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  1. Hi, no problem. I share my knowledge, if it can help great, if not no problem. Thanks for your feedback. Petr BTW: I always say that there is NO 100% sure winning system for roulette and I am sick of so many lies and scams about roulette systems on internet. Therefore I have started my journey and share my stories.
  2. Yes, i agree that RNG is random, on the other hand if someone wants to play online roulette, why not to do it like any other business? e.g Trading, Poker. Shares, simply use strong MM + statistics and probability. Nothing is guaranteed, but it can help a lot. Thanks for your feedback. Petr
  3. Petr

    roulette best strategy

    Hi, I use these 3 major parts: 1, long term strategy (profit target, stop loss) and minimum 6 out of 10 deposits in 100% profit or more 2, The best of art predicting & MM Apps 3, Fair casinos pokerstars, unibet, bwin ... Thanks Petr
  4. Hi passionate roulette colleagues, I have been competing with RNG online roulette already 16+ years. Base on this long time experience I have put together certain rules how to take maximum advantages playing online roulette. I share this knowledge with you on my several webpages. I have also so far developed 23 Apps for online roulette money management and numbers predictions. Maybe this info can help you to improve your playing style and become profitable, maybe not as nothing is guaranteed. I also offer App for FREE if you want to give it a try. As mentioned already, I share my experience and live real money sessions on YouTube, already 385+ videos to give you motivation and inspiration. I will be happy for your feedback, ideas, comments. Have a nice day Petr
  5. Petr

    Roulette App - market research

    Hi, you can try the RfL App which I have developed for FREE. I am curious about your feedback. Nice day Petr