REVIEW – PlaynGo Legacy of Egypt

REVIEW – PlaynGo Legacy of Egypt

Overview Of Legacy of Egypt

Legacy of Egypt is the latest addition from the makers of Book of Dead and the super popular Reactoonz slot, I was keen to test this out and see if it had the potential for huge wins and if there was any innovative idea’s in the mechanics of the slot. So get your Bangles CD on and let’s get walking like an Egyptian and see whats what!

Slot Description

Legacy of Egypt is a 5 by 3 reel setup with 30 paylines, the top 2 premium symbols are stacked and the main objective is to land 3 scatters to trigger the feature where you are awarded between 3 and 20 freespins from the wheel of gods. Once you are in the freespin round you are awarded a multiplier every spin between 2x and 10x, if you land 2 scatters during the feature you get more spins with the multiplier locked on whatever it hit when you retriggered, a wheel opens and you are awarded between 3 and 8 extra spins, should you land 3 or more scatters during the bonus the values are doubled and you can win upto 16 extra spins at upto 10x!


You might be thinking this sounds very familiar, well your right, its basically a Montezuma clone, it even has the top 2 symbols stacked on all reels exactly like Montezuma! Lets take a look at the paytable and see if the values are the same too.

Legacy of Egypt Paytable

The paytable is dynamic and adjusts when you change the stake, these values are based on a 90p spin. For 5 of a kind of any of the lower symbols you would get just over 1.6x your stake, now onto the premium symbols.


The lowest premium is Sekhmet the Egyptian Goddess with the head of a cat, she pays 3.33 x your stake for 5 of a kind, the same for the crocodile headed Sobek. Anubis the God with the head of a jackal pays little more at just over 4x. Ra the God of sun with the hawks head pays 6.66x for a full line and Tutankhamun the famous Pharaoh pays 8.33x your stake. Last but not least is the top symbol Cleopatra which pays a straight 10x for 5 of a kind.

Now lets bear in the mind the top 2 symbols are stacked on each reel so a full screen is possible, now lets add into that the ability to get a 10x multiplier in the feature and the top win stands at 3000x your stake for a full screen of Cleopatra with a 10x multiplier, that is exactly the same max win as Montezuma, infact this whole paytable is identical to Montezuma down to the penny!


The wild below pays 16.66 x for a full line but it’s not stacked so the premium you get for it is not really that important over Cleopatra and the stacked reels. The scatters pay 5x regardless of how many you land!


Final Thoughts On Legacy of Egypt

Legacy of Egypt is basically a complete clone of Montezuma which is not necessarily a bad thing as I personally love a bit of Monty, the RTP is 96% and the variance I would class as medium to high, the feature certainly seemed to land frequently but then the total win was also never over 100x in the 10 or so bonuses that I played. Im sure we will see some mega win screens from this game soon enough and I will personally be giving it a go in search of the 10x retriggers, thanks for reading and theres a link below if you fancy giving it a bash yourself.

Click here to play Legacy of Egypt

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Solario 333
Solario 333
4 years ago

Great Review as always. I have played this game extensively . it is hard to bonus,but can throw up 500x on the odd occasion. Its a very hot or cold slot so perseverance is necessary.

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