REVIEW – Yggdrasil Easter Island

REVIEW – Yggdrasil Easter Island

Overview Of Easter Island Slot

The theme for this slot is Easter Island which is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia known for it’s monumental statues called moai, created by inhabitants during the 13th–16th centuries. The slot starts with a bird pecking at the floor trying to catch a bug but the feathered friend misses and accidentally pecks through the ground which release two huge moai as depicted in the above image. The graphics are a work of art and look like something you’d see in the latest top budget animated films.

Slot Description

Easter Island is a 5 reel by 3 setup with an expanding reel feature and 27 paylines with up to 104 paylines available if you get the 4 extra rows. It can be played at 10p per spin right upto £200 per spin! If you land a 3 of a kind win you get a respin, if its a low paying symbol then all other low paying symbols are replaced with the winning symbol, if its a premium symbol then all premiums are replaced with the symbol from the triggering win.

Yggdrasil easter island slot

That’s not all though, if you get a 4 of a kind win then the reels will expand upwards to give you another 2 rows as shown below and the paylines will jump up from 27 to 65 active lines.

Yggdrasil Easter Island

If your triggering win is a 5 of a kind then you will get 4 extra rows before the respin giving you the maximum potential for a mega win with 103 paylines as shown in the picture below.

Yggdrasil Easter Island

The other feature to note in this game is the expanding wilds, they are only on reels 2 and 4 but if they land with a triggering win they will expand to fill the whole reel for the respin which gives huge potential if you had them on both reels 2 and 4 and were lucky enough to get the full 7 rows.

Easter Island Paytable

Below are the basic low paying symbols, they all pay the same and for 5 of a kind you will get 20 coins, bear in mind each spin costs 25 coins so its not even 1x back, however because of the amounts of lines it is similar to the likes of Montezuma where you can get multiple lines with just one combination on the reels plus your getting the respin for free.

Yggdrasil Easter Island Pay Table

Next we have the premium symbols which are all different animals, the best being the red bird which pays 20x for 5 of a kind which means the maximum potential for this game is a win of 2060x in the respin with all 7 rows, it’s not BTG potential but 2000x is still better than the swarms of games that have a maximum potential of 500x. You can see the blue chameleon looking animal only pays twice that of the low paying symbols so it really is all about that red bird!

Yggdrasil Easter Island Pay Table

Final Thoughts On Easter Island

As with all Yggdrasil slots especially the latest ones, the graphics are definitely the best on the market, however I play slots for the excitement not just the graphics but I did find myself smiling while testing this slot, there are also a few easter eggs to be found with the animations, excuse the pun! The RTP is 96.10% and I would rate the variance at medium, overall it’s not bad, the “urgh” noise the statues make every time you get 2 of a kind in anticipation of a win got a bit repetitive but overall it was fun enough for me to give it a play in the future. I think it might even be a good slot for wagering bonuses on, only time will tell. Thanks for reading and theres a link below if you fancy giving it a few spins.

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