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  1. Bangers

    Funny Shit

  2. Bangers

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Publicity that got people talking about the named bookmakers / Casino Maximum affect due to the volume of people watching at a certain time of the season The biggest audience, LARGE Target I still say BS
  3. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    15:50 Leicester - Polyphonic E/w Bet
  4. Bangers

    Football Acca Bets Here

    IMO for what little that is worth I think it's all utter BS It always appears to be some customer form two well known online firms AND it's ALWAYS around some big horse racing event or football It's like free publicity Ever see the customer ? Just clever marketing and in today's world these people are thinking of everything
  5. Bangers

    Funny Shit

  6. Bangers

    Funny Shit

  7. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    I just watched it Phil Yeh was never at the races but Id still keep a little eye on her future races, she'll get something Winner looked match fit See Dettori got beat too on his only ride I did back Mother Earth back at the end of March but I was in daft chase mode but other than that Irish racing is banned, I was going through waaay too many tubes of burns cream Irish horses over here yeh but on Irish turf, I'll pass
  8. Bangers

    Funny Shit

  9. Bangers

    WTF! Moments

    Paws on that thing Kind has a human like face if you look hard enough
  10. Bangers

    WTF! Moments

    @Kinkerbells Now she'd have mans back in a bar brawl
  11. Bangers

    Mental 66666x Time to give up!!

    Mmmm Every individual can only decide for themselves what is real and what isn't fella, I've done a lot of digging over the months and shall only play certain cards at certain times
  12. Bangers

    Mental 66666x Time to give up!!

    @tyketkd That is some insane luck
  13. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    @Mad Slasher McGurk Id stick with a couple from that 1pm
  14. Bangers

    San Quentin Paytime!

    @tyketkd That is some insane luck Are you connected to any Casinos or the likes ?
  15. Bangers

    Dragonfall 13228x £26456.10

    @tyketkd That is some insane luck