REVIEW – Nolimit City Road Rage

REVIEW – Nolimit City Road Rage
Rating 8/10

Overview Of Road Rage

Buckle up – We’re hitting the road. Every traffic jam starts with at least one
dumba$$ and this one has five! Make sure you’ve had your morning coffee, because this slot puts the ‘rush’ into rush hour traffic. Anger management classes won’t help you here – you’re in for the ride of your life!

Slot Description

Road Rage has a 5 reel by 3 row setup with an initial 99 pay lines which can increase in the various features to 259. During the base game the Scatter symbol can land on any reel and landing 2 Scatters will trigger a re-spin that guarantees a Wild Car on each of the triggering reels with Scatters.

Mystery symbols can only land in one of the features. Only one Mystery symbol can land on each reel and the Mystery Symbol reveals a colour of either Green, Red or Yellow. Revealing a colour that matches any Wild Car increases that Wild Car’s multiplier by 1. If there’s no match, it will give +1 spin.

• The Yellow Car / Engine Breakdown increases all other symbol sizes by one on the same reel.
• The Red Car / Drive By drives from right to left, and increases the symbol multiplier by 1 for all the symbols it drives over. Red Cars leave a Wild where it started and stop.
• The Green Car / Drive-By does the same as the Red Car, however it drives from left to right, the opposite direction, instead. Colliding Cars add the multipliers of both cars and the result multiplier is displayed on the Colliding Wild.

“Where did you get your license from, a cereal box?!”

Before each bonus mode starts, the Rage Buff will activate and decide additional spins and multipliers that applies to the Wild Cars during the bonus round. The Wild Cars will land on the last reel and move horizontally through the reels and can take the effect of the road sign symbol it passes. The available road sign symbols are: Stop, Turn, Freespin, Car, SpeedBump and Dice. The Wild Cars will follow the road signs and adapt accordingly!

The 3 Scatter feature is called Morning Rush and when triggered 1 of the Wild Cars will be selected and act as a Sticky Wild at their stop position for the duration of the bonus. During the bonus you can upgrade to the 2nd feature with 1 Scatter or the top feature with 2 Scatters, this will start at the end of the current bonus and trigger Rage Buff again but with 2 or 3 Wild Cars.

At the time of the bonus upgrade each Sticky Car awards +1 Free Spin and Collided Sticky Cars award +2 Free Spins

The 4 Scatter feature is called Highway Jam and increases the rows from 3 up to 4 high. 2 Wild Cars will be selected and act as a Sticky Wild for the duration of the bonus at their stop positions. Landing 1 Scatter will upgrade you to the top feature of City Mayhem and as with the previous feature this will happen once the current bonus is exhausted.

At the time of the bonus upgrade each Sticky Car awards +1 Free Spin and Collided Sticky Cars award +2 Free Spins

5 Scatters awards the top feature of City Mayhem in which you start with 5 rows which increases the available Pay lines to 259! During this feature all 3 Wild Cars will act as a Sticky Wild at their stop position during the bonus.

Road Rage Paytable

The paytable in Road Rage is dynamic and changes with your stake so it’s nice and easy to interpret. Starting with the low paying symbols we have the Blue Mirror paying 0.5x per line, the Purple Phone pays 0.75x, the Green Air Freshener pays 1x, the Yellow Flat Tyre pays 1.25x and the Red Coffee pays 1.50x stake for a full line.

Now moving on to the premium symbols we have the UK Rager in Blue paying 2x, good old Karen pays 2.50x, the Stoned Granny pays 3x, the dodgy looking Aristocrat pays 3.75x and the top symbol of Beefy Dick in Red pays 5x for a full line.

Final Thoughts On Road Rage

Road Rage has an RTP of 96.03% which is broken down into 64.04% in the base game and 31.99% in the feature with a hit frequency of 23.43%, the volatility is rated High rather than the usual Insane from the Nolimit team. This translates to an 8 out of 10 rather than the usual 11!

The maximum win is 36,000x stake which is still an insane win potential but apart from the anecdotal count up win sequences it just doesn’t feel like a Nolimit City game, it’s got that feel to it where you’d not be surprised if you found out a different provider made it for them under licence. That’s not to say it’s no good, it’s just very different from there usual offerings and whether it stands the test of time we can only wait and see.

As always thanks for reading and if you fancy a go there’s a link below to a TGC trusted casino with the game the moment its released.

Click here to play Road Rage, Release Date 16/08/2022

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