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  1. Blampy

    Self excluded

    Good luck mate and sorry to hear it got so bad but big congrats for realising and taking the stance. You’re a top bloke on here and there will be many in need of your wise words and encouragement. All the best mon ami
  2. Blampy

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    One question @Miller26 , how many times have you won the Saturday tipping comp?
  3. Blampy

    Legacy of Ra MegaWays 1249x

    Try the Irish lottery much better odds
  4. Blampy

    Legacy of Ra MegaWays 1249x

    I can see why I’m winning feck all now. Awesome hit.
  5. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Just had an e/w punt on your shout
  6. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Claire Balding more like
  7. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    It’s in a patent with crotchet and shakespearsgalley
  8. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    The little clarinet in with a shout in the 14.20 me thinks
  9. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Qabala for me with the better ground
  10. Blampy

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Just one. MINT mate feckin mint.
  11. Blampy

    I'm new but old

    Welcome mate. I remember being 44 once.
  12. Blampy

    Hi Everyone.

    Welcome mon ami
  13. Blampy

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Congrats @Marky147 awesome way to mark your return, well done @Crunchienut and @groundiskey . Sterling work as ever @1pstaker with the scoring cheers mate