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  1. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz @Crunchie Any chance of removing this disturbed member What does this guy have to say or do to get kicked off ? C'Mon Enough of this - This site can be better than this
  2. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Dude Your nuts So much guess work Get some Help man
  3. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    What with Exeter being off I've just put returned stake on the Nap @ 3/1
  4. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Get that medication down you
  5. Bangers

    1.45 Fairyhouse

    Shit happens mate
  6. Bangers

    Funny Shit

    Flat face Cnut ha ha ha
  7. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    EH WIT WHAT Me No speak Gnome
  8. Bangers

    Today’s selections

    Yip That's what made the old now removed staff a lot more on the ball They were a bit more stealth and taking and giving .............discreet I'm No stranger to trouble but I'd still rather return home without getting into scenes from scar face lol