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  1. Rocknrolla

    AJ vs Usyk

    Completely out boxed and out classed but agree with all the pundits saying his game plan was all wrong! Wonder if he'll get rid of McCraken after this, either way looking forward to the rematch with Joshua being the outsider
  2. Rocknrolla

    Spam texts

    Like I said not decent ones, we've carefully studied what each individual needs and spammed them the appropriate ones, you're welcome!
  3. Rocknrolla

    Spam texts

    Not decent ones
  4. Rocknrolla

    Funny Shit

  5. Rocknrolla

    Spam texts

    I know mate, I get them every single day and can't see a way of stopping them
  6. Rocknrolla

    AJ vs Usyk

    I think every under estimated Ruiz but when he knocked him down I think he just got complacent and went for the finish and got caught. You can tell hes learnt from that with the rematch and even the way he boxed against Pulev, with him he caught him a few times but rather than going straight in for the kill played safe and continued to wear him down. Good luck, like I said either way at least one of us will win, unless its a draw!!
  7. Rocknrolla

    AJ vs Usyk

    He might be a little over rated but then hes always fought the main contenders and won, he can't do much more. Ruiz was very under rated and even then had never been knocked down before and AJ came back and out boxed him.
  8. Rocknrolla

    AJ vs Usyk

    I kinda thought the only way Usyk can win would be to somehow out point him but then people are saying he's put on more bulk then he usually would so surely thats another plus for Joshua who should be dominating the middle and has a longer reach than Usyk. I think the crowd being back and in London are more pluses for AJ, hes used to these big occasions whereas for Usyk this will be by far the biggest he's faced. Good luck mate, at least one of us will win some money ha!
  9. Rocknrolla

    AJ vs Usyk

    AJ vs Usyk this Saturday!! As soon as this fight got announced it seemed like free money to me that AJ was going to knock him out, Usyk has a lot of pedigree but hasnt really faced a top heavyweight let alone arguably the best, any heavy weight can knock the other out but surely Usyk doesn't have that in him. People keep talking about their weight with AJ looking trim and possibly his lightest ever although to me he still looks big and Usyk bulking up, so will wait for the official weigh ins but thats the only thing that has put a little doubt in my head. Everyone's saying (apart from the bookies 4/11 AJ) that this is a 50/50 fight but I'm struggling to see how?! AJ to win by KO/TKO or DQ IS 11/10 and a points win is 2/1, I'll probably have a bit on the knockout regardless and a few little punts on maybe which round it will be and regardless of the betting looking forward to watching this one but whats your predictions on this fight?
  10. Rocknrolla

    NEW Bigger Bass Bonanza 🎣🎣🎣

    So all they've done is moved the cap to 4000x? All the money they have behind them and this is the most inventive they can be?!
  11. Rocknrolla

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    @LaTeRzuk Get in mate!!
  12. Rocknrolla

    Exeter Races Live Stream!

    Sounds awesome if you can actually do it??
  13. Rocknrolla

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    @Bangers Thinking more about it and this isn't our comp but I do prefer the comps where the min entry is say 50 or 100x win pic and then its just a random draw from those entries, would probably reduce any possible chasing.
  14. Rocknrolla

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    For me the viewpoint I have is those trying this promo aren't new to slots and when they're having their usual slot bash would simply swap one of their usual slots they play with one from this comp. Slot races where people play a specific slot are on most casinos with prizes awarded for biggest wins, its a promo for the casino and the provider but can also be an added chance for the player to win something extra and in some cases could also be considered advantage play. We should always be wary of the dangers and look out for our fellow gambler but also know what site this is, as you're making it sound like BTG are targeting a GA site.
  15. Rocknrolla

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    Again you could say that about anything, do you think having a slot with a 7 million pound jackpot encourages more play? 10k is a very generous giveaway, its also a promotion for them but still a big giveaway they probably don't even need to do.