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  1. Mattowl1867

    Explorer line

    Speaking of old slots Anyone know what happened to Pharaohs Fortune? It was everywhere in the casinos / fobts and online too. Has it vanished due to being a dodgy fixed little nob ed? With those 'random' boxes to pick before the feature begins I once hit the bonus on a fiver in Genting and nearly fell off my chair thinking this is my life sorted first press.... 'begin feature' on the multiplier / extra spins picker
  2. Mattowl1867

    TGC Limerick competition 2

    I'm just wonderin' if any of this matters, Holdin' ya breath for three scatters... When the games are a teasin', And your knees are weakenin', I wanna hear them jammin' jars splatter
  3. Mattowl1867

    Razor Shark - Bonus not opening

    Damn. Wow
  4. Hi guys, Basically as it says in the title. Has this happened to anyone before? The bonus landed and I closed the game down. Went back to it once I made my coffee, and it just displays the three scatters and doesn't load into the bonus or show the bonus coming in again as it usually would do? I emailed VS and used live chat and all they said was to wait for someone to get back to me via email directly. Has this bonus just played out and zero'd me!? Surely it would have worked when I reopened it.
  5. Mattowl1867

    Small stakes tilt

    Cheers! I remember the topic as well I guess I just never 'felt' it. The true blow of the RTP over time... Well now that time has come!
  6. Mattowl1867

    Small stakes tilt

    Yeah man I don't get annoyed often with the games but Goldilocks basically paid the trigger and a tiny win, and same for the others. I have no issue with knowing it's a risk but It's hard soemtimes to accept one then two then three then four games back to back delivering a 0x or 3x return all in quick succession
  7. Mattowl1867

    Small stakes tilt

    No offence taken at all I just wanted a discussion about smaller stakes / tilts Vs stake size / and a little concern over the large proportion of big wins portrayed Vs the losses
  8. Mattowl1867

    Small stakes tilt

    This could be the simplest and best response. However I do have set limits and will only use a percentage of my disposable as gambling allowence, so it's not like I'm using my last 60 on VS instead of a food shop. Maybe I'm just a right tvvat from Yorkshire who doesn't like losing in a game that is clearly not favoured for the player
  9. Mattowl1867

    Small stakes tilt

    Holla holla Has anyone ever experienced a fairly heavy tilt from quite smallish stakes? So yesterday I deposited 60.00 at VS and here are the results: Goldilocks on 25p = Return £2.20 Doghouse on 20p = Return £2.68 John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure on 20-40p, no bonus, minus 15.00 Book of Ra Megaways on 20-40p, no bonus, no tease, minus 10.00 Legacy of Dead, 20p, no bonus, minus 10.00 Golden Ticket 2 on 40p = Return £4.60 Legacy of Egypt on 30p = 0x bonus So either no bonus or no more than 11x and 13x... Come on... Really I know people say low stakes 'can play for ages' and stuff but it never seems to really work for me? This was game over in under an hour I think. Just wondered what people's thoughts are and if anyone else experiences sessions like this, I love reading TGC but it always seems like everyone gets big wins or big big wins and no one ever looses apparently besides those posts about people using their sisters or wife's card and losing deposits to dodge casinos etc I've read Bonanza and Razor Shark has given 0x to a few members before on here but overall in the last few months the general consensus seems like it's daily big wins and we all know that isn't the case. Cheers!
  10. Mattowl1867

    Idiot sandwich

    Very nice indeed sir Personally I quite like the game as well! Good smooth graphics and nice randoms in the base game too can keep play ticking along nicely
  11. Congrats everyone who won! Clearly fixed, and magnetised, and TGC fixed RTP etc etc 🥳🥳🥳
  12. Mattowl1867

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    Whose gonna stop all the pay phone checking spinners in spoons then who hammer the £100 jackers on Wish Upon A Jackpot? Spoons will need a sub management team with all their seedy little games cabinets
  13. Mattowl1867

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    Interesting stuff So what about land based casinos? What's next for them... bank statement needed upon entry when you want a pint and a few spins on the wheel?
  14. Mattowl1867

    All British Casino - thoughts?

    Something something about casinos, who knows
  15. Mattowl1867

    All British Casino - thoughts?

    How anal were they with you, to put it politely?! Was that due to a BIG WIN or upon depositing? I'm still unsure about using anywhere besides VS as i'm fully and recently verified there, too comfy maybe