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  1. VillaLad

    Will things get back to normal...

    I’m nice like that
  2. VillaLad

    Lampard Sacked!

    All you Chelsea fans must agree with me then as nobody wants to argue the case BTW he was a great player but I stick by the other 2 statements
  3. VillaLad

    Will things get back to normal...

    Ffs I was gonna come n let your tyres down too
  4. VillaLad

    Lampard Sacked!

    Shit player, shit manager, and a small shit club I couldn’t care less.
  5. VillaLad

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Na you’ve got every chance mate be positive keeeeemon
  6. VillaLad

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Good luck champ
  7. VillaLad

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    ASCOT 13:15 - Eglantine Du Seuil 13:50 - Lightly Squeeze (Nb) 15:00 - Espoir De Guye 15:35 - Defi Du Seuil TAUNTON 14:10 - The Mighty Don (NAP) HAYDOCK 13:30 - Anythingforlove 14:40 - Sam’s Adventure 15:15 - Ballyandy
  8. VillaLad

    Thank you TGC and it's experienced members

    Well done mate, please don’t go and give it them back. I’ve been in this situation many times and the majority of the time I have given it them back thinking im invincible. The feeling you get when you don’t give it them back and do something with the winnings is hard to describe but it is a good feeling. Don’t forget there is no rush to gamble it’s not going to disappear overnight, you can now hopefully have a bet everyday for the foreseeable future to “get your fix” but please deposit sensibly and stick to your limits everyday, Hopefully you will have a few winning days withdraw the difference and then your freerolling for the day. Congrats on your win
  9. How many are in the group? Hopefully 9
  10. VillaLad

    Magic Mirror oooooosh

    She’s a woman all they do is feckin moan
  11. VillaLad

    Magic Mirror oooooosh

    GTFIT mate great hit
  12. 1. Aston Villa 3 vs 0 Newcastle United 2. Brighton 3 vs 0 Blackpool 3. Aberdeen 2 vs 0 Motherwell 4. Manchester Ushited 1 vs 2 Liverpool 5. Livingston 2 vs 0 St Mirren 6. Bournemouth 3 vs 0 Crawley Town
  13. No mate I don’t play tactical I just wanted to know who I’ll be beating that’s all