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  1. Aarongeorge1989

    Tinkering on Dork Unit -- 20p

    Get in there mate! Well done
  2. Aarongeorge1989

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWBURY 13:20 demachine 13:55 malakahna 14:30 theatre glory 15:05 Threeunderthrive NAP 15:40 only money NEWCASTLE 13:35 lord Roco  14:10 constitution hill  15:25 into overdrive Good luck everyone
  3. Aarongeorge1989

    Tinkering on Lucky lady 6 -- 40p

    Get in there!! Nice one
  4. Aarongeorge1989

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Haydock  13:50 - Hitman 14:25 - Brinkley 15:00 - Bristol de mai 15:35 - Houston Texas (NAP) Ascot 14:05 - L’homme presse 14:40 - constitution Hill 15:15 - Thyme white Good luck everyone
  5. Aarongeorge1989

    What on Earth is this all about !!!!!!

    Just been watching Kim’s channel let’s give it a spin and they have just said the award is getting taken off chipmonkz
  6. Aarongeorge1989

    Today’s selections

    Getaway queen 2.00 Dundalk Ramses de teillee 3.15 Warwick two bigger priced runners I liked the look of today. Will get them in an e/w double
  7. Aarongeorge1989

    What on Earth is this all about !!!!!!

    100% it’s Rolla who is the most responsible streamer, he doesn’t promote casino’s on stream, always crops out any casino badge he’s playing on And has frequent lengthy breaks when on a bad run. If this was a public vote chimpmunkz probably voted for himself 5000 times.
  8. Aarongeorge1989

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    This has to be a Troll post surely
  9. Aarongeorge1989

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @Jok3st3r & @Mad Slasher McGurk thanks as always @1pstaker
  10. Aarongeorge1989

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Cheltenham 13:45 Tommy’s Oscar  14:20 Umbrigado NB 14:55 On the blind side NAP 15:30 Elle perfecta Lingfield  14:35 Judicial 15:10 Forest of Dean Good luck everyone
  11. Aarongeorge1989

    AG Communications contact???

    Most places will send you email sign up confirmation. So worth checking your junk Mail as-well. Will hopefully help see which casinos you signed up to.
  12. The pitcher is free after 5,555 roulette spins though. Bargain.
  13. Aarongeorge1989

    Max Megaways 3000x!!

    Get in there! This is my favourite game at the moment.
  14. Aarongeorge1989

    Breeders Cup Competition

    Congrats @stressfree thanks as always for scoring @1pstaker
  15. Aarongeorge1989

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Get in there @Blampy thanks as always @1pstaker