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  1. As most of you know there has been a huge rise in popularity in large established gaming streamers doing very dodgy gambling streams. I think we all agree it is morally horrific as their audiences are primarily young and often are not using their own funds. The streamer Mizkif recently discussed this at length on his stream. He is the only one of these established going streamers talking about this so frankly and honestly I respect him infinitely more for being so blunt about it all. Its a really good watch. Highly recommend. Whats your thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJyugc_aCPc
  2. P0T3NT1AL

    Best sites to play poker ?

    Well I would say the most trusted online poker site is Pokerstars. After everything that has happened over the last 15 years I can safely say I feel safe depositing my money on there. That is not to say the other poker sites are not trusted FYI. Winamax is not available in the UK although the tournaments are very soft is you live in their target area. Partypoker is a very good site with some very good value tournaments. GG-Poker is the new kid on the block. I really enjoy their software and tournament schedule. The tournament's are great value and don't have thousands upon thousands of runners like you might expect on Pokerstars. I get a live tournament feel playing on this site due this.
  3. P0T3NT1AL

    advice needed

    Thats amusing to me. Sounds like they are giving you an incentive to just wait for the extra £200
  4. Paul should thank me. There is no one in the history of planet earth that runs worse than I do. I made a very conservative low guess. As I can't win at gambling it meant you had to have a high win. I will keep my eyes open for my thank you gift in the post
  5. Am I the only one that finished reading that post and feel none the wiser what the outcome was?
  6. P0T3NT1AL

    Keep away from Evolution Casinos

    Yet another gambler who has lost a bunch of money and instead of taking the blame on their foolish decision they blame the casino. Standard
  7. P0T3NT1AL

    Paul's huge win

    So during a couple of Paul's streams he has said of a gigantic win he had at the start of the year which took him into a lot of profit. He even went as far as saying if he finished the year even or in a loss he would consider quitting gambling forever so I expect its a good one. There was some suggestion that the video of it would be coming soon but I haven't seen anything. @Rocknrolla When we getting to see this bink you have been teasing?
  8. P0T3NT1AL

    If only ROLLA was next to me!

    It wasnt me! You do love a good moan
  9. P0T3NT1AL

    If only ROLLA was next to me!

    Its funny. Whenever I am doing my brains in and see a run of zero and tier numbers I always think of Paul and how much he would be winning too
  10. P0T3NT1AL

    Pros and Cons of PayPal for Online Gambling

    Don't quote me on this, I think its only instant withdraw processing speeds with card payments if you are already in the negative for that amount previous. Do they not have some regulation for that?
  11. P0T3NT1AL

    One of the Many Dangers of Online Roulette!

    I would be curious if you play the 'I am the real rocknrolla' card when sending in the complaint. Surely they know by giving you a negative experience you will just spread that information to the TGC and it will lead to less action for them
  12. P0T3NT1AL

    Pros and Cons of PayPal for Online Gambling

    Yeah - some banks have started a new service which allows you to withdraw the funds instantly however its not available on all banks and is only up to a certain £ amount
  13. P0T3NT1AL

    Pros and Cons of PayPal for Online Gambling

    I have never paid a transaction fee. Generally the entire process is muuuuuuuch quicker tho. For an example if you didn't use paypal and withdrew on a Thursday, chances are you aint seeing it until Monday/Tuesday. Same scenario with Paypal, the casino processes it normally in 12-24 hours. Then its in your account instant. Its kind of a no brainer to use it
  14. P0T3NT1AL

    Pros and Cons of PayPal for Online Gambling

    I use Paypal where possible but I would like to correct one thing from above. When I withdraw to Paypal, it still takes a number of hours/days for the casino themselves to process it. Most casino's dont process it for a couple of hours. Once the money is in your paypal account, you can then transfer it from Paypal to your bank account instantly. If I withdraw from William Hill at 10pm at night, I would normally wake up in the morning to find the money is in Paypal and then 30 seconds later its in my bank account. Its a great service Paypal offer