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  1. bigbucks1983

    Mental 66666x Time to give up!!

    The only way these games ever go off is through the thousand x bonus buys. Has anyone ever seen a natural 5 scatter bonus on any of these? It's why you see the majority of nonesense wins on casino grounds at 20p stake, you only unlock the crazy potential through the crazy buys. As Blacko said, banning bonus buys over here was a good step by the ukgc, with the way games are changing it will just lead to more tilt, more chasing and more losses. Much prefer to see Rolla or someone hit 1200x at a fiver than someone hit 30,000x at 20p even though the win is the same. Its a dangerous road to go down, remember when 2000x was an obscene win, well now that can just be a bonus buy. The more we are exposed to these stupid wins the more distorted our perception of our own wins becomes.
  2. bigbucks1983


    Dirty drug is Ket. Seen people I'm some absolutely awful states when on it, looking like their face has melted where the muscles in it have all relaxed while shitting themselves and not even knowing it. Grotty drug for junkies because its cheaper than a lot for how fucked up it can get you.
  3. bigbucks1983

    LTC CASINO SCAM. TTR's Casinos stealing funds.

    Hate to break it to you bud but you ain't getting a penny if they are a rogue crypto casino.
  4. bigbucks1983

    LTC CASINO SCAM. TTR's Casinos stealing funds.

    Is that a crypto casino?
  5. bigbucks1983

    Are they Mad ???

    They wouldn't charge obscene prices for Easter eggs if people weren't buying them. I bought one of those hotel chocolate eggs one year when I first got with the Mrs trying to impress her. You do get an obscene amount of chocolate in them but it really wasn't that good. For £30 I expected something really memorable instead I'll stick to the 3 for a fiver deals in future.
  6. bigbucks1983

    2022 Grand National

    I've gone for Fortescue, Good Boy Bobby and Fiddler on the Roof for my picks. I'd advise no one else back them now as they are unlikely to finish now I've bet on them!
  7. bigbucks1983


    Yeah if there is still room, count me in please.
  8. bigbucks1983

    The Masters 2022

    Bet wise, for some reason I just can't bring myself to back favourites in the majors despite liking DJ and Scheffler's chances. I've gone for Horschel, Woodland both 50/1, Kisner at 150/1 I think he should be a lot lower, and the cink and Si Woo Kim at 300 and 250/1. None have really blown up but they all need a steady round today. Regarding the tournament, was nice to see Willett put in a good round. Cam Smith played 12 holes of incredible stuff but started and finished with a double, he could be very hard to beat if he maintains the form of that 12 hole stretch. Will Zalatoris shot his 5th consecutive round under par at Augusta to sit 4 off the lead, think he's definitely a future winner. 42 players are sat within 6 of the lead, thinning out already but if the course drys out and the wind picks as it supposed to I expect to see some big changes over the next day or two and the scores go up. Lastly and although some people may not like him, what a round by Tiger Woods, tied 10th and 4 back. I think he looked pretty decent considering the lay off and it's clear from his interviews that he's confident in his game. Personally I think he's brilliant for the game and it's great he's out the competing again and playing well.
  9. bigbucks1983

    2022 Grand National

    Morning all, I hope all you lovely people are well, sorry if there is another post about this anywhere but I can't see one. So its the Grand National this Saturday, normally a chance for me to chuck £150 away. So what is everyone thinking? Who do you think wins? Personally I haven't see anything that stands out to me so am going to just get the little one to pick 5 numbers and put a tenner each way on those horses, can't do any worse than normal!! Cheers
  10. bigbucks1983

    -NAME THE PLAYER--make your selections for the masters

    Best Brookes Koepka Worst Vijay Singh
  11. bigbucks1983

    Masters Golf Competition

    Best Brookes Koepka Worst Vijay Singh Good luck all.
  12. bigbucks1983

    Masters Golf Competition

    How are we picking? A selection of players or one for each category or just one player?
  13. bigbucks1983

    Masters Golf Competition

    Aye count me in.
  14. bigbucks1983

    The Ukraine situation

    Yeah but no. The info is from someone in the trade who knows where their stuff is sourced. Can blame the government for some things but can't whitewash everything as pre planned cover ups.
  15. bigbucks1983

    The Ukraine situation

    And watch over a third of chippies go out of business due to this war in the next 12-18 months. 'Traditional' British cuisine and so many will go under because the price of cod has nearly doubled and gad tripled. Lot of our cod gets imported in from Russia. Typically British food being not so British.