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  1. 1. Biggest win = £7,834  2. Biggest X win = 887 Good luck @Rocknrolla and everyone
  2. Gkell727


    I know all that, but what a head of hair
  3. Gkell727


    Call me when there’s a RocknRolla megaways slot
  4. Gkell727


    He’s not asking to do it on the largest casino streamers channel? He’s asking to do it on Rolla’s
  5. @howfin can put a negative on that surely?
  6. Gkell727

    Not sure I believe you Oisin

    Hardly a performance enhancer, not sure what the big deal is to be fair
  7. Gkell727

    Today’s selections

    Haha all in the name of fun. sorry to hear that mate
  8. Gkell727

    Today’s selections

    Very well mate hope things with you are better. How’s the pup
  9. Gkell727

    Today’s selections

    Short break but I’m back to live in Denman’s head rent free for the foreseeable
  10. Gkell727

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    As much as he’s a petulant little shit I think the ladies reaction forced the umpires hand. Clearly an accident. Went down like she took a left hook from Tyson.
  11. Gkell727


  12. Haha won’t be long but I’m free for now. Your parents buy that pub in the end? Hope your good mate