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  1. philinvicta

    Sick gambler

    definitely one for @MrUKHackz that !
  2. I reckon you are just trying to fatten the dogs up. I know what you Koreans are supposed to be like with dogs
  3. Just to be clear I do not wish to be included thanks
  4. philinvicta

    I would appreciate your opinion...

    @douvan I would maybe sound out some of the other people that have made you offers in the past or other firms that may be able to offer you something else if you are unhappy. I know the feeling of not doing the job you thought you were going to be doing but if you can do it and they are happy to pay the money I would stick it out especially if you are looking to move shortly. The reduction in the money as well as the extra expense regarding your daughter could lengthen your horizon to move. Also consider what are the chances of quick promotion in the other company and what will be the likely increase in pay to go with it, You also say at the moment you have lots of overtime will that be the same in the new job or is it just salary ? You have to work out what is best for you over the next couple of years and what will have the least effect on making the move to your own house and away from your current situation. Even though the market could fall it could also go up. It is never best to try and second guess these things and to make the move when you can and when you are happy you have found the right place to move to. Remember it is not just a house but a home you are looking for .
  5. philinvicta

    Donald Trump

    Trump is first President to be impeached twice
  6. philinvicta

    Bitcoin is back?

    Been a bad day all round for crypto today
  7. philinvicta


    English please
  8. philinvicta


    I hope you just saw the lastest Nephet briefing with regards the vaccination
  9. philinvicta


    You are just full of shite and should be banned for peddling lies
  10. philinvicta


    This is an article from the BBC in September about monoclonal antibody treatment. In the article it mentions they will be looking also into tocilizumab and dexamethodone Both of those are in use in the NHS as per then end of the Dr John Campbell video today at the very end for seriously ill cases. (about 22 mins 45 ) I know nothing about anything with regards Lupus I am sorry. There seems to be a good few reports about the trails starting when I did a google search but I do not see anything being reported on the results . Hope it helps. Maybe ask you specialist as they are most likely to be first to know if something is efficacious
  11. philinvicta

    Currently Watching

    Happily I am far to the west ! This one was blamed on weather off Hawaii
  12. philinvicta

    Currently Watching

    It is a good way to kill an hour with stories of bookies doing mice races and commuters skating to work and seeing people digging snow out of their engines as well as one guy who drove across the Thames to work. Always knew it was bad and heard tales of it when I was young but this is first time I have seen anything that shows it in detail
  13. philinvicta

    Currently Watching

    Just watching this about the winter of1962/63 The Big freeze. I might be under lockdown but at least I am warm Good to see Cliff Michelmore nice to just hear the facts and not have to listen to their opinions
  14. philinvicta

    Football Acca Bets Here

  15. philinvicta

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    KEMPTON PARK 13:10 Smarty Wild 13:45 Two For Gold NAP 14:20 McFabulous NB 14:55 Imperial Aura 15:30 Glynn WINCANTON 14:05 Protektorat 14:35 Evander 15:45 Gardefort CHEPSTOW 13:25 Houx Gris 15:10 Lord Du Mesnil e/w