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  1. Bangers

    Rocknrolla LIVE Poker!!!

    The very best of luck to him
  2. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    16:55 Leopardstown - Homeless Songs Take care folks
  3. Bangers

    Rocknrolla LIVE Poker!!!

    Is he a member on here ? Never hear of the fella
  4. Bangers

    Funny Shit

    @Gkell727 Put this up on the tread before but it's pure class mate
  5. Bangers

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    This email from Scottish Power ''Untouchable Cartel mobsters'' What it really means is this - We're pleased to see that the Government has found us some lube, so YES we'll still be buggering you silly as we're a bunch of out of control PRICKS, but we've been FORCED to apply a small amount of lube
  6. Bangers

    Funny Shit

    @Gkell727 Awesome story
  7. Bangers


    He never lost any sweat over that 12 million
  8. Bangers


    This news is sure to dominate the headlines BUT we must not forget Blacko is still missing
  9. Bangers


    It's one of those moments in life Where were you exactly when auld Queenie died ? . . .
  10. Bangers

    The Joys of Motoring

  11. Bangers

    The Joys of Motoring

    We're all in this together Us and the billionaires
  12. Bangers

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Used to be some videos floating about Youtube a few years back when British Gas were bouncing in people doors in the style of the drug squad so they could fit smart meters Some people were in bought properties and sued them and it didn't make for good business or viewing
  13. Bangers

    The Joys of Motoring

    To pay gas & electric ?