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  1. VillaLad

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    The most pointless things invented what’s the point blowing leaves from 1 place to another
  2. VillaLad

    So today……….

    Could be worse it could be indoor bowls with all the coffin dodgers
  3. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I used to play crown green bowls years ago might take that up again
  4. VillaLad

    Charlotte Jones

    Mate I get lost at cartmel watching it on the telly what a strange course
  5. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I’d rather rub my gonads with stinging nettles fuck fishing
  6. VillaLad

    So today……….

    Yeah gonna have a break mate Got to try n occupy my mind with something else might do a bit of gardening I’d go for a walk but I’m still getting really breathless I’ll see how I feel
  7. VillaLad

    So today……….

    Mate I just tell it how it is I’ll never sugarcoat it or put it down. As you say the hardened gamblers have all been where I am now the only difference is I’m having all these emotions sat on my settee and not the lonely walk back home from the bookies or wherever. I will try n learn from it but I’ll most probably do it again it’s just in the blood I’m a gambler that’s it and I need that endorphin rush.
  8. VillaLad

    So today……….

    Shit the secrets out
  9. VillaLad

    Food Glorious Food

    Oh man those chips look lovely and the burger too
  10. VillaLad

    So today……….

    It was 45 mins actually
  11. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I’m recovering from an illness at the minute and I have done my shopping I’ll eat ok
  12. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I’m only intelligent when I’m playing possum
  13. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I know I’m a brummie but fuck me I ain’t that thick
  14. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I’ve gotta be hard on myself it’ll be the only way to try n not do it again I’m just feeling sorry for myself right now I’ll be fine tomorrow. @david1111 don’t worry I’m not gonna do anything silly as you said we’ve all been here before many a time and as for gamstop it’ll never happen as gambling is one of the few things I enjoy I’ve just got to moderate it that’s all, hopefully this will be the kick up the arse I needed
  15. VillaLad

    So today……….

    I completely done my bollocks I have been doing alright on the whole of not going too mad but I started last week and since then it’s been non stop up till 4-5 in the morning betting on American, Aussie racing throw in club hipico and any other racing that’s goin on at them times couple that with morning dogs here and the racing and was just on a path of self destruction, I knew I wouldn’t stop until it’s all gone. I’m now sat here with all these thoughts goin through my head the guilt the telling myself I’m a complete prick the what the fuck did I do that for the what’s the point in carrying on, I can’t believe what a complete idiot I’ve been. Anyway this is not an attention seeking post I know full well what a bellend I’ve been and have nobody to blame but my stupid self. I will never use gamstop or anything similar I just won’t. I do have deposit limits set on some sites but not all yes I know it’s daft and should have them on all sites I use if I’m not willing to do the gamstop route. FFS what a twat