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  1. bigbucks1983

    Making a video out of someone else’s win

    Not sure why we act surprised by anything he does now. It's all just about getting views and sign ups. I dont know if he is just thick, arrogant or what to continue acting as he does and thinking people won't notice. Truth be told I don't think he cares as long as he's getting views and money. Problem is he and others continue to behave the way they do despite uproar by many so until there is some proper legislation regarding it all nothing is going to change.
  2. bigbucks1983

    Anxiety, panic attacks and triggers.

    You should get yourself on reddit. R/......
  3. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Did you not get enough attention at BIAM so you come over here to cause shit? You are the person who posts and talks most about fakeness etc as if its a problem but secretly it's the only way you can engage with people. Fuck off you mug
  4. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    So how are you such a wanker?
  5. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    The issue with removing everyone on gamstop is and tell me if I'm wrong, could they not just see the forum without being logged in? I'm sure a lot of people read these threads that aren't logged on or contribute. Personally I'm on gamstop as online was the most destructive place I could gamble but I still have a punt elsewhere. Personally, until there is some sort of regulation or something I'd like all posts or threads about crypto casinos deleted/hidden. Might be a little iron fisted but at least its responsible for the part of this forum. Thankfully I've never gone to a dodgy casino to play online due to gamstop because I'm too dubious about being paid out. Couldn't handle having a big win and getting shafted. That said I've read articles etc about various punts etc out of my normal mo and felt a little inspiration by them. What people read does plant tiny seeds hence while even banning any mention of crypto casinos here isn't going to anywhere near hide their existence, if it stops one or two people going off the rails I would say that benefit far outweighs anything else. I guess I'm saying just because know one else does anything about it doesn't mean this site shouldn't. Agree about affiliation for UK streamers, as I said in a previous post I wouldn't be surprised if Craig has something lined up or is viewing to go over. There are some very questionable characters who stream and I really wouldn't put it past them to jump on the crypto bandwagon as soon as they can, as long as they get paid they aren't too bothered about the damage they can do.
  6. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    I think part of the issue some people have with the UKGC is that for many years they don't seem to have done much on the online casino side of regulation but now they have introduced some requirements and restrictions people view it as going over board. The reality is that many of these things could have done with being in years before, in which case we wouldn't be talking about them now which would give the crypto casinos less appeal. 2.5 seconds a spin might seem slow but it's gonna combat tilt, you can't lose as quickly based on the same stake being spun. You can quick spin most your balance when on tilt in 5 minutes flat. Quickspinning like that is a pretty degenerative action in itself in many instances. Bonus buys, these are just awful and probably should never have been allowed. The fact you can do a bonus buy for 2000x now is scary or in other instances gamble for more spins and get nothing. You could go through 2k in 5 minutes just trying to get a £2 bonus. For problem gamblers these are the absolute worst thing, instant and volatile. Autospins I think should have stayed but meh it's been removed. There are going to be other ones I could list but you get the gist. Many of the things the UKGC have and are doing are to limit the damage problem gamblers can do and reduce the odds of other people becoming problem gamblers or just doing their brains in. Yes people who are in control of their gambling might be annoyed at the changes but let's be real other than removing bonus buys most other things are just going to take a bit more time. So now to the topic at hand, we have Crypto Casinos appearing, unregulated and a law onto themselves. Do they have more risk attached than playing at a UKGC regulated casino? Definitely. With that said, until they are regulated, banned or whatever then in my view if someone who is in control of their gambling wants to play on them then let them crack on. However they need to accept the risk that comes with it, ie they could get royally done over for a withdrawal or something and there is nothing they can do. What I dont think should happen with the risks we know about is that people should portray then as safe, it's irresponsible. If anyone plays on them while they are unregulated then they shouldn't mention it, particularly on a gambling website where there will be more problem gamblers than not who don't encouragement or ideas. Which leads finally to Craig's video, something with the potential to reach a far larger audience. There maybe a lot of problem gamblers who watch his video that didn't know much about crypto casinos who now realise they can play on there and bonus buy or there maybe people on gamstop who now see somewhere they can gamble, it undermines all the protection that was in place. Then there is the issue that people might not get paid especially if small dodgy crypto casinos start appearing, which they will. He's basically opened Pandoras box. Just by saying, don't copy me, don't do this etc doesn't absolve him of responsibility. It was an utterly ignorant, irresponsible action to take. It would be interesting to see whether he has some sort of affiliation deal with them in the pipeline. Funny this has coincided with a big increase in content output from him.
  7. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Steep if that was your wages or you were down already but as you've already said, youre 25k up for the year so that mean much.
  8. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Apologies for quoting your thread to make a point but your exact words 'I'm addicted to coca cola/pepsi, kebabs, chinese, pizza all the usual shit' The reason I brought it up is i remember how sad you seemed and how it negatively impacted your life, weight and mental health. Funnily, thats just what a gambling addiction does to others which makes them very comparable and appropriate for a gambling forum. Just hoping you might see how crypto can be really harmful for some people. Celebrate definitely but you often reference your wins to make a point, which is different. Celebrate is I've won x amount. Make a point is I've won x amount at this casino so it proves this. Everyone knows your stance on crypto casinos, you've won and not had problems. But what would you say if you hit an absolute monster and they just didn't pay? Look at both sides of the coin.
  9. bigbucks1983

    Craigslots Crypto Casino Video

    Love to see your opinion on all this if you weren't well up or bonus buys were killing your roll. You tend to bemoan the UKGC at every opportunity as the cause of people moving to these sites but at least they are trying. I'm on gamstop and wouldn't touch a crypto or cuaraco casino so for me that aspect has worked. The UKGC are trying, they might not have it right but I doubt they could foresee the crypto casinos becoming as big as they had. You posted in May about having put on 3.5 stone and being addicted to shit food. Imagine you could block yourself from all those bad foods etc, you'd be pleased. Then someone finds a way of showing you how you can get around the clock and eat as much as you want. You put on more weight, get diabetes but then someone else says, you're angry and frustrated but someone else says it should be allowed because they have lost weight and got healthier. Makes you feel shit and might encourage someone else to eat too that doesn't want to. Apologies for the personal analogy but I don't think its fair to be posting how much you are up etc for problem gamblers to see. It's comes across sometimes as since it hasn't effected you then it's all OK.
  10. bigbucks1983

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    I feel so sorry for him, I didnt watch the documentary because it was such a sorry fall and then you get the scary self reflection. It amazed me though watching a clip or an interview where he just wanted to be able to buy a house, imagine what he lives with every day feeling that way after the career he has had. Crazy. Addiction is a big part of gambling as it is with drugs etc but i think with gambling is more complex. Anyone can become a drug addict but i don't think that applies to gambling, a gambling problem is rooted much deeper in the psyche.
  11. bigbucks1983

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    I would say any gambler can suffer due to a big win or good streak. New gamblers, some can play low stakes and hit something huge like on DoA2 on 18p and be thrilled they won so much, can't believe the amount of money they have and then withdraw it and not be bothered about playing again or just continue on micro stakes happy to tickle along and just get fun out of the game play. Others though get that big win and think its easy, think they can replicate it, want the thrill again. They play through more money than they expected and the win doesn't come, they continuously chase and suddenly are hooked. In each instance, as has been touched upon before they don't really know gambling, they don't appreciate how rare than 5000x win is for example, it just effects one differently to the other. On the flip side you have regular gamblers who know in the most part how things work, they might play £1 spins and hit the big one. They might play on and might try higher stakes, both might even cash out a big chunk. The difference is despite knowing the same things, one gambler accepts the rarity of the win and is just glad to have hit it and can return to playing how they did while the other gambler wants to get that rush again, they aren't satisfied by the wins they get returning to the lower stakes and end up playing higher stakes to get a buzz. It can lead to much bigger losses and invariably a constant chase of losses or satisfaction. I think part of that whether it is a cause of the problem or result of it is that the big win distorts their respect of money and its value which just worsens the problem. Suddenly only spinning £250 on the roulette table a go is enough for you when actually you only earn £300 a week, problem is you can't see that because you view the two things entirely separately. We almost develop a gambling life and our real life, when the two meet its normally because gambling has impacted our real life. Its a massive rabbit hole we could dive into, the big win is the trigger of a gambling disorder, and it is a disorder, you lose touch of reality in a way. I think some people are just wired to have that always lurking within them, whether they start at 18 or 80, just something triggers it. Big wins can cause people who already gamble to get worse and new gamblers to get hooked.
  12. bigbucks1983

    Slots, are big wins a good thing?

    I have always been a problem gambler, problem in that I struggle to stop when i start although I can go weeks or months not needing to play. Anyway I'm 38 now and I've gambled like this since I was 18. At 29 I got made redundant, used most the money on positive things and I never played too much on line but had a session and deposites way more than I ever had done, around 1500 doing £10 spins in the end when £2.50 was the highest I'd ever gone before. Ended up getting 250x on pots of gold and over the next month ended up about 15k up going up to £12 a spin. Tried a new casino one night and lost 7k in a few hours, ended up doing £60 spins (actually hit 3 bonuses at that stake and only paid 10x best). Woke up devastated despite being well up still and closed my account. Problem is that winning streak changed my gambling entirely for a few years, fruities etc were no more because online became a real problem for me, every pay day I would do my balls online, my stakes had increased and I needed bigger wins to be satisfied. Problem was I wasn't happy with a little profit either, I wanted decent profit. Invariably my money would have been paid in at 2am and bar the bare minimum to smoke and eat for the month I'd be skint by 6am. God I did that too often and worked too many hours just to get by when I should have been really flush. Winning big online absolutely ruined me, probably lost back 50k over the 8k profit I initially finished won. Never had a decent run again. Soon as gamstop came out I jumped on it. I've lost on FOBTs here and there and done my balls occasionally but I've never woken up on payday skint. Winning big can ruin anyone so don't feel alone.
  13. bigbucks1983

    My turn.

    Well done mate, great to hear a success story.
  14. bigbucks1983

    Once again abject failures by online casinos

    My take on it, the doctor had a gambling problem prior to losing all the money he stole since it says he had remortgaged his house and lost his car which I took as through gambling. To be a doctor you have to be a bright man, with his resources etc would have been able to think of a better way to resolve his financial issues other than gambling. Only a problem gambler thinks gambling is the best way to get out of a hole. So to assume he was a problem gambler on2a very very good wage and had remortgaged his house we can probably assume he had been putting at pretty high stakes prior to losing ghe money he stole so the casino may not be quite as negligent as we initially thought. I'm a hit cynical of people in these situations, the fact he was aware enough to tell the casinos the money was from the proceeds of crime and needs to be refunded I find a bit suspect. Did he know that once he'd crossed that line of using their funds he would either win enough to get out the hole or if found out he could still get the money back, yes he'd face s stretch but that's a risk he took regardless when stealing. It's effectively a bottomless free roll until caught, funds run out or he wins what he needs to. Maybe he though the good standing he had in the community etc may save him a jail term. Dunno maybe I'm well off on it but don't think it's quite so straightforward. I do think he has a serious gambling problem regardless and hope he gets help for that. This incident aside, if he's a decent bloke and he clearly does a job that contributes strongly to society then I hope he can remain a GP in some capacity.
  15. bigbucks1983

    Justified or not?

    I dont think the Scottish guy was fighting over a fruity, he didn't batter him for taking the machine. He was walking away but put the guy in his place after the guy pushed him too far by carrying on being gobby.