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  1. Bangers

    Tinkering On Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels

    Wait till you hit 50 I'll not spoil it but I was shocked at the price of adult pampers
  2. Bangers

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    The sheer anger and hate I have towards Scottish Power Even right now in my town centre they have a trailer set-up attempting to get new customers, when they walk my way I just tell them tae fcuk right off They really are a bunch of clowns, had zero problems for about 17 years but the last 3 years they have been shocking in every way possible, and NOPE it's not racist but every single time I get a response it's an Asian name, some of the responses make no sense so we obviously have a language barrier. From what I gather they were took over years ago by some Spanish outfit and call centres in Bangladesh is just a way of them paying the least amount possible, I mean imagine if that was the other way about, Asian people contacting Scottish people in a call centre, it just doesn't fecking work. Id love a face to face with these feckers that think these things up so I can explain in a manner they would maybe understand, typing emails is a waste of time, but they really are a bunch of jokers that have went rapidly downhill. I can't even be arsed switching as lets face it most of them are a bunch of fooking fudgers ------- Look at the name And that's all you get now, total feckin Joke
  3. Bangers


    Bit of a legal minefield
  4. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    14:35 Musselburgh - Lady Raeburn Danger - Fast Response, Different trainers, Same Owner. 15:00 Brighton - Tyger Bay E/w Bet 15:35 Brighton - Apache Jewel
  5. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Not many at that party lol
  6. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    It's a bit of a strange time at the moment Weird part of the season and will only get weirder
  7. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    20:07 Sandown - Biggles Bad feeling about this, self harm
  8. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    I just tip them Not train them lol
  9. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    He got going a bit late
  10. Bangers

    A Predator meets Psycho in MMA

    Watched a few with that Schoolboy Lad
  11. Bangers


    He'll not be in any Government stats that's for sure The numbers this lot chuck about is comical at times, same with all the figures that cross the channel, what they don't have is all the figures on the people that made it over then just disappeared, or the ones that made over successfully in the back of a truck. Hope things improve fella and in speedy time, keep us posted eh
  12. Bangers

    A Predator meets Psycho in MMA

    It might have something to do with the word ............Psycho
  13. Bangers

    A Predator meets Psycho in MMA

    @Gkell727 .