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  1. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    on a bit of a cold streak at moment , need some of that @crunchienut luck thats flying about :-))) top 10 doubles anderson - sharma 506 keiffer - hahn 374 potter - gagli 323 soderburg - wu 238 murray - suri 416 larrazabel - blair 320 zhang - migliozzi 191 levy - landry - 180 top 20 double ghim - zanotti 416 9 x 50p EW doubles van rooyen HT Li noren onto bjerragaard lewis zhang 12 x 50p EW trebles moynihan karlberg onto molinari willet onto champ chappell steele £11 win Arnaus (without favs) 40/1 good luck !!
  2. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    completely forgot to post my bets this week , not a whole lot to mention at moment other than my tenner on Arnaus at 39/1 on betfair . if anything else looks good i will post it but its just the one man at moment . morikawa and wolf going well in US , good for my season request a bet , go on the young guns #NewEra
  3. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    325/1 place landed but did get tied so lost a bit back , probably made about £30 overall , not great for such a big priced place winner but everything else went to shit so got to be happy with that really .
  4. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    very disappointed with finau final round performance , never got going and ended up finishing 10th with a bunch of others making my double with ciganda £24 instead of £121 , frustrated to the max so shoved the lot on Morikawa tonight at 15/2 (betting without cameron champ)
  5. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    german bird , double bogey at the 1st , my day is off to a flier haha !!
  6. Shades111


    betting in decimals !! deserves to lose only joking , bloody unlucky !!
  7. Shades111

    white rabbit big hit

    very nice , not seen a video where this slot retriggers in months and months , saw a few when it first came out but since then this slot has been dead on every video i have seen . also good to see you gamble sensibly , 20p stake with an £800 bankroll , at least you wont go broke any time soon if you stay gambling like that . good stuff .
  8. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    sunday hopes ? well i have a couple of chances , again the top10 doubles have gone south , not getting too much love from those bets at moment ,but i will be sticking with them regardless as it gives me plenty of runners each week and the payouts are decent enough if you can hit the right pairing . top hope for today is Tony Finau (£10 win 28/1) 3 shots off the lead , 3 players in front of him , he is the best player on the leaderboard top10 , hopefully he will show his class on the final day and get the job done . looks a 2 horse race in the Ladies LET event , Ciganda was the overwhelming favorite going in but she is 2 shots back of the german girl going into the final 18 , i expect class to prevail here and Ciganda to come through and win , got her doubled with a Finau top10 for £121 , i expect to be winning this bet !! my cross 25p eachway doubles still have a chance of making some profit euro top8 Bjerragaard HT Li with U.S top6 Morikawa zhang final hope for sunday lays with the player just mentioned above , Xin Jun Zhang at a massive 325/1 and £2.20 eachway top8 (currently tied 9th) and 5 shots off the lead , its been a while since one of my long shot players to follow have landed me a win , could this be the week ???
  9. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    well you can never count him out , but its rare to see me bet on the favs when you can get so much better value elsewhere and you can win 10x as much just for a place , i understand you like your favs , gives you the best chance obviously , but long-term you wont make money on favs in golf , especially rory and johnson , they have done it all and the will to win is never as strong as it was when they were younger , majors yes , they still want to win but run of the mill tour events , i highly doubt they are up for it from round1 . golf is moving into a new era of golfers coming through and it wont be long before you see a new bunch of names near the top of the betting every week . the likes of Niemann , Morikawa , wolff , Arnaus in europe , these kids are catching up fast and they are super hungry to win . the rory mcilroy domination ended a few years ago and it will not be returning . #NewEra
  10. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    arnaus done ok , -4 above average , think i laid out about £70 overall . and yes if you was to bet in-play you have to back players that have scored well at carnoustie today , i wont be reloading , feeling confident of weekend fun with my bunch at moment , obviously got tonight to go yet but its all looking OK for now
  11. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    i'm not a fan of wallace , good player when on song but i'm afraid he throws his dolls out the pram far too often for my liking , hes on my banned list . just got home from work and i must say i am pretty happy looking at the euro scores , got carnoustie out the way for finau -5 , well happy with that .
  12. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    just a couple of additions £2 eachway Zhang 325/1 £1.50 eachway KH Lee 300/1 £10 win Finau 28/1 finau top10 and ciganda win for £121 (fancy finau to go well in this event and ciganda looks nailed on to me , she is different class to the rest but price is piss poor)
  13. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    good luck , il be happy with filling the 9 places behind him
  14. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    yo yo yo , not logged in for a few days , well i managed to get my stake back last week thanks to the rahm - boutier - im place treble , saved the week nicely as everything else was flushed down the toilet pretty much after 2 rounds, this week iv brought in some new faces in my top10 doubles and dropped a few of my regulars , just have a feeling this week could throw up some weird results , as you will see a few of my top10 doubles pay handsomely if i can hit one , so here's my bets in no particular order and return . top10 doubles kodaira - dubisson 615 sj kim - kh lee 899 blair - zanotti 754 leon - cook 390 hughes - jamieson 437 rock - kang 247 hadley - forrest 357 shinkwin - murray 270 hoge - lagergren 143 steele - dunne 178 donaldson - stroud 510 hill - list 331 burgoon - tanihara 232 harding - homa 337 kirk - fox 361 soderberg - pillar 399 nordqvist - clark 200 a . park - Li 130 levy - hall 136 hearn - suwannapura 323 molinari - mcintyre - altomare 143 ryu - bjerragaard - morikawa 146 36 x 25p eachway doubles arnaus 100/1 levy 200/1 migliozzi 150/1 lewis 80/1 bjerragaard 60/1 Li 50/1 onto morikawa 28/1 ancer 45/1 hearn 200/1 zhang 300/1 chappell 125/1 anderson 500/1 £6 win Arnaus 190/1 £4 eachway Nordqvist 100/1 may add some smaller tour stuff before the morning , will update if i do good luck !!
  15. Shades111

    any golf punters about ?

    yea on odd occasions some players will jump out as good value , more so the long shots , only got anderson in a top10 double with keiffer who is doing shit . dont think im likely to have much excitement this weekend , looking like a lot of my mob are out of it already , gonna need some big third rounds if im to be involved on sunday .