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  1. Bangers

    The true cost of gambling

    Just PM'ing some folks Not a return Hope you are well girl
  2. Bangers

    The true cost of gambling

    Take Care Champ And great you have gave up those evil cigs Gave up myself back in 2012 - been clean 7 years proving that fight can be won
  3. Bangers

    Can You beat The Bookies

    I've tried to beat them probably most of my life and in my opinion the high street bookmakers are all scum, anything remotely above the mug punter is simply not desired or welcomed and let me explain why. I always try and visit my local Ladbrokes because from all the many shops in the town i have always found the staff in Ladbrokes really decent and I even have a few friends who work for Ladbrokes that i became friends with, good people who enjoy a laugh etc. Now going back a few years I kept getting offered a Grid card but my mind works different to most and from day 1 i was offered the grid card i turned it down for this one reason, a grid card starts to record data, anyway a good few weeks ago 1 of the staff kept banging on about the grid card and I said Yes ok give me one, she does her thing and the card is in my hand within seconds, even when i get home i have email from Ladbrokes with all their good wishes and all the usual bollocks i have no time for, and if anyone cares to read the grid card small print ''ALL BETS ARE CAPPED at £200 for BOG, it was once £2000 in store then £1000 then down to £500 and now it's £200 Sure this year I've lost many times and had my fingers burnt a few times but I'm nearly 50 and so i know the risks and will always do my own thing, but I've also had some really good wins and over the last few weeks have gradually upped things YIPP sometimes in chase mode but again when I've gone in heavy it's from many hours of my own research and the odd bit of good info from someone else. My online account with Ladbrokes was verified a long time ago but i still prefer doing large bets in a shop, I'm old school and prefer having that slip in my hand that i can either fling n the bin or hand over in exchange for my cash, So since I've had the grid card I've pushed the boundaries a few times with the odd staff member by placing the odd large bet by getting them to put through the same horse lets say three times so i can still get the BOG with the grid card, this staff member is also leaving and I always repay the the favor, the way i see it is I'm just attempting to play the system - Example - 3 separate bets of £200 but all on the same horse, should the price drift I'm good and I'm also guessing No problem if the horse loses BUT CARDS leave DATA! and over the last few weeks some wins have been getting noticed and the other staff members I've hinted about doing this have just said No, I understand that and don't want to see anyone get fired. Anyway i do a few online bets Yesterday and day before as well as the same horses in the Shop but not massive stake but still tasty and tonight I got restricted. I'll still visit the shop but I think as of today I'll stop using the grid card and just take my chances with the odds, or split my stake in half and have one bet on with the price and one at SP It's a cat and mouse game but one thing is certain ......................You won't incur a single problem IF YOU ARE LOSING! Hope everyone is doing well and this is just a pit-stop visit so take care Cheers
  4. Bangers

    Currently Listening to...

    Take care folks and all the very best of luck for the future
  5. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    14:40 Newmarket - Ma Diva @ 5/1 Danger - Rose of Kildare @ 12/1
  6. Bangers

    Funny Shit

  7. Bangers


    Best of luck to those that made the final
  8. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    16:15 Goodwood - King Of Athens @ 2/1 NAP 17:05 Chelmsford - Luxford @ 5/1
  9. Bangers

    Brownman still AWOL?

    He will be found
  10. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Busy tomorrow so sadly passing over all the daytime racing and best of luck with Yur bets 2 Scat Daddy's for Friday evening 19:30 HQ - Daddy's Daughter E/w for me @ 7/1 20:00 HQ - Art Song Win Bet @ 11/4 NAP
  11. Bangers

    Remember the day.

    PMSL Neighmarket Looked at some of the riders names one day and they were pretty good, was like Frankie McCoy and Pat Fallon etc Wonder what they take in from these kind of races and surely it's also just a form of FOBT that escapes the £2 limit I've bet on two of these races in my life and was purely on the names, 2nd and other was last
  12. Bangers

    TGC Merchandise

    How much for the lot as they are ?, as we at Bangers enterprises we are branching out into other areas .
  13. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    My last for the day, best of luck in the rest of Yur bets Troops 20:30 Epsom - Poets Magic @ 7/2
  14. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Had a cracking day mate Nuff said
  15. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    What a fecking day Smashed the Gosden runner in Race 1 at Goodwood Tasty bet on Hat's off to Harry in 16:00 Nottingham And why OH WHY was Foveros ever 3/1 ...............GET THE FECK IN THERE And how cool was Brendan Powell just now on Camaplu at Stratford ..................I fecking love BOG ...................Get the fudge in there - 6 to feckin 1 We don't need Ryan Moore my lad Get in there