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    I was milk monitor ! had to bring in the crates of milk bottles ( I think they were 1/3 of a pint) often been attacked by birds and also remember in winter the ice pushing up and all yje lids sitting about 2 inches above the top of the bottle and having to put them in the warm so they would be thawed by the time we drank them. Also at that time they all had cream on top as well. I grew up on a mixed dairy /horticulture farm and for most of my early life I had milk straight from the tank totally unpasteurised and sometimes even would get given milk straight from the udder though I was not keen on it being warm. Still miss the milk straight from the tank though. Not sure about fluoride tablets but I remember the pink tablets they used to give us to show we were not cleaning out teeth properly which used to stain your teeth. I agree that they should bring back things for the benefit of children's long term health maybe they should be given a drink with added vitamins and also everybody should have to have a proper school dinner which is subsidised by the state none of this shit of less than a quid being spent per meal. In the long term surely it will mean people need the NHS less. I was shocked to see some schools giving kids breakfast as many were not even getting something to eat before being sent to school . Parents need to take more responsibility when it comes to raising their kids and not believe it is all up to the school but at the same time with high inflation and the way things are many families are going to struggle. There has not been much since Marcus Rashford's campaign for which he was not always appreciated but it showed the problem was there and it would be nice if the government spent money on this . I am not sure what it would cost but considering the money wasted by governments I am sure it is fairly small and I say I would expect peoples quality of life would be better and maybe there would be less illness in adults if children were growing up with proper diets. I would not be surprised in future years if families are not helped and benefits are cut as is being proposed to see some diseases such as Ricketts reappearing in poor areas
  2. philinvicta

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    I have not seen someone look as shocked as Garrett for a long time when she showed her hand. I think he was still shocked and events all happened too quickly but under no circumstances should he ever have asked her for her money back. and put her in a terrible position considering who he is and the fact that she is a newcomer trying to establish herself. In my opinion this does not reflect well on him at all. Also it is interesting that some of the other players in the game such as Phil Ivy have not said anything yet you have other players who were not even there mouthing off like Polk as though what they say has any relevance and all they are doing is trying to boost their own profiles on the back of it.
  3. philinvicta

    The Ukraine situation

    I doubt we will know who did it but I am sure with all the monitoring by government agencies they would have an idea who did it . The fact that the earthquake monitors picked up quickly the fact it was not an accident but an explosion to put out there it was sabotage also means they wanted the news out there but in the modern age it would be difficult to keep it quiet anyway. I think it will be important to see if any attempt to repair it is made as the gas and sea water pressure equalises because I read if the sea water gets in the pipes will never be of use again. I think that Russia under Putin felt they had nothing to lose as the EU and Germans were making sure they were getting gas from elsewhere and have just destroyed the pipe to make sure no future gas could flow under a later regime. The Americans are benefiting from supplying Europe with LNG so are making money from doing this ( as they have from supplying Europe during past conflicts) Could even be someone like Iran who are looking to get back into the markets to supply oil and gas world markets other than China . Iran has very large reserves of gas it also diverts news away from recent events in that country. Plenty of others could benefit from the pipelines being out of action including China as this puts pressure on Western economies especially Europe. Could be other places like Chechnya there are plenty of places that have no love for Europe /NATO and would be happy to cause more problems for their economies. Also many middle east countries that are moving away from the traditional European and US allies with money flowing from Russian and Chinese interests. There is also the fact that another new pipeline which supplied Europe with gas also opened in the same area so if it was to cause economic hardship by cutting off European gas supplies one might have thought they might have had a go at that as well. I am pretty sure some sort of monitoring equipment will be put in place on other pipelines PDQ anyway
  4. philinvicta

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    I have to say that after listening to Polk I disagree with a lot of what he says and it clearly shows how long it has been since he has been around players who are not that good a poker player and are relatively new to the game. Her tournament earnings include 20k from a survivor and from the earlier video the guy played with her in that tournament and said that she seemed to have no real idea of the correct plays. Her record also seems to be relatively short for somebody that sits at this level of cash game, She does not seem to even have much of a cash game record either as none of these players seem to know anything about her. There is also nobody saying anything about her playing online games either. Remember playing online gets you a lot of experience quickly as you play so many more hands than live as well as being able to multi table. Some online cash game players will have played many times the hands that for instance Doyle Brunson has. It seems she came out of nowhere and the guy earlier was the one who said he was the one that recommended the big game producers approached her which they did and it was her that then wanted to sit down with these big money buy ins. The fact that she was calling down with AK is something in my past experience a lot of new players do because it is taught to them it is a "premium hand". It is similar in a way that when we first start we call to hit gut shot straight draws or the "idiot" end of a straight. As I say I saw her play before that night and could see that she did not have too much of an idea. Now I have never played higher stakes but I have been around a lot of well known and high stakes Irish players and have seen big games live. I also watch a lot of online poker nowadays now it does not make me an expert but I do like to think I have an objective view. Anybody who has seen some of those big cash games from Macau with the rich Chinese players will also know that people can make some weird plays and calls at times when they are just there because they enjoy poker and are not great players. Remember how these sort of guys were more than happy to take Jamie Gold to pieces in these cash games even Phil Helmuth was a terrible cash game player in my opinion but he has got a little better over time. There was also the big "private" games that were exposed where rich poor players were taken to the cleaners. Also they were more than happy to let Celine Dion's husband sit down and play with them and he lost millions because he was out of his depth. Also with the length of time to fold the j8 hand against the house when you know you are going to fold as you have nothing this is often used by tournament players to see if they can get something that may give them a clue as to what to do if they are in a hand against the same player at another time I would say that one thing the likes of Sam Trickett and Tom Dwan learnt pretty quickly was not to try and bluff these guys of hands where they might call you. I remember they also said that if you just sat there looking to pick these guys off and were not prepared to gamble you would soon be left off the invite list. At the end of the day as shocked as I was to see the hand where she called at the same time it is up to people to prove she cheated and I feel that Garrett should hand back the money she returned to him and if as I suspect she does not want it then he gives it to a charity of her choice. It was also said that she is married to a very rich lawyer hence Polk's reference to the buckle up post. Polk also knows how to avoid saying something that will get him sued for slander all well covered by the "in my opinion" that protects a lot of people in USA under their laws.
  5. philinvicta


    Looks like the Tories are determined to not just see their MPs wiped out but their local councillors as well hard to believe these idiots can not see what is right and what is wrong
  6. philinvicta

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.31 I'll Be There 1.51 Manaccan 2.06 Prairie Falcon 2.25 Hamish 2.42 Saffron Beach Nap 3.00 Rohaan nb 3.21 Funny Story e/w 3.36 Fresh
  7. philinvicta

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    I understand but after all that stuff before with the gang that had hacked the automatic dealers so they knew what cards were coming you can understand why people are suspicious. I really do not understand why she gave back the money as she had to know that would make it look worse or why other players were happy for her to do this by taking chips off the table to do it. In the video I posted the way she played in this hand bears no relation to the way she had played before I know that she had only played a couple of games and maybe as with many players when they first sit in a game they may play a little differently and tighter especially in a live stream as they do not want to look like a bad player. I saw her play in a stream before this and she did look out of her depth and then afterwards it turns out she is a business partner of one of the other guys in the game which I assume some of the players knew even if the viewers did not. I think the interview was something she was asked to do by the runners of the game and producers as they could see how this was blowing up and they also want to try and protect their game. Also saying she is not a novice because she has 100k in tournament earnings also has little bearing to me because that has no relevance to somebody sitting in a big cash game especially one where someone is playing a hundred grand plus buy in and has some top cash game players in. I am sure we have not heard the last of this as plenty of you tube vloggers are all looking to highlight it
  8. philinvicta

    60 day ban enough?

    Soumillion explained what he was trying to do and for obvious reasons Rossa was not expecting it and lost his balance . Rossa was very lucky not to be injured and Soumillion has accepted the punishment. There is talk about why the ban does not start until 14th October but bans are often delayed in the UK as well and this is in case there is an appeal against the ban and gives time for it to be heard. It is not like he pulled him out of the saddle or punched him. 60 days is probably a lot more than he would have got in the UK
  9. philinvicta


    Wow i would not have believed someone could look so rough just a couple of posts later !
  10. philinvicta

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    Another video which shows her taking money off the table and giving it back to him. I think if I was in that game I would have my money off the table and be gone surely this has to be some sort of set up in an attempt to get viewers up for the stream otherwise WTF
  11. philinvicta

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    The reasons she was giving were total bullshit at one time she even said she though t he had an ace well if he had she would of lost both run outs. She said why do you let me do this to you after he went all in for over 100k and she called. pretty sure he was well favourite with open ender and flush draw jack was no good for her only a 4 or total misses. I do not play much nowadays and some of the lads on here would might play more regularly but if I had her hand and knew his I would still fold for that much money I just put in a odds calculator and it shows her 55% to him 45% which surprises me a little but even so I would still fold and to be honest would never be there with J4 by the turn
  12. philinvicta


    @Blacko after the latest you gov poll it would seem that the Tories will get destroyed on the next election
  13. philinvicta


    Russia was the one that invaded another country . As I have said before Ukraine was not considered to be up to EU controls and standards of government and it was expected to take a good 10 years before it would be allowed to join the EU. Now I imagine it will be quicker but similar to Turkey there may be lots of promises and very little action for a while. One of the reasons that the UK and US is sending lots of weapons is because that is what they agreed to do when Ukraine was persuaded to send its nukes back to Russia after its independence I believe another is that they want to teach Russia and to show others it is not as powerful as was once believed. Having to listen to people who think that Putin is a strategic genius and that Russia is still going to take Ukraine seems crazy with what is happening on the ground. I like many others am shocked how poor the Russian Army is especially when it is supposed to be a Super Power. I saw a ex NATO general say the other day that if NATO got involved in the occupied territories now Russian controlled areas would be gone within a few days. It does not seem that there was any rush to kick Russian troops out to me and UK US and their allies seem happier to supply the Ukrainians with enough firepower to cause much damage to Russian forces without being able to over run them and finish it quickly. Remember that Putin was saying that the Russian forces would be welcomed in the Donbass and other areas and he thought he would be in control very quickly of the whole country. The Ukrainian government was not exactly very good and it was one reason an actor from a tv program which satirised the government was voted in by the people in the first place.
  14. philinvicta

    The Ukraine situation

    The reason given for dropping those two bombs was that many more would die if the USA had to fight the Japanese Island by Island as there was no way they were going to surrender without the shock and awe. They were not so worried about how many Japanese were going to die but how many of their own soldiers would die. If the Nazis had achieved atomic bombs they would have used them to force the surrender of the Allies and I believe they were very close not to mention some of the other weaponry they were close to having by the end of war so as jet fighters. This is what the film The Heroes of Telemark is about the destruction of the heavy water factory . I saw a documentary that lifted some of the containers from the sunken ferry. People had said that there was no way that the factory was producing a quality product and it was probably propaganda that the Germans were close but tests on the containers contents showed it was a viable product for use in Nuclear energy. The Russians also had plans for a nuclear bomb as early as 1942. Both Russia and USA fought to get the Nazi Germany rocket scientists out of Germany and into their own countries and to use their knowledge for their own benefits and this lead to the space race as both sides knew they were starting from the same point. With regards to Yemen it is very bad the level of hardship on the Yemen civilian population and many are suffering from famine conditions. The population of major European countries do not care in the same way as they show little real interest in many conflicts is because it does not affect their day to day life. The Ukrainian invasion has led to shortages of commodities which most people had no idea that their supermarket suppliers relied on and that so much of world supplies came from Ukraine and Russia such as wheat for bread and major supplies of fertilisers that their own farmers relied on to produce food in their own countries not to mention cooking oil and the Gas and Oil, No doubt many in the UK still thought that all their gas and oil supplies came from the North Sea and even though they do get a lot of North Sea gas it comes not from UK fields but Norwegian ones. People were the same with any conflict in the past if it did not affect them through food supplies or energy costs or people they knew being killed or wounded they were happy to just read about it in the papers and not really think through why it was all happening. Even during the early period of the First World War the majority of the population were totally unaware of the horrors that were happening in France and went on with their daily business as though they were not at war. As always it is politicians that start wars but very few of them see action but they send off their "proxies" ie service men and woman to actually pay the price. Plenty of Russians seem to be against going off to the Ukraine to fight for Putin. Crazy thing is many of these people are not leaving Russia because they do not believe in the mighty Russia or that the Ukrainian invasion was wrong they are leaving because Putin is saying it is time for you to put your life on the line. Many off them have seen the amount of trained soldiers coming home in coffins and said "not for me". It is very hard to find people who will just willingly lay down their life for the "Mother Country" as many of previous generations all over the world seem prepared to do. Many will sign up to protect their homeland and fair play to all those Ukrainians who have signed up and gone to fight .
  15. philinvicta


    Truss was also doing the rounds saying it was not going to be reversed and it was the right thing to do. I heard Kwarteng say people will be thousands better off but they will not be if mortgage rates go up to 7% or higher because of his policies and it will not just be higher rate payers who will be a lot worse off but everyone. The higher paid may save 5 per cent on their tax but they are more likely to be the ones with a very big mortgage. I saw people talking of selling up because they will not be able to pay the mortgage at higher rates but the point is they will not be able to pay rents either, many could find themselves moving from a house they owned to an apartment they are still struggling to survive in. Banks and other mortgage lenders would have done stress tests but nothing would have been tested with regards to rates moving up this quickly. Normally rates would go up over a longer period and people would get pay rises to offset some of the increase. There could be a lot of repossessions in 2 or 3 years time it will be back to the time when Barclays was the biggest property owner in the country after so much stuff had to be repossessed both houses and commercial. The other thing is the way Truss and Kwarteng keep saying that all economies are in the same boat and it is down to the Ukrainian invasion by Russia is just false I believe. Many of these problems were starting before that and the fall out has just really rammed it home and things will not get better even if Russia left all Ukrainian territory in the morning. We are still to see what happens with regards much lower food production as most fertiliser factories in Europe are shut down because of high gas prices which is a double whammy as a lot of the fertiliser was produced in Russia and Ukraine because they had gas supplies to make it and ship it around Europe and the world. Truss and Kwarteng really do not seem to understand that the only reason the Bank of England stepped in yesterday was to stop the spiral of falling prices of long guilts in the 30 years and up outstanding because they were worried that a good few pension schemes were going to collapse and not to bring interest rates back down. Long guilts are also influential on the mortgage rates which is why so many mortgage products were withdrawn As a result of the extra money they budget put in to the economy and the fact they have to pump 5 billion a day into the guilts market instead of taking money out of the system the Bank of England is going to have to raise interest rates even higher to try and get inflation under control. It is madness that these two were voted to be in charge by the tory party and nothing can be done to get them out and get some one in who has an idea of economic facts of life. They are good friends and close political allies and it is being said she will not sack him and like you say they seem to be oblivious to what they are being told by IMF and also from the markets. The pound has recovered a little ground against the dollar and other currencies but that is probably because people are expecting interest rates to go up more quickly and to a higher level. It has also highlighted that central banks around the world are going to have to tighten much harder even Germany today reported inflation at over 10 per cent and we know how much they hate inflation which is why low inflation is a cornerstone of EU and ECB policy. Stock markets around the world are falling and there are no safe havens as gold is falling as it does not pay interest guilts are falling and commodities are falling because recessions are coming. There is an awful lot of money running for cash which is also becoming worth less due to high inflation. At the end of the day it will be the working man who will likely suffer most with much higher living costs less job security and wondering how to keep food on the table and the family warm.