REVIEW – Netent Temple Of Nudges

REVIEW – Netent Temple Of Nudges

Overview Of Temple Of Nudges

Temple Of Nudges is another new addition from Netent and whilst reading the description of the slot on there website It became apparent that they believe there jungle themed slots are a work of art and no other provider can master the animal and jungle theme quite like they do. This is quite a bold statement coming from a provider that seem to have been left in the other providers wake so this better live up to there hyped description!

Netent Temple Of Nudges Quote TGC

Slot Description

Temple Of Nudges has a 5 reel by 3 row setup and pays on all 243 ways. The slot has 2 main features that are incorporated into the base game, the first one is simply a re-spin feature where all winning symbols stick in their position and the remaining symbols on the reels re-spin. If during the re-spin another symbol lands with the “re-spin” overlay on it then it happens again and so on.

Temple Of Nudges Slot

Now moving onto the main feature of the game, the nudge feature. Each time there is a winning combination on the reels, the nudge feature is activated. The reels move 1 symbol down and if there is another winning combination, the win is counted and the nudges continue until there are no more wins present on the reels. This sounded good to me but over 500 spins later and not a single win over 25x my stake coupled with the fact theres no bonus round to play for left me very un-interested and rather bored.

Temple Of Nudges Slot

Temple Of Nudges Paytable

The paytable in Temple Of Nudges is possibly the worst designed I’ve seen to date, It’s just a sea of tiny insignificant numbers that give you no inclination to what you might actually be able to win, with that said I will still list the translated values here as always!

Starting with the 4 lower symbols, they pay 0.12x your stake for 5 of a kind, thats not a typo, just over a 10th of your stake. We then have the blue monkey, the green sloth and the yellow aardvark paying 0.24x your stake and finally the top symbol of them all, the red tiger pays a huge premium of 0.36x your stake, now times this top symbol by 243 ways and the max win in a spin is revealed as just over 87x your stake, to top it off I can assure you theres no chance of you ever getting a full screen either, I don’t remember seeing one premium 5 of a kind in 500 spins let alone 243 of them in one spin! Of course you can get multiples of the above wins as the reels move down a space but even after 4 or 5 nudges the wins are pathetic and this would explain why I had no wins above 25x during my testing.

Temple Of Nudges Slot

Final Thoughts On Temple Of Nudges

Temple Of Nudges has an RTP of 96.03% and Netent list it as medium variance which I’d agree with, unfortunately it seemed to take the money like a medium variance game but pay like a low variance one, thats not a good match and personally it will probably be a game I’ll avoid. To keep it balanced I may of just had a bad session and perhaps its not that bad of a slot after all but that paytable speaks volumes to me! If you fancy proving me wrong theres a link below to a TGC trusted casino and as always thanks for reading.

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