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  1. h0tsh0t87

    The Bandit using "a friends account"

    Exactly the point. if nick came out at the time and enforced that the only reason he can afford to gamble the way he does due to affiliation then it may of made you think twice .
  2. h0tsh0t87

    The Bandit using "a friends account"

    If you have thousands of followers many who could have gambling issues encouraging them that spending £10,000 , £20,000 , £100,000 on slots and then saying it’s responsible. at the same time you are running 8-10 competitions which could encourage these people to sign up to a casino and gamble the same way that you do . Saying I don’t earn from sign ups , I’m running these competitions out of my own money …. That’s just scummy . he is has a big influence in the YouTube gambling scene so things like this is just irresponsible . When bandit hit big on one of his reel king sessions ….. numerous YouTube streamers said they were jealous of the win and started playing that game. Just imagine how many people sitting at home watching him had the same feeling thinking that’s normal ? all he had to do was be honest and say the reason I can gamble the way i do is due to affiliation which is why I run all these competitions . It might not have made a difference but it would make some people have less of a urge to copy his irresponsible stakes
  3. h0tsh0t87

    Betfred Scam!

    Ohhhh see people argueing so Felt I need to say . hope betfred Keeps your money . u said yourself you knew you are not allowed to gamble but tried your luck as you had new address - so your luck ran out
  4. h0tsh0t87

    The Bandit using "a friends account"

    No he wasn’t . he use to deny he made any money from affiliation competitions - at one stage he had like 8 running at one time . Then as soon as affiliation rules became stricter he suddenly stops playing . bandit seems like a good guy but was always very shady about how he funded his crazy gambling stakes
  5. h0tsh0t87

    The Bandit using "a friends account"

    I made numerous posts before I was banned stating that the bandit gambled irresponsibly and was creating a false sense of normality for his viewers as there is no possible way anyone could afford to gamble the way he does. I pointed out that the only way he could possibly afford it is through affiliation which is why he had about 10 different competitions and was also trying to push a app on his viewers - I was told the bandit was rich and didn’t make any money from affiliation etc which obviously now we can see that isn’t true because as soon as affiliation rules for stricter the bandit disappeared
  6. h0tsh0t87

    Big Fine For Entain

    That’s what I was thinking surely they wouldn’t offer him a settlement if there was no fault from them lol
  7. h0tsh0t87

    Big Fine For Entain

    A update on this . they have done a full investigation and said that they have acted responsibly as they carried out 3 searches on his credit file in the 8 months that he was a member and nothing suggested that he couldn’t afford to gamble £33,000 . I asked to see his credit report and his credit score is poor with two ccj on it they offered him a £1000 one off payment to end his dispute in full and sign a form saying that he can not take it any further I advised him to refuse it and seek advice from a company who deals with this sort of stuff as there whole defence from there legal department was one paragraph saying we acted responsibly as we checked you me credit file 3 times in 8 months
  8. h0tsh0t87

    Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2

    last night AJ mask slipped … you have a fighter who has just won his fight , after the most horrible things has been happening to his country , his friends and family . And he had a moment to celebrate something he has achieved for himself to to remind people of Ukraine …… yet Aj had grab the mic and become centre of attention …… it was one of the most embarrassing things I have seen in a long time
  9. h0tsh0t87

    Big Fine For Entain

    I know someone who recently lost there wife and joined a certain uk casino. They were allowed to make 450 deposits totalling £33,000 in under 8 months as a new customer as a result they lost there home ……. when the casino was asked why they didn’t do any source of wealth checks , affordability or proper responsible gambling checks despite clear signs of a gambling addiction there reply was … In the 8 months this person was a customer we sent them two messages reminding them of the responsibile gambling tools on our site so we have acted responsible on our side ….. as much as people need to take responsibility for there actions there needs to be greater responsibilities on casinos to protect customers.
  10. h0tsh0t87


    Just bumping to remind people that it never came home
  11. h0tsh0t87

    Glasgow rangers

  12. h0tsh0t87

    Glasgow rangers

    Just a quick post from me to say oooooo the rangers are shite !!! hail hail
  13. h0tsh0t87

    Members on GamStop

    The biggest thing missing from the site is crunchie . his long term competitions kept the forum active .
  14. h0tsh0t87

    Protests = Uk people are stupid