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  1. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Great stuff @Solario333, thanks as always @1pstaker
  2. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    ASCOT13:15 - Roksana13:50 - Janika NB15:00 - Dashel Drasher 15:35 - First Flow EWTAUNTON14:10 - Yala Enke HAYDOCK13:30 - Nada To Prada14:40 - Royal Pigalle NAP15:15 - Buveuer D'Air GL all
  3. Mad Slasher McGurk


    Is it the PCR test?, even the creator of the test has said it's not being used correctly and is giving a massive percentage of false positives, appatently the cycling amount is ramped up so highly it detects the debris from flu vaccines from years ago so it stands to reason it could easily pick up on the recent covid vaccination debris.
  4. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Liverpool v Manchester utd

    I don't have Sky mate so I was not watching, just using the pitch overview on Skybet. Nice result though happy days.
  5. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Liverpool v Manchester utd

    I did it on Skybet a but they are miserable when it comes to cashing out. I used to do these bets with Betfair and they were great for a cash out, for every ten minutes that passed the odds changed a point to the other side of the bet so a 0-0 at 16/1 could be cashed out as an 8/1 at half time. One day I forgot I was logged in under a proxy and they froze my account and because I thought I could do with a time out on the slots anyway I never bothered reopening it. Come the last ten minutes I might stick a tenner on both sides as a hedge if it's still 0-0.
  6. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Liverpool v Manchester utd

    I've got £20 on 0-0 at 16/1, figure this will be a tense cagey affair given the circumstances for both teams.
  7. Aston Villa 2 - 0 Newcastle UnitedBrighton 2 - 1 BlackpoolAberdeen 2 - 1 MotherwellManchester 1 - 2 LiverpoolLivingston 2 - 1 St MirrenBournemouth 3 - 0 Crawley Town
  8. Better not come in fourth then or you will never hear the end of it.
  9. What a comp, what a guy. I agree with Miller, far too generous you could easily reign this in. Not many people got 10,000 plus points so that looks easier to win so I will be back with my selections once I have carpet bombed the forums with 10,000 spam comments.
  10. Mad Slasher McGurk


    I imagine this to be much like the FOBTs and the slots where £2 stake gets you double height symbols or a bonus respin if you land 2x bonus symbols where any lesser stake won't do this. The reality is you usually just get an extra percentage point in the RTP, it goes up from 91 to 92 or suchlike and it's still just a case of it drops when it's due to drop.
  11. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    GTFIT @Fredthedog1, Thanks as always @1pstaker
  12. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    WARWICK 13.50 - Next Destination 14.25 - Make Me A Believer NAP 15.00 - Captain Chaos 15. 35 - Come On Teddy Market Rasen 14.05 - Oscars Leader 14.40 - On The Blind Side NB 15.15 - Grangee GL all
  13. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Coping Mechanisms

    Take care mate
  14. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Coping Mechanisms

    It is something to do with the personality, the number of times I am in profit but just can't stop, then you end up cursing yourself because you never stopped when you were up.
  15. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Coping Mechanisms

    So have I mate, Years ago I used to run service acommodation blocks and the chefs used to bring me boxes of biscuits if I gave them a good room and for about 9 months solid I lived on custard creams and bourbon bisuits, I would have killed for some noodles.