REVIEW – Netent Space Wars

REVIEW – Netent Space Wars

Overview Of Space Wars

This review is of my all time favourite slot from Netent, Space Wars! For many an evening there was nothing I’d rather be doing than hunting for space crystals on this slot, I overplayed this game so much that I once got banned from a casino for winning too much on it, by the time my session finished I had such a hoard of crystals I could of competed with Swarovski! Let’s take a look at this master piece and let me explain why it’s such a wonderful work of art.

Slot Description

Space Wars has a 5 reel by 4 row setup and you play with a fixed 40 pay lines, there are no scatters and there is no freespin feature. What there is though is a free bonus respin after any win where the winning symbol gets sucked up into a cloning machine and spat out onto the reels giving you a chance of a full screen of whatever symbol the initial win was made with. This gloriously simple mechanic of the game makes every tiny win exciting as the respin could be epic, and of course the better the symbol the more excitement, this peaks at the crystal symbol where the excitement level is so high before a respin it can only be compared to meeting an actual alien in your garden!

Space Wars Paytable

This game is not a new one and thus the paytable isn’t dynamic and only show’s the amount of coins won, working from the bottom right we have the purple, blue and green aliens who pay 1x for a full line. Then we have the yellow and orange guy’s who only pay a fraction more, from any of these symbols the max win you could get is between 40x and 60x for a full screen which is handy to keep you spinning but not what were searching for.

Space Wars_Paytable 2

Now we move onto the premium symbols, this is where it get’s exciting! At the bottom right we have the purple cyclops who pays 125x for a full screen, then we have the big lipped cowboy coming in at 150x for a screen full and the gap toothed green guy at 175x. The yellow fly pays 200x, the orange space cop 400x and finally the highly sought after crystals coming in at 1000x for a full screen. The reason I’v listed the award for full screen pays is that as mentioned earlier, any respin can drop this in and Iv had a good few over the years! It’s worth noting there are stacked wilds on reel’s 2 and 4 during every spin which is handy for the triggering wins.

Space Wars Paytable 1 TGC

Final Thoughts On Space Wars

Space Wars has an RTP of 96.80% and I’d rate it as medium variance, you might be thinking 1000x is pretty low potential compared to the more modern slots but it’s not always about max win potential, for me it’s about win frequency too and this slot can churn out wins 100’s of times your stake spin after spin when it’s hot which soon add up! Iv put a picture below of one of my own crystal respin’s of 500x and soon after this I got them again for 300x, there was also countless other screen full’s of the other premium symbols and I ended up cashing out over 60 times the amount I deposited in an evening!

Thanks for reading and if you fancy hunting the crystals there’s a link below, good luck!

Space Wars Mega Win Hackz TGC

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