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    Feck me blampy , dont blame u mate (whisperin bob ross) my rs, more like glen micheal , turned Into cartoon feckin cavalcade lol geat sporting Integrity shown as always tho . Never In doubt In my mind mate
  2. Peter clark

    Jammin Jars MEGA

    Lumpin fudge seriously nice hit , well done
  3. Peter clark


    Well done mate cheers for the lesson . Anyone know how u treat ring sting
  4. Peter clark

    Finding value and other questions

    Good luck mate , looks to me like you have done the most important thing of all ,and that is going into this game with your eyes and ears , fully open. There lots of great advice from everyone here, and i only wish i had taken some time out to have done something similar .keep it fun and enjoy .
  5. Peter clark

    Football Chants

    Who's the bastard in the pink lol
  6. Peter clark


    Gon ursel bilks peice o pish mate , geez another video , keep ur mind aff that gamblin shite
  7. Peter clark

    Slot Machine Question.

    What I have always wondered is how can a provider guarantee a casino a profit oo any game supplied if they are not ultimately predetermined. eg when a casino buys the game is the game reset so the math ensures they can't lose from the outset ? on a game like doa2 , how can a provider guarantee a casino that the game will not pay out squillions at the earliest period on their rental/lease and leave them in the shit if said game goes out of fashion , and they cant recoup their losses Defo predetermined and like hacks says different stakes = another wheel or pool of outcomes dunno if it is x stake or just £ value
  8. Peter clark

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Oh my god , oh my god, oh my god oh my god , how much fookin hell guys on a £2 stake ohhhhhh myyyyy godddddddd fanny
  9. Peter clark

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Only in the bath for 2 hours n some fkr wants a piss .
  10. Peter clark

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Nah thats coatbrig mate poundland ugg boots are a dead giveaway
  11. Peter clark

    Currently Listening to...

    no a bad wee chanter either!!
  12. Peter clark

    Currently Listening to...

    totcheck the pipes out on this yin !! Not to shabby on the ol geeetaar anaw.
  13. Peter clark

    bonus buys

    HaHa I do realise eire Is not part of the uk and this message was meant to read as would , muppet lol .