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  1. Aarongeorge1989

    Craigs Slots

    Craig is a good lad, he likes to have a rant now and again but it’s all banter I wouldn’t take what he says seriously. Craig doesn’t stream often but when he does they are comedy gold.
  2. Aarongeorge1989

    HSBC - Crypto Exchanges

    £50 fee on £700 is insane mate, no wonder you stopped playing there.
  3. Aarongeorge1989

    HSBC - Crypto Exchanges

    Just depends which bank you use really mate, I deposit using my Revolut account and get no charges.
  4. Aarongeorge1989

    Gambling Songs

    Bob Seger - still the same
  5. Aarongeorge1989

    Anything Jok3st3r Can Do........

    What a win mate! Get in there. Congrats
  6. Aarongeorge1989

    Max win what!!!!!

    Brilliant win!! Get in there
  7. Aarongeorge1989

    Crypto Streaming Update

    Get in mate! Loved the vids this week. Can’t wait to have the streams back too.
  8. Aarongeorge1989


    Glad you got back safe mate, looks crazy out there at the moment.
  9. Aarongeorge1989


    I don’t think it’s the casino which is the issue, I think it’s any casino at the moment who use coinspaid which is a lot of them, are currently down for withdrawals.
  10. Aarongeorge1989

    The Open

    I backed Cameron young in play at 40/1 e/w 4 places so has a decent chance. And on the opposite end backed speith at 12/1 in play who has gone to other way would have loved to see what price John Rahm was this morning.
  11. Aarongeorge1989

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I haven’t personally made a crazy withdrawal yet unfortunately I know Nick previously Nickslots plays on crypto casino, not affiliated these days just plays for fun. He plays on a vpn and has made 25k cashouts instantly no problems at all. But again everyone’s experience is a different one. I think if anyone is having big doubts about it it’s probably best not doing it. just enjoy watching the big man @Rocknrolla play and save your money.
  12. Aarongeorge1989

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I use a VPN when playing on crypto sites from the uk and have never had any issues, like @MrUKHackz said the first withdrawl normally takes 24 hours and instant after that. But like he said if you choose to do this then you have to know you’re doing it at your own risk. Very unlikely you would run into issues though.
  13. Aarongeorge1989

    Trialling Crypto Site

    It wasn’t a crypto site it was the one he played at on stream a few months ago which must have made his decision to move over to crypto easier. He’s been fudged by ukgc casinos in the last few months a lot more than he ever will using crypto ones.
  14. Aarongeorge1989

    Trialling Crypto Site

    I’m not being funny mate but you’ve been against this from the moment Paul announced it. Before he had even chosen a casino. You’re right it’s a fairly new casino. But no one had an issue when the likes of white hat gaming are churning out new casinos every week. it’s a decent casino. Great game selection, fast payouts, good bonuses. Paul has even gone to Ireland instead of using a vpn like many others, also he’s even said on the review not available to uk players. this casino in question is actually great and the only reason you’re saying otherwise is because it’s crypto. As for ‘ most likely Rolla is playing risk free, not making any deposits and keeping all the winnings’ you’ve just completely made that up haven’t you? I get that you don’t like Crypto but I don’t agree with making things up about a guy who’s only been completely honest with the whole process.
  15. Aarongeorge1989

    The crypto trend

    I feel like bandit never used to play base game anyway. He always brought it back when the bonus landed so bonus buys are no different, Rolla will probably bonus buy on the videos more often than not. But his streams will still be mainly base game play & bonuses.