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  1. philinvicta

    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021)

    At the bottom it shows only 5 logged in and 91 guests!
  2. philinvicta

    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021)

    Coming from a man who wears a skirt !
  3. philinvicta

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Looks like nice weather for a beer
  4. philinvicta

    2021 Rugby League Comp!

    Leeds 26-30 Wigan 11-15 Catalans 6-10 Huddersfield 11-15 Warrington 11-15 Hull KR 16-20
  5. philinvicta

    Verified Streamer .com

    No the original point was that House players do not use their own funds . Why do you not put that specific question to him and post the answer to that on here
  6. philinvicta


    Surely all those countries are part of the Schengen Area though which would mean travel would not be affected
  7. philinvicta


    Astra Zeneca are also considering ceasing the making of all vaccines as well
  8. philinvicta


    Have you been to Ireland ? In some cases many of the batches of vaccines administered in the UK are not recognised in the EU due to the fact they were manufactured in India so people with vaccine certs have been refused entry. It is one thing travelling within the EU as an EU citizen but as the UK is now out of the EU different rules apply. It is only the common travel area agreement that makes it easier to travel between Ireland and Britain
  9. philinvicta


    Read his post he says no jab
  10. philinvicta


    @Gkell727 You will have to fill in a passenger location form as well. Which basically means they can check on you if you should be quarantined I think it says that you need to quarantine for 14 days unless you have a negative PCR test in which case it is 5 days minimum
  11. philinvicta


    Yes you need to a a covid vaccine cert to enter any of the premises such as pubs or restaurants You will also have to wear a mask when entering most shops
  12. philinvicta

    Verified Streamer .com

    I think on only fans having fake ones is supposed to help
  13. philinvicta

    Verified Streamer .com

    I have posted this before but I do believe it is relevant to the argument of the industry being able to regulate itself because in particular it refers to the fact that casino games are pushed at young people especially and that it is highly addictive I have seen it described as the crack cocaine of gambling. This article also says that the frontal lobe of the brain which gives us control over impulses is not fully developed until people are 25/26 years of age Many people get dragged into this at far too young an age and hopefully with more and more research being done and being financed properly it will only lead the future regulators to do the right thing and make it harder to gamble without proper checks being done before a person is allowed to bet and not after they have lost everything
  14. philinvicta

    Verified Streamer .com

    A lot of those industries are renowned for working from the inside to keep the money flowing despite the risks to the public which they had knowledge of. The fact is that you are from within the industry and it all it looks like to me is that you are trying to make sure that the streamers can carry on and thus direct traffic to sites on which your company works. It will not take long for that traffic to slow down considerably if governments crack down on streamers and promotion of casinos. To me all you are doing is trying to invent some sort of verification so you can go to regulators and say please do not do this as we have a legitimate way of weeding out the fakes to protect people. At the end of the day do not say this is being done in any way to "protect gamblers" because that is just not so and it is also why the industry is being clamped down on so hard by regulators.
  15. philinvicta

    Tinkering on Mystery Museum

    Well done yourself !