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  1. Gkell727


    Crazy situation. Hope to never be in that position ever again. Locals don’t get enough praise they dealt with it so well
  2. Gkell727


    Got back Monday from Rhodes. I was staying in Lindos which is where the fires were, got evacuated twice and spent 2 nights sleeping on the floor. We were one of the 300 people who managed to fly back. Very crazy experience. Glad to be back safe but staring at fires from my balcony all week has taken its toll. stay safe out there folks. Hope everyone is doing well. See picture below of the temperature it was while we was there
  3. Gkell727

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I’ve no issue with Crypto but I do that Dopey ass thumbnail on new video. Rolla slowly turning into Chip diddy Chip so don’t give him none of that lip diddy lip.
  4. Gkell727


    I bought them as a novelty from Selfridges once. Salted ants, worms and grasshoppers. Lovely with a cold beer. Even had little scorpions
  5. You could, but it’s highly unlikely. Hopefully the Mrs don’t find out
  6. His parter seems very clued up. Some may say the OP is actually the guy who made the deposit. Not me though, I’m naive like that
  7. Gkell727

    Bet365 😂

    Don’t need one with wins like that!
  8. Gkell727

    Trialling Crypto Site

    Is that an attempt at a flex?
  9. Rising costs in UK are entirely Brexit related. But when the papers mention Ukraine/Supply chain issues it makes it easier for the racists in this country to swallow the rise in everything.
  10. Shoplifting helps. I pay for £25 worth and pop the rest in my pockets. I didn’t do it prior to the costs going up
  11. Gkell727

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I’ve withdrew from a UK based casino and didn’t receive my money. I have also withdrawn from a crypto and received it. So I don’t understand where the ethical issues arise from.
  12. Gkell727

    Rolla going to Crypto

    The problem is drizzy drake only hangs around with top streamers like Roth. He’s not gonna taint his name by collaborating with a fake streamer like Rolla
  13. Gkell727

    Rolla going to Crypto

    Imagine Rolla winning 4 million dollars live streaming with Drake. That’s why Rolla will never be as good as Rothstein
  14. Gkell727

    Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

    Lots of things to take into account with this one. Diaz isn’t a boxer however he’s got skin in the game in terms of fighting. Jake’s clearly getting better though and will have undoubtedly learnt a lot from his loss to Tommy. IMO though Nate is the only value bet in straight betting at 15/8. He’s better than the odds suggest in a sport that’s not his own. The weight also suits Jake. Going to be a strange one this