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  1. h0tsh0t87

    Celtic Make History

    Also @howfin
  2. h0tsh0t87

    Celtic Make History

    I was never really a dembele fan until last week when he showed up and joined in the 8 in a row celebrations. Here is a footballer who wil probably end up at man United next season and currentky at lyon celebrating with fans and ex team mates Then this tweet he made today has made me like him even more haha So dembele celebrates and congratulates his former club and team mates Brendan THE RAT Rodgers does a TV interview the day before celtic Cup final giving his opinions and acting like he's cares for the club all so he gets the attention - TWAT
  3. h0tsh0t87


    It's a spam link lol. This person obv not a genuine member but just goes about random gambling forum posting the link If u look at the game in question there's nothing that points to - 0 Asian handicapp to say its a good bet lol
  4. h0tsh0t87

    Im coming, im coming...!!

    Paul isn't going to invite a stranger to his house we're his family live that would be silly. Say use fall out or disagree then u could leak his address. Or u could be a stalker or burger A live stream would also be unlikely as he spent years building up his channel so one bad comment or action by yourself then he could lose it all. or people could like your channel and then you become another competitor for Paul. Or you could become a popular streamer fuck up in a few months and everyone would say that was the streamer Paul created. Meeting for a pint is harmless and good for you too meet people but asking for do a stream is very unrelistic
  5. h0tsh0t87

    World of Warcraft Classic

    And that kind gesture you made is exactly when your a Tim Hail Hail
  6. h0tsh0t87

    Deal or no deal scam

    Just seen this on YouTube - the new deal or no deal game - you know the one Kim is constantly plugging away It turns out the numbers in the suitcase are actually on TV screens so they can change them at any time
  7. h0tsh0t87

    back so soon?

    Take it to a comp shop tgey could get your comp running really fast and it won't cost you to buy a new one. There is nemerous things they can do and add that can speed laptop up these days.
  8. h0tsh0t87

    Game of Thrones

    Her dad was the mad King and was hated and numerous times she mentioned she was not like him. So it's meant to be twist that in the end she ended up known as the mad Queen instead of the breaker of chains. A very pointless twist I must say. Lots of pointless things such as Jamie's lanisters fight and the hounds death. Surely it would have been better for arya to save the hound as he saved her and there thirst for revenge to be over.
  9. h0tsh0t87

    New Gambler

    Nah not on this subject mate lol
  10. h0tsh0t87

    New Gambler

    Nah it doesnt lol
  11. h0tsh0t87

    New Gambler

    For once I agree with @Denman
  12. h0tsh0t87

    New Gambler

    3 posts with lots of information on the same post on crypto currency never to comment again
  13. h0tsh0t87

    New Gambler

    Seriously evey few weeks someone posts about a crypto casino then all of a sudden two people who don't comment on the site starts talking about cryto casinos and then disapear
  14. h0tsh0t87

    New Gambler

    Good bye another promo post. I'm a few hours or data another few people will post recommending decent casinos
  15. h0tsh0t87

    Ace off

    Nope I have done something Paul hasn't done won the tgc home game