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  1. VillaLad

    What is the best way to bet on horse racing ?

    Every day is a school day bigman I’ve learnt something new today. Never in my 43 years on this earth have I heard that word before.
  2. VillaLad

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    CHELTENHAM 13:20 Amarillo Sky Ew 13:50 Coole Cody NAP 14:25 Ahoy Senor 15:00 Molly Ollie’s Wishes 15:35 Rock My Way DONCASTER 14:05 Finest View EW 14:40 Twig NB 15:15 Demachine Good luck Everyone
  3. It’s Ronny Pickering “let’s have a bare knuckle then”
  4. @RouletteMonkey you said this and I agreed that you have a point
  5. Like you keep saying If that’s the case stop pushing your system then, it’s ok for people to not agree with it there’s absolutely no point in arguing about it, you obviously thinks it works others are sceptical, this forum has loads of people from all walks of life who between us all have seen or heard it all before. Your at risk of people thinking your a complete idiot, us here will give anyone the time of day and help out when we can with advice or whatever someone needs so my advice to you is just chill out get involved with the many topics that come up and stop pushing this amazing system
  6. Never mind that where’s my fifty quid
  7. Well if you think that you’ve got this amazing system why aren’t you getting rich off it? You’ve come on here not taking no for an answer so to speak, what do you expect us to do? Put all our money on this amazing system? If your so sure it works put your own money where your mouth is rather than winning £5 in 1000 spins it’s just fucking ridiculous
  8. Well in all fairness if your betting on roulette then I’d call that GAMBLING. Wether you bet 20p or £200 it’s still gambling, So you are in fact a gambler
  9. @Blacko you have a knack for finding MMA fighters
  10. I’m skint so I agree you’ve got a point when will I get the £50 by
  11. VillaLad

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Lingfield 1:37 - Marion’s Boy NAP 2:12 - Million Thanks 2:47 - Makinmedoit 3:22 - Pop Dancer Nb
  12. VillaLad

    Do gambling companies really care?

    There isn’t even a bookies near me either
  13. VillaLad

    Do gambling companies really care?

    Looks like I’m gonna have to she can’t remember any of them
  14. VillaLad

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    @groundiskey @Dave @Jok3st3r @philinvicta @Blampy @Frosty @Aarongeorge1989 @Mad Slasher McGurk respond with a thumbs up by 12:30 there’s been more races added starting at 1:07 navan