REVIEW – Nolimit City The Border

REVIEW – Nolimit City The Border
Rating 9/10

Overview Of The Border

Hope can only get you so far. Discover the desolate world of trigger happy patrol agents and cash fuelled cartel kingpins. Freedom and riches beyond your wildest desires await, but there’s one thing in the way. Don’t underestimate the power
of this wall – Most end up being the vulture’s evening feed..

Slot Description

The Border has 6 reels with a 6+ row setup utilising Nolimit City’s new xCluster mechanics.

Cluster wins are achieved with 5 or more matching symbols that are touching horizontally and/or vertically. After a winning cluster, the symbols are destroyed allowing new ones to drop in.

xWays symbols will transform into a regular paying symbol between 2 and 4 symbols. If more than 1 xWays symbol lands on the reels then all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol. When an xWays symbol lands it will either be 2 full size symbols or 4 half size symbols. This creates an offset which connects more symbols adjacent to each other.

xSplits can only land on reels 2-6. It splits all symbols to the left and doubles the symbol size, converting itself into a Wild. xSplit can also split scatters, turning 1 into 2. If multiple xSplit symbols are on the same row, the already split symbols will get an xX indicator ranging up to x64, that multiplier value will then reflect that symbol count on that reel.

xNudge Cluster Wild is a Wild symbol that can nudge both up and down if it’s a part of a winning cluster and increments the win multiplier by +1 for each symbol it nudges over. The nudge continues until no further symbols are part of a winning Cluster. If the xNudge Cluster Wild has been split by an xSplit, it will start by adding its own multiplier to the overall win multiplier.

An exploding xBomb Wild removes adjacent symbols except for Scatter and xNudge symbols increasing the win multiplier by 1 for the next collapse. If the xBomb gets split, it will increase the win multiplier for the next collapse with the amount it has been split into.

xCluster can only appear in Bonus mode. 2 or more unique symbol clusters in the same avalanche would trigger xCluster – increasing the win multiplier by +1 for each unique symbol cluster from the second cluster onwards. The xCluster multiplier is instantly added and affects all current wins of that spin.

At a cost of an extra 50%, the player is guaranteed a Scatter symbol on reel 1. When Boosted xRip is activated, there are no payout for the winnings below the base bet. The payout for each symbol is not affected.

6 Scatters will trigger 10 Mule Spins. When xWays is part of Cluster wins, Cluster symbols on the same reel would be infected before the xSplit and xNudge get into action. xWays revealing 2 or 4 symbols would infect them to split into 2 or 4 symbols respectively. Landing additional Scatter symbols in Mule Spins will upgrade the bonus mode to Coyote Spins, awarding 2 extra spins per Scatter.

7 or more Scatters trigger the Coyote Spins. 7 Scatter symbols award 12 spins, and any additional Scatter symbols will award 2 extra spins per symbol. xWays symbols will infect Cluster symbols, but unlike Mule Spins all the cluster symbols will get infected. All xBombs will add +1 symbol value on all symbols with an xX indicator that are not blown away. The win multiplier count does not reset during the Coyote Spins, this is where the moneys at!

As you can see below in 1 of my test features, the multiplier had already crept up to 20x and I had a fairly decent connection with multiple symbols, this feature ended up paying just shy of 2000x stake!

The Border Paytable

The paytable in The Border is dynamic and changes with your stake so it’s nice and easy to interpret. The example below is set to £1 per spin. Starting with the low paying symbols we have the Scorpions, the Snake and the Eagle all paying a whopping 553.85x for a max cluster of 160+

Now moving on to the premium symbols we have the Lady in Red, an Escaped Prisoner, the Soldier and the Cop all paying 1107.20x for a max cluster and finally the top symbol of the Sheriff paying double the others at 2214.40x for a cluster of 160 or more.

Final Thoughts On The Border

The Border has an RTP of 96.17% and a volatility rating of Extreme. The maximum win is a very tasty 44,288x stake and compared to the last release of Road Rage this seems more like the Nolimit City we have come to love or hate depending on your luck with their titles!

Would I play this again? Yes I would, from the limited testing I had with the game I was impressed, I was also confused at times keeping up with the mechanics but it soon became fairly easy to keep a track of what modifier did what. I’d say it felt similar to Das xBoot with some of the features mainly the wild climbing up and down the reels during the feature if you’re lucky enough to land it.

The graphics and sounds are typical of Nolimit City with there own in house recording studio it’s rarely anything other than spot on, the win sequence wasn’t the most interesting especially since the bar was set with The Rave!

If you fancy a go at The Border there’s a link below to a TGC trusted outfit, good luck and remember, hope can only get you so far!

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