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  1. lisbonlions67


    Hiya im not coming back buddy. and the only reason I paid Adam back as someone sent me a message on here on Thursday asking me about it which reminded me i still didn’t pay him back in full ? Once I was reminded I sent payment over the next day? Completely my fault and my mistake and extremly disrespectful to Adam for forgetting.
  2. lisbonlions67


    Hey what accounts are u talking about only fake accounts I ever had were ones which were obviously me such as miller26 and hacks would close ?
  3. lisbonlions67


    Don’t need to thank me buddy it was me that was very selfish and forgot . The Idiot that I am anyways take care bud
  4. lisbonlions67


    Sent soz again Adam I genuinely forgot if it wasn’t for brownnan messaging me yesterday I still would not have rembered.
  5. lisbonlions67

    New Venture

    I was a picker packer at amazon years ago while my work refused to let me go go back as they said I was not fit for work.... So I thought fuck it second job Anyway that was a horrible the targets were unrealistic.. The security checks were crazy metal detects and full body scans before u go in and leave. But often people would take the trainers off and put them in the box of a new pair and walk out wearing the new trainers. Or sit on the picking ladders reading the porno books without a care in the world
  6. lisbonlions67

    So where did it all begin?

    I honestly can't rember how I cam across him but I use to watch toastie and timmy alot too
  7. lisbonlions67

    So where did it all begin?

    I was back in the day never won nothing from his comps Rolla knows I was a early watcher of his channel yet still doesn't mod me for my loyalty disgraceful
  8. lisbonlions67

    How much will I lose Competion...

    Feet I hate feet haha please wear socks
  9. lisbonlions67

    Bingoking live now...

    High volitile games, too Hugh a stake for ur budget. If u have a budget of £500 at £2 stakes playing games like bonanza, jamming hard, primal etc the likely hood is u will lose
  10. lisbonlions67

    Not sure this is the community for me

    And comfirmed he was investigated for a serious accusation in regards to children
  11. lisbonlions67

    Not sure this is the community for me

    Just Basics
  12. lisbonlions67

    Ufc has lost some of its appeal after rousey and mcgregor

    ..... Viewing figures and media coverage says different