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    Viruses evolve and it is likely to be a different thing at the end of this from when it was first detected. Labs will be working hard to come up with cures but it takes time.
  2. philinvicta


    It is also 100 years on since the great Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920 in which over 500 million people worldwide were infected when the worlds population was around 1.8 billion people . I think the modern equivalent would be around 2 billion people of todays population getting it or the same as everybody in the world in 1920. It is estimated that between 20-50 million people died from it compared to the 20 million that were killed in WW1
  3. philinvicta


    I honestly think that you have people on here who understand the problems that addicted gamblers go through and also the mindset that afflicts them and the way in which they will gamble their last dollar. You try confiding in people that do not gamble who are not addicted and youi are likely to get a response of "well just stop then" Also it can be hard to talk with close friends or family who have no idea of what people are going through and what they need to hear. From that point of view I think for some people this forum aids them. Others may find being around people talking about gambling starts the urge to gamble and so they are best away from it all. However those people who try on their own will often find their friends are gambling It can be even harder to say you are not having a bet when everybody else is doing a bet on the football match you are going to the pub to watch. As others say each person has to judge where they are better off and where they will have the best chance of not gambling.
  4. philinvicta

    Me vs diet

    I'd rather believe I am not too heavy but just too short for my weight
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    First case of Coronavirus hits the Uk
  6. philinvicta


    Probably best to give this a miss
  7. philinvicta


    @Blacko hopefully this will be your rock bottom and you can say this was the day that everything began to go right . Stay strong you can beat it
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  9. philinvicta

    Cheltenham Ante Post Bets, Discussion & lays

    To be honest I think the waters get muddier every day and I feel inclined to wait . Mullins has Carefully selected running tomorrow which is favourite and has to finish in the first 4 to qualify for Cheltenham. I wonder if they new the conditions of the Cheltenham race had changed or whether it was pointed out to them and this is a last minute change to their original plans
  10. philinvicta

    Today’s selections

    Great shout
  11. philinvicta

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Good picking @Frosty Can you do the hatrick Thanks for scoring @1pstaker
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    For those who are colour blind it is written in red !
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    Go to messenger and then to your inbox. Scroll down to the very bottom and you will find disable messenger or enable messenger I assume
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    @Miller26 plenty of people trusted Richie enough to send him funds for the joint bullet we did last week end . If people want to send money to help him get a better laptop that is their choice and for their judgement alone. You are totally banging the wrong drum here and all you are doing is causing offence. It is up to people to take their own precautions and only do what they are comfortable with and in no way feel obliged to be involved if they do not want to. This is something that a group of people wanted to do so why do you feel the need to get involved with it. Not everybody is a scam artist and if you feel someone is at it you can message the relevant people who can look at it and if needs be ban the person