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  1. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Cheltenham 13:45 - Samba Dancer 14:20 - domains de l'isle 14:55 - Tritonic 15:30 - bathiva 16:05 - butlers brief nap Newbury 14:00 - Noble truth 14:35 - siskany Doncaster 15:15 - bassinet boy 15:50 - parisiac 16:20 - zargun n.b B lucky everyone
  2. Peter clark

    A no limit city game actually pays?

    On the slot side of things I wouldn't advise anyone to play spooky Halloween , it's absolutely honking. Put about 3 ton thru it on 20 40 & 60ps and it is mind numbing , does hee haw , 6 teases for the bonus all lost on the gamble , eventually got one on the 60ps 12 spins for 25 x . Never even seen any streamer wins on it although I don't think angry slots has played it yet
  3. Peter clark

    A no limit city game actually pays?

    Kinda same issue myself lat year wasn't the worst , had a good few big x wins this year but most on 10p stakes or if on bigger , just getting ma dough back on a game , had some real big losses chasing a few
  4. Peter clark

    A no limit city game actually pays?

    Nice 1 rb not a bad return on 9k , absolutely brutal mate , feel ur pain , but hope the worm has turned .
  5. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Nice tipping trws & cheers 1p
  6. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Ascot:  13:25 - Baron samedi nap 14:00 - happy romance e/w 14:35 - snowfall 15:10 - Palace Pier 15:50 - Adayar 16.30 - dashing Roger e/w Gl all
  7. Peter clark

    £1 Tinkering on Fire in the hole

    Nice 1 mate , quite like that slot , one of the better nolimit games imo , as u never seem to be too far off a bonus . Enjoy
  8. Peter clark

    My story gambling from Saturday ending with a massive win

    100% resonate with ur gambling style mate , tilt rinse & repeat , get mad lock casinos , and go for it again when the red mist has lifted the next day , it can work occasionally , but when it doesn't , u end up knee deep , very dangerous . most of my big wins happen this way , u know the score , so lock the fkrs up for the foreseeable .
  9. Peter clark

    Fruit Party 2 Base Game Hit

    Good stuff mate not to be sniffed at ,wasn't to be ur day for the 256 combo , next time hopefully
  10. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Hee hee from an old fkr that teck has passed ,me by Cheers people Hope its ur turn next week
  11. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    The lucky pin strikes again ha , no single on it, volatile analyst , but need Khartoum in the 4.45 for a dollar treble , with native trail , Absolute no chance Cheers 1p and all who takes part
  12. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Newmarket 13:45 - unconquerable 14:20 - United nations 14:55 - native trail 15:35 - elysian flame nap York 14:02 - gisburn 14:37 - Bay bridge 15:15 - volatile analyst n.b B lucky everyone
  13. Peter clark

    little bash on vikings

    Tough nut to crack that fella of a slot gtfit nice one .
  14. Peter clark

    Tinkering on New Goonies !! £1

    He's either drunk that bottle of the hallowed Buckie he got sent , or he has seen the light . for his sake I hope it was the light , or both , an sum tart Has made him a promise down Bridgetown way
  15. Peter clark

    Tactics and Strategies to winning

    Remember the days when the fkrs used to tell ye it was a drop link or , a spring or a hole in ur exhaust , noo they plug the fkn hing in tae a computer and tell ye its the car or your house.