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  1. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @Dave and @stressfree, thanks as always @1pstaker and @Jok3st3r
  2. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    CHELTENHAM 13:20 - Energumene 13:50 - Brave Seasca EW 14:25 - Protektorat NB 15:00 - Gelino Bello 15:35 - Henri the Second DONCASTER 14:05 - Salsada EW 14:40 - Stay Away Fay 15:15 - GA Law NAP Gl all
  3. Mad Slasher McGurk

    The Ukraine situation

    I personally think they have been extremely tolerant of all the continual provocations, Putin gives his red lines, and then he warns, then he warns again, and again and again and again and only then does he do what he said he would do. I also think contrary to Western narrative Putin is actually a moderate and if Putin does go you there is the possibility you might get someone far worse. If Ukraine joined NATO and they then did their usual routine of basing nukes pointed at Russia that's only a 10 minute fllight time into Russia, when the West eventually catches up to the Hypersonic missile technology that then becomes a 2 minute flight time to Moscow. I for one don't want any decision making on retaliation be it genuine or false alarm down to a window of 2 minutes. The days of picking up the direct line phone and sorting out misunderstandings would be over. Lets not forget it's the US not Russia that is promoting the first strike policy as a viable military option and it was the US that withdrew from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty not Russia. As far as reasons go for invading a country I've seen worse.
  4. Mad Slasher McGurk

    The Ukraine situation

    Also either Russia is a weak incompetent military, with no munitions left who are being beaten by Ukraine or they are going to breeze through Europe if not stopped, which one is it because it can't be both?
  5. Mad Slasher McGurk

    The Ukraine situation

    I think we are already at war with Russia, if WW3 does come about it will be interesting to see where exactly the history books will say it began.
  6. Mad Slasher McGurk

    The Ukraine situation

    Attacking a NATO country gives full and justifiable, legal and lawful reasons to instigate Article 5.
  7. Mad Slasher McGurk

    The Ukraine situation

    This is it, Russia controls the air and so far they have not really been making full use of this advantage. Surovikin was recently replaced as commander of all Russian forces in Ukraine by Valery Gerasimov and the Western media framed a narrative that this was because he was incompetent but Surovikins speciality is air warfare and he is only being moved into a position where his skills can be better utilised because the Russians realise the time to move into heavier air combat is approaching.
  8. Mad Slasher McGurk

    The Ukraine situation

    Putin must go puts me in mind of Assad must go and it's entirely possible Zelensky might go before Putin does, something is going on what with practically his entire cabinet being removed or resigning for corruption and that helicoper crash that took out his Interior Minister and much of the Ministery staff, even Klitshcko is starting to lose patience with Zelensky. I think things are getting way out hand. Putin thought Ukraine would come to terms immediately after his initial attack and the atrocities carried out against the Donbass region would stop and it would be safely returned to Russia, he never envisaged the collective West being prepared to fight to the last Ukranian or the Ukranians actually being willing to go along with it which it appears they are coming to the realisation they are not. In turn the West thought Russia would collapse immediately under heavy sanctions and they never envisaged that the Russian economy was far more resiliant than they realised or that many other nations would ignore the order to completely shun them. This is what happens when the sanctioned world becomes larger than the unsanctioned world and every country that's ever been the victim of Western shitfuckery is secretly rooting for Russia. So the long game plays out and it's one the Russians have prepared for and the West has not. It's ultimately going to have to end up with boots on the ground for NATO and the US, this latest wonderweapon framing of the narrative is not working first it was Patriots, then it was the m777 Howitzers and then the Himars, these were all "game changers" and would turn the tide of the war. You don't hear about these any more and now it's the Panzers and Challengers that are to be the game changers and when these are all wiped out it's going to be fighter jets up next. What gets me is absolutely nobody is making any effort to talk peace or de-escalation, the UK parliament all voted unanimously to send the Challenger tanks there was not one single voice with any kind of alternative to offer. Germany were brow beaten into compliance, with their history I imagine they want no part in facilitating WW3 but they could not win either way, if they are the only nation not to send weapons they get the blame for Ukraines defeat and if they do there are Panzer tanks bearing down on Russia again and this unifies and galvanises Russia. Whatever happens next one thing is certain Russia is done with Europe, every nation suppling weapons to fight them will be remembered and Merkels admission that NATO never had any intention of signing the MINSK agreement and was only buying time to train Ukraine to fight them was the last straw. This means no more cheap energy for Europes manufacturing powerhouse Germany and they must now pay 4 to 7 times more for energy from the US. This was always second prize for the US to be able to cannabalise Europe to keep them going and try and kick start their manufacturing base again. As you say Ukraine is not in NATO, before Russia attacked they were simply too corrupt to have anything to do with and after they are now a shining beacon of freedom and democracy, they are certainly not worth sleepwalking into WW3 for, I always wondered how people could possibly be steered into WW2 and now I am seeing in real time how easy it is.
  9. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saw this too late but appreciate the heads up.
  10. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Lingfield 1.37 Paris Lights 2.12 High Velocity NAP 2.47 Al Agaila NB 3.22 Silky Wilkie Gl all
  11. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Football Accumulator Help Please

    I remember being in a Ladbrooks where there was a half bottle of buckfast on the floor someone must have kicked over and it was stripping the white paint off the skirting board.
  12. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @stressfree, thanks as always @1pstaker
  13. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Warwick 13.50 - Complete Unknown  14.25 - Knowsley Road 15.00 - Lord Du Mesnil 15.35 - Ashdown lad NAP Kempton  13.30 - Tile Tapper NB 14.05 - Pic D'Orhy 14.40 - Outlaw Peter Gl all
  14. Mad Slasher McGurk

    You Tube scam?

    You know you have made it when you get scammers on your Youtube channel, they don't bother with the small fry.
  15. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Great stuff @Chrissy_M, thanks as always @1pstaker