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  1. groundiskey

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    congrats @Jok3st3r and cheers @1pstaker
  2. groundiskey


    congrats @Jok3st3r
  3. groundiskey

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saturday 10th April 2021 AINTREE 14:25 - My Drogo (NB) 15:00 - Shishkin 15:35 - Thyme Hill 16:15 - Snow Leopardess 17:15 - Mister Malarkey (NAP)
  4. groundiskey

    Today’s selections

    These are my donkeys for today: Reverse F/C 15:25 Aintree - 3 Fakir D'Oudairies / 8 Politologue HORSES 13:45 Aintree - Mister Coffey (6/1) 14:50 Aintree - Chantry House (6/4) 16:05 Aintree - Precious Cargo (14/1)
  5. If anybody's interested I've attached an Open Office calc document that calculates European roulette returns for both regular roulette and Lightning / Quantum roulette Based on amount of numbers covered and stake also shows the odds returned on spin cost value. Roulette returns.ods
  6. groundiskey

    Today’s selections

    Thursday 8th April 2021 HORSES (I've done an e/w Lucky 15) 14:50 Aintree - Tiger Roll (11/2) 15:25 Aintree - McFabulous (6/1) 16:40 Aintree - On The Slopes (8/1) 17:35 Gowran Park - Exuma (10/3)
  7. groundiskey

    my recent (during covid) doa2 winnings

    Congrats, very nice hits.
  8. groundiskey


    @Rubyslippers San Quentin 4 Scatter bonus 80p stake. 52 spins of the 100 autos started going into this game. Prior to that I'd been playing it on 20p and had just over 500 spins with no bonus costing about £35. I've not played it since.
  9. groundiskey

    Juicy Fruits Slot

    @slots4fun777 nice one, congrats.
  10. groundiskey

    Lightning Roulette - 'rigged' video proof..

    @Turpin It's common knowledge anything gamble related is manipulated to a degree, nobody wins all the time and that is the risk the punter takes.
  11. groundiskey

    Da Vinci Diamonds Quadruple

    Great hit, get in.
  12. groundiskey

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Nice one @tmh91 and cheers @1pstaker
  13. groundiskey

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saturday 3rd April 2021 MUSSELBURGH 13:50 - Ejtilaab (NB) 14:25 - Tornadic 15:00 - Tarboosh 15:35 - Themaxwecan (NAP) HAYDOCK 14:05 - Shantou Express 14:40 - Checkitout 15:15 - Colonial Dreams
  14. groundiskey

    Baccarat - game play worth a try

    I think too many people look for a long term winning strategy/system in all tables games and sports betting too, and in my opinion this is a huge mistake. A person could simply search through a list of strategies or systems and hit and run playing the short term game. Very easily achieved. Spend less time on a game. Reduce the risk of losing any profits made by staying on trying to hit again. Easy money. But also set a stop loss, so that you don't blow all the betting finds as nobody wins all the time, quite often perhaps but definitely not all the time.
  15. groundiskey

    SOTS dream picking!

    @ScouseSi top stuff mate, x6 is huge too.