REVIEW – Nolimit City Benji Killed In Vegas

REVIEW – Nolimit City Benji Killed In Vegas
Rating 8/10

Overview Of Benji Killed In Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. In the city of sin, it’s all about the Benjamins and in this case, it’s also about the Abes and the G’s. From the streets to the studio, the road to fame and riches is a tough one, but there’s no doubting it’ll be one hell of a ride!

Slot Description

Benji Killed In Vegas has 5 reels with a 3-3-3-3-3 setup that can be enhanced to 4-4-4-4-4 with Enhancers and pays up to 7,776 ways.

At a cost of an extra +50%, the player is guaranteed one Scatter symbol per spin and more than 3 times the chances of entering Vegas Spins and also increasing the chances of entering B.I.G. Vegas spins by 2 times. The payout for each symbol is not affected, meaning all winnings are based on the base bet value.


At a cost of an extra 9 times the base bet, every spin will have 2 Overlay Multipliers x2 and x3 and Enhancers are active. It will be possible to land extra Scatter symbols and the chance of entering Vegas Spins is more than 15 times more likely. The chance of entering B.I.G. Vegas Spins is 50 times more likely! The payout for each symbol is not affected, meaning all winnings are based on the base bet value as with the xBET Blue.

When a high paying symbol lands fully visible on any of the first 3 reels, it will trigger a feature where a part of that same symbol landed on other reels will also nudge into a fully visible mode. For each nudge, a multiplier will be incremented by +1 on top of the symbol. The multipliers will be added together and then multiplied with the symbol win according to the payout table.

A 3 row high Wild symbol that will always nudge and become fully visible on the entire reel.
For every step the Wild nudges, the win multiplier increases by +1. Before payout, all wild multipliers multiply with all other possible multipliers that are participating in winning. The Wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except Scatter symbols and can land on reels 2-4.

Landing 2 Scatter symbols triggers a re-spin where Enhancers are activated and both Scatter symbols are transformed to a x2 and x3 Overlay Multiplier respectively that works as described in the Enhancer section.

When landing 3 Scatter symbols, 9 free spins are awarded. Enhancers are activated and the Scatter symbols are transformed to a x2, x3 and x4 Overlay Multiplier respectively that will work as described in the Enhancer section. The multiplier value resets after each spin.

Landing extra Scatter symbols will upgrade the Scatter mode to B.I.G. Vegas Spins and 2 extra spins for each Scatter symbol will be awarded. The extra Scatter symbols will transform to an x5 and x6 Overlay Multiplier respectively. These Overlay Multipliers will be active for the remaining free spins.

When landing 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, 11 or 13 freespins are awarded respectively.
Enhancers are activated and the Scatter symbols are transformed to a x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6 Overlay Multiplier respectively that will work as described in the Enhancer section below. Multiplier values do not reset.

The top Enhancers are activated by 2 Dice Re-spin, Vegas Spins and B.I.G. Vegas Spins. When Enhancers are enabled, the top Enhancer field is activated and all Enhancers Cells have a chance to land xMultipliers or xSplit symbols. The following features can land in Enhancer Cells:

Overlay Multipliers – When each spin starts the Overlay Multipliers are randomly moved to a new symbol position. They can land on the same reel but never on the same position as another overlay multiplier. When evaluating a win all overlay Multipliers that are on top of the winning symbol combinations will add their values together and then multiply that with the symbol combination win amount.

xMultipliers – xMultipliers can have a value between 2 and 9 and when they land on top of a reel they will add its value to any Overlay Multiplier on that reel.

xSplit – xSplit that lands on top of a reel will split all Low symbols in half creating a possible max size of 6 on each reel. When mid symbols exist on an xSplit reel they will get an x2 multiplier immediately awarded, meaning that if they nudge they can get a max multiplier of x6.

The bonus below paid 381x stake from 1 good spin!

Benji Killed In Vegas Paytable

The paytable in Benji Killed In Vegas is dynamic and changes with your stake so it’s nice and easy to interpret. Starting with the low paying symbols we have the Knuckle Duster paying 0.70x stake for a full way, the Gold Gun pays 0.80x, the Gold Chip pays 0.90x, the Boxing Glove pays 1x and the Gold Teeth pays 1.50x.

Moving onto the premium symbols we have the dead presidents consisting of George Washington paying 5x for a full way, Abraham Lincoln pays 12.50x and the top symbol of George Washington pays 30x respectively.

Final Thoughts On Benji Killed In Vegas

Benji Killed In Vegas has an RTP of 96.04% and a slightly lower RTP of 96.02% if you have the Xbet Blue activated and an RTP of 96.10% with xBet Red enabled. The max win is a modest for Nolimit City 10,000x stake.

The characters in this slot are easily recognisable from East Coast vs West Coast and the all about my Benji’s hip hop theme has been transitioned well into this follow up. Something I noticed early on is that the xBet Red function is like a kind of workaround for the banned bonus buys in countries that don’t allow them. By increasing your bet 9 times to have 50 times better chance of hitting the top bonus it certainly felt that way, only time will tell if it’s a good thing for the players.

As always thanks for reading and if you fancy getting jiggy wid it, yo’ there’s a link below to a TGC trusted casino. 

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