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  1. Blampy

    Brownman's World Cup Rugby Competition

    Didn’t we beat your number 1 ranked team with our reserves
  2. Blampy

    kong megaways

  3. Blampy

    kong megaways

    More like smashed it for another 9 grand
  4. Blampy

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Arsenal feckin useless
  5. Blampy

    Going Racing

    Welcome buddy
  6. Awesome gesture @david1111 . See I knew you was a top bloke GTFIT
  7. Blampy

    Currently Listening to...

    Mrs B playing bonanza
  8. Blampy

    Streaming FiFa2020

    Do it and the is only one name you need, TGC. FC
  9. Blampy


    Well done @Player1173 nicely done. @MrUKHackz has the money. @Crunchienut and @1pstaker many thanks for your hard work
  10. Blampy

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    @Player1173 on fire mate. Cheers @1pstaker
  11. Blampy

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    @Dave @Solario333 Turjomaan is a non runner I believe
  12. Blampy

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    DONCASTER 13:50 - Green Power (e/w) 14:25 - Azano 15:00 - Royal Crusade (nap) 15:35 - Logician  CHESTER 14:05 - Ben Vrackie CHELMSFORD 14:45 - Lethal Lunch (nb)
  13. Not been following chaps I'm at work. @david1111 congratulations mate you deserve it well played bud. Lost to one of top blokes on here. He's always there for advice will always listen. All this while fighting his own demons. Absolute example of what this forum is all about. Congrats again mon ami. @RichieFC when you posted this comp I thought what the feck, how wrong was I I thoroughly enjoyed it cheers mate.