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  1. Adam Mok

    Push Gaming Merch.

    hahaha, mate you make me laugh. Top bloke.
  2. Adam Mok

    Push Gaming Merch.

    To be honest I want to give the stuff away for a simple reason that I don't want to walk around promoting something that has ruined many lives. It's a cool hoodie though.
  3. Adam Mok

    Push Gaming Merch.

    I'll do one better for you mate, soon as I get it I'll post a pic of me in the Hoodie in my jocks.
  4. Adam Mok

    Push Gaming Merch.

    Haha nothing says to the lady's I'm a better catch that a slots hoodie. I watched the last part of his stream and he said you got 2 mins to enter, I entered he did a random number gen and was me
  5. Adam Mok

    Push Gaming Merch.

    hahaha I know i said one problem mate, I live in Australia haha
  6. Adam Mok

    TGC Dogs

    I feel so left out lol
  7. Adam Mok

    Push Gaming Merch.

    Hi All, up for sale are the amazing (rare) items That I purchased for $699. Will sell for $200 PS I'm being a troll I won them on Craig slots give away, I entered in the last 2 minutes
  8. Congrats @Chrissy_M Congrats to the other bloke I have never even heard of lol
  9. Adam Mok

    The real Australia.

    that video is quite accurate.
  10. Adam Mok


    Hi mate, Nice to meet you. Normally I like to play with myself at about 3-4 am in the morning. After that, I take the kids down to the local, smash about 15 beers by 10 am then drive home. Don't know why the lady always looks at me with death stares as I leave. Kids are normally asleep in the car by then. Anyhoo - Fish games are great.
  11. Adam Mok

    The real Australia.

    It's terrible, there is a lot worse going on than in that video. But probably best not shared. Can only hope this madness stops. Hope everyone is well.
  12. Adam Mok

    The real Australia.

    Just thought i'd share some shit that is happening in my city now. Victoria, The Police state. there is a whole lot of other shit, but this video sums it up (sorry about the quality, might be better on a phone) video-1632618932.mp4
  13. Jay Dublin, you still causing a stir and being a knob
  14. I can't join any if these fkn casinos
  15. Adam Mok

    Actually something decent....?

    I retract my statement, Bravo. We are cut from the same cloth.