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  1. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

    But he can shake the adults hands ? This is a role model to children this clip is t the one I don't like the one that made me dislike messi was a young boy in a wheel chair messi posed for a photo without speaking to him then went over and spoke to the boys dad before walking away --- in my job and I think @Jessr will agree you will find that people will often ignore anyone with a learning difficult or elderly person and ask the person looking after them questions as they assume they can not speak for themself
  2. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

  3. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

    Yes that sums up it up perfectly
  4. h0tsh0t87

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    Haha no when I say save I mean put her pocket money in which she can withdraw herself teach her some responsibility
  5. h0tsh0t87

    Online bank account prepaid debit card

    Yeh just want account to save and account for my daughter to save .
  6. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

    ???? Yes because he has been amazing for argintina the only other team he played for ??? When Barca puts out a weak team without players such a Suarez etc u barely see messi
  7. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

    did you see Timmys rant about you , Paul and the tgc mafia
  8. h0tsh0t87

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    That's richer then the big bro ?
  9. h0tsh0t87

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    Yet use need our money - Scotland is England's equivalent to a sugar daddy
  10. Does anyone know some decent online bank account which comes with a prepaid debit card ?
  11. h0tsh0t87

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    I voted to leave - England keeps Scotland for 2 reasons 1. Someone to bully and 2. Our oil
  12. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

    Messi can't do the things Ronaldo can really ? Real Madrid team has been poor for years now but Ronaldo kept them competing for la liga - look were they are now since he left ? Have you seen the Portugal team compared to argentinas team ?? Which one has been more successful what player has been better ? Man U - successful , Madrid - successful , juv - successful , Portugal - success Barcelona has always have the best players you take those players away and messi loses some of that magic ? Look at juv they were a good team now look at them with Ronaldo in it ? They will probally win the champion league
  13. h0tsh0t87

    TGC Football Tipster FA CUP 2018/19

    1. Arsenal v Man Utd (FRI) 2. Bristol City v Bolton (FRI) 3. Brighton v WBA 4. Portsmouth v QPR 5. Newcastle v Watford 6. Shrewsbury v Wolves 7. Millwall v Everton @centipede VS @o0ORyaanO0o  @h0tsh0t87 (AW,AW,D,AW,AW,AW,AW) VS @Mad Slasher McGurk @Crunchienut VS @1pstaker @Denman VS @Kinkerbells
  14. h0tsh0t87

    Brexit What's going on in the UK

    The sane as England needs Scotland more than Scotland needs England
  15. h0tsh0t87

    Ronaldo or messi

    Which one do you prefer ? Personally i I prefer Ronaldo as he is the sort of player that can single handed win you a match - look at Real Madrid since he left , even at Madrid he had some decent players but nothing special on the other hand messi has always had players such as inestia , xavi , rhonaldino , neymar , Suarez around him . He has then went to juventus and yes they are a good team but he has taken them to another level which will most likely result in them winning the champions league . he has performed well for Portugal leading them to success - one incident I Remeber was when he was injured during the match and instead of sulking about he was at the sideline giving instructions and motivating players . Messi on the other hand has no performed well for agentina and on numerous occasions blamed the players around him for this . another incident I noticed with mess was he was getting his photo Witt a boy who has a disability and he spoke to everyone ( the boys family etc ) but completely ignored the boy himself . Both players are extremely talented but the question is who do you prefer