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  1. People slagging him off for not liking England why? Hes Scottish so why should he say anything different?
  2. VillaLad

    Ronaldo or messi

    I don’t think it makes a difference that he’s only played in Spain if messi came to the premier league he would rip every defence a new 1 the bloke gets fouled an awful lot he just gets back up and carries on ronaldo gets shoulder barged and rolls around on the floor like there’s a sniper in the stands and I don’t like that kind of behaviour on the pitch. And whoever said Suarez need I say more?
  3. VillaLad

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    The only thing I need Scotland for is to take the piss out of
  4. VillaLad

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

  5. VillaLad

    Ronaldo or messi

    Messi for me all day I watched a program about him the other month and what he has achieved is unbelievable considering he nearly even never made it as a footballer because he had a growth problem and had to have injections from a young age the bloke is just a fantastic footballer and his record speaks for itself.
  6. VillaLad

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    The fact of the matter is the E.U need Britain more than Britain needs them. Anybody who thinks that would let us leave with a good deal is deluded. What chance of a good deal did we ever have when we have a remainer doing the negotiations? They way we have gone about this has been completely wrong. What we should do now is get someone with some balls and basically just say this is what we want if you don’t give it us we leave with no deal it’s that simple. May has come back with a deal with a deal which keeps us half in and half out of the EU which will suit those in Brussels fine, I say fuck that and just leave with no deal. Btw I voted leave
  7. @Kinkerbells your going down like your knickers
  8. VillaLad


    Nobody likes the grammar police I think we all know what game he’s on about
  9. VillaLad

    Joint community home game!

    Received cheers pal
  10. VillaLad

    Joint community home game!

    @o0ORyaanO0o you came 2nd unlucky mate next time I’ll remember not to give you all my chips with pkt 10’s when I run into aces Was a good game tho I enjoyed it
  11. VillaLad

    Time off work with a budget 🤔

    i done that for work last year
  12. VillaLad

    Time off work with a budget 🤔

    Have a week long wank
  13. VillaLad

    Today’s selections

    I had the forecast with my selection in the comp but I don’t want to think about that as it will tilt me
  14. VillaLad

    Today’s selections

    Just had the last 2 quid in my account on big time dancer GTFIT
  15. VillaLad

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Warwick 13:50 Secret Investor 14:25 Rockpoint 15:00 Cogry (NAP) 15:35 Lugarno Palace Kempton 14:05 Charbel 14:40 Solomon Grey (NB) 15:15 Bally Longford