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  1. bigbucks1983

    💰Not a win but still a good one

    Lovely score mate. I keep wanting to play poker again but it's better I stay on gamstop than risk it. Do you find the standard of play any different to when you first started? Poker theory and discussion etc is so much more accessible these days, just watching some of the streamers must help people to a degree. When i look at the way people played say 15 years ago it really would be easy to make money playing how I do/did now.
  2. bigbucks1983

    Paul vs Fury

    No value in these fights now, I remember the first Jake Paul vs Woodley fight it was 10/1 on Paul by points and 12/1 woodley on points. Stuck 50 on each as couldn't see either getting ko'd, odds were way lower in all his subsequent fights. As for the actual fight, really and truly it panned out in the only way it should have. Fury looked like the real boxer and Jake Paul just winging and clinching. The knockdown was barely that, Fury was on his feet in about 0.5 seconds. Don't like Jake Paul but he suckered a lot of people in and got a lot of casuals interested, even my Mrs asked if I was watching it. They will run it back I'm sure, maybe see Jake Paul vs KSI but I think that's the end of the circus now and we will really see how serious Jake Paul is about being a boxer.
  3. bigbucks1983

    Casino stopped offering free coffees and sandwiches at the table !

    43 words he did it in.
  4. bigbucks1983

    Easy money

    Oh and randomly sticking 20p in bar x 7s when 2 7s are on the reels. Only ever had it hold twice but both times held again so 50 off of very very little. Less luck and more educated chancing it.
  5. bigbucks1983

    Easy money

    During the 25 pound JP era there was a fruity that went red in one of the pubs in town and was always a double repeat 75. Saw a couple playing it and it went red and he collected a tenner. Next board went red again and they were gonna collect a tenner (this wasn't a method they were just clueless) but being half cut and feeling kind I told them they had JP so keep playing. Anyway they got the JP and had no credits after the first repeat and then collected the near 60 on the bank. They proceeded to give me a tenner in thanks and walked off, once they were out of sight i stuck 30p in and grabbed the second repeat. 35 quid paid for a night out back then.
  6. bigbucks1983


    Really cant see that happening. After the fuss and the workarounds that were allowed to keep the FOBTs going. I certainly wouldn't bother with FOBTs ever again if they wanna SOW me. They will lose millions if not billions in revenue and taxes. Thing is if I have a big win in a bookies and go to another one later with a grand or two are they just gonna accept its previous winnings? If they do it makes the exercise pointless and if they don't they lose a punter.
  7. bigbucks1983

    The Bandit using "a friends account"

    San quentin is what 400 min buy, 75% back and you're still losing 100 per buy. You think it's better because it's a high percent return but it costs so much to buy it's a decent loss, still a grand done in 20 minutes without a decent bonus.
  8. bigbucks1983


    More of a joke is 6 scatters only pays 100x!! That's ridiculous for the rarity of it.
  9. bigbucks1983

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    this is as legit as Chip being the most responsible streamer. Maybe responsible was confused with reprehensible.
  10. bigbucks1983

    Anderson Silva vs Jake Paul

    I saw 13/2 for silva on points. I dont see him knocking Jake out. The first Woodley fight, they had 10/1 jake by points and 12/1 Woodley by points. I stuck 50 on each as couldn't see either getting a ko at thar point. Think this fight will be the same but I might be wrong. Sadly the Mrs managed to lose my bank card yesterday so no bet for me on this one.
  11. bigbucks1983


    Yeah not sure why I went English at the start and UK later but sums up my brain at the moment We see all these BS wins on casino grounds but its not the same as what we get to play. It messes with people's perception of what's good and not.
  12. bigbucks1983


    I think the problem is that English players look at it as if we are playing the same game when we aren't. Many games the only way to hit the huge wins is on the top bonus, the only real way of getting said bonus is to bonus buy. Take San quentin, the odds of rolling 5 scatters is a billion to 1, that pretty much rules out a UK player from those huge wins while we see the huge wins but they've come from bonus buys, we are playing the same game but really we aren't. Our X win is of our cost per spin while they guy who buys the bonus is really x of bonus buy but we view it as comparable to our stake X if that makes sense. The best games are the ones where the normal feature can go crazy, like chaos crew, least UK players have a chance of winning big then like the Europeans. That all makes total sense in my head but reads like gibberish so I apologise.
  13. bigbucks1983

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    It's gonna give a lot of people screaming cheater ammunition. Rogue employee takes 15k, wouldn't have been spotted if not for the review, she doesn't want to press charges.... was this payment for something? Seems extremely weird to me. I'm leaning towards her being an absolute retard and having no clue about what she played BUT I'm not ruling out cheating. Problem is everything she has said and done after the hand is not how an innocent player would behave. Edit to say I've just seen he is a graphics tech... has access to the hole cards. Yeah sounds hugely hugely dodgy. Leaning back towards she most like cheated.
  14. bigbucks1983

    The Ukraine situation

    I don't overly agree with this, most people wouldn't agree with what's happening in Syria etc but it isn't pushed in our face on a daily basis and impacting our way of life. At school we learned about European history not Middle Eastern. Ukraine want to be in the EU, Syria will never be able to. Its not about people not caring, but they feel more connected to this and its on our doorstep effectively and we have had direct nuclear threats made on the country we live in. Its impacting the cost of living etc. Why did you use Syria and the Middle East as an example and not what happens in Africa? Because Syria is still globally publicised and has more recency bias, its not as publicised as Ukraine but more than Africa to make you know whats happening. You appear just as guilty of what you are berating people over for the Ukraine by giving the example of Syria, you picked one that still has had a fair bit of global coverage which is why you are aware of it. The point I'm making is its human nature to be like this, especially when it's on your doorstep. We just want to work, pay our mortgage and be with friends and family. Most people care but also don't have a personal quota of outrage and attention we divide equally amongst conflicts in the world, thats dictated by other factors.
  15. bigbucks1983

    Another live poker cheating scandal

    The more I see on this the more ridiculous it becomes and I actually think the biggest balls up was by hustler casino. With such a serious allegation I think they should have suspended the stream temporarily and began an investigation then. Instead they have just let it evolve into a cluster fuck. Garret hasn't said anymore and I'd expect some sort of statement soon, I get he might have acted out of character at the time but I also don't think he bullied her regarding giving the money back but his silence is letting her need the narrative. I heard her semi explanation to Joey Ingram today and I still don't think she made any sense, I don't think she knows what she is trying to say.