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  1. Gkell727

    A Predator meets Psycho in MMA

    Those Russian fellas don’t lift they just inject theirselves with Cooking oil Slacking soviets
  2. Gkell727

    A Predator meets Psycho in MMA

    I swear your YouTube algorithm is the same as mine. Nearly all your uploads have either been in my recommended or are currently in it.
  3. Gkell727


    Exactly the reason I’m worried about me and the wife getting the jab. Hope it’s nothing serious mate
  4. Gkell727


    I’m visiting family in Ireland and I’ve been told no jab no fun while we are over there. @philinvicta is that the case?
  5. Gkell727

    Verified Streamer .com

    I said the exact same thing. Yet mine didn’t get the seal of approval
  6. Gkell727

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    13:55 - Mokaatil 20EW 14:30 - Ladykiller 20EW 15:05 - Makawee 10EW
  7. Gkell727

    Verified Streamer .com

    I guess literally anything I say on this topic won’t be approved.
  8. Gkell727

    Tinkering On Fruit Party 2

    Beak wetting time
  9. Gkell727

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Standing on glass and then itching my foot with my other foot
  10. Gkell727

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    13:50 - King frankel 20 WIN 14:25 - Asymmetric 20 WIN 16:10 - Robasta 30 WIN 17:20 - Nomadic empire 15 EW
  11. Gkell727

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    The quickest win I’ve had so far
  12. Gkell727

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    You couldn’t be more right
  13. Gkell727

    Goodwood Festival Comp 2021

    And @1pstaker with
  14. Gkell727

    Vaccine Passports

    I’m not as good with words as you but this is exactly how I feel mate. Most of my family have pushed me toward the vaccine even when the news was full of people in my age group etc clotting from it. IMO If you are concerned about the virus get the vaccine. It really is as simple as that
  15. Gkell727

    Verified Streamer .com

    Inglewood sounds like where CJ was from on San Andreas to be fair