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  1. Ned Pizza

    problems with DEPOSITS

    Hi All, So after a 6 month time out, I've just started playing at 2 of my online casinos. I'm using the same cards and banks, but am finding that more and more of my deposit transactions are being refused. The online casino chat are of little help. Just wondering have banks tighten up their rules on deposits to gaming sites in the last 6 months.
  2. Ned Pizza

    If only ROLLA was next to me!

    Hey, So was playing live roulette and zero section, jackpot number was 26. The following numbers came in : 0, 0, 32, 0, and 32 I built my balance up from £300 to £600, cashed out £100 profit. I still wonder what Paul would have done if he'd been on this table with £300 start?
  3. Ned Pizza

    One of the Many Dangers of Online Roulette!

    I see this very often on computer roulette, the same number coming in 3 times in a row. Many years ago in a London based casino number 4 came in 7 times in a row!
  4. Ned Pizza

    what to do?

    Did the right thing in the end, cashed out and didn't hit the reverse. Cash out has been approved. Was looking at the history of game play and the only reason I got back the 1K was cause 23, 10, and 5 came in one after the other, all tiers numbers. Could so easily have been a 1K RIP Going whiskey shopping tomorrow with the £100 ?
  5. Ned Pizza

    what to do?

    Yeah, but we have to ask what would Paul do, 8 splits and neighbours by 100 and boom £10K plus profit
  6. Ned Pizza

    what to do?

    have cashed out but the mouse is hovering over the reverse button LOL
  7. Ned Pizza

    what to do?

    Hey, I was 900 in on roulette, down to last 100 and built back up to 1000. what to do, cash out and be happy with 100 winnings or go for it big with a 1000 balance! What would you do?
  8. Ned Pizza

    Average Deposit

    Hey, How much do you deposit on average? Here are mine from last night 50, 100, 200, 350, 300, 500, 500 and 1000 = 3K !!! only stopped because had text from bank saying I'm overdrawn on my account complete TILT mode started low and went chasing my loses. Logged in this morning have £12 left :) Feel real sick this morning.
  9. Hi All, I've seen lots of negative points about gambling, but are there and good points? Personally, I feel gambling helps me forget all my worries for a few hours, it's like an escape from the day to day.
  10. Ned Pizza

    Best/Worse Experiences

    BEST : from 10 free spins won £4, took it to roulette, cashed out £1000! happy days WORST : lost £16K in one afternoon BEST and WORST : Land based casino, hit number 26 with £50 on it, my biggest hit. Was so excited and also with change of dealers, I forgot to double my bet as I always do, number 26 repeated. Still walk out £4k for the night.