REVIEW – PlaynGo Pimped

REVIEW – PlaynGo Pimped

Overview Of Pimped

In this review were going to be looking at one of Rocknrolla’s favourite goto slot’s, Pimped from PlaynGo. This slot is based on the well known rappers 50 cent and Snoop Dog and there two beautiful mistresses, one of the main attractions of this game is the win spin feature which is also one of the main points of confusion for lots of viewers when they watch Rocknrolla play it on 1 line, so lets jump in and let me explain how it works!

Slot Description

Pimped has a 5 reel by 3 row setup and you can play on any amount of lines between 1 and 10, there is only one main feature of this game and that’s the winspin’s you get for 3 or more scatters. What are winspin’s I hear lot’s of the chat say during streams, why is Rocknrolla only playing on 1 line? The reason is simple, every spin in the feature is a guarenteed win hence the name winspin’s, this means that by changing the amount of paylines from 10 down to 1 you increase the variance massively, a winning line worth 10x playing on 10 lines suddenly becomes worth a 100x as you have all your stake on just the 1 line! During the feature you also get 2 extra spins for any scatters that land and you can win upto 20 winspin’s in total, after that the scatters don’t count, now we have that cleared up lets take a look at the paytable.

Playngo Pimped Paytable

Pimped Paytable

The paytable in Pimped is not dynamic and tells you how many coins you win rather than multiples of your stake, this can be a bit confusing so lets work it out in layman’s terms, 5 of a kind 10’s pay’s 5x your stake if your playing on all 10 lines, J’s pay 7.5x, Q’s pay 10x, K’s pay 12.5x and A’s pay 15x, obviously if your playing on 1 line then times those amounts by 10!

Playngo Pimped Paytable

Looking at the premium symbols in Pimped we have the roll of Dollar bills and gold ring coming in at 25x for a full line or 250x for the same line using the 1 line strategy, the two mistresses come in at 40x or 400x respectively, the 50 cent looking guy is 50x or 500x and the top symbol of Snoop Dogg pays 75x or 750x, you then have the wild knuckles symbol which is stacked on all reels and a full line of these pay 100x or 1000x using the Rocknrolla method! This isn’t a large enough max win in my opinion when you compare it to the volatility of the game, over the years when Iv played this game it can feel really high variance and I don’t think the reward vs risk is balanced enough, especially when you have games like Iron Girl that’s just been released that can give you 1000x max win with half the variance of Pimped.

Playngo Pimped Paytable

Final Thoughts On Pimped

Pimped has an RTP of 96.51% and in my experience it is firmly in the high variance category, as I mentioned above this can feel brutal if your playing on 1 line but it does pay off sometimes to take this risk, the graphics and sounds are really unique and well made and the game is very smooth to play, overall it’s one of those games that is definitely worth a go as Iv had some great win’s over the years but it’s also a slot you don’t want to get too involved in, I tend to give it a 100 spins and see how it’s playing, if it’s in a bad mood I move on quickly! Thanks for reading and if your feeling lucky there’s a link below where you can play, keep it gangsta and good luck!

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