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  1. philinvicta

    Still chaos in France

    I can see a lot more of this breaking out all over Europe. There have already been protests against government in other countries recently
  2. philinvicta


    I will be in my Grotto for next three week ends so unlikely to catch much NFL or weekend racing for that matter
  3. philinvicta

    It finally arrived

    Get In @Blampy Must be time to remember Christmas past and get that Etch A Sketch out
  4. philinvicta

    Old story / new direction.

    I hope this works out for you. Even though a lot of the legislation on this is new surely it acknowledges what was so wrong with the way these companies were going about things. If it is bad today surely it was just as bad in times past and people should be entitled to compensation for the lack of protection
  5. philinvicta

    RIP Bob Willis

    I am shocked to see this . I was lucky enough to watch live in my school holidays and to see Bob running in and steamrolling the Aussies in the great Headingly Test of 1981. Two of the great heroes of that day are now gone in Bob and Graham Dilley. RIP Bob
  6. philinvicta

    Pirate megaways 20p stake WTF

    Congratulations nice win. Get it withdrawn and have a great Christmas
  7. philinvicta


    WEEK 8 1. Huddersfield vs Leeds Utd (SAT) 2. Man City vs Man Utd 3. Borussia MG vs Bayern Munich 4. Rangers vs Celtic 5. Norwich vs Sheff Utd GROUP B Hackz vs Curious Cow Slots4Fun vs Kev40 Phil 1-2 , 2-1, 1-3, 2-2, 0-0 vs Jess Brownman vs TRWSoldier Lighty45 vs Richie
  8. philinvicta

    TGC Gnome Visits India !!!

    I love the Indian Acrow Props
  9. philinvicta

    Hello from London

    Welcome @Hydra Look forward to your contributions
  10. philinvicta

    TGC Gnome Visits India !!!

    I love the way that over here we like a family saloon to take everybody out for the day and they just pile 4 of them on a motorbike
  11. philinvicta

    Cheltenham Ante Post Bets, Discussion & lays

    Just for info The Racing Post and Racing TV are doing youtube videos for The Road to Cheltenham the racing post one reviews the weeks racing and gives long term tips for Cheltenham not watched the Racing TV ones yet Racing Post ones are called Upping The Ante
  12. philinvicta

    Got what I deserved?

    Do not do this no matter how frustrated you get. Get everything sorted take the money and then either set a very low deposit limit or lock the account and if you feel you are going to be tempted to open other accounts because you now have the paperwork to do so then sign up to Gamstop and Gamban. You got lucky for once and won a decent chunk off a small deposit make the most of it
  13. philinvicta

    Cheltenham Ante Post Bets, Discussion & lays

    I think his prices reflect the amount of really good horses going Novice chasing this year. Unless you have a strong opinion then it might be best to wait for the big Christmas races and possibly NRNB (prices will be worse)
  14. philinvicta

    Cheltenham Ante Post Bets, Discussion & lays

    I see City Island id 25/1 for RSA as opposed to Champ which is 7/2 (he has proved his jumping) which could look a good price if he goes for that race having beat Champ fair and square in the Ballymore. I think he is owned by the guy that owns Ballymore which is why he was targeted at that race last year