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  1. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Nice one @Markymark, you can pick out the winners and you can pick out the losers, not many in the green and picking my nose is the only green I will see today.
  2. Mad Slasher McGurk

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    Congratulations on winning @Markymark and well done @Jessr and @Kinkerbells, weeks of sucessful laying is by no means easy and you 3 guys all did a great job of hanging in there for so long and it's a shame there can only be one winner.
  3. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Accrington v Bristol Rovers kills my line, what makes it worse is the selection was actually Brentford v Stoke but while that was on the BTTS Bonus coupon I printed off the online site when I went to put in on in the shop it was nowhere to be seen on their printed coupon.
  4. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Football Acca Bets Here

    I have a technique I use that used to work great but it's not been as good of late which is why I think Fred has clamped down on what he puts up. What I do is pick up the coupon and take it home and then convert every game to it's indivual price using other sites, you will then get odds of mainly Evs, 5/4, etc but enough will be 4/6 or occasionally even 8/13 and you used to see the odd 8/15 even so now you know what games the bookies think will be BTTS, then I take them and go to Predictz where they give their prediction of what they think the scores will be so I then allocate points based on the stats, if Prediczs think it will be BTTS then thats a point, if the previous head to heads are usually score draws then thats a point, if they have been scoring well at home and the same away then that's a point etc. Going through the coupon doing this and totting up the points eventually you will get your 4x selections for the 9/1 return, I also use Footystats where you ideally want 2 teams both in the green or high brown for performance with the way team being slightly better. And if after all this you still can't make 4 teams you just go with your gut. Some weeks you feel it and other weeks you don't This used to work great, there were even seasons where I would get a coupon up every second week but the guys behind the counter at my local Freds say he had to narrow down the coupon as too many people were beating it so it has got much harder than it used to be.
  5. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Here's another of mine for today, I always do the Betfred Goals Galore Bonus but it's a much narrowed down selection and I'm certain Fred has reigned it in as it used to be a lot easier to get up, the Sunderland to win in my other line is a hedge against this one.
  6. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Football Acca Bets Here

    My effort for Tomorrows footy, a tenner returns £194.20 Open Bristol City Match Betting, 90 Mins Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers @3/5 Open Yes Both Teams to Score, 90 Mins Bury v MK Dons @7/10 Open Yes Both Teams to Score, 90 Mins Exeter City v Morecambe @3/4 Open Yes Both Teams to Score, 90 Mins Oldham Athletic v Forest Green Rovers @7/10 Open Sunderland @7/5 Match Betting, 90 Mins Sunderland v Luton Town
  7. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Warwick 13:50 - Rockies Treasure NB14:25 - Tidal Flow15:00 - Cogry NAP15:35 - Lungarno PalaceKempton Park14:05 - Top Notch14:40 - Lord Napier15:15 - Barney Swan
  8. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Richiefm keeemon

    Sweeeet, subscribed. (or is it followed, I'm not cool), lot of familiar names on there but I hve not got a Scooby Doo what's going on.
  9. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Today’s selections

    Can you smellllllllllllll - the Rocks bottom, GTFIT @MrUKHackz
  10. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Andy Murray, what's your opinion on him? like or dislike?

    There is something to be said for pushy parents, Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton would probably not be where they are today without them but I don't really care for Judy Murray myself, seems to enjoy hanging off his coat tails too much and this effort to become a celebrity in her own right is cringeworthy. His grandmother suffers from the same neurological condition I do and attends the same ward as me but by all accounts she is alright going by what everyone else says.
  11. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Andy Murray, what's your opinion on him? like or dislike?

    One thing is for certain, he's not going to become a pundit that boring monotone voice won't cut it.
  12. I see the head of a cat when I shake my head fom side to side and the head of a dog when I nod it up and down. I don't really see the dog but this will get the headbangers going
  13. Mad Slasher McGurk

    TGC Book Club

    Is The Little Engone That Could a step up or a step down?
  14. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Today’s selections

    Howfin must have been in amongst the winners again today, I see he's put a celebrationary video up.
  15. Mad Slasher McGurk

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Dunno about flip flops but Newcastle U21's were complete flops tonight and I was totally wrong about how that game would go.