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  1. Rocknrolla

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    14.30 Artos 30pts win 15.05 Wordsworth 10pts win 15.40 Indie Angel 20pts win 16.20 Audarya 5pts e/w 17.00 Haqeeqy 10pts win 17.35 Armor 5pts e/w 18.10 Lights on 10pts win
  2. Rocknrolla

    Royal Ascot 2021 Competition

    14.30 Order of Austrailia 10pts win 15.05 The Acropolis 10pts win 15.40 Extravagant Kid 10pts win 16.20 Battleground 10pts win 17.00 Cape Gentlemen 30pts win 17.35 Forest of Dean 20pts win 18.10 Throne Hall 5pts e/w
  3. Rocknrolla

    Fastest payout?

    Still makes me chuckle how fast these casinos now payout since the reverse option got removed
  4. Rocknrolla

    Happy birthday rob 🎉🎂🎈🍻🍻

    Happy birthday matey!
  5. Rocknrolla


    Will definitely have a big effect but for me the biggest problem is education, it should be talked about in schools
  6. Rocknrolla


    I've taken the money this time but only to reinvest it (minus the initial investment) if it drops back.
  7. Rocknrolla


    Not quite yet, I'm in this for at least a year!! Cumming to the mooooooooooon!
  8. Rocknrolla


    His last tweet went trending for the cummie holders Canada USA Mexico Some code genius worked out that all the first letters of those countries spells the next big crypto!!
  9. Rocknrolla


    Where did you purchase AMC?
  10. Rocknrolla


    I would never go down that route as it would be a conflict of interest with my fake taxi business! Potential for hackz to get involved though, I'm sure I put a clause in his contract somewhere that his reviews might need him to get hands on
  11. Rocknrolla


    20x is very doable at this stage! I invested in BITG at 4am and by 11am it had gone up 10x, I'm very astute when it comes to these things and if twitch girls sleeping in banana pyjamas gets 10k plus viewers then that generation will lap up cummies!
  12. Rocknrolla


    I took a big chunk out of Doge and after 2 weeks studying the charts, reading books, doing courses and sitting in on seminars I have invested in Cumrocket! So if that hits 2 dollars I'll send you the guitar and a bunch of cummies!
  13. Rocknrolla


    True and its may help in the future toning down my play
  14. Rocknrolla


    Its crazy! They even have adverts on youtube so it helps it look legit, even I thought one of them was real