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  1. Fredthedog1

    Thanks all!

    Honestly I havent taken this decision lightly but it's best for me Take care all ❤🤎
  2. Fredthedog1

    Thanks all!

    Sadly that's not the reason hahaha that type off stuff is just banter for me Take care
  3. Fredthedog1

    Thanks all!

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone it's been great, But as I'm constantly finding myself on here and it's taking up a larger portion off day which cant happen as I start my new job relatively soon and all my time needs to be invested in that this will be my lost post. @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz and MODS you keep doing an amazing job! STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE ALL ❤❤❤❤✌
  4. Fredthedog1

    Bilkos Fake, Fake, Fake, Real Comp

    Actually can you take me out plz @Jok3st3r
  5. Fredthedog1

    TGCs Glorious Goodwood Knockout Cup

    Actually could you take me out plz @Jok3st3r
  6. Fredthedog1

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    @groundiskey get In @1pstaker thank you as always mate
  7. Fredthedog1

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Aye that's a massive price
  8. Fredthedog1

    Today’s selections

    What did u post mate
  9. Fredthedog1

    Today’s selections

    So kind 5:45 22/1
  10. Fredthedog1

    Big Roulette Wins on Net Ent RNG European Roulette

  11. Fredthedog1

    Big Roulette Wins on Net Ent RNG European Roulette

    Why are you so eager too push WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS YOUR TRYING TOO PUSH too us! Like @howfin has stated above its @Rocknrolla forum so he can do as he feels necessary! We couldnt give two fucks!
  12. Fredthedog1

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    ASCOT 13:50 saeqia 14:25 vale of kent 15:00 dance fever 15:35 japan 16:10 media storm (NAP) YORK 14:05 Award scheme 14:40 Elarqam 15:15 Elwazir 15:50 Queen of Kalahari (NB)
  13. Fredthedog1

    Mike Tyson comeback?

    I dont think tyson has it in his nature to fuck about! He'll be going in that ring for a knockout no doubt about it imo......
  14. Fredthedog1

    Big Roulette Wins on Net Ent RNG European Roulette

    For starters WELCOME & GOODBYE Like both @david1111and @Gkell727said we dint want no shitty system So kindly shove it up ya!
  15. Fredthedog1

    20p! JAM JAR WIN! 10920x

    @ItsMeGingerD get in mate!