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  1. Just now, andywilliams1187 said:

    Thats the part that really annoys me though mate - half the people that glue themselves to the motorways are the same ones that moan the next day that Tesco doesnt have their favourite gluten free, environmentally friendly (tastes like shit) meal deal in. Yes it's becuase the lorry is stuck on the M25 lol. 

    That didn't take long, just heard a lady was trapped with her son for 6hrs on the M25 while having a stroke and the hospital have said she will be paralysed down the left hand side of her body for the rest of her life, if she'd got there earlier she would be fine 😞 

  2. 4 minutes ago, andywilliams1187 said:

    The only thing i am surprised at is that no pissed off truck driver has ran them all over. 

    What really pisses me off with this is that the police were actually slowing down traffic to allow them to get on the motorway. 

    They are protesting about insulating homes/grants etc which are already available. They should just be shot on site in my opinnion. 

    I was just hypothesising about the knock on effect, there will be mail, perishable goods, ill people, allsorts trapped on the motorway

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  3. 1 minute ago, Solario333 said:

    I sure people will get paid .... but why is so much info needed ???? 

    Unfortunately it's the usual answer, the minority have spoiled it for the majority, if you saw what some of these criminal groups try to pull at casinos you'd see why they are so strict now. Of course on top of that in the UK they have all the SOW due diligence to deal with as well.

    However I agree about 888, they have been pulling stunts since the start of online gambling. In fact I once won over 6k and only got £500 because of some smallprint I chose to ignore about max bonus conversion, put me off for life! 

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Blacko said:

    That would be my reaction, knock ur self out hardman. Wouldn't stop ole blacko finishing his Glenfiddich.


    There's a 50% chance if my old man was there that someone's getting tackled, preemptively struck and placed under some sort of citizens arrest! :Mutley:


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