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  1. bigbucks1983

    Thank you and goodbye

    Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and support, i really appreciate it. For the time being its one day at a time until i get this under control. Again, all the best to you all and take care.
  2. bigbucks1983

    Thank you and goodbye

    Hi All, Ive come to the conclusion that frequenting gambling forums is not the right thing for me to do at the moment. So after today I wont be coming on to any of them, here included. Over the past 6 weeks my betting has gotten way out of hand and i need to stop before i get in a hole. Ive now put in place lots of measures again that ive suggested to others, i have doctors appointment booked as i have definitely been using gambling to hide from problems i have at the moment. As most of you may relate to, this epiphany has come after doing my balls in today. The reason for not visiting sites is that it does trigger something im me, the urge to punt at times. Saturday as an example i popped on to see what was happening and ended up on the tipping thread, this made me decide i want to have a bet so did which then won and i had cash to gamble more with. That is not what i need right now and since my will power is clearly lacking then abstinence is the way forward. The same will apply to streamers, I'll clear my you tube history and avoid them, purely to avoid temptation. Im not looking for a pity party or any sympathy. Im making the announcement for myself, it will force me not to come on because ive pointedly said i wont. Hopefully when im back in control i may be able to return but to be honest i hope i never take a step backwards now. Id like to say thank you to all of you for making the site what it is. This is an amazing community, well done Rolla, Hackz and all of you that make it so, its by far the best site out there. Ive really enjoyed being on here despite my minimal contributions. @Miller26 cheers for all the interaction buddy. I wish you all the best on the journey you've started. Lastly and aptly, 100%, fuck the fobts. Take care all.
  3. bigbucks1983

    Diary of a fool

    @Miller26 I feel for you mate, i think we have all felt this before, i doubt this is your first time. I really hope this time you sort it. Im not one to preach as ive been punting a shit load lately but I'll put a few things below that might help, they have me. Firstly print off 100 passport size photos at boots and spend a day or two visiting every arcade and bookie within an hour of you and self exclude. Doing it personally is way more effective. Hopefully you'll limit your options. Gamstop, 2 years minimum. That should stop online betting. Get a bank account that allows you to block gambling transactions. If you wanns turn it off it takes 48 hours to kick in by which time the urge should have passed. Hopefully this stops you emptying your bank in a fobt by card. At worst you can lose your cash withdrawal limit. Limit your access to cash! Im sure there are better suggestions others have said and if you really wanna do your balls you will but those things above do make it a lot harder to gamble. Keep yourself busy as has already been suggested. Start a hobby, go to the gym but do something. I can 100% relate that the less busy i am (hobbies etc) the more i tend to bet. If you live anywhere between London and Birmingham im happy to take you fishing for a day or play golf. Try something new if you haven't done it. Lastly, if you find yourself tempted try and take a step back, remind yourself of this thread and post on it. There always seems to be someone about to chat. Take care.
  4. bigbucks1983

    Today’s selections

    You didnt bud dont worry. Sorry i can see how it could read that way. I picked it myself way before your post. I just saw your post felt a bit tilted ??
  5. bigbucks1983

    Today’s selections

    Nope nope nope, i dont wanna see this horse's name ever again. I ended up putting a few bets on today after reading this thread. Staked 330, got back 1185.... but if ember glow won id have picked up around 7200. All fucking ifs n buts aggghhhh.
  6. bigbucks1983

    FOBT - Fortune spins.

    Drops of gold is a fucking sickening game on fortune spins. I had a balance of 1800 last week when i went on to that game. Well i ended up having to walk with 1000 as they shut. I hated that loss especially since id done 200 spins without a fortune spin when i had to leave. In my infinite wisdom i did something i never do... i went back the next morning. Well this is where it gets disgusting, it took the 1000... plus another 300 from my bank. I ended up cashing in some 50 on scratch cards i had saved and played that, it was literally my last chance. Well somehow i got 1500 back off the game. I played a few more games then went onto that dirty black knight community which rinsed me for 250 so i left. Ive played these a lot over the last two weeks and somehow i would say i am up on fortune spins (not overall). With that said i have put all the cash i had in the bank so i cant have it to hand, quite a few times i would be 600-1000 in on a game to then recover it. I think the instance above though describes what can happen though, at one point i was over 2k down on one game. On the flip side, if i didnt play that last 50 then someone would have won a huge bank off fuck all. Fortune spins are disgusting, i play them because you can get lucky n win big quick but ive removed my bank roll so won't be bothering for a while. I think they are so so much worse than £50 spins, its sickening to watch it take 200 to get a go and then pay only 80 pence. I The bookies tried to get around the roulette stake reduction with the spin bar shit but that hasnt appealed to many however i think they have totally gotten away with it on the fortune spins and its worse than ever.
  7. bigbucks1983

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    Actually he could request you are banned from the forum based on your behaviour and im sure he would have plenty of support. So that's like demanding you go away, just you have no choice in it. Secondly, i doubt he dislikes what he's hearing because you have a few valid points but its pretty obvious a lot of people dislike the way you say it. You're either a super troll or the most blinkered, ignorant fool ever.
  8. bigbucks1983

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    To be fair i think regarding benefits, he raised the topic as part of his arguement in a debate on an open forum so its not unreasonable someone asked for more information. His mental health, which i appreciate is a sensitive subject, was questioned due to his behaviour. Some of his points are valid but he is obssesive, irrational and unreasonable in behaviour. If no one questioned him on it and he did have xyz condition we would all crack on being none the wiser and the level of hostility he is starting to get would continue with no reason to keep trying to help him in anyway etc. However he was questioned and let's say he admitted to xyz condition, im sure he would get a lot more empathy and time of day etc so it would be the better outcome. So i respect your opinion but i cant say i agree with it really. Just because something doesn't sit right with you doesnt mean it is wrong and it could in fact greatly help a situation. Anyway its hypothetical to a degree, personally i think the guy is an asshat until he apologises or im aware of any extenuating circumstances that justify his behaviour.
  9. bigbucks1983

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    Hi Cheryl, Im not sure if you have read the 13 page saga of thread he derailed aside from this one but it is impossible to reason with him on any level if you do not agree with what he thinks. Playing devil's advocate here but he has been awkward, contradictory and confrontational in his approach. Much of the questioning regarding why he is on benefits is due to statements he had made, particularly regarding not needing money or to work but claiming benefits still while brandishing many other establishments corrupt. In simple terms he is being hypocritical so i can see why people would question it. Further, while i appreciate you feel may feel uncomfortable with people questioning his mental health, do you not feel it is a valid question based on his behaviour? You yourself called it an obsession. A lot of people, myself included, have attempted to give him friendly advice only to have it rammed back at us. I personally feel he brings nothing to the forum and if he was banned it would be fine. With that said though, if he stated he suffered from OCD, aspergus or another condition that would explain his behaviour then i would find it easier to emphasise with him. He would probably get cut a lot of a slack by members and plenty of offers of help to which even if it was rebuffed it would be understood. As it is he just appears to be a dick to be honest. Im sure you said previously you have experience with this stuff, possibly through work, so may not like the questions but just trying to point out that there is a positive flip side to it. Cheers
  10. bigbucks1983

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    Appreciate the words Miller, cheers bud. Sadly i feel the guy is totally consumed by his self appointed crusade and has become totally blinkered and self absorbed. I think everyone acknowledges that some points he has are fair but his attitude and approach makes it impossible to discuss things with him if you are not entirely on the same page and he loses all validity.
  11. bigbucks1983

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    So you don't gamble? You realise that there are loads of topics that aren't 'gambling rubbish'. You've compared yourself preferring to ne skint to people you think take advantage of others. Do you prefer to be skint compared to Joe blogs earning an honest wage? You're pretty dismissive of a genuine post so again you're just gonna make people not give two fucks about your message even if some of what you say is valid. Once you're out? Is that of a situation, are you banged up or in an institution? Years of seeing corruption? Im guessing you're 30 by your user name, unless it has some other meaning, if you are then 14 years ago you were in school still so lets not make out you're long in the tooth.
  12. bigbucks1983

    HorseBurger1989 Rant thread

    Why dont you tell everyone a bit about yourself, integrate a bit with the forum and join in with some topics other than this one. To be honest i think you could just do with some normal interaction with people, you've admitted to being skint, nothing to do and no job. I think your obsession is replacing other things and i feel for ya.
  13. bigbucks1983

    Free giveaway

    Fortune spins are savage, sadly i play them as you can get lucky if you catch them right BUT i wouldn't advocate anyone to play them. I'll only do so if i have money i can afford to lose and plenty of it (so its very rare i do) as it seems you need a really deep bank roll to stand any chance. Worst ive done is 137 spins without a go, £274 before i got to actually play. Bare in mind they are supposed to replace the £50 spins so should average 1 in 25. I built up a massive kitty over a few days a while back and one game took nearly 2 grand!!! I think its wrong that the fortune spins and game RTP seem to be linked. By that i mean if you win in the actual game it seems to hugely influence the number of fortune spins it takes to play the game again. For instance too many times ive had the slot pay £200 and then it takes another 80 spins to get the fortune spins im again. Basically the fortune spins are bringing the RTP back when really i should get 3 lots of fortune spins that pay fuck all to get the RTP back. Hope that makes sense. And the £100 communities are just as bad, i lost 1100 through 2 of them at the weekend, never had a chance at walking. I only ploughed on as it was profit from the fobts so i sickeningly justified the chase. The problem is that they can pay 500 back so kept thinking i should get some back. In the end got fed up and walked even. The bookies have for the most part got round the stake reduction. On slots you could say it is worse. Id like to see far more done in bookies and arcades in respect of responsible gambling. Ive barred myself from all local arcades so thats good, especially as they enforce it. What i dont like is how hard it is to bar yourself in a bookies, they want photos which most the time i had just lost all my money so couldnt do. They offer you no support and never point out the national self exclusion. All arcades have a tablet now that they use to take your picture and exclude you with. Bookies dont have this, they could easily, but the simple fact is that they do not want people to self exclude so make it as difficult as possible. Ive even been told they cant do it there and then and i have to go away for 24hours and come back if i want to, again this is only so you dont exclude. Sorry for the rant.
  14. bigbucks1983

    Where's Rolla?

    This is so boring!! Rather than bang on about it here, why don't you get evidence of all your accusations and report it somewhere. As it stands you are achieving nothing banging on about it here to mostly knowledgeable gamblers and ex gamblers who have no power to do anything. You clearly have a major problem with how things are conducted so as you've already been advised, go complain somewhere that could do something about it. I dont dispute some of your arguements but your obsession has clouded your message. What are you hoping to achieve ranting so much on this site? Or is it this is the only place you get any engagement and it scratches that itch in your head. Back on topic, any update on Rolla? Not about streams but hope he's good and the house is getting there.
  15. bigbucks1983

    My observations of the last 6 months

    Nah i dont think he can be getting many but i think any sign up is more than he deserves! I dont know why this guy fucks me off so much but he does and I'm petty so i comment on all his videos trying to highlight his methods. Tbh i think he's signed up on here.