REVIEW – Play’n Go Dr Toonz

REVIEW – Play’n Go Dr Toonz
Rating 7/10

Overview Of Dr Toonz

Before Reactoonz and Gargatoonz, there was Dr Toonz…

Once a highly respected scientist, Dr Toonz risked his reputation to pursue his belief that life forms could be created in new and wonderful ways. Shunned by the scientific community, Dr Toonz chose the vibrant life that his creations ensue. As the great philosopher, Aristotle said, ‘There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.’

Featuring innovative Dynamic Payways to give you more ways to win in every spin. Three charge features mean you can destroy, transform and even add Wilds to the grid. Let the experiments begin.

Slot Description

Dr Toonz is a 6 reel by 4 row slot with what Play’n Go call dynamic payways, what does this mean? It’s a fancy new name for old mechanics like any other 4096 way slot, Raging Rhino is a great example and this is no different with its payways, the difference is the cascade after wins and that must be why its called Dynamic.

You also have a new feature called Quantumeter which is like gargatoon in Reactoonz, however this only takes 3 consecutive wins to activate and on some spins it can take just 1 spin to activate!

After the quantumeter is fully charged and you have no more cascading wins the Dr will fire over one of three different varieties of modifier. Blue gives you 2 to 6 random wilds, Yellow transforms 5 to 8 symbols into another symbol and Red removes all low paying symbols and adds 2 wilds to the reels. My best result from this with real money was just over 50x stake.

The feature on Dr Toonz is awarded after landing a minimum of 3 Scatters where you will start with 10 free spins, each extra scatter awards 5 extra spins up to a maximum of 25.

During the feature in Dr Toonz you have a reel multiplier that appears every spin on at least 1 reel and up to 6 reels with a maximum multiplier of x64. I had 500 test spins with real money and couldn’t land more than 2 scatters, I was 70x my stake up at one point and left even so it certainly recycles money well, it’s definitely a game I’d goto if wagering a bonus.

Dr Toonz Paytable

The paytable in Dr Toonz is Dynamic and automatically adjusts with your stake like most do nowadays, starting with the low paying symbols we have the Yellow and Green eye paying 0.25x your stake for a full way and the Orange and Purple eye pay slightly more at 0.30x your stake. It’s worth noting these tend to fall in clusters and my biggest win of 58x has been with the Orange eyes which I’ll attach at the bottom of this review.

Moving onto the premium symbols in Dr Toonz we have the Blue Reactoon paying 0.50x stake for a full way of six, the Orange Reactoon pays 0.60x, the Green pays 0.75x and the Pink pays just 1x for a full way while the Wild symbol pays the most at 2x stake.

The maximum win is quoted at 22,000x stake and I have no idea what you would need to acquire such a win, I’m sure we will see how these potential wins are achieved in some big win videos in the future!

Final Thoughts On Dr Toonz

Dr Toonz has a default RTP of 96.25%, however there are two more profiles of 94.25% and 91.25% which may be used in our market so check before playing as various casinos will use different profiles. The volatility is rated as 8/10 by Play’n Go and I’d agree, at first it felt a lot more low variance than advertised but when you see the maximum win is roughly 1 spin in 166,000,000 you realise this could definitely go on a cold streak and empty your balance so the rating of 8 is accurate! 

Overall I found it less frustrating to play than Reactoonz and Gargatoonz but not as exciting so I’m going to give it a 7 out of 10, would I play this again? You betcha, I’m not stopping till I get that free spin feature!

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