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  1. Gkell727

    A happy and Wonderful Christmas 2022

    Not so sure about global, more like a Tory problem but ok
  2. Gkell727

    Tinkering on Dork Unit -- 20p

    That’s responsible gambling right there
  3. Gkell727

    Joker Troupe 🔥

  4. Gkell727

    What on Earth is this all about !!!!!!

    If Chip is the most responsible streamer, then I’m due the biggest law abider award.
  5. Gkell727

    Joker Troupe 🔥

  6. Gkell727

    Joker Troupe 🔥

  7. Gkell727

    Joker Troupe 🔥

  8. Gkell727

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    Unintentionally hilarious Although you did miss out a guy who’s making waves in the Roulette streaming world
  9. Gkell727

    Even when you win you lose

    Looks like your patience is running low with your “strategy” Wont be long now then
  10. Why do I have a feeling I’m Mr Burns
  11. Yeah yeah that’s it you’ve got it now
  12. Mate nobody gives a shit about your 0.10p spins on a roulette wheel.
  13. Gkell727

    Endorphina Support

    Don’t ever tell me what to do
  14. Gkell727

    A different approach to roulette

    I think you should put some jeopardy into this strategy. Your stake is 0.10p-0.30p if this strategy is so good increase your unit stakes. Let me know how you get on