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  1. philinvicta

    Brownman's World Cup Rugby Competition

    Points 1829 Tries 231 Good luck all
  2. philinvicta

    Ever had any good buys if eBay?

    Ginger jars can be worth a lot depending on their age,
  3. philinvicta

    I can't really choose a title

    @VillaLad I hope he is getting the help he needs and wish you well
  4. philinvicta

    I can't really choose a title

    I think you somehow keep engaged with the person whilst trying to contact police to get them help. Cutting them off and banning them if they are genuine is more likely to make them do something stupid. At the same time why would someone search out a stream and start posting this so it is a hard one.
  5. philinvicta

    Frankie where were you

    I am still delighted with the win but this was the last spin of a bonus I am sure a Frankie on the end would have been absolutely mega even at this small stake
  6. philinvicta

    Ever had any good buys if eBay?

    GTFIT @adamuk be interesting if it has dirt on it when it arrives as it looks like it has been dug up from someones garden or a metal detector find. I would have thought a detectorist would have at least had it looked at but you never know. It definitely has the look of an older nearly pure gold item about it. Face has the look of a roman god or the green man about it. I hope it turns out to be the real deal for you and as you say well worth the risk at that price
  7. philinvicta

    Cricket The Ashes

    Sky are saying they want to appeal to a younger audience and are looking to promote Rob Key who I like but he would not be Botham. Both guys were on very big salaries with Beefy being on around 500k. I also guess they are old enough and well off enough to not be pushed around and maybe have had a fall out of some kind but I doubt that. I also saw that sky are looking to put more females on the team although one of those has already gone to the BBC. I think the biggest problem for them is that they are white heterosexual males of a certain age costing too much to employ when there are cheaper options available
  8. philinvicta

    Cricket The Ashes

    Just seen that Beefy and Gower have been let go by sky. Shocking decision all this rubbish about appealing to a younger audience . If they do not know who those two are they are not much of a cricket fan. As a lad I used to listen to John Arlott who was an older man but a great commentator then onto Richie and Martin-Jenkins . Commentators are such a great part of listening to a test match. I was watching the golf today with the odd flick over to the test as it looked all over. Genuinely shocked to read this is happening.
  9. Send the charities to the email in the first post It is controlled by @MrUKHackz the charities are then selected for the poll, no need for your association to be known. If they are lucky enough to come high in the poll and win a donation then the organisation is contacted directly and not through you
  10. philinvicta


    If he thinks he has best team he should be happier to take overtime I think. I cannot think of many who would have gone for two there, Too many of those and he will likely be looking for a new job
  11. philinvicta


    Madness going for 2 points when a point gets you overtime
  12. philinvicta


    Chargers done for after that turnover
  13. philinvicta


    Done his elbow
  14. philinvicta

    any golf punters about ?

    Wow wow wow Suzann what a Captains pick. Phenomenal golf to watch for three days . Certainly rivaled the Ryder Cup. Nothing in it at all
  15. philinvicta

    any golf punters about ?

    Looks like it could be down to Van Dam or Law to win it for europe by turning their matches around. Van Dan already missed a shortish one to level her match but she should have an advantage on the two par 5s in the last three holes