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  1. I swear I’m the unluckiest person in the world
  2. Fuck me we just need the other fat scamming prick to turn back up who sold everyone hotel rooms in Blackpool.
  3. I hate it when this happens I never do the combo tricast. Trap 2 led all the way 6 was in 2nd followed by 1 and 5 but trap 2 folded by the line 2- 6/4 6- 6/1 5- 7/1 Tricast payed £100 would have been a bit lower if the fav had won but still would have had it 8.71 times ffs
  4. Had a nice EW double up 4 places and 5 places they finished 4th n 5th still about £60 down for the day though but it certainly helps
  5. Na I’m the most unluckiest person going, I could back a horse in a walkover and all it has to do is start to win the fucker would refuse to race
  6. You’ve got all those horses to pick from and you pick an 8/15 fav ffs cmon @groundiskey your better than that
  7. Good stuff mate hope you hit a few today too keeeeeeemon
  8. Mate no need to be sorry All my mates growing up we’re lovely kids I’ve seen virtually all of them get hooked on drugs it’s not nice seeing the pain in there mothers eyes knowing she can’t do anything for them. Gambling ruins lives and families too, of course it does but what can we do? At the end of the day it’s up to the addict to help themselves first and foremost
  9. Chin up mate fuck the slots I get what your saying though there is literally zero enjoyment this is why I can’t do small stakes like 20p I just can’t see the point, it’s not as if you can get an hour’s gameplay to actually enjoy it a little. I don’t go mad with stakes if I play slots it’s usually between 60p-£1
  10. Have you just said drug dealing is a small crime? I lost my brother to drugs and drugs ruin lives, families, if I could get my hands on the bloke who sold him it he’d be 6ft under too. The fact is we’re living in a generation of addicts virtually everyone I know is an addict of some sort something needs to change.
  11. I’m gonna have a bet today Gonna do Coltrane and Trueshan in RFC Trueshan has had a wind op which might make all the difference from its last few runs also gonna do Coltrane in a single.
  12. Not had a bet at Ascot I’m trying to be a good boy but believe me the struggle is real
  13. It’s a good thing though for me cause now I think fuck depositing £20 there’s no point and it stops me doing it, tbf I’m not a massive slots person once I start I can’t stop so usually that £20 will go on a dog/horse.
  14. Your joking ain’t ya there all fav backing Fannie’s
  15. I’d love to know your secret if I deposit £20 it’s gone in about 2 minutes. Saying that I can’t play 20p spins as it don’t float my boat winning £2.40 during a bonus.
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