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  1. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    Kinks knew ! (for reference see lay comp)
  2. philinvicta

    Well Hello Everyone

    Welcome. A fairly new member myself after lurking for a while. You will find most be helpful and welcoming on here
  3. philinvicta

    any golf punters about ?

    Just the WGC for me Two of Steve Plamers tips Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler both e/w
  4. I can assure you I was checking my ticket when I saw it was won in Ireland, Not even two numbers lol. The great thing about the hourly rate is that you get it for sleeping as well !
  5. philinvicta

    Roulette Streak - Wow!!!

    Some Run. Congrats.
  6. philinvicta

    Millers & Pokers Benefit AW Racing - Lay Trophy

    Glad Crunchie knows how to work this out. Happy to be in he anonymous middle My selections for tomorrow South 3.35 So Hi Speed Wolv 5.40 Colony Queen Wolv 7.40 Call Me Grumpy Chelms 7.55 Kinver Edge
  7. philinvicta

    Millers & Pokers Benefit AW Racing - Lay Trophy

    Newc 2.35 American Graffiti Chelms 6.45 Busy Street Chelms 7.15 Battered Wolv 6.30 Mr Gent
  8. philinvicta

    CHELTENHAM 2019, Lets arm ourselves

    Glenloe unlikely to go to Cheltenham now. Elliot said he has missed a couple of pieces of work. Cashed out my bets with him in. Slight profit as his price had come down a lot
  9. philinvicta

    Fury's just destroyed the heavyweight division

    Yes I thought deal would likely be after one of the other deals was over and they could make it his fifth fight , that leaves the option of signing winner to another contract
  10. philinvicta

    Decent win on Flame Busters 1£ bet

    Great win. Nice to see it pay for a change just a shame that you did not get the fireman
  11. philinvicta

    Fury's just destroyed the heavyweight division

    Surely they all realise that some sort of deal has to be done where they do fight each other because if they all fight far lesser fighters in their deals then the audiences will not be there and so their next deal will be worth far less because they are not generating the revenue.
  12. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    Great Picking Cruchie
  13. philinvicta

    CHELTENHAM 2019, Lets arm ourselves

    I have a few lucky 15s and 31s and yankees done already. I have good prices about some of the horses I fancied for certain races and am now finding it hard to put them in other bets at half the price they were. With the NRNB at the moment a lot of horses are at prices that they are unlikely to go off shorter on the day. I will wait to see the entries for the handicaps later this week and maybe do some next week otherwise I will wait until Cheltenham week.
  14. philinvicta

    CHELTENHAM 2019, Lets arm ourselves

    This has been bigged up for the Champion Hurdle a lot, but I wonder if now they know that Apples Jade will not be in the mares that they might go for that
  15. This is another example of what I said on another thread. There have been several articles now on the daily mail website all about bet365. None about PAddy.Betfair or Ladcrooks/Coral or William Hills. It kind of started after they saw how much money Denise Coates makes a year, Because the company is closely owned then all of the money is going to few individuals. Also as she has no shops she does not gave the overhead of the other big bookmakers. so makes more money. From a punters point of view BET 365 is one of the best because of the BOG they do as well as the extra places at quarter of the odds. The other companies are just as bad at encouraging people to bet. Remember Ladbrokes is banned from owning casinos in the UK because of their previous record on VIP treatment of customers.