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  1. Gkell727

    Currently Listening to...

    She was fucking woeful wife loved her though
  2. Gkell727

    TheBingoKingx is back... and...

    Bell brie
  3. Gkell727

    TheBingoKingx is back... and...

  4. Gkell727

    Big win shock

    Yeah I get it but where United is concerned it’a a banker mate
  5. Gkell727

    Big win shock

    Had £50 On fury rounds 4-6 so pocketed a bit and put this on.
  6. Gkell727

    Big win shock

    There again every now and then the bookies let their guard down and offer you a way to spank them. Most recently I backed Liverpool to be beating United at HT and FT they priced it 11/10 which was stupidity. I’d have put £200,000 on and would never have broken a sweat
  7. Gkell727

    Big win shock

    Well then no offence your friend is a prat
  8. Gkell727

    Pin ball machines

  9. Gkell727

    London Tomorrow! <3

    I’m not jealous I can eat a cock whenever I please thank you very much
  10. Gkell727

    London Tomorrow! <3

  11. Gkell727

    What was your favourite board game

  12. Gkell727

    The Masters 2022

    Could be yeah. Lots of holes left. I remember spieths meltdown on 12 in 2016. Your never too far away from a quadruple bogey on this course
  13. Gkell727

    The Masters 2022

    Haha nah it’s class mate. Best sporting event of the year
  14. Gkell727

    The Masters 2022

    That chip in was a bit special