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  1. Gkell727

    Grand Slam Darts Tip

    Thought this was an old clip he’s done it so often. Like to see him do that against Price when he’s not had his shot of steds.
  2. Gkell727

    looking to start a business

    Don’t know anything about it but business is simple buy cheap sell dear. Do the hard work now and reap the benefits later. I sacrificed everything starting my business and now the hard work is over. Hope it works out for you @blackdust
  3. Gkell727

    Winter power cuts —-heating alternative

    Given it’s Brexit Britain we should all buy one
  4. Gkell727

    Well, that's shit...

    Honesty never pays
  5. Gkell727

    What could have been

    A picture of what the Real Rock and Rolla would look like without the slots.
  6. Gkell727

    Quick Fun Darts Quiz

    How is number 3 Kevin Painter
  7. Gkell727

    Quick Fun Darts Quiz

    James Wade?
  8. Gkell727

    is this legal?

    Same here. Ran a temp of 40 last night. Heart rate of 144 and oxygen level of 90. Back on the cigs today so must be fully recovered
  9. Gkell727

    Tombstone RIP 300k x wtf

    When are you doing a £50,000 bonus hunt giveaway.
  10. Gkell727

    Tombstone RIP 300k x wtf

    Won’t be long until your labelled the new Nicola with all these silly X wins
  11. Gkell727

    Leovegas allowing bonus buys for UK residents?

    Why are people buying bonuses when the best case scenario is you get refunded
  12. Gkell727

    Piggy Riches Megaways 🐷🐷🐷🔥

    Wow that’s a unreal win. Congrats
  13. Gkell727

    Anxiety, panic attacks and triggers.

    We will need a code cracker to find out if it’s him in future. Here’s a few it could be just so we can keep an eye out. Mister_Cgi igc_retsiM
  14. Gkell727

    Anxiety, panic attacks and triggers.

    Not sure why he thinks I’m a wanker but I dare say he’s right.