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  1. Doing a vlog soon to have a little chat/recap and to answer any questions you might have or feel would be good to cover on youtube. Post them in this thread below, cheers!
  2. send me or @MrUKHackz a message please so we can have a look into it for you
  3. I didnt know this and by the time you read will be done I did include one at the end of a video explaining a big loss but 100% will be doing one soon and will cover any questions people have. Yes its a monthly fee which I will go over but the short version is I'm a gambler with no business sense so overall have made nothing from this venture and they're not paying for me to be in Ireland that is my choice I would like to think I don't even have to explain about doing this for money with everything I could of done. The last two years alone with some of the biggest streams I've ever done with no links whatsover, casinos removing themselves due to clause x which basically states bring us no players in 3months so we bin you now. I could receive £500 for a 21casino video (max 4 vids) for having the logo showing but you'd know that wouldn't touch the side with the deposits I was doing. I did it through recycled winnings and the absolute buzz it brought but that also played a part in my two main casinos saying bonjour to me as I wasn't earning anything near enough to warrant the deposits I was making and keep sow happy. I can't speak for anyone else that now streams crypto but I doubt they had a scenario like mine. Moneywise if I'm going to do this I may as well get something back or at least try to, plus this could also be a way back to the uk casino as I'll obvs pay taxes etc I don't think I'm trying to justify more to just replying honestly Like I said in the youtube comments to you overall I don't disagree with a lot you're saying and I don't really know what to say or think as I'm still in a bit of a shock I'm here. I know you don't think or believe much about this point but I can't stress enough what doing everything in my opinion the right way and getting battered everytime for it has done to me! This is still all a trial for me, there's too much gamble in me for a business so we'll se how it pans out Whatever happens, genuinely respect your opinion as if it was the other way round its likely to of been mine. I wish you well mate
  4. In terms of uk player I will be in Ireland but I won't try and defend even though I do hope in time you will understand mine a little more but I still completely understand and respect your reasons. I still hope one day you'll be back even if its just an update on how your lil girls boxing progress is but for now just want to say a massive thankyou for everything you've done, you never did anything for money purely to help out with the site. A true legend and gent, take it easy mate
  5. Will try and cover some of the questions in the thread but will also be doing a vlog soon covering a lot of stuff. I'm not saying they should be banned but now understand why they were in the uk and agree with it. Some slots are purpose built for buys and the slots that don't have a good base game potential then buys on those makes more sense but there isn't many. Overall they zap the fun out and like I said they create more tilting scenarios. I'm certainly not buying them for the purpose of pleasing any viewers or anything like that. I've also been on a record losing streak so hopefully the reality is there to see and people remember it. In terms of my viewer base its 54% UK so still a large percentage outside. Saying the casinos targeted me for UK players I mean I can't comment on their behalf but the majority that have contacted me don't even know me and think my name is Jamie and reached out based on my subs/views. The first casino I was with said I must be in Ireland purely because they expect stronger checks to be coming in soon so looking for uk players would be pointless for them. I think my channel is different to most and at no point do I direct or even mention the casino I play on, I like to think the majority watch for entertainment purposes only. It would be different if it was a uk site but given all the dangers and the absolute mission it is to get that first crypto deposit on, if someone can still play on a uk site I would think they would stay there. I am also in Ireland so if people were to copy me then they'd have to move here, get an official address, utility bills, phone etc. Also look how I got here, banned for winning, blocked for no reason given, limited, max amount of withdrawals, max capped amounts and the last straw not being paid out. I read a post on bbc where it mentions Norway and France having the same sort of regulations put on them and now 70% of them play on the black market and thats without influencers. All this being said if I could play on just one UK site freely then I'd be there in a shot and even now I'm still planning and looking at ways to come back in the future. Its still hard to comment as the last person that would have predicted me here now would have been me!
  6. I disagreed with bonusbuys being banned and now having played with the freedom to do so I now 100% agree with them being banned! They take all the fun out of the slots and just produce even more tilting scenarios than playing the slot normally. I think this is one of the biggest draws to crypto casinos but once you play them you soon realise the reality and their tilting nature! If you have a limited budget which is pretty much everyone and your verified/feel safe on a ukgc casino then crypto casinos just aren't worth crossing that bridge for!
  7. send me a msg, cant msg you on here for some reason
  8. Cheers for the message mate! I'm still learning as I go, would be happy to have a chat with you via twitter or something as things keep changing the more I learn. In regards to being up for the trip watch Sundays as I left it out of order for a reason
  9. I wouldn't be able to do that, cheers though! I posted update which explains why
  10. Doing a lil vlog at the end of the next vid but thought I would talk about it here as anyone from youtube can comment on it, rather than the youtube comment section as thats impossible to have a conversation on! So I'm going to be trialling a different crypto site, this was one that @JackSparks moved to a while ago, he's since left but recommended I try it and as he's only one of two in the industry I trust at the moment ( @L&LJan being the other) I'm going to give them a try. I also want to be open about this deal as I will be with any future ones. So for this trial I'll be receiving a fixed fee per month, no rev, no deposit bonuses, no wager % etc, in return they get their logo on my obs and a review. There's no dictating how I gamble or anything on my streams/vids they can be as long or as short as I like. I don't have to mention them or any sales pitch. I'm going to be moving to Ireland to do it. That may sound crazy but with the flights from and to Bournemouth being so convenient it could actually work as I would fly late Sunday night and fly back early Wednesday morning. I don't see my kids on a Tuesday anyway so its only the few hours on a Monday after school that I will miss. First video I put up seems like nobody cared if I use a vpn or not and I also now know that flying to Ireland to gamble is pretty much pointless as it still doesn't protect against KYC and sow. Crypto is a massively dangerous world not to be taken lightly and I know loads have said they've been fine using a vpn but I've also heard of others that haven't and it seems particularly when they've won big. So thats one of the reasons I'll be doing it and to do it right I need an address, utility bills, bank, the full works. I'm still not fully comfortable with all this and would be even less so showing people I'm playing from the UK with a vpn. Gambling wise it suits me as the days I'm not there I can't gamble. Hoping to sort a schedule out like the old days, maybe Sunday to Tuesday live streams and vids on the others day but will see. Also looking to keep youtube to just vids and either live streaming on Twitch or that new Kick place. Might take a while to stream as the places I've been looking to rent need basically sow, references etc so no idea how long it will take. My youtube is starting to very slowly get back in the algorithm and for the first time in two years I actually have green ticks/numbers rather than the usual red and minus subs everytime I uploaded. Its still only 4% recommended views as to 40% I used to get before getting blacklisted to 0.1%. Never uploaded for those reasons but its giving me the buzz back from the early days to come up with new vids, streams and maybe even a 24hr stream ha! I know not everyone likes the fee part but for the last two years I did it for nothing because it was a fudging amazing ride of some of the best streams I've ever had, only made possible and sustainable due to the winnings being recycled. But earning nothing from it was however one of the reasons a few playable casinos like 21 and party limited me as with the new regs being up a quarter mill on Party doesn't count as income so this whole crypto journey could also be a way back into those casinos. Everytime I sigh at being on crypto I remember how and why I ended up here, if you have just one UK casino you play on and trust it, I would stick with it!
  11. Its all still new to me. Yeh came very close with BC but just writing a post now as to why I've chosen the next one.
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