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  1. Rocknrolla

    Gone to the dogs

    I remember its used to be £30 you get a 2 course meal, a free pint and a free bet. It was a great night out
  2. Rocknrolla


    @Blacko How you doing anyway?
  3. Rocknrolla


    Pretty much! Aint no system like the rolla system and I genuinely believe an extent ha!
  4. Rocknrolla

    I need to stop....

    100%, I'm not quite sure on the reason why they'd risk it but my wins on demo have been consistently insane when I used to mess around on it. Avengers in particular with the Thor bonus was a blatant lie in demo!
  5. Rocknrolla


    Bonjour buddy, hope ya good, hows your luck?
  6. Rocknrolla


    I don't think there is any set guidelines for them, based on my experiences it seems to be the managers discretion. I've gone from being sucked off (not literally) everytime I go in to one of my local bookies to now being limited and not even being allowed the key to the toilets!
  7. Rocknrolla


    How did he get on? I haven't watched a single minute of any gambling vid or stream
  8. Rocknrolla


    Kinda ridiculous with the way all these things are heading, I would love to see their staff training these days in what they have to know about a customer. I just refuse now, cba with someone asking me to explain what I do with my money or a bank quizzing me for withdrawing £500 of my own money
  9. Rocknrolla


    Cheers mate, I'll have a look at Metro bank. No Boylesports near me but I can still use their online site, decent enough site but they don't allow some of the stakes I want. Nationwide closed my account in the end, fudging ridiculous but yeh when you play real money these are the things you come up against.
  10. Rocknrolla

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    Hackz defo has all the minerals, who knows maybe the uk scene will allow it
  11. Bonjour once again all! Its been quite a while since a visited this beautiful site, what have I missed? Also haven't watched any gambling vids/streams/channels any gossip or anything remotely interesting happen?? Its 5am so forgive any bad grammar I came back on youtube a few days ago with a live stream/update but the next morning it was null and void really as I received an email from Nationwide saying my accounts were locked pending an EDD check. So when the checks are done or if I have to find another bank account will be when I next look to do a stream. As for me there's been no 'real' life problems but been busy with the house and famalam. I did six weeks sober and gamble free when I started my latest break, apart from using the bookies as a wee escape from the house but that was short lived as I've now diva banned myself from my three closest ones. I'm convinced my account/betting with them got limited even though I'm pretty sure I'm a loser overall on the sports, one day I can bet 1k e/w on a random greyhound or 2k plus win singles, now they refuse a £250 e/w on a 8/1 horse and said max £50 even though they didn't ring anyone to check, go figure?! Another bookies I spoke up about that guy that was blatantly abusing his wife and well that bookies is now a no go unless I have some Hackz's Boscombe massive are with me. Blessing in disguise really as whats the point to a bookies these days?! After that I did a few big ish online gambles where if I won anything I invested the winnings, was going well for a few weeks until I shockingly lost and that losing streak hasnt stopped! Was inevitable really and been a long time coming. I had a few interesting offers from a couple of casinos while I was away which I'll post if I accept any of them. Other than that the UK online gambling scene still seems to be dying off with loads more online casinos leaving, this forth coming whitepaper seems even more pivotal as surely its getting to the stage of whats the point of even trying to have a punt?! Anyways haven't forgotten the giveaway and hope this year is a top one for you all! Much love!!
  12. Rocknrolla

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    Still can't get my head round this one, there's just so much on both sides that just doesn't make any sense?!! The stories keep changing as well, it appears now that she didnt offer the money back but Garret did actually ask for it which now hasnt done him any favours as why lie?! I believe in always not guilty until proven otherwise but she also hasn't helped herself with all this and just comes across as not having a clue when according to her backround she should, she's now explaining in indepth poker lingo detail about the hand (obvs prepped) when at the time she came across as clueless when explaining her thought process behind each stage of the hand. There's so much I could go into but I feel like a machine continuously malfunctioning when trying to compute it all. I just hope the outcome is conclusive but I also think that if it Hustler say they found no evidence of cheating that some including Garret who has a big influence in the poker world, would still not accept it and she could be tainted with this for life.
  13. Rocknrolla

    Giveaway Ideas

    Cheers for all the suggestions, going to look forward to creating this one and already ordered the gold envelopes.......twice as the first set I ordered were the size of playing cards so thats £12.60 I'll never see again! My gambling has been pretty crazy recently and if I lose on the next stream then I'm going to have a break (unless a £25 beauty happens again) as we know the casino will always win but with this style of gambling they'll get it all in record time if I carry on playing like this! So after that the next stream I do will be the giveaway one and putting the promise on it will be before Xmas at the very latest!
  14. Rocknrolla

    Giveaway Ideas

    Like it a lot cheers!!!
  15. Rocknrolla

    End of gambling streams on twitch?

    Will be interesting to see what happens, I'm sure they will just find a way round it. When links and promo codes were banned they also just created discords and spammed the links via that or just showed the logo. There's still loads of dodgy sites even with some kind of license that will welcome those streamers Some will probably just move to another platform. I think its still really positive as for me one of the main issues was these casinos targeted the biggest Twitch streamers where their audience was largely under 18. XQC would often stream minecraft then go straight to slots. Suddenly these kids that idealised these streamers and dreamed of emulating their life as gamers would be subjected a very different world and could quite easily go down a very dark path because of it