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  1. Peter clark

    Tinkering with Riders of the storm 20p

    Great win and super slot with massive potential I've had a few good hits on it , one of the only slots to pay for me recently unfortunately only on on a 10p stake but it was 700x on the bonus , when the screen literally lit up with wilds x2 , was like a xmas tree , at least 8 or 9 Then lost the lot on some other crap on bigger stakes . Spew , but it was an awesome sight .
  2. Peter clark

    what a good evening

    Nice hit mate hope u had a good kip and are getting pissed again . but lay of the casinos and enjoy ur big win
  3. Peter clark

    magic mirror off it's tits

    fk me hope u got ure internet sorted never been so glad to to see a bonus end ,a bit painful to watch . Great hit
  4. Peter clark

    Millionaire 2400x. 😲😲😲😲

    A nice wee touch there mate great to see .
  5. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Newmarket 13.40 Noorban 14.10 Be More 14.45 Terebellum 15.20 LaLume Redcar 13.45 Mac Ailey 14.15 Fox Casper nap 14.50 Qaysar 15.25 Digital nb Good luck all
  6. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Newmarket 13.50 Gear Up 14.25 Sacred 15.00 Minzal 15.35 5th position Haydock 14.05 Alternative fact 14.40 Mid Winter Curragh 15.15 Ace Ausie Happy Hunting & Good luck if punting .
  7. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Newbury 13.40 Lazzuli 14.15 Good Borthday nap 14.50 Elarqam 15.25 Fivethousandtoone Ayr 13.55 Fox Chairman 14.30 Bernardo Oreilly 15.05 Perfect times nb 15.40 Spanish city e/w Good luck .
  8. Peter clark

    Old school

    Nice win blampy ur hot the now mate .keep it up Ha must have been a couple o months ago I was watching hypa playin a load of microgamin slots and decided give them a bash masel . Had a great wee sesh with them and won a few Bob to .mostly on lowish stakes but was good fun and loads of bonus's .
  9. Peter clark

    Crazy time?

    Lol if only u had invested "tree fiddy" coulda been mibeez £14 oan instead 2 nice one sarge lol.
  10. Peter clark

    Gotta love a bit of bonanza

    Well done blampy .
  11. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Doncaster 13.50 Albasheer 14.25 Meraas 15.00 Limato 15.35 Subjectivist e/w Chester 14.05 Universal order 14.40 Victory chime nb. Leopardstown 15.10 Champers elysees 16.10 Japan nap. GOOD LUCK
  12. Peter clark

    Tinkering on Bonanza 40p stakes !!

    Like ur style bud , like ursel i am in and out between wins and losses. Unfortunaley for me its the later at the moment and i am currenly self excluded But over the year so far still up and i intend to keep it that way . I agree with your strategy with different casino's , imo altho the games we luv to play cannot keep paying us out on the same sites . Smash em mate . Keepin it real
  13. Peter clark

    Tinkering on Bonanza 40p stakes !!

    Well done mate u do like a wee tinker Great to see these wins . Fantastic
  14. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    HAYDOCK 13.45 Kinross nb 14.15 Arthurian fable 14.50 Just in time 15.25 Art power nap 16.00 Came from the dark ASCOT 15.O5 Kipps 15.40 Fortamour 16.15 Via serendipit KEMPTON 14.00 Cloudbridge 14.35 Enable Happy hunting folk !! Good luck
  15. Lol the current time on ma fon 12.150 . zero added . Hope its more than double that tho GOOD LUCK .