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  1. Peter clark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Aintree 14.25 M8nella Drama nap 15.00 Shiskin 15.35 Lisnaskea Oscar nb 16.15 Sam Brown 17.15 Talk is Cheap Gl folks
  2. Peter clark

    Sitcom Quiz

  3. Peter clark

    Sitcom Quiz

    5 dads army
  4. Peter clark

    Sitcom Quiz

  5. Peter clark

    Sitcom Quiz

    Calm doon see woo
  6. Peter clark

    Sitcom Quiz

    No 8 the liver birds ? Canny mind if 60s or 70s
  7. Peter clark

    official U.S Masters 2021

    Ha Ha thinking about it a golf rule book is as thick as a blacks law dictionary mate so its possible he could get penalised for ungent lemanly conduct or bad sportsmanship or something , a threw min away to make room for more cans in ma bag
  8. Peter clark

    official U.S Masters 2021

    Righto not sure on that , but I think he had the state of mind to step back from the putting surface before he did it so it wouldn't be an issue
  9. Peter clark

    official U.S Masters 2021

    Aye you would think , Nah you can actually use any club on the greens u want , greenkeepers & following players wouldn't be happy tho .
  10. Peter clark

    official U.S Masters 2021

    Yip it was 14 not 15 had an effect on my man conners too a really good chance of a birdie after an Eagle at the 13th and left it 2 foot short cant stand players that carry on like that
  11. Peter clark

    official U.S Masters 2021

    See woo kim just broke his putter on 15 after a bad chip n putt absolute divot .
  12. Peter clark

    Rise of merlin revisited £2 stake

    What u picking n the national mate & lottery numbers too if you don't mind Seriously tho nice win gtfit
  13. Peter clark

    Fishing Frenzy went crazy

    Aye 5 hunner is just tinkering wye that game n not in a @Solario333 sort of way more like a wee tickle Should be renamed beat the beast , which in ma eyes is on a par wye it
  14. Peter clark

    official U.S Masters 2021

    Bet corey conners e/w best odds 80/1 on unibet after checking oddschecker , equal best odds with 365 l Musta fecked up as I stuck another couple o quid on at 175/1 ,on 365 at 175/1 just b4 kick off 1st thought he had fecked up his start but no hadn't teed off So if nothing else a wee bit of value . Tied 20th on +1 gotta do better on the par 5s 1 over ffs Get yer finger out corey . Good luck to yeh aahll , David yer a muppet n kev stop joanahn folk
  15. Peter clark

    my recent (during covid) doa2 winnings

    Hate show offs jammy kent gtfit