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  1. Blampy

    Happy Birthday Brownman24

    Many happy returns buddy
  2. Blampy

    Jammin Jars

    Some run mate. Nice one
  3. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Mate why not take a timeout
  4. Well I don't mind saying I have a little sausage
  5. Blampy

    Comeback session

    Great stuff mon ami GTFIT
  6. Blampy

    Bounce Back

    Don't think you get offered a permanent contract till you complete your probationary period
  7. Blampy

    Bounce Back

    Stay strong pal. Been through similar circumstances myself over the last 10 months apart from losing my house and wife. Booze and gambling ain't the answer as you well know. Can't really add to what's already been said just stay strong and stay safe.
  8. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Ruby Yeats didn't
  9. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Ruby Yeats, Jobsgreen Lad and The Dawn Man. Small e/w patent
  10. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    That's my final selection in my e/w lucky15
  11. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Places for me to but then mine are e/w bets
  12. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Go have a good dump
  13. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Feck me don't go with anything I mention the way I'm rolling at the moment
  14. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Invincible gift is involved with a lucky15
  15. Blampy

    Today’s selections

    Not testosterone then?