 scheffler 66/1 onto Wu 40/1 Zhang 66/1 Hoag 40/1 Nunez 66/1 20 x 20p eachway doubles svensson 125/1 whee kim 300/1 jesus rodriguez 125/1 Hahn 40/1 onto morikawa 25/1 Niemann 100/1 List 125/1 munoz 225/1 conners 100/1 Good luck all !!
  15. Shades111

    Biggest ever win

    excellent mate , good skills with the withdrawing and deposit limits .