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  1. lisbonlions67

    Giveaways, a good idea??

    He dud 2 I won the second one lol
  2. lisbonlions67

    Giveaways, a good idea??

    Is that the comp u won a percentage of his poker winnings lol I won that haha
  3. lisbonlions67

    Giveaways, a good idea??

    A number of the top 50 people on here are on GamStop? Myself miller David antonin and many more. So we are excluded from a tgc give away because of this doesn't seem right. No offense to just basics but u do plenty Paul and I have said in the past u should milk affiliation like everyone else as your losing out on a lot of money lol. But if u start doing these competitions etc you will turn into the bandit and lose a lot of your regular members I imagine
  4. lisbonlions67

    “YakiBan Designs” & a bit of Background info

    Awesome stuff mate This is the guy people wanted to see when you joined. I'm sure once ur up and running people on here will help get the word out there in regards of sharing your site. Might not be the best idea to put so much personal information out there at this present moment though. Anyways all the best mate
  5. lisbonlions67

    Should the The gambling community be known only as TGC

    Posts like this use to entertain me. And I enjoyed replying now I am bored
  6. lisbonlions67

    Should the The gambling community be known only as TGC

    Yip also lonely when ur first post is a troll post at least introduce urself first
  7. lisbonlions67

    Should the The gambling community be known only as TGC

    Yeh but if they ask you can tell them. It's just more the word gambling is a strong deterant and this forum is now. Much more than that.
  8. A few months ago I was lucky enough to receive a tgc hoody but haven't really wore it due to the fact it says gambling on it. As gambling is not something that is looked positively on by members of the public or family and friends. Since Paul has started this forum the people on it have all became close and there is a large group of regular members on here who are a lot more than just Internet forum users. A lot of these members no longer gamble but come on here just to have a laugh or. Take part in a subject they are interested in. We have topics from ice cream, garden projects, antique valuations, horse racing experts opinions and awesome competitions. Everytime someone mentions the forum its not the gambling community its tgc they say. To grow the forum going forward and to make more people feel welcome would it not make more Sense to. Just name it TGC. That also means that when people do win merch they would be more likely to wear It.
  9. lisbonlions67

    I was begining to feel just like a number..

    @Rocknrolla please make this happen give Adam a t-shirt and goody for while he is there - And also some merch for the locals. If you can't give a hoodie to someone volunteering abroad who can u give one to lol
  10. lisbonlions67

    I was begining to feel just like a number..

    Please do a daily blog or something. I also like the thought of helping out over there wether it's with donations of money or things they will need. My aunt evey Christmas makes up 200 schools bags with supply's for kids going to school in Africa and a charity sends them. Over
  11. lisbonlions67

    Stream watchers ..

    For once u back me On another note your pals have ignored my request for that simple information #conspiracy
  12. lisbonlions67

    Stream watchers ..

    That's a broken imagine
  13. lisbonlions67

    My new project

    Answer ur pm lo l
  14. lisbonlions67

    Stream watchers ..

    Yip attention seeking at its highest.
  15. lisbonlions67

    Stream watchers ..

    I wonder who could be behind that profile