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  1. philinvicta

    official U.S Masters 2021

    A 2 hour break in the golf would not be long enough !
  2. philinvicta

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Congrats @Jok3st3r thanks for scoring @1pstaker
  3. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    It was the Long Mile
  4. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    Great training performance by de Bromhead he had 1-2 in the Gold Cup and now the same in the National
  5. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    They had screens up pretty quick
  6. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    I hope you got BOG
  7. philinvicta


    Congrats to all the winners especially @Jok3st3r with the winner
  8. philinvicta


    How on earth did you rig the magnets for the Grand National
  9. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    get in there rachel
  10. philinvicta

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Exactly I feel I am too young to die ! I have not fulfilled my bucket list yet (KFC to start)
  11. philinvicta

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Such a shame that he was taken from us at so young an age RIP
  12. philinvicta

    RIP Prince Phillip

    this is the thing using those sort of words where the same as using Taffy for Welsh or Jock for Scots and none of it was meant in a malicious way and I am sure your grandads friend never took offence as they were mates and he knew your grandad did not mean anything by it. Nowadays your grandad would be deemed a racist and it could not be further from the truth in my opinion
  13. philinvicta

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Life was very racist in the 70s and the tv of the day reflected that. Some of the stuff that was considered banter in those days would get you banned for life nowadays
  14. philinvicta

    RIP Prince Phillip

    I am sure you would be the man to know this ! I seem to remember as a teenager in the 70s that Terry would often be in bed with a topless bird but those scenes seem to have been cut nowadays
  15. philinvicta

    TGC Summer Cup...Event 1: SNOOKER

    I think you can quote and change it as it is time limited to edit