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  1. How much shit do you make up? You've invented him being paid 100k per month, just plucked a number out the air for effect. Look through his last 6 months worth of videos, they average 45-55k views. He's had 100k views 4 times total in the last year, last over 6 months ago. Your stats don't work with this 1% sign up since it's an eroding figure. He has a stagnant audience proved by his stats. You don't know how affiliate revenue works. Let's just say he has 1000 sign ups, they each need to lose £100 just to cover this invented £100k. Every single one lose. What happens if half lose, half break even and the other half win? The casino is on a massive loss. I'd normally block/ignore people like you but your stupidity is entertaining. Like you genuinely invent numbers, can't back them up with a source and then invent more numbers as some sort of proof. It's laughable you think anyone would take you serious. I mean people like you and misinformation are dangerous because you'll spout your garbage with such conviction that other idiots will believe you and jump on board. The worst is, he could be being paid 100k per month (I doubt it) or at least have his streams funded to that level but you totally ruined any credibility by more imaginary nonesense and mental gymnastics.
  2. That's not what I asked. Yes we know he gets paid, you said it won't be less than 100k per month. Provide a source proving its more than 100k per month?
  3. Provide a source for bandit not playing a casino for less than 100k per month.
  4. So I've noticed that all the UK streamers I've seen who have started whoring out crypto casinos suddenly have much much deeper pockets than they used to. Since Crypro casinos have sadly been normalised now, streamers now have somewhere new to get sign ups and that sweet sweet affiliation money. As a result they are banging content out again. Streamers who had cut right down or even disappeared entirely have crawled out the woodwork along with smaller ones who just plodded are all shilling these casinos. So what Ive noticed is their bank rolls seems to have swollen ridiculously compared to pre crypto. I mean some of the smaller channels were doing 500-700 bonus hunts on lower stakes, putting out 2 or 3 videos a week are now putting out daily videos, often twice per day but now nearly every video has a 2k balance. This doesn't just apply to the smaller streamers, some of the larger ones are suddenly having much larger rolls or ability to create content. So finally, whats the score, where have they all got this huge increase in funds. It cant be affiliation rev because as more players switch to crypto they arent playing UK to generate affiliation income. Although there is a small chance I doubt its fake money. The obvious and most likely answer is that they are getting ridiculous deposit bonuses with wagering attached, how much wagering I couldn't guess. While I've answered my own question, I think its more that it doesn't seem to sit so well with me. I dont know why but it just seems like a lie having balances they clearly can't afford just to be able to churn out increased content to get sign ups. Guess I am just posting an observation because if the majority of viewers are happy, the casinos must be happy if they are giving such big bonuses and the streamers are ok with it, what I think doesn't really matter. Anyway typical rambling post, apologies in advance.
  5. I think a huge factor in lack of activity is due to the lack of streaming from the big man. Then you have to think about how much online casinos have changed and in turn streams have changed, will have driven away a lot of the older people who probably made up the core of the site. Few stalwarts left when Rolla attempted crypto and then you're suddenly where we are, a ghost town. I think Rolla has had a much more loyal core group however with that once they leave, they are less likely to return. Its what made the site great because you could have a decent discussion. The problem is with interaction so low people are going to come on here if they are new and think it's dead and with no regular streams there is no way of attracting new people. Saying all that, I would prefer a smaller sized community with decent people and discussion than a cess pit like it is over on Bandit's site. It's horrendous the way they blindly support him and the utter dross that is spewed. Nearly as bad as the comment section in his videos.
  6. Two instances of different casinos finding reasons not to play. Either you have the worst luck or something is amiss.
  7. When you have been gambling a while, a lot of people end up with two lives, the gambling one and your real one. Any money that goes into that gambling life your brain instantly devalues, mostly because you know you're likely to lose it and secondly its the only way to process the loss, disassociate it's real worth, partly so you can do it again and partly because youre numb to it. If you told your Mrs you dropped 1k and it didn't bother you she would no doubt lose her mind, tell a gambler and they would be like yeah I get that, easy done. It's just a mindset so many of us have/have had. I can drop 1k and not give a toss but if I have a tenner in my pocket and lose it I will turn the house upside down and dwell on it for days. I guess it's because when we lose its our fault and we are accountable but it eats our brain when it's not our fault.
  8. 3 years time I reckon you'll have to have membership card to put ant sort of bet on or play the FOBTs, all money will be processed through that and it will contain all you personal info along with your earnings etc.
  9. That's not really the discussion being had though, I'm talking about his motives and agenda. Whether I watch or dont, it doesn't impact the point I was making.
  10. I think participation was waning due to a number of different reasons. Lack of streams by Rolla or involvement in the site, people having just had enough of gambling etc. The site was very much being propped up by a core group of members with the odd drop in like myself. The switch to crypto has hit the spirit and support on the site I totally agree, whether the loss considering its a dying site outweighs the benefits going to crypto could bring I don't know. While I believe Rolla is overall a decent person we are mostly just usernames to him, despite being acquainted with us for so long. If it comes down to upsetting a few members on a dead forum or resurrecting his streaming and earning potential, as much as I don't like it being crypto I can understand why he would. End of the day, more stream is more sign ups, more people visiting the forum and breathing some life into it.
  11. I dont disagree and jury is still out on how Rolla handles it tbh while the bandit has made it very clear what his agenda is and priorities. Hes an utter parasite. I dont like the fact Rolla has gone crypto and despite his stated reasons for why he has, the 180 on the subject doesn't sit right with me. I dont believe the funds are fake, I think there would probably be some legalities to that but I do agree they have some arrangement in place that mitigates a huge amount of their losses. For instance I believe Bandit and Jimbo have both said they have agreed to produce 20 videos per month. Now that just isn't sustainable unless a large part of that is offset. We will just have to wait and see what pans out in the future.
  12. Even Steve... bandit is just proving himself as a desperately money grabbing mercenary. Basically disappeared for 2 years until new affiliation opportunities appear with crypto and suddenly he's banging out videos again. He's just doing an hour of bonus buys as it takes the least time possible and churns a video out for the sake of it. He's only about the money, doesn't give a shit about anyone signing up or viewing. Getting a lot of feedback that his videos are repeptitve and boring now but he won't change them because that will take effort. Just wants to do the bare minimum and I'm glad people are turning on him.
  13. Haha this thread is interesting to re read considering the recent conversations going on and everyone, including Rolla, has jumped on the crypto bandwagon. Be interesting to revisit in 6 months. My prediction is we won't have seen Rolla for a few months, he's too lazy to push the affiliation/promotion side of it and will be on another long break after cooking balls on bonus buys.
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