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  1. Rocknrolla

    10000x book of shadows

    Ok I'll start to play this game!
  2. Rocknrolla

    3000x book of shadows

    @Deez Nutz Wow mate what a hit!! You been on some sort of hot streak??
  3. Rocknrolla

    Chicken Aubergine and Peppers Full blast !!!

    Looks good mate!! No naan or anything though?
  4. Rocknrolla

    Does anyone have one?

    Sorry mate, I know people check daily on ebay for fruits so I think thats your best bet. King kebab's a great one!
  5. Rocknrolla

    Cheeky .90p win

    Unbelievable hit mate, enjoy!!
  6. Rocknrolla

    DOA2 61930X 0,45bet

    Unbelievable win on 45p congrats mate!
  7. Rocknrolla

    I took Spielbank Duisburg for a spanking!

    @TheBingoKingx Holy crap mate go easy! But get the fudge in there!
  8. Rocknrolla

    Punter takes on Ladbrokes

    Zero chance they'll pay out! And if they do I'm off to Spain for a few weeks and I've mentioned it here so 21casino know and should not accept my bets
  9. Rocknrolla


    @DEVIL4POSTER Get in mate and good call to take a break for a bit! I can't stand that pokerstars computer roulette though, spins more unpredictable than a rigged wheel
  10. Rocknrolla

    Still Buzzing!

    @Mrs love Jackpot hive five!!
  11. Rocknrolla

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

    From what I've been told it's due to the age gating on Twitch not being good enough, whereas on youtube its deemed sufficient as you would need a +18 account to be able to watch. I hear it will also affect poker streamers who have a much larger following/viewers so I'd be surprised if in the future twitch didn't do the same as youtube.
  12. Rocknrolla

    Tonight Stream on Youtube

  13. Rocknrolla

    Name the Movie from the Screenshot #2

    7. Nightcrawler
  14. Rocknrolla

    Mike sexton