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  1. Nodizmik1

    Cash games requiring more skills?

    In the sense that your decisions get easier as the blinds get higher. You have less room to play post flop. In cash games you are (or should be) 100BB+ deep at all times, making post flop play a key skill. No matter how skilled you are, has skills games perfectly suited for them. You can try it.
  2. Nodizmik1

    VPIP and AF

    I'm not new to poker but despite constantly being profitable I've never invested in anything like a HUD. I started playing again semi-regularly 2 months ago.First of all, is it worth it? I do ok on my own but feel I'm missing an edge a lot of you proper players have.Secondly, my user name is vavabroom, I play on 888 pokers. Would someone be lovely and kind enough to check their database and let me know where I stand in terms of VPIP and AF %'s, please? (sorry if that is an unethical thing to ask)I think it's about time I took this a bit more seriously. I lose a lot of money calling fishes when I have such a dominating hand going in deep in tourneys. I must be missing something.
  3. Nodizmik1

    Leovegas vip level.

    Hi does anyone know if the VIP level on leovegas gives u anything? I'm lvl 41, and I have not received free money once, I rarely get some free spins. Kind off weird loyalty system when u never receive anything back
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    Hello world!

    Not yet
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    Hello world!

    Thanks david
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    Hello world!

    Hey hey hey! I'm newbie! nice to be a part of this community.