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  1. Rocknrolla

    Book of ra ra ra magic

    what a hit!!
  2. Rocknrolla

    What are you watching Now? Fav TV & Movies...

    Will do mate
  3. Rocknrolla

    Good old pineapple head

    Get in mate, great win!!!
  4. Rocknrolla

    My morning

    I changed it to a moji but kept flashing and annoying so took it off but couldnt find my original pic to change back to, will sort when I'm back later
  5. Rocknrolla

    My morning

    Everything happens for a reason, stepping in poo though that was probably karma for something ha! Safe drive mate
  6. Still rough but there's a chance I will
  7. I feel safe with Emoticoins but never excited!
  8. Wow!!! Still doesnt fill me with much confidence to play it though ha
  9. Rocknrolla


    Beautiful hit mate!
  10. Rocknrolla

    Millionaire BTG Big win

    Slot volume is fine. Awesome win mate!!
  11. Rocknrolla

    What are you watching Now? Fav TV & Movies...

    Yeh the trailer looks good, not sure I'll be able to go and see it though! Will just see if there is a good version on the net
  12. Rocknrolla

    21casino & White Hat Gaming banning winners

    @jessethome Its hard to debate this without knowing the ins and outs, if you msg me your username I can have a look and see what went on and if it was a mistake mate
  13. Rocknrolla

    Joint community home game!

    Really enjoyed watching this tonight as I'm not even allowed to use the chat function!! 5 of the 6 final table players were TGC so well represented and saw more than a few brutal turns and rivers but was massively entertaining, hopefully my account will be sorted for the next one!
  14. Rocknrolla


  15. Rocknrolla

    The best £30 ever spent from a win.

    @Denman Are you going to publish it? If you want to test the waters I'll give it a read, the only books I've ever completed have been gambling related! Maybe if your bored one day you could hit up a stream, just for the TGC to say hello and chat? Another great though read though, cheers!