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  1. Rocknrolla

    Fifa 2020

    I would say they shouldn't be available for purchase but rewarded for accomplishing ingame missions and goals. I'm not that current with it but glad the roulette style esc from the gambling of skins/boxes like the ones below has gone as that was crazy to be allowed!
  2. Rocknrolla

    Fifa 2020

  3. Rocknrolla

    Vegan Burgers - Beyond Meat

    Haha they haven't posted anything for ages! The office has come on loads since the last update, although we may have made a slight miscalculation with the door frame so not much can actually go in it ha!
  4. Rocknrolla

    Vegan Burgers - Beyond Meat

    Yeh ham/bacon and cheese are probably the hardest things to replicate while tasting good, but apart from my homemade vegan bacon (consisting of 9 ingredients) this was a pretty decent toastie!
  5. Rocknrolla

    Vegan Burgers - Beyond Meat

    @PieGamble Love the burgers, at £5 they're a good £1 more than I'd like to spend ha but worth it! The last two times I've had them the missus cooked them and she said they are just too meat like for her but I cooked them today and my only lil grievance with them is the smell, they smell a little like cat food! I tried the kfc burger and wasn't blown away, as vegan chicken burgers go its good but could be better, its pretty dry and small and doesn't look like the photo. Maybe it was just that one had been sitting out all day or something so I'll try another. Had a vegan Ginsters pasty which is really good! Also Costas do a really good vegan ham and cheese toastie!
  6. Rocknrolla


    I do agree with Mr Cgi if you can fit a pc somewhere it will be a lot faster and last so much longer. Richie has £70 from me which can go towards it, plus I'll add another £50.
  7. Rocknrolla

    Chelsea Vs Arsenal

    Happy Birthday mate!
  8. Rocknrolla

    Andy Margett

    Just found this on youtube, top lil video
  9. Rocknrolla

    I have returned

    @Symbol Get in mate!!!
  10. Rocknrolla

    Bilkos Birthday

    Happy birthday matey!!
  11. Rocknrolla

    Who is your favourite streamer ?

    I haven't watched many vids or streams in the last 5 months but apart from my few usuals I watched a bit of 7neighbours recently who has a good channel going
  12. Rocknrolla

    Not much happening tonight

    `Cheers, yeh was 5 dump runs ha
  13. Rocknrolla

    Not much happening tonight

    Not really, it will enable me to stream but its mainly a lil place for me to work and escape the real world now and then
  14. Rocknrolla

    Paddy Power withdrawal

    Ah sweet thats good, whenever I did a withdrawal there or Betfair it was always nearly 24hrs
  15. Rocknrolla

    Paddy Power withdrawal

    Other than that its normally 24hrs