REVIEW – Nolimit City Karen Maneater

REVIEW – Nolimit City Karen Maneater
Rating 7.5/10

Overview Of Karen Maneater

Karen’s stirring the pot and she’s taken bone broth to a whole different level. Join her and her raccoon gang in looting the town to establish order. She’s dealt with all the managers, if you’re not careful – you’ll be next..

For those wondering what a “Karen” is, common Karen traits are a bob-haircut, typically sported by suburban moms and a tendency towards entitlement usually wanting to always “speak to the manager” at any establishment and always in a passive aggressive way usually making threats to try and get there own way!

Slot Description

Karen Maneater has a 6 reel layout with a 2-3-3-3-3-3 pattern although with certain reel modifiers landing it can go to a maximum setup of 2-3-4-5-6-7 giving 5040 possible ways. The Raccoon Scatter symbol can only land on the middle four reels. Landing a Scatter will allow all reels to the right to expand to one extra position. Landing 1/2 Scatter(s) will convert to an xWays symbol. Landing 3/4 will trigger Bonus Meal..

xWays symbols can only land on the middle 4 reels. xWays symbols will transform into a regular paying symbol. A symbol of 2-4 in size will be revealed and increase the number of win ways. Infectious xWays symbol can only land on the first reel and will reveal a symbol of 2-7 in size. It will turn all symbols on that reel to become 2-7 in size. xWays and Infectious xWays symbols can only land in the main game and reveal the same symbol..

Chase the dinner plates by increasing the base bet with +30% enhanced bet. Got a bigger appetite? Increasing your bet will increase the chance to trigger the Bonus Meal and guarantees a Scatter symbol on the second reel every spin!

A Wild that lands on the last reel will nudge to bottom position, with each nudge increasing the Wild multiplier by 1. The final Wild multiplier will also be added to each symbol on the last reel up to a maximum of x7.

Bon Appetite! Landing three Raccoon Scatter symbols will activate a Value Bonus Meal of 7 spins with 3 Sticky xWays. Landing 4 will activate a Deluxe Bonus Meal of 10 spins with 4 Sticky xWays. The Scatter positions will leave an xWays symbol that will stay for the rest of the feature. The xWays symbols reveal size will start with 2 and can grow to a maximum of 42 with each winning spin!

Landing infectious wild on the last reel will adopt the behaviour from the base game, additionally extra spins and xWays reveal size will increase with the same value as the wild multiplier during the trigger or inside the Bonus Meal feature.

During a value Bonus Meal the scatter can only appear on the middle reels which don’t hold a sticky xWays. Landing a scatter will upgrade it to a Deluxe Bonus Meal awarding 3 extra spins and the scatter transforming to Sticky xWays!

Karen Maneater Paytable

The paytable in Karen Maneater is dynamic and changes with your stake, the below is on £1 per spin for simplicity. Starting with the low paying symbols we have the toilet roll, beer and syringe all paying 0.80x for a full way and the battery and rifle both pay a straight 1x for a full way of 6.

Now moving on to the premium symbols we have the old man paying 1.2x for a full way, the pipe smoker pays 1.5x, the masked orange character pays 2x, the blonde haired Hackz impersonator pays 2.5x and finally we have the top symbol which is of course Karen and she pays 3 x for a full way.

Final Thoughts On Karen Maneater

Karen Maneater has an RTP of 96%  and Nolimit City rate the volatility as insane which I would agree with from the limited test play I’ve had. The maximum win is listed as 11,757x and at the time of writing has already been hit many times on various stakes around the world.

Would I play this again, well I wouldn’t go out of my way too but I’d certainly give it the odd spin here and there, it just doesn’t grab my attention like some of the other titles. It kind of has that feel it was knocked up in a lunch break for a laugh after watching some Karen’s in the wild videos. Either way it’s certainly not a flop and it might be right up your street, especially if you’re called Karen or Darren!

As always thanks for reading and if you fancy a go theirs a link below to a TGC trusted casino with this title ready to play, good luck and keep it responsible.

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